The Start

The Story, starts at a time when the world was new, but very old to some. The God Age, the First Civilization. When deties, true ones, co-exited on the planet earth. Onigami Okami had been one of these deties. Born and crafted from the base of a Raiju, and the blood of Tsukiyomi and Sussanoo in his veins. He is one of the 5 children of Suasanoo. Born and raised to be the commander of all of Susanoo's armies. He was quite mischievous as a lad. Fighting and courting girls had been his forte.

When Okami was only 14, he and Washi would ride there horses into towns and villages in hopes of making coin. Being praised as royalty all of there lives. Okami had the best training, and the best studies. He was well rounded in the ways of strategy, and working a battle field. To the point it became second nature to him completely. When he was 21, he fell in love with a girl by the name of Kasaihana. He met her... When he had been fighting a war for his fathers army and he brought her home with him. Where they had 4 children. Fenrir, Lyacon, Kurama, and Kuro. Each child had went there own way, paving out there destiny of some sort weather it be good or bad. However...when the Deity exodus occured. The Gods hadnt settled on a place to settle but Kasaihana and Okami had. A perfect world. A beautiful one known as Fumei. After the daughter they lost on there 5th pregnancy. However when Hachiman told the others Okami's discovery he and the other gods went back on record and found that most of the worlds problems had been because of the Oni population. So they'd force them to stay upon earth to die when the Waves hit. Okami tried his hardest to plea... to reason. But nothing had worked. Susanoo approached his son, asking him to take his helm as the leader and ruler of Yomi, if he did he wouldnt see his family again but he'd live. Okami refused, and this infurated his father and so a war had started.

Okami and his fathers army fought for 50 years before Okami was finally defeated along with his brother and sisters. Kasaihana and Kurama had both been killed by his father and he grew to hate him and the rest of the Shinto gods for there deeds. To add insult to Injury. Okami was trapped within a weakened dog spirt like form, never to be mortal again unless he possessed a human and took there body. Something that he had been against, but had no choice but to go through with in order to survive.

Soon... as time went on. Okami lost his mind... and he became a devious spirt, of hatred and anger. Lashing out on all that he could. For the sake of vengeance. It was said that the Kurama line of his family. Are the founders and creators... of the Tasanagi's..

How it all began

The Tasanagi clan, started as a band of pirates during the Feudal era of Japan. A group of orphaned children whom all grew up together were the founders of this family. Every single child in the village had been orphans of war, each and every one. The ones who were old enough took the time to take care of the younger ones. It had been a difficult time. The Two oldest one's name was KiKen Tasanagi, and his sister Kimiko Tasanagi. The other children of the village all grew to respect these two after they helped defend off intruders from selling them off as slavers. Kiken and Kimiko's father before he died had been a powerful samurai who taught them both how to fight before he passed. The other children knew these two even though they didn't know there own name. So out of respect, they all took the name of the heroes. calling themselves 'The Tasanagi clan.' The economy at the time had been extremely bad.

And with Kiken leading them They pillaged and robbed all that they could during this time to survive, it had been all that they knew. Fighting bandits, killers and anything else that tried to hurt the disbanded group of orphans, they became family, a cult. An unbreakable oath of friendship and love that would forever keep them together. As they got older, the other kids now men and womens skills in combat had grew to an all time high after there experiences. The Tasanagi clan became famous and with this fame caught a great amount of attention. Due to the fact of being parent-less they were very wild, vulgar and un-house broken. A rowdy bunch at first. The great wars began as Lord Oda Nobunaga began his reign throughout the lands of ancient Japan. Lord Oda Nobunaga took it to his own accord to hire these rowdy men and women and make them apart of his family. It was said that the Tasanagi's and the Oda's had a blood connection that dated back to the far days when the earth was still new and fresh, and the Shinto God's still owned this world as their own. The Tasanagi clan had been boasted to nobility but there rough rowdy nature made them extremely unlikely along other nobles. No one truly wanted to deal with the wild bunch of bandits. Soon, Nobunaga no longer needed the help of the Tasanagi's and had exterminated the clan of fear that they would one day take over every thing he's created thus far. With his powerful Demon Warriors gone, Lord Oda Noubnaga was soon defeated because of his actions of getting rid of his rough power house clan.  

All but a few Tasanagi's were left in the world after Lord Nobunaga's attack. Kiken, at the time had only been 22 when his sister and the rest of his clan had been eradicated. In utter and sheer despair the once proud warrior became a drunk and was soon forgotten with the rest of the world. He hated that Nobunaga hadn't ended him like the rest of his family. They forced him to live with the feeling of never being strong enough to protect the ones he cares for. Kiken a self renowned drunk at 34 finally found himself in love once again. The Emperor's wife, he had grown fond to her and wanted nothing but to be with her.

Kiken had saved the emperors wife during the war, her name had been Naminae Nakayama. At the time, Kiken had been nothing but a simple solider and hadn't been worthy of the option of being with someone of her stature, and now that he had been out of rank and job. And an Alcoholic to boot he knew he didn't have a chance. Enraged he prayed to the dead deities of the Ancient days. And one answered, the great and powerful Onigami Okami. Okami promised Kiken the power and respect that he would woo over the heart of the female. Kiken soon with unknown leadership skill spawned his own army and charged into the heat of battle against the emperor.

With the Oni's power, Kiken was able to overpower the militant force of the emperors regime by raising an army up of his own, using his new found demon like power to do so, it altered his appearance after sometime, making him look like the demon he had become. He won countless battles in his lust for revenge and took over many lands, killing thousands, millions even for his own goals. He had become corrupt, twisted. Truly a Demon...

But, when he finally made his way to the Emperors wife she called him a monster, and that she knew he had been a devil. She wanted nothing to do with him. Enraged and vulnerable, Okami wasted no time to take over the soul of the weakened Kiken, tricking him. He had finally taken Kikens body for his own. With the evil Okami inside of Kiken and the original Kiken dead completely  he raped the female and forced her to bare his seed. After doing so he'd leave her there. About 20 years later, They say the rouged Kiken rose an army that would rival even alexander the greats militant force. It wasn't until a Lone warrior known as ' The Wolf Prophet ' Had been the one to vanquish the demon variant of the once proud Kiken. Saving the land from the evil tyrants force and, defeating his armour of hellish soliders.

No one knew but Naminae that Kiken had died way before that day.

With her new child, Naminae took it upon herself to live peacefully. She wished to remember the man that saved her in the war all those years ago and not the monster he had soon become. But her father talked her out of her naming him after Kiken. So instead she named him after her late husband the emperor 'Hitsugi'

Beyond the Veil

Kikens lost soul had been thrown into the realm of Yomi, where all life passes after death. Lost and distorted he walked the long line until his turn to fall into the pits of hell. Susanoo the father of the Demon god Oni took it upon himself to pull the tortured soul of the death line and granted him new life in the world of Fumei, Susanoo felt that he had been responsible for Kikens untimely fate and eternal life seemed to be his way of rewarding the young man or better yet asking him for forgiveness. Kiken took his new life with hesitant's but soon grew to like the lush life of Fumei. Soon he had grown another family, far beyond the size span that his original had. Kiken and his family began to grow an obsession for Oni's due to Kiken's Vendetta against Okami for killing him in his previous life. He and his family became well renown alchemist and scientist. Which led to there demise when they became to curious after creating the Onihoruda gene.

His obsession grew into him later on experimenting on his own. Creating a gene that allowed his people to always attract the Oni. Inviting them to live inside of them as a vessel. Once the oni did come into contact within the human then the Onihoruda gene would kick in. Giving the human body the chance to fight back and ultimately capture the oni. The gene would throw the Humans mind into a subconscious state, which would give the human the chance to go toe to toe with the Oni in terms of control for the human body. Though because they were within said human's mind, the human would have all control and power there. Giving the human the upperhand throughout the mental battle. Though when the other citizens of the planet fumei ( The shinto realm )heard of these sick experiments, the Tasanagi's were executed. The Majority of them were murdered. While Kiken had been thrown into a void, this void being the realm of Dark hadou, a prison that was said to be even more twisted then even the darkest depths of hell, doomed to never escape. The Tasanagi's that did survive made a gate into the Human realm on earth. Where they resided for the rest of their lives, away from the wrath of the god's and away from there disturbed past of alchemy. But due to Kiken's actions, all Tasanagi's from that point will forever have the curse of the Onihoruda gene, and will forever be in constant battles with there inner demons. In order to have an Onihoruda you must have Dark Hadou the gene is accessible to everyone if they have it. After the first few Tasanagi's died in the human realm. The gene multiplied like an Arial virus all throughout the world.

His earth born body had been effected by the land of Fumei in a way that had striken his jet black hair white and his once green eyes into a bright and glowing gold. All Tasanagi's hair turn's white or silver after his or her 35th birthday making them look alot like there ancestor Kiken. He was the first and true Onihoruda and thus makes him the most powerful of them all. So powerful that the rest of his family carries over his genetic code no matter how far the line goes. His traits never die out. There skin tone turning a bit darker than it had been originally as well. Back in Kikens time in the world of Fumei when a Tasanagi's hair turned into a snow white or silver. It was an expression of truly reaching adult hood. Stated in Kikens old Journal logs that Tasanagi's after there 35th birthday gain a full 50% power boost and become almost Omnipotent. Though the life expectancy of Tasanagi is short. Due to the Onihoruda gene they live to fight, and will never know rest.

All Tasanagi's have been known to have malicious traits to there behavior. From being overly psychotic, barbaric, to drastic, sadistic sociopaths or something of those natures. It is not uncommon to see these traits in a Tasanagi clansman.  Originally all Tasanagi's will have Jet black hair, and dull golden eyes that glow when angered. And when a Tasanagi's eyes flare a bright red. Then it means that they have the potential to become an Onigami

The Heart Within

A Tasanagi's heartbeat does not beat in the conventional sense of a heartbeat. Their hearts are much stronger than a human heart due to them being of cursed blood.  Due to such it beat once every four hours. A Tasanagi's heart is about a few centimeters bigger than the conventional sense, and has much larger valvues that allow twice the blood flow of the norm.This beat is enough to sustain the bloodflow of the body for said amount of time, and actually outputs more blood pressure upon their body, which adds to their physical capability. Because of these stronger rushes, they would also push out bad dieseases or antibodies, using the increased amount of red and white blood cells, to fight anything that may cuase the body to become currupt, sickly, or in stale conditions. Reason being: the body the oni inhabits, doesn't wish to fall pray to convential diseaes such as the common cold and any other wordly diseases that attacks the body in any form, shape, or way.
Kagemaru Tasanagi

After the Tasanagi's had escaped from there families genocide they had lost there memories and simply drifted among the world. In the 21st centruy when the great WW3 hit. It was said that a Tasanagi had lead a great many of the soldiers into victory before it was all said and done. This same Tasanagi had a son... Soon enough all of america, and most importantly, new york had been broken down into ruins. Lost relics of a lost time... While the ruins of old new york had been up for grabs the wild scvangers left in america fought to keep the land for themselves. It became a wild clan war torn land of savages. Until a certain golden eyed young man came over to earths radiated soul.

His name had been

Kagemaru Tasanagi.

The ruthless, the powerful and renown warrior Kagemaru Tasanagi had been one to fear. Kagemaru was the most powerful Tasanagi as of yet and was not a force to be reckoned with and taken lightly. Originally from Tokyo Japan, he had moved to the discarded America after hearing about how old new york had been up for grabs after the war and it had become a war zone. His father, a military strategist for the diplomacy of Japan had taught his son well and begged his son not to leave, and that he could make a family in tokyo. Kagemaru at the age 15 left his mother and father in search of what he called ' True glory.' He was overly fascinated with the ways of the old. Where war on a battle field and not in a lab had been the prominent focus back in the day. Kagemaru jumped at the chance, rushing right into the heat of the fight along with his other cousins and siblings. With Kagemaru Leading the band of rabid fighters they seemed almost unstoppable, they bomrushed through the ranks and other raiders of Old new york, soon taking it for there own and Kagemaru easily became the king of Old New york at the time at only the age of 18. Kagemaru had been in a small time Yakuza before he left Japan and he brought those high gang motives over to Old new york. Using what he knew from back home he paved his way to kingship. With the city under his thumb he couldn't be touched and the rest of the city looked up to Kagemaru as there leader.

Soon, Mr.Hiro washed upon shores of Old New York. Mr, Hiro. A Millionaire Tycoon was also the man responsible for the W.R.A. (World reconstruction Association.) He gazed upon the broken city, the residents that survived were all foul looking to the mans view/ They lived like savages, raging and trying to kill anything that came across there turf.  He could already see the heavy Yakuza and gang like living among the civilians and knew that he hadn't been the first from his country to come here. The man took note on the odd behavior of the group. And after supplying the people food, and giving them better living conditions he made a deal with them. Kagemaru had been hesitant and didn't quite agree with this man. Telling the people not to believe in his words and that all he spoke had been lies to gain there trust. And even with Hiro's plea they still didn't listen.

They formed the pact with hiro. And soon they were to help him design and build a city, and he would provide money, food, and clothing for the group. As they helped construct with the creation of the city the group later on got the name, “Old civilians.” Seeing that calling them all Raiders, or Yakuza had been disrespectful.  Years went by and the old residents of new york slaved and worked themselves to death for the sake of the city hoping for the promises that Mr. Hiro said he'd do. Kagemaru on the other hand sat back and watched as everything he had built up was getting taken away from him in a matter of years. But like most dirty deals...  Hiro didn’t pull through on his end. Within 50 years the city was built. The new generations of the Old civilians were now the New civilians. They too, like the ones before them were enslaved. Surprisingly Mr. Hiro’s son had took it upon himself to continue his fathers vision of how to create this “utopia" even continuing to enslave the people, and was even worse of enforcer upon them.  30 more years after that... the new civilians were then made out to be slaves for the new residents of the city that moved there so quickly and with that, time continued to move on. By now the city was twice the size of any city created ever in existence before it. It expanded to the point the city was made out to be in four different districts. District 1, which is where most of the middle class stayed. District 2 however has all of the cities wealthy, where the Casino’s, clubs and such were. District 3 where the Massive Army of a Police force is. It also used to be where most of the slaves were forced to stay, but they were soon moved back down to the dead remains of Old New york that sat under Kasai-Hana city.

Kagemaru's people returned to him broken and beaten while he had been preparing for this day. Revolting them, rallying them for the days to come. He promised them freedom, he promised them that the dog's of war will once soon again tear down the walls of enslavement and industrialism. Soon The slaves/Yakuza raised together and with the new form unity a push had been made.

Soon Hiro passed, and his son Datakin took up the spot as leader of the Kasaihana city build foundation. Datakin felt that now that the city had been built, the slaves were simply a liability and he sent his militant force out to old new york to have them killed. However, when the KPD arrived, they were in for a great battle with the Yakuza who had been waiting for them this whole time. Pushing the KPD Back they were defeated and this allowed the first step in there plans of freedom.

. Mr. Hiro’s son, Datakin was in the process of opening the 4th district of Kasai-Hana when he was suddenly shot in the head killed instantly. An Assassin from a slave group called the Malfunae clan, hired by Kagemaru in there revolt was the one behind the trigger. Once the shot was made slaves from all over came out and began to murder and kill there way through everyone that was there for the opening of the new district. Soon they began breaking out the rest of the Army of slaves. They began to revolt fighting back the Army of police and killing off most of the forces until they had succeeded and won. Slowly but surely, they made there way in. The KPD Had been powerless at the time to stop them and simply fell back into district 3. Soon after a year or two the Yakuza went into forming there lives within civilization. About 2 years later the slave groups then broke apart into different parts of the city and began to call it there own. Forcing the residents of KasaiHana to live with them even though they didn't want to. Even the city Police had No say to what was going on. The Slaves soon began to form there own Groups within the City at first out of respect of there old cause, and Old Yakuza traditions that there parents had passed down to them. Kagemaru had been killed in the battle for there freedom, a large blow to the Yakuza revolters.   Out of respect for the leaders and those that had fallen a few clans had been created. The Kagemaru Clan, Malfune clan, Akumamaru clan, Soratakiyo, Hoshimaru clan, Tenshimaru, Wakahisa, Chitori, Monosumei clan, Tsukyo Clan and many more.

Kagemaru was 72 years when he died in the pursuit of freeing his people.

" We as a people can not allow our oppressors to keep firm grips on their whips. Stand with me, brothers and sisters. Help me fight for a better tomorrow. This our city, just as much as it is theirs! Lets show them how much we deserve it! "

- Kagemaru Tasanagi 70

Right before he pushed full on into the rebellion war.

Keyvin Tasanagi

Keyvin Tasanagi, son of Kagemaru Tasanagi. Keyvin fought along side his father during the wars and learned a lot from him until the very end of his days. While everyone else had been out slaving themselves to Mr.Hiro, Kagemaru and Keyvin ventured over America, traveling the fallout lands in search of something new. Keyvins mother had abandoned the two in hopes of a new life without fighting. So she went to work with Hiro as well leaving her baby's father and her child behind for another. Kagemaru and his son Keyvin who had been 6 at the time, and Kagemaru himself had been 24. soon met a man by the name of Leo. Leo had been from the mid-western regions of American and had been a powerful martial artist. He told them both that they had a dark entity living within there bodies, deeply embedded within there souls. This is when Kagemaru's Dark Hadou had been truly untapped. Kagemaru went into a coma the moment it happened and it forced Leo to raise Keyvin for sometime. Leo began to teach Keyvin Karate while they waited for Kagemaru to brake from his highly induced coma. After 6 months, Kagemaru finally had wakened and his hair had been a bright silver, his nails and the such had grown out and his eyes glowed a bright gold and yet he still looked youth-full. This was a result of him hitting adult hood which Kagemaru didn't understand at the time. The coma he had been in had been a product of the Onihoruda gene fighting off the Oni within him to save himself. He had befriended his Oni during the coma which he told Keyvin and Leo later on that his name had been Onigami Okami.

Due to this, Keyvin discovered this his father could wolf himself completely out into the form of what one would call a 'Lycan'. ( NOTE this does not conflict with the Okami Curse Above. Kagemaru had learned how to do this form by bonding with Okami. The Curse is based on not controlling the power while as Kagemaru could control his. ) Kagemaru had finally made the ultimate truce. Working with his Oni allowing them to harness the power as human and demon.

Keyvin's training had excelled and in martial combat he even exceeded his father in hand to hand when he was 15. Years passed and when Keyvin had been 54 him and his father finally returned to the broken down people that his father used to lead. Keyvin's mother had slept her way to the top and had a vitality serum planted in her to keep her youth. So when her son and her son's father returned to her they both had been beaten with age while she still looked heavily in her 20's.She had been with Datakin, son of Hiro and had wanted nothing to do with Keyvin nor Kagemaru. When the revolt happened, Keyvin managed to fight his way through to his mother who had been in-control of the KPD Ranks at the time. He pleaded that she'd stop this but she ignored his plead. Sending all of her militant forces on her son he defeated them all with his powerful Karate unmatched to none this day. Soon vanquishing his mother as well. After doing so and the war had been won he buried his father into the ground and made his way into the city to live his new life.

Keyvin, first leader of the Kagemaru clan started there GMAF Tournament fight ring and it's been going on ever since. He lived his life as the chairman until he had kids of his own, even started a Dojo to train. Keyvin was soon framed of a crime and arrested, he went along with the charges peacefully for the sake of his family and went to prison willingly. Ketosan Hideo Keyvin's star pupil vowed to join the KPD to stop things like this from happening ever again to great men like his sensei.
Keyvin vs Dai-Shi-Long...

Keyvin had lived a long life, and with it. His influence had vested beyond most leaders of the Yakuza world. His power seemed to know no rival in the crime world. Until.. the uprising of his Brother clan. Lead by his childhood friend. Di-Shi-Long. Keyvin hadn't been ready this uprising from his best friend and even after much negotiating the first Soramaru v. Kagemaru war appeared. Both sides fought over what seemed to be nothing. But it had been for a reason... a reason soul made upon honor. The war raged on even until Keyvin's son Keyome Tasanagi had been born... The messiah of the Kagemaru clan. Keyvin... Finally defeated his best-friend in combat on top of a roof top. Killing him with his bare hands... He never got to see the clan pull itself from the destruction before he was gunned down. And assumed to be dead. However... he was imprisoned. He told the public to notify everyone that he was dead. Tired of fighting his best-friend over all these years.  Leaving a young teenage Keyome to take care of his sick mother alone. His most shame-ful action.

The Rise of Keyome Tasanagi

Keyome... Tasanagi.

He was born within the District 1 area. His Father had been at one point in time, the leader the Kagemaru. Him and his Aniki ( right hand man, and highest ranking officer in this universes yakuza family )had been on an important mission to sabotage another rival clan which led to quite a large battle where his Aniki was murdered. Though Keyvin had been successful in his assassination attempt towards the rival clansmen, what he did brought great shame to the Kagemaru clan and the larger organzation it belonged to, known as The Syndicate. His actions violated there laws, seeming that he had murdered another clansman, an Oyabun ( Boss ) at that in cold blood without probable cause/proof. Keyvin however was revered for his efforts in the Slave Revolt War, and thus he was pardoned for his betrayl of there blood soaked decree.

Keyome's father Keyvin had been notified as dead to the public, a dishonrable and displeasing mercy that the Syndicate gave him instead of death. However, this would appear to be a fate worse than death as Keyvin was actually sent to an unknown Prison suitable for the worst criminals in the world. Forced under a different alias, where he would be assisgned a stone cot to rot for the rest of his life with no one knowing whom he truly was, and where he would reside for the rest of his days. 

This would break the Tasanagi home. leaving Keyome's mother alone to tend, and raise their child.  Four years later, and now 16 years old Keyome then became a local street urchin. Fighting with adults and older teenagers for money almost everyday. After some time he got pretty well known for his combat abilities. A young Yakuza by the name of Hajimae from the Kagemaru clan began to place bets on him every week and could easily earn 300,000 Tanz off of the kid easy. Later on teaching Keyome how to fight entirely.

This brought alot of attention to the young Tasanagi, and soon he was called Mad Dogg amongst his peers; and those within his old Hometown in District 1 out of respect. After a few more weeks, the Head of the Kagemaru now, a man by the name of Yoshimitsu whom had been quite close with Keyomes father during his rule over the Kagemaru. Keyome after a long discussion with the current Oyabun of the Kagemaru, would plead that he had gained his respect within the streets of district 1. And he would be apart of the Kagemaru, like his father before him. And he wouldnt take no, for an answer. 

On the night of his highschool graduation. Hajimae was tasked with giving Keyome a Job, where he was to take down a guy whom owed there loan company quite a large amount of money. After chasing the guy down and beating him in Combat, it was Hajimae whom would deliver the final shot, right between the debters eyes killing him. After doing so, Haji then informs Keyome that the Oyabun had called him to talk, and it was extremly important.

Upon getting there the Oyabun had given Keyome the Title of " Aniki" which surprised the young Yakuza beyond belif. Seeming he thought that personally he was not ready for such a title reaching this title at the age of 17. On that very same night, the Oyabun instructed that Keyome go with him towards the outskirts of Kasaihana city. Stating that " If anyone were to know the truth about this clan, then it would be Keyome. " 

After a bit of waiting, they were suddenly surrounded by KPD vehicles. Keyome and Yoshi confronted the officers but it would prove to be futile. The officers began there attack. During the time it was still quite unknown as to why they attacked. An intense battle occured, however soon after some time. Keyome watched the man whom raised him, the Oyabun get killed before his very eyes. The young Yakuza would black out soon after. Only to wake up in a hospital, confused as to what occured, and whom killed his boss. 

After many hearings, and court cases. The law system that is the City of Kasaiahana city labled it an unknown terrorist attack. And thus the Syndicate would go along with this as well though Keyome always knew better. The other clans in the Syndicate came to the conclusion that even though Keyome was young, and due to the currenst state of the Kagemaru clan, he would have no other choice but to step up as leader and Oyabun of the clan, due to his current title of Aniki at the time. He was next in line, by chain of command after all. The other Oyabuns laughed at the notion of this child, taking the helm of the Kagemaru but it amused them enough that they agreed to these terms, allowing Keyomes step into leadership to happen.

Knowing the Darkness

"Oh... but I am..." Keyome stood up eying the man. “You’re one of the highest leaders with the Sex Trade Trafficking of teenagers and children... meaning. You yourself are a part of the plague. " Keyome was using his Oni ability that would force fear into someone. Making their fears all rush to the surface of his mind. Making him see the most Demonic of things. "Haha... you’re filthy... Weak, And Less of a man." - Keyome Ark 4

Keyome and his best friend Hajiame and a few younger clansmen all ran the clan appropriately. However.. this peaceful time had been broken shortly when a man by the name of Danchou had showed face. He had been the current leader of the Soramaru clan. The same clan that had been the source of his fathers downfall. Danchou had actually been attempting to use his clan to create a serum to grant those around him the ability to gain super solider like power though it had still been in testing. Little did Keyome know that Danchou had made this product due souly to the fact that he saw the upcoming threat across the boarders know as Tanaban. But that stories for later. The young Keyome refused Danchou's offer to help mass produce the product and because of this... Danchou had Keyome's clan murdered. Killing off most to all of his friends in attempt to get rid of anyone that didn't stand by him. That faithful night had also been the first time Keyome had met his soon to be Archival Donnie Yun. Little did they know... that Keyome Tasanagi himself had been the only one to survive along with his friend Hajiame where they both retreated...

During the start of his Chairmen-hood. Keyome had grown into a fine young man rather quickly. After a few months of raging fights. He was finally able to fully defeat Danchou and bring his plans to a stop ( Or so he thought.) He made a deal with Natasha's father ( A girl he had met that had been from russia. Famous for her music career. ) seeing that he was the Leader of the Russian mob. He gave keyome the power to rebuild his clan after Keyome promised to marry his daughter, leaving back out to Russia soon after.  He had also granted Keyome over 50,000 men at his disposal and the money to fully rebuild the clan to its full glory. He had calmed, but to the extent of going cold. Keyome at the time hadn't been afraid to let his men die to get a point across. His innocence had been stripped from him. Forced into the harsh world without even a segment of guidance. But... with this, he became very tactical he had grown to be very cold to his enemies at this point... becoming a true monster. But, like any young man around his age. He had been suffering from the crude break up with Natasha later on after there plan had been set in motion. He gained power, and she was able to escape her fathers watchful eye forever. A fair trade. At the expense of a broken heart.

But, just like Danchou. Enemy after Enemy came to take of over Kasaihana city. And he, and the others next to him. All had to stand side-by side to stop the threats. Keyome gained power, and more power throughout the years. Making the Kagemaru clan the most powerful Yakuza in the world, the most out-standing Mafia to ever exist. His influence holds no rival. And throughout this, he had been devoured by the darkness. And he had allowed this... voiding himself from the light completely.
Protecting the Light

" The KPD did nothing... NOTHING! To find him! He could be dead for all we know! One of the Savior's of this city! And they don't even care! They LET Thomas Flint get away with his countless crimes dispute having full notification on his actions!! They care about nothing but there power and self gain..they are not.. our protectors... but..." Keyome tilted his head down calming down a bit. "I...." he shook his head bringing in Alex, Ginsueki, and the mayor hugging them all tightly. "We... will... Protect you..." - Keyome Tasanagi Ark 4

After Years of time. The Kagemaru clan had led themselves up high over in ranks over the 6 months after putting Thomas Flint behind bars. Soon they pushed there Clan's Military known as the Maru-Jeitai all through the world as hired guns for different countries forcing there clan to gain a massive amount of money after wards. Keyome and the rest of his comrades began to notice the ever growing threat of all of the high political figures from across the world, attempting to take over Kasaihana city, and ultimately the world in some sick thrive of domination and purging, keyome had learned this after facing Thomas Flint  who often spoke of Extermination from humans, and doing some form of Genocide to make a perfect race. Keyome's Secretary Alex Stone was the first to pick this up and with her a plan was formed and made to prevent the untimely doom of humanity.

Her plan had been to intercept an Agency that had been over The Titan force. The Agency that had been battling Keyome and the others under the leadership of Thomas flint. Alex, had come to the conclusion that this Agency known as Sector G.O.D. had been out to triumph themselves over Kasaihana city. And had keyome and his men set out on a mission to prevent this from happening. With there ideas, they set up contingency plans for almost everything. Which, had been the main result that Keyome and his rivals kids were given the upper-hand and the ability to stop the eminent threats due to her and Keyomes planning.

After a certain time in a Tasanagi's lives and they reach there highest form of power, there hair turns a snow white. A genetic result of the true Onihourda gene residing within there blood stream.

After some time, Keyome defeated his powerful and godly rival Donnie Yun in a short battle, ultimately killing ( Or so he thought, he simply placed him in a Coma. ) him though he never wanted too. Throughout this prime of Keyomes life, he had gained some kind of an Alliance with the cities mayor but then ultimately getting him killed after finding out that he had been corrupt, but the mayors death was apart of the plans all along. After killing the mayor and then forcing the city into martial law, keyome Tasanagi had full control over Kasaihana city for a small amount of time, his Maru Jietai soldiers stationed all throughout the city he seemed untouchable for a few months, and he was. Tetsu Ryoji the Ace Cop, took it upon himself to make this stop. He stood up against keyome and his doings and then threatened to place the Government on Keyomes deeds, stating to tell them of the male breaking the laws of the US Constitution. Keyome didn't say it, but he did acknowledge it yet he did know the male was right. After some time, someone had attempted to break into one of the Maru Jeitai buildings a big stand down happened, and with it. Keyomes lead Secretary had lost her life in an explosion during all of the commotion leaving Keyome, and the rest of the Kagemaru in distress. With Alex's death. It changed him... swearing to protect the light, with his darkness. And promising to always be strong. After Keyome Crossed an Organization known as Primis he paid supposedly with his life HOWEVER, he survived and he was throne into a heavy coma for over 15 years. Waking up 5 years before the start of Saga 1.

The Return of Kiken

Once Kiken had been defeated. His soul lay lost within the void realm of Dark Hadou. Drifting for what seemed like an eternity to him. He was soon found by the ruler of the realm of Dark Hadou. His name had been Konchi, or better yet known as the 'Demon Lord Dai-dye-Tear' Konchi resurrected Kiken's soul as a young man of the age of 10, where he trained Kiken to adulthood in the ways of Dark Hadou. Kiken became his star pupil and his most powerful solider. Konchi's rival by the name of Noctrine, the Mother of Xiao Lee had been the current queen of The realm of Dark hadou and Konchi's ex wife. Making Xiao Lee his son. Kiken rose to power and challenged Noctrines's army at the age of 22. He defeated her army and killed her right in-front of Xiao Lee's eyes. Scaring the young martial artist and orphaning him. Konchi disowned him, casting him out to the planet of Fumei . Claiming Xiao weak. Xiao vowed revenge one day and this had been the last time he had seen his father until they fought again when he had been beside Keyome. Kiken grew in power thanks to Konchi. And he had been filled with rage and wanted nothing but revenge against the Shinto God's. Fumei, and earth. And with Konchi's guidance he would achieve this. However... With this teaching came a price.

Konchi had a plan, and had been watching The Tasanagi's for quite sometime. He wanted to break the void between the world of Fumei, And earth. Consuming them both in darkness. And he needed a conduit to do it, one of Kiken's kin. Kiken agreed to this and the plan had been set in motion. Kiken needed the Tasanagi because they had been the True onihoruda's. But he needed a powerful one to accomplish his goal.

Konchi could not manifest himself outside of the realm of dark Hadou. Konchi used his power to resurrect the ancient power of the Onigami. An ancient demon God that he planned on placing within a Tasanagi. The Tasanagi , if strong enough would hold the soul of the Demon where he could control it within a human form and create an untold level of destruction. Bringing Armageddon to all worlds. A perfect plan...Kiken had fallen in love with one of the God's however. Amaterasu. She had known of Kiken's feelings towards her. And slightly, they had been mutual. Kiken slipped from Konchi one night to meet Amaterasu. She took human form just to see him. A 200 year affair the two would meet on nights when the moon would turn black where they could express there love for one another without interruption. However one night, when Kiken told her of him and his master plans. He begged her to join him so that she may live. He wanted nothing but his beloved to live , but he had also been extremely loyal to his master. He gave him life and all. Amaterasu, saddened could not turn her back on her family and pulled away from Kiken. Telling him that he wouldn't see her again, unless on the battle field. The heart broken Kiken was infuriated and promised revenge for his broken heart. Ametarsu's heart is heavy to this day because of his actions.

The plan had been set. Konchi and Kiken Had sent a tribe of women onto earth to seek out the most powerful Tasanagi at the time. They had been witches of untold power in the the world of Fumei. There original form had been Demonic Raiju. Pets to Konchi. There search castes for years until they found what they had been looking for. Which had been none other than Keyome Tasanagi. The tribe of women lured Keyome into there depths where they promised to make him stronger all he had to do was plant them with seed. Keyome agreed and gave them all a child. Which leads to the story of the Son of Destruction Keyth Tasanagi...

Destroying an Old Rival

The Years passed. Kiken and Konchi's plan had been set and well into motion. Within the Realm of Dark Hadou they both sat as King and prince. Master and student , ruling with an Iron fist. However... What they hadn't been expecting had been the return of an Old Enemy. A powerful Onigami who wanted his throne back from Konchi. It had been none other then Lord Oda Nobunaga reborn again in the Shinto realm.He had crawled out of the depths of Yomi reformed himself , and then made his way to the realm of Dark Hadou to take it as his own. And for 600,000 years, he had more than enough time to create the army he had been seeking. Konchi had been threatened. Nobunaga's power had rivaled his own. This oddity had thrown him off, so he sent Kiken to handle it. And without question he left to do so.  In a Kingdom foreheld by Nobunaga Kiken infiltrated himself within the main castle where he met Oda Nobunaga who had been sleeping amongst a banquet of Oni women and Demonic Yokai.  Kiken with his blade held high had been ready to strike Oda Nobunaga when suddenly the castle had changed , morphed and shifted. An illusion... Kiken awoke in chains with Nobunaga standing before him. He offered Kiken the option to Join him , help him defeat Konchi so he could take his place as the new Dark lord. Kiken refused. Stating " You Betrayed me once, I will make you pay for spilling Tasanagi Blood. My sister died because of you. " Nobunaga smiled , turning his back on Kiken while stating. " Without Destruction there is no change. No creation. "  For 50 years, Kiken had been held captured and tortured. Konchi held battle against Nobunaga in the world of Dark Hadou for control throughout this time. Finally Kiken found the strength to escape and while Nobunaga had been making plans for his next battle. Kiken snuck into his room and decapitated him before finally returning to Konchi. He asked why Konchi never came for him, and he stated if he had. Then he would have never gotten his revenge. Kiken's revenge empowered Konchi. Devouring Nobunagas soul as a result of Kiken success. This last act of Vengeance had been all Kiken needed. He no longer had any ties to earth. He could finally move forward with there plan. With no regrets...

Keyth Tasanagi

Keyth grew up in the wilderness with his mother and siblings. Knowing nothing but the ways of the wild and how to hunt and fight. The way his mothers made Keyth live growing up, was that being strong was all and everything. At times his mother would make the 'pack' abondon Keyth in the middle of the night forcing him to find the rest of his family, catch up, and regroup with them before he starved to death in the wilderness. She showed him tough love and thats all he knows. Growing up as a fighter with the strength of a wilderbeast. Whenever his mother would send him out into the city of Kasaihana she'd place him within the Jr. Matches of the GMAF and other fight tournaments just like his father. He got the name 'The Red Demon of the Wilds' as he got older due to his devilish ways of combat during these tournaments. It was only when he was 13 years old that his mother finally set him out into the city, stating that he should have a real life there, and that he should seek out his father. His mother never told him who his father was and all his life, Keyth grew up not even knowing of his fathers existence until later on in his life. However right before he was getting ready to depart. His mother and the rest of his family, were gunned down by what appeared to be Maru Jeitai soldiers. None survived the assault but Keyth. He hid, cowering in the distance as he watched a man with long black obsidian colored hair, and bright golden eyes like his own. Plant a bullet right through his mothers head. He watched in horror, fear filling him to the brim. But this was soon replaced with anger, and hatred. He vowed to get vengeance on this man.

Keyth was an obnoxious and rather rowdy young man during this time of his life. He traveled on foot all the way from the mid-western forested places of America ( Aka the Skylands )in search of Kasaihana. Once he found it, he began his big quest to find his father. Though he gave up after the first year. Keyth met a young lady by the name of Nora Haruko In this ark. She was a KPD officer who arrested keyth after catching him for stealing. She kind of became a mentor for the young man and ironically a relationship had been built between the two. Keyth at the time was an advent two-bit thief and crook. Fighting and stealing were his only forte. Keyth oddly enough in the start resented Nora. Fighting constantly But when the mysterious army attacked the city, and she had been threatened. Keyth charged in head first to ensure her safety. Keyth also met his rival, Ginsei Yanazuka after defeating keyth in a battle of blades. Telling him to 'Get stronger.'

Keyth had a home. And Nora enrolled him back into school so he could have some form of education and at the same time had been helping keyth discover who his father was. When Nora found out, and told Keyth he had been in utter shock. Keyth had been placed in the Jr.KPD programs at one point while living with Nora. And had been doing fairly well in school, he grew a large distaste for Yakuza and gangs alike... so the news of his father had actually hit him alot harder than he had expected. Keyome Tasanagi. The Notorious Kagemaru Clan member and world renown celebrity in his own right. Keyth's life had began to plummet from this point on. His father's announcement of him being his son, had gotten Keyth kicked out of the Jr.KPD and then he quit school as well. Only to be arrested later on. Keyth no longer cared for life, and when his 'father' had told him that he was the one who killed his mother and clan. Then Keyth's only calling in life had been to get revenge. While in Prison, Keyth met with Densuke Mifunae, or 'Roll Bounce' which he likes to call him. Along with a man named Claymore, and his Grandfather Keyvin Tasanagi. Keyth and Densuke and claymore grew a partnership, planning an escape plot with one another. During the escape, Keyths grandfather had been shot down in attempts to ensure his grand son's escape and survival. Keyvin when he was alive, taught Keyth every thing it meant to be a Yakuza. Even hand stitched in all of his tattoo's. His Dying words that 'You gave me a reason to fight again!'. Keyth took his grandfathers ambitions, and made a Yakuza clan in his Honor with the Help of Densuke and Claymore later on.

This point in Keyths life had thrown him into a spiral. He was soaking up the crime life, not truly a Yakuza clan yet. It allowed them to operate in methods that Yakuza would look down upon. Robbing banks, drug pushing and etc. Money began to flow in with ease the more these acts continued. Keyth found himself sitting on tons and tons of money. Enjoying the life of a Gang boss. Clashing with his rival ginsei as well, duking it out over a kidnapping for an epic battle. But everything changed when he found out his father had became terminally ill. Keyth came to visit his father, mixed emotions occurring when seeing him in his weakened state. Keyth lashed out at his father telling him that he'd be better than him. And he'd be a stronger man for his family when he had one. Keyth dashed out of the hospital only to end up crying himself to death once he reached the sidewalk. Keyths father had been in search for these Artifacts that he needed to return to some unknown place that lay hidden behind district 4. Keyth had recovered a Journal  from an unknown source during this time about his father exploits of trying to reach this unknown place. Along with various other details that Keyth never knew about. With Denuske an Exhibition team was made, making there push through the doors of District 4 into the world known.

Keyth in this Ark was made the Unsong hero. And this is a complicated one so ready yourselves. Keyth when entered into the Shinto realm had taken the form of the Tasanagi family demon. Onigami Okami. The demon that plagued there family for many generations and was the catalyst for all of the chaos to come. Due to Keyome Destroying Okami within himself. It traveled to Keyth, trying its hardest to contain its life it went into the first Tasanagi it could. But Keyths hadou devoured the oni, forcing it to mutate. Making Keyth all in all... Onigami Okami in a Tasanagi human form. Although when Keyth entered the shinto realm he took his full appearance of the wolf demon, confusing alot of people. Keyth had been simply trying to unite the lands within the Shinto realm who had been in all out war.  Being the first of his friends to attempt at this he had been labled a monster against the kingdom he had been trying to save. After many adventures and failed attempts on his way of saving the realm,  Keyth felt rather distorted and found himself in the Yomi realm with all of his friends... When he met his oldest ancestor... KiKen Tasanagi. Kiken had began to spill the truth about Keyths life and the Tasanagi blood line. Stating that Onigami Okami had tricked him, turning him into a monster which got him killed in the real world on earth. But was granted another chance to live life in the shinto realm. He spoke on how the Tasanagi's became Alchemist within the Shinto realm. Becoming full bred scientist hellbent on trying to find the connection to humans and demons. Due to Kiken being the one who started the generation on Tasanagi's to come after him. Every single Tasanagi from this point was an Onihoruda because of Okami plaguing there family with his curse. He spoke on that the Tasanagi's finally found out that it had been Dark Hadou that created the science between the two, Demons and Humans. The Tasanagi's began truly inhuman experiments with Demons, forming there bodies with them to make over powerful human hybrids. The gods and other Kingdoms within the Shinto realm found this disgraceful, Killing off most of the Tasanagi, and then banishing the rest to earth. Kiken had been killed infront of a Kingdom for recognition of the 'The Dead family line.' He also spoke about How Keyths fathers soul had been entrapped within a stone inside of the Shinto realm, so everything he knew about his father had been a lie. Keyomes body in the world Keyth had known had been a pawn since Keyome himself stepped foot into the shinto realm  all those years ago. Thus why the Journal ended so vaguely. Keyomes soul and everything good in him had been entrapped within a stone inside of the Shinto realm. Kiken then sent a more corrupted and demonic keyome in his place to do his bidding in the real world. Keyomes main Objective had been to create a host (I.E. have a TON OF KIDS.) So that they would one day return to the Shinto realm themselves so the Legendary demon Spirit created from the hatred of millions would latch on the Tasanagi's body due to all Tasanagi's being Onihoruda. Plus the Onigami had been created through an Alchemy incantation that the Tasanagi's had preformed making them the preferred host over other Onihoruda's. Keyth also found out that his mother had been a pawn in this scheme. Sent way before Keyome even entered the Shinto realm, Kiken simply had her stationed there until the right moment when Keyome came to find her. Even though Keyome had been entrapped in stone in the shinto realm ( the real him.) He was still able to reach out to his son in more ways than one. Kiken mentioned that Keyome had been so powerful in the shinto realm, that his connection with his actual body made the Evil Keyome in the real world often Jump Protocol. Making him do things that he hadn't been programmed to do. A Distressed Keyth ran off, only to be killed by Lord Oujin Shishigami's men. Which is Exactly what Kiken wanted. Using Keyths dead corpse he created the Dark moon, which he then used to implant the Spirit of the Onigami which he had stored within the Dark Moon into Keyths body. Keyth, who had now become the Onigami became a complete killing machine. Being used like a puppet, Kiken sent Keyth out to literally KILL all of the God's within the Shinto realm. Once Keyth had destroyed all of there physical forms, they couldn't help the others during the big war to come. Keyth and Densuke met on the battle field of this war. And every-time keyth saw one of his friends fighting to save him, bits and pieces of him would break free of the Demon god's shell. Finally they all succeeded in destroying Onigami and removing keyth from the Demons hold. The last night before everyone left. Kyoko and Keyth had stayed the night together one last time which ultimately led to her becoming pregnant with two twins later. When Keyth left that night he went to finish things once  and for all. Kyoko had told him that his father ( who was later brought back and released from his holdings within the stone in the shinto realm.) Had been entrapped within the Shinto realm under the hold of the REAL ring master. Konchi. Keyth confronted the sorcerer, later defeating him and saving his father and Xiao. But in result, Keyth had been entrapped into the Dark moon, which had been a portal to the land of Dark Hadou. Trapped, keyth was forced to survive for a great while until his return home. Forcing his friends to leave him behind.

For every year in the shinto realm. Is 100 to the real world where Kasaihana city resides. 200 Years literally passed in the realm of Dark Hadou. Forced to become a beast Keyth fought through hierarchy of powerful Oni's until he took the spot as the king. Now sitting on a throne he sent armies to fight other parts of the realm of dark hadou clearly for the kick of it. But 200 years is a long time for someone from Kasaihana city. He pushed, and yearned for his friends back home. Even so much that he ripped the fabric of time and space with his untold power that he had attained in the shinto realm. Flying through the worm hole keyth's body had been sent back to its place of origin during the current time. Which was Kasaihana city, but once he got home. All of his power drained. Returning back to the real world, where the air isn't so potent with chi, it rested and yet drained Keyth of all of his monstrous power from the shinto realm. 200 years and thanks to his Onihourda physology. He didn't age, literally at all. Plus with the shinto realms hadou and chi potency, who would? Keyth made it home and to his discovery things weren't the same since his return. Densuke had left his clan. Taking a different role and no longer seeking the Yakuza gang life. His clan the Arasumaru had disbanded, leaving Claymore and Amy alone. The Kagemaru clan had split into multiple factions. Battling for chairman ship of the powerful clan. And most of all... Keyth had a family. Discovering that he had two little ones. His own kids. Seeing a new perspective of life..So, once returning back from the shinto realm. A full 2 years later. Keyth easily discovers he has alot more to live for rather than the thrill of the fight. Keyth truly cares for his family. Trying his hardest to be a good dad and to keep his children away from the chaos of the city as much as he can. At the age of 21. He's a very Dedicated father. Densuke went out, seeking the men who killed his father and to stop any plans they had on ahead. Keyth had been assigned to fight a man by the name of Zetsui Ryukiri. Keyth had also gained training for Zetsui's sensei Lord Kaguya. Lord Kaguya Trained Zetsui in his younger days as well but Zetsui went well... worse. Growing a powerful hate for sensei after learning the truth of his intentions. Zetsui Ryukiri, A Legendary swordsman, and a powerful Onihourda. He taught Keyth about the truth of Onihoruda's. And how they weren't truly human at all. Forcing Keyth to let out the animal within him so that he could fight on to par with him. He was Keyths biggest rival. And also his greatest teacher.

After the chaos of Ark 9 and finally 'shutting down' The Grim's plans. Keyth and Densuke and the gang literally had a few days to chill from it all. Not even two weeks later Keyth and Densuke were met with The Grimore again, stating how they were in the process of creating a tournament. Keyth found out later that they all had been planning something alot bigger on the outside of things. Keyth won his battle against Shizukana Yoru in the tournament. One night when Colt sent Densuke and Keyth out on yet another run for him. Keyth and Densuke then encountered the powerful warrior White Tiger who actually gave the boys a run for their money. At that same time, Keyth had met Michiko Akasawa after she nursed the two boys back to health. Keyth became a bit of a test subject over this course of time for Michiko though he seemed to be ok with that. The GMAF stadium where the tournament was being held had met a devastating end, plunged in a quaking fire that killed hundreds of people. During this time, the Grimiore had used the explosion of the GMAF tournament as a distraction to steal the last remaining 'Orphan tears.' The Unknown Stones that have some form of connection with the Shinto realm. Last but not least, the Grimiore made a push to Yun tower where everything had been set ablaze in a large battle to stop them at the door. But everyone failed and they achieved exactly what they were looking for. The Plasma energy. Keyth devastated at yet another loss... found himself distressed enough to start putting back for a Dojo for the kids. Over this time, his feelings for Michiko also increased further on.

With his Dojo moving and on the way, Keyth began to Train a young man by the name of Jin and a few other kids within Kasaihana city. He felt like he did this, he'd be helping the city without having to fall under the orders of the Yakuza. During this Ark, Keyth found himself in a situation that had been an Odd one. The city flooded and he and Michiko's relationship had continued to increase. The only memorable thing that worth anything for this ark. Had been Claymores Death, which forced Keyth to grow up... having to live without his mentor for awhile.

Once again, heading straight into the shinto realm. They had followed The Grimiore inside for the final push to stop them. The Grimiore had finally achieved all of the steps to get what they had been striving for. The gang follows right behind in pursuit where they nose dived right back into the shinto realm. Though the god's aren't on there sides this time there forced to grow in power on there own. Keyth grew up a bit more this ark. Discovering a bit of truth about his mother and how she had been a pawn to Konchi and kiken as well. In the Shinto realm she had been a Dog demon spirit, though in the real world she had been given human life, and with it a soul. His mother grew to love her children over time which resorted in her saving Keyths life in a since with Making his blade Yamisuki an Onihoruda, so when he had been forced to murder his siblings as a child himself. The souls went inside of his blade, which ultimately kept his innocence untampered with, and why Keyth isn't some psychopathic war monger. He found out that his Family the Tasanagi's are growing rapidly in the realm of Dark Hadou.... he knows that one day they will become an issue but as for now they had been out of there reach. Finally they defeated Grim and his soldiers and vanquished his soul though where it went no one knows. With Keyths final blow he set all of the souls of the Onihourda's free from his blade so they could move on. All but one who stayed which had been his baby sister bunny. Who wanted to stay with him forever as his protector.