Previously in DOW...

The teenagers came rushing into Kasaihana high for a new year, and things weren't as they seemed as usual. Majroity of the academic classes had been stripped from the courses and Atheletic clubs dominated the majority of the classes. Something was up... and the stench was so thick it could be cut with a knife. How will the heroes fair in this next episode!?


Mike/Kin: Zachariah: Just as everyone was walking to their class, just three halls down in the men's restroom had been McIntyre his back resting against the fogged up window his eyes bloodshot red but from what that Mary Jane. His head bumping to the tunes going from his phone. ""Here's a little somethin' bout a nigga like me. Never shoulda been let out the penitentiary, McIntyre would like ta say. That I'm a crazy mothafucka from around the way. Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out" Just as he started to sing some Lyrics he looked down to his right which had been rolling paper in his left had been the green herbs which he broke down within the paper slowly tucking and rolling the joint perfectly before it was ready to be fired up. It wasn't until he looked at the clock it was time for his club he already skipped first period so he might as well make it to second. Placing the joint in his front pocket he pushed open the door and within seconds the whole hall smelled like danked loud he got a couple of stares but with Bellamy's cheesy smile he showed he really didn't give a fuck. He continued his walk into making it into the Wrestling gym.

A.: - She would have been just about to slide into her car when she heard a "*HEY! YOU*" which stopped her in her track as she groaned in annoyance and turn around to see a safety patrol member walking over to her with a stern look on his face. He stopped at a comfortable distance of about 5 feet and folded his arms and began to speak, "What are you doing out here??? School is still in session?!" His voice reminded her of a whining baby combined with nails scratching against a chalk board which made her wince slightly. She shut her car door as she leaned her back against it and looked at her keys in her hand, " Well.... with my car door being open AND my keys being in my hand... it would seem to me that I was going to leave hell early?" Her voice spoke with a dark sarcasm as she narrowed her eyes towards the end and shrugged, " But, who knows... you don't seem all that bright.." He frowned at her and reached into his pocket, retrieving a paper, "Well... Miss. Sarcastic... I guess you are the idiot in this situation!" She took this paper and looked at it as she read it.... this school had fully taken the term "meat head" to the extreme as they completely removed the concept of academic from the school and focused on athletics??? She frowned as she looked at this paper and then the doors of the school. " Are you kidding me.... this school just gets more and more ridiculous by the moment." She sighed as the bell rung and she pushed her way past the pathetic safety patrol but, she found herself to stop in her tracks as she turned around to lock her car and yelled after him, "By the way.... you would need to lift a weight to even compete with me athletically you dweeb." She left it at that as she made her way back up the stairs and into the crowds of students that now swarmed the halls in search of their destined club to join. Courtney walked straight to the bulletin board in the hall as she grabbed a Cheerleading team interest form and began to fill it in with her height, weight, stunting position and her experience. She took another deep breath as she looked at her cheer duffle bag as she realized that the whole dancer thing wasn't going to happen. She quickly walked into the bathroom and began to quickly change, She wore a black tank top and black yoga pants that hugged her toned cheerleading body and cupped her booty slightly and she quickly slid into her brand-new Nfinity evolution cheer shoes and headed out of the bathroom.

Mike/Kin: ( <~ What she changed into)

She followed various directions and signs to the place where the football team would be having their meeting as she figured that if cheerleading was to be anywhere it would be next to football as the fall season was the first season that cheerleading starts. She slid outside to a massive football field that far surpassed the coolness of the school that she was just in which made her frown as she realized that this school was truly backwards. She redirected her attentions to the football players or... the potential football players; half of which had their shirts off and managed to get slightly sweaty tossing the football around waiting for their coach to have tryouts or whatever. One massive boy with dark buzzed cut hair looked at her as he threw the ball and smiled and waved ( She smiled back and waved awkwardly as she hurried over to a gathering of girls whom seemed to re-entering a gym next to the the field hoping that they were also trying out to do cheerleading.... many of them looked like they had never even though of cheerleading before but it would make sense as this particular sport would have seemed to be requiring little to no effort but they were wrong in so many ways. Courtney smiled and waved as she sat down next the bleachers as she awaited the cheerleading coach to arrive as she pulled out her mirror and put on red lipstick and re-did her long hair into a  half up and half down with a white bow tied into her hair ( She then waited after she was done and stretched while looking at that big blue mat until everyone was ready.-

Endearment ♥: Despite the students seeming to clash quite a bit with one another, Lux felt like maybe the teacher would put them in line. So, when the older looking gentleman stood from his teachers chair, Lux straightened in her seat and placed both hands on top of the desk. Within minutes, however, her smile faded into a look of confusion. Her first experience in a school.... And all of the classes have been taken out and replaced with clubs and sports?! Though the idea of doing nothing but extracurricular things all day every day kind of excited her, she still would have liked to learn actual school subjects. The teenager sunk slowly in her seat as the different clubs and things were listed.

Now I know why Mom bought me all of that equipment...

A soft sigh was released from her lightly glossed lips and the bell rang. Her big, green hues widened. Every student in the class stood and began to file out of class, each sticking to their own social groups as everyone split to find their desired club to avoid failing. Lux was the very last to leave as she gathered her bag and slowly trailed behind the second to last person out.

Cheerleading it is, then. ....If they take me.

Lux was able to follow a few other students to an area marked especially for joining groups or signing up to be reviewed. Her eyes found the cheerleading interest form almost instantly and she grabbed the flimsy paper between two fingers while the other hand grabbed one of the many cheap pens left out for students to use.

Age.... Height.... Weight.... Experience... Experience?! Crap!

Lux frowned as she tapped the end of the pen against the wall she was using to help fill out her paper. Her mother was the only one with cheerleading experience. The woman talked about it all of the time! Those were her glory days when she was Lux's age.

If not this... Then softball.

With a sigh she'd scribble down the bit of experience she had with regular gymnastics before finishing whatever might be left of the form and rushed towards the football practice area. Wherever football players were, Cheerleaders would be, right?

Just before running right on out there, she'd scurry into the nearby locker room to clumsily change in a small bathroom stall that has been placed within. When she emerged, her long, sea foam green hair was up in a thick ponytail with her bangs left out and pushed off to the side. She wore a regular pair of spandex shorts and a tight tank top to match that both hugged the lush contours of her body in just the right way. The shoes she wore were brand new without a scuff on the white material.

Sometimes I'm glad that Mom enchants my stuff before I leave to go to Dad's house... If it wasn't for my 'Mary Poppins' bag I would have had to bring another bag.

Lux slung her bag over her shoulder and jogged the rest of the way to cheerleading tryouts. There weren't many there just yet and the coach was already out and waiting. Her stomach began to turn in knots as she moved over to the bleachers to sit quietly and wait. She noticed the other girl on the bleachers with the cute bow in her hair and offered a soft greeting to her.

"Hello... Im Lux."

Mike/Kin: Keiz: Ruji would have been at home napping for a few hours waking up finally and waking into the bathroom and taking a piss and washing his hands at his sink before grooming himself once again and walking down the stair going into the kitchen opening his refrigerator scanning around the various items and then grabbing out a pound of ground beef and two skit steaks setting the two of them on the counter next to the ground beef and then grabbed a few onions, bell peppers, a can of pineapple juice and some bacon bits setting the items on the counter as well next to the meats, Ruji then pulled out a few Apples and a bag of Grapes from the bottom of the refrigerator and set those on the table and close the frig. Ruji then pulled out some skillets from the cabinet above the stove and set them on the burner and poured some olive oil on the two of them and turned the heat up. Ruji then ran up the stairs into his room and grabbed his stereo and brought it down the steps and pulled it up turning his music on( ) . Ruji then went back into the kitchen placing the two steak on the pan before pulling out a bowl from the dish rack and setting it on the table before walking into the living room and take off his shirt tossing it onto the couch turning around and walking back into the kitchen grabbing the pound of ground beef and tearing it open dropping it into the bowl he took out earlier then pulling out the cutting board from his draw and placing the onion and bell peppers on it and pulled out a Knife and began chopping up the bell peppers and half the onion into small little chunks and slide them into the ground beef mixing it up with his hands, then walking over to the sink and rising his hands off before opening the cabinet above the counter top pulling out various seasons and began to season the ground beef , Ruji then turned back to the stove to check on his steak flipping it over to cook the other side. Ruji then opening up the can of pineapple juice grabbing the skillet with his other hand setting the can down and bracing the meat with his hand he’d tilt the pan pouring out some other the extra oil from it before setting it back onto the stove and picking up the can of juice pouring some of it over the meat not a lot though just enough, He’d then chop up the rest of the bell pepper and onion into slides and drop them into the pan with the steak and then sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper over the top followed by a bottle of A1 sauce dumping the whole thing into the pan and then setting the flames on low, Ruji then focused back on the ground beef and tossed it into the other skillet with had been pre heating this whole time the meat sizzling upon impact with the hot metal. Ruji again went and washed his hands at the sink before grabbing another knife and began peeling the skin off the apples before removing the apples cores and then carefully peeled the skin off the grapes as well grabbing a plastic container out the dish rack along with its top and placed them into a bowl and then pours some sugar over the top of them followed by the rest of his pine apples juice placing it into the freezer before going back to his food on the stove. After a while the food would have been done cooking and Ruji would grab his duffle bag from the living room and drop it on the table and place the food into various containers and place them into the bag going into the freezer and grabbing his frozen fruit and placing that inside along with some bread loafs, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and various other items. The last thing Ruji grabbed out his frig was four bottles of Muscle Milk protein shakes which Ruji added his own blend to tossing them into the bag as well and zipping it up slinging it over his shoulder and headed out the door though turned around coming back inside to put his shirt on and what not grabbing his bags again and then proceeding out the door and getting onto his Bike and backing out of his drive way stopping in the middle of the street and pulling his phone from his pocket and turning on his music which was connected to the speakers into his bag which started to blast music from inside. ( Ruji pocketed his phone when he heard the sound of a horn beep from behind him and he’d raise his hand up as a way of saying sorry and then took off down the road not speeding this time but actually cruising on his bike the wind blowing his hair which danced about behind him like flickering flames, When Ruji got back to the school he’d drive around a bit trying to find a decent parking spot and once he did he’d hop off of it taking his keys with him of course and then step inside the building and head towards the Gymnasium, the smell of food trailing behind him and before he knew it a few of his friends started to pile around him
[9/25/2016 8:10:35 PM] Mike/Kin: James: Yo Ruji What’s In The Bag This Time

Ruji: None of Your Business Go find someone’s else’s lunch to eat

Genji: All Come on Ruji Don’t Be That Way You Always Have So Much Food Anyway

Ruji: No

James: Pleaseeeee

Ruji: Ask Me Again and I’m Going to Break Your Teeth James

James: Aw Come On Man

James would say wrapping his arm around Ruji’s shoulder and then Genji doing the same the three of them walking down the hallway looking like the best of buds and shit, once Ruji reached the gym Genji would walk off though James would enter with him, the two of them played on the basketball team together, once inside they’d set their stuff down on the bleacher and James would open up his bag and pull out the his own and Ruji’s team practice jersey’s  and they’d both remove their shirts and put on the jerseys before Ruji pulled off his pants and shoes, kicking his pants aside and placing his shoes on top of them Ruji then opening up his book-bag which contained his basketball shoes, a pair of all Red high top G fezos. Under his pants he already had his athletic shorts on so all he had to do was put his shoes on which once he done, he’d open his bag and pull out his one of his protein shakes tossing one to Genji before Chugging his down and walking over to the baseline Genji soon following behind him the two lining up then sprinting down the court back and forward over and over again over 20 times, then dropping down and doing pushups switching between closed and wide arm ones.

Ruji: Alright that’s good for a warm up

Genji: Yeah time to start the stretches

The two then sat on the floor off of the court stretching out their legs and soon afterwards the other members of the team began to pile into the gym and did their warm ups before joining Ruji and Genji with the stretches.

A.: ~Courtney would have been done with her floor stretches which ended with a bridge followed by a back walkover, back handspring tuck to warm up her standing tumbling. ( She landed perfectly as she stood up and pushed her long brown hair from her face as she had spotted the coach in which she turned in her interest form and received a tryout number "22" she placed it on her right thigh as she took a seat in the bleachers and waited patiently. She picked up on a different "aura" of senses coming from higher up in the bleachers which was marked by a soft greeting which took her off guard as that was one of the most humane and delicate tone she had heard since had been in this place which made her turn around and look up Lux with a smile, she had pretty green hair and a twinkle about her that made it clear to her that she too was new here and Courtney made it her mission for them to be close friends.-

Hello, Lux. I'm Courtney.

-She waved at her as she looked around as she could hear boys yelling and laughing in the echoes of the hall which she assumed to be basketball  and then back at her.-

So, are you new here? Cause I totally am and have no idea as to why this school runs the way it does.

-She gave a small chuckle as she moved up the bleacher with her things to sit next to her and hopefully chat a bit before everything started.

Mike/Kin: Abmieal:( gM&index=4 ) Mike stepped out of the class first, his eyes would almost immediately turning his head down the hallway to see Blo'Ro with two girls under his arms. As he walked past Mike it would seem as time itself slowed down. Blo Ro: " Sup Allen... holding up well? " He said with a sadistic smirk on his face while he continued to walk past his adversary. Mike: For fucks sake... He said shaking his head before crossing his arms. Mike would then watch Zane go down the other side of the hall before he'd tug at both sides of his hair shaking his head left to right before he'd pinch the bridge of his nose Rover: Do Not Worry sir. I've recorded your constant waves of distress. I will be keeping an eye on the White haired one sir Rover said in his drone form invisible to the eye using his magical ability to remain undetectable while he scanned over the school. Mike would let out a sigh of relief after hearing Rover on the scene. Mike: You let me know if anyone tries to hurt her... I know cho wants to help. But he can't be in to many places at once: Mike said before nodding his head and walking down to his next class. And what exactly had been on the agenda today? Wrestling. Mike had been giving it some thought for quite some time. And it was the only club he wanted to join before but just hadn't tough enough to see the deed done. However, this year. He has hopes of proving everyone wrong sure enough. Walking down the hall he'd make his way down to his respective club. Opening the door to the wrestling room where a bunch of upper classmen had been slamming each other left and right and striking each other like something out of a WWE tv special. Others were more traditional with their Greco roman styled wrestling. But it was obvious that this had been the place that he wanted to be. :Alright. Lets do this:

Kaiuri: ( ) The trill bleeting tone of the school's class change bell vibrated the ear drums off all teachers and students alike. The class period was at it's end now and a massive tidal wave of students began to freely flood the hallways. It was a stampede. And among the hundreds of able bodied kids swarming their lockers and bumping into each other, was Zane. Her long wintery silver locks cascaded over her shoulders and fell down her back in a pooling waterfall of liquid moonlight. It swung down and kissed the small of her back gently and tickled the milky skin of her slender wiast. She weaved and whipped her way through the large amount of people around her. The thin fabric of her flimsy school uniform wrapped itself snuggly over her rounding curves, her shirt hugged her ample bust as closely as it could, while the lowcut pleats of her skirt draped themselves over her developing wide hips and hung well to brush the plumpness of her muscular thick thighs. Zane grew irritable at the ungodly amount of fellow students who scattered themselves all over the halls. Upper classmen and Lower classmen all in one place. It was so chaotic ! When she finally went to go open her locker, Zane noticed that there was a slick sheet of paper lodged in the cracks. Using her slender fingers, she'd pull it out and stare at it for a moment. ' Cheerleading Tryouts After School ! ' It read. She paused and put it in her bag for later. Reguardless, she quickly went to her locker and fumbled with its tumbling lock. Once it opened, the ancient metal clatter and sqeeked with rusty hinges. Man, these lockers were old. And as she rummaged through the content of her top locker, she grabbed her books for her next class. Latin. Her glittering opal hues flickered left to right as she tried to catch even the slightest glimpse of Mike. But no use. A small sigh graced her plum colored lips and she closed her locker shut. He was probably already at his next class. Oh well. With a simple shrug of her shoulders, the freckle faced beauty adjusted the strap of her school bag before heading down the opposite end of the hallway to her next class. Zane rushed down the flight of steps and with each heavy drop her bust bounced in the low cut dip of her shirt. Quickly, the young Warlock strutted to her next class. She turned the corner and slid into her classroom. Zane took her seat. Shortly after, other students would come into the room, but not many considering the subject it taught. However, in the midst of the students was another Junior. Her long and plush strawberry pink hair rippled behind her in two twin pigtails. Zane smiled her way, the girl looked nice enough. She would offer a simple wave in hopes that she'd sit next to her.

Responsive: As Moena bounced into the room, like the usual ball of energy she was she take a secnond in the doorway to spot Zane. Waving enthusiastically she bounded over to the luna-haired girl and slid into the seat next to her. Her skirt flaring about her as her black cardigan covered up most of the palms of her hands. Her hair was indeed tied up into two floofy pigtails and her crystal blue eyes were sparkiling with life. Settling herself in the seat she pulled the desk closer to Zane and flopped herself along, both of thier desks, her pink locks falling all over the desk. Looking up at Zane she yawned and cast her crystal blue eyes up at the girl. "Zane, you should come to art club!" she said streaching along the desk and batting her eyes at Zane. Straightening in her seat she leaned over and goes into her bookbag and pulled her sketchbook out, and slid it to Zane. "Here look." she smiled softly as she leaned overe again and began pulling her books out her the current class they were both occupying, Latin. Moena hated it but she needed to take it, so she sucked it up and took the class. As she waited for the class to begin she fidgeted in her seat, as her hyperactive personality made it really hard for her to sit still for long peroids of time. Picking up her pencil she started doddling within the margins of her notebooks, small cute creatures that seemed to be a hybird of cats and bears, humming Moena bent over her notebook and quitetyly drew.

Mike/Kin: Serizawaa: Just as everyone was walking to their class, just three halls down in the men's restroom had been McIntyre his back resting against the fogged up window his eyes bloodshot red but from what that Mary Jane. His head bumping to the tunes going from his phone. ""Here's a little somethin' bout a nigga like me. Never shoulda been let out the penitentiary, McIntyre would like ta say. That I'm a crazy mothafucka from around the way. Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out" Just as he started to sing some Lyrics he looked down to his right which had been rolling paper in his left had been the green herbs which he broke down within the paper slowly tucking and rolling the joint perfectly before it was ready to be fired up. It wasn't until he looked at the clock it was time for his club he already skipped first period so he might as well make it to second. Placing the joint in his front pocket he pushed open the door and within seconds the whole hall smelled like danked loud he got a couple of stares but with Bellamy's cheesy smile he showed he really didn't give a fuck. He continued his walk into making it into the Wrestling gym.

Kaiuri: Zane looked at her bubblegum haired friend. She glanced over at her sketch book with a slightly peeked interest and had to admit, those were some serious skills that Moena had. The ivory polished beauty nodded with approval. Zane: "Nice, very nice. I have to say you're pretty good with a pencil. " She nudged her friend and smiled. Zane: " I don't think I would be cut out for it tho, buuuut -- " Her words would be brought to a halt as the teacher began class. Zane stopped talking and gave her friend a knowing look before she'd proceed to doing her classwork for the next hour or so. ( About an hour later ) The sound of the school bell rang once again and Zane began to put away her supplies. As she began walking out of the classroom, she'd hoped Momo would follow her. If she had, Zane would turn to her and speak. Zane: " Anyways, what I was going to ask you -- " She pulled out the flyer and held it up to her friend before speaking again. Zane: " Would you try out with me ? I may not be cut out for drawing and art, but I have a few tricks I could use to get on the cheerleading team. And I dunno . . . part of me wants to try something different. I feel like you could do it too. You're cute and full of TONS of energy ! " The vanilla haired girl smiled persuasively in her friend's direction. Zane: " Please ? " She awaited her reply. Reguardless though, Zane would head down the hall and to the gym for tryouts. Hopefully her gear in her sports bag would be appropriate to try out in.

Mike/Kin: Responsive: Class dragged on, and Moena was a fidgety wreck by the end, as the bell rang Moena literally all but threw her things in her bag and ran out of the room. As she was putting her things away, Momo watched as Zane got up and began making her way out of the class room. Dashing out of her seat Moena jogged to follow slinging her bag over her shoulder, when Zane started speaking, Moena cocked her head to the side to listen. "Anyways, what I was going to ask you -- " Zane pulled one of the cheerleading flyers that were plastered all around the school out of her bag, "Would you try out with me ?" Moena took the flyer from her and examined it closely a s Zane continued. "I may not be cut out for drawing and art, but I have a few tricks I could use to get on the cheerleading team. And I dunno . . . part of me wants to try something different. I feel like you could do it too. You're cute and full of TONS of energy !" Moena nodded and handed the flyer back to Zane, as Zane smiled at her, Moena locked her hands behind her ehad as they walked. "I guess I can, I don't see the harm. Alright I'll do it." The pinkette said as they made thier way towards the gym, Moena already had gym that day so her clothes were in her bookbag, so she was covered there, she just hoped she didnt have to sit through any long speeches. She hated those.\

FayVilain: Naomi kept staring long and hard at the contets of her locker but to be honest it was more just a moment of spacing out and thinking on other things that didn't involve finding Cho and possibly assaulting him in the janitors closet but that would have to wait for a later time. With a dull sigh, the brunette slams the locker door shut and proceeds to walk through the halls in order to find something to do for this free period--was it a free period? She was too lazy to check the schedule right now and honestly her head was still in the clouds because she almost bumped right into Zane, stopping just mere inches from the female. "Eh? Oh sorry hun I wasn't paying attention..." Brown hues shifted downwards to the flyer in the silver haired students hand, grabbing her attention as she rose a slow brow. "Cheerleading...our teacher did say we had to pick clubs, I hadn't decided what to do yet that didn't take a lot of effort but I figure dancing a repetitive routine should be easier than all the rest of the trying out I assume??" Zane merely smiled and nodded excitedly, giving her eyes that pretty much read 'please join?' Naomi couldn't resist the adorable look and with a sigh she held on tighter to her messenger bag and nodded slowly. "Fine if you're doing it and cotton candy hair is doing it then I might as well join in." She looked to momo, eyeing her before grinning. "Really digging the hair for real though." She'd start walking beside the two girls now as they made their way to the gym. Naomi didn't have any gear but she figured the uniform was fine enough, they'd basically be wearing short cheer skirts anyway.
[9/25/2016 8:12:59 PM] Zane/Kaiuri: Kouji: Well…that took longer than expected…

Kouji’s deep violet orbs glanced down at his phone screen that displayed an exact time of 8:00 am as his fingers moved over the buttons, starting from the bottom of his crisp white shirt. Pausing at the second button to the top, he decided to leave it and the first button undone which only revealed his muscularly defined, yet smoothed pale olive chest. He then tucked in the tail of his shirt in his black pants, glancing in the full-length mirror at his slender form that stood at a full height of 6”4. His violet hair spilled in long flowing curls around his shoulders and down his back, a few strands found themselves stuck against his face and curled under his chin. A soft sigh would pass his lips as he moved his fingers through his hair, pulling it back and tying it into a ponytail, although after all of that effort, some of it spilled almost perfectly over his forehead, stopping just below his brows while more of it fell on either side of his face.

A sudden stir would catch his eye as he was fixing his collar and glancing through the mirror at the female being in his bed, a slow smirk would touch his lips briefly before it disappeared again and he turned around to face her passed out form. There she lay, as if dead to the world, the cause of his lateness. He picked the dark jacket that matched his pants from the back of the chair and slung it over his broad shoulder, picking his phone from the small desk as he glanced yet again at his phone screen which now showed the time, 8:10. He checked the mirror again before crossing the room to open the door and closing it behind him with a soft click. Just outside the door, leaning against the opposite wall, stood a man a little older than himself with a smug expression plastered to his face.

Kouji: “What, Raj.”

Raj: “Nothing boss, it’s just I thought after your year-long leave of school, you would want to start off on the right foot…especially since you’re repeating and all. Hope she was worth it.”

Kouji: “Shut up Raj…and hop on those wonderful chores I left you like a good boy.”

Turning, Kouji walked down the hallway and down the stairs to the living room to grab his keys where he was met by another male, his father this time, who started to say something to him but was interrupted by the slamming of the door as Kouji walked out of the house. Continuing down the steps, he opened the door to his new modeled Lamborghini and got inside, throwing his shirt over the passenger seat and inserting his key, he started the car and drove off. Arriving at school almost 15 minutes later, he found a place to park and got out, grabbing his jacket and heading up the steps to the entrance as he shrugged it on. The halls were quiet, the only thing audible was his footsteps as his shoes connected quietly with the floor.  Nearing his classroom, he saw another student walking towards him and as he was making his way passed him, the male stopped him and gave him a piece of paper before barking orders of getting to class, then walked away to which Kouji simply cocked an eyebrow. Stopping in front of the classroom door, he sighed and looked at the small sheet of paper and as he read it, his brows furrowed in confusion.

No academic classes this year…? Well that’s a fir-


Kouji’s gaze snapped up quickly as he backed away from the door, knowing all too well the bustle of kids when those prison bells rung. As if on cue, the door pelted open and a horde of students spilled out. He looked down at the paper again, his eyes scanning the different clubs and crumpled it in his fist before tossing it to a nearby bin and stuffing both hands in his pockets while he walked towards the gym.

Basketball it is then…
[9/25/2016 8:13:08 PM] Mike/Kin: Ryoji: ( ) Student: Oh come on you can’t be serious right now. Cho: Nope sorry, but you know as well as I do, that sex in the bathroom stalls is punishable by suspension. Now hold still._Cho would’ve finished wrapping plastic ties around the hale naked males hands. Pushing him down beside the completely nude female student, before he put a hand on his hip and waved a finger at the two of them._Cho: I’m calling for a team to escort you both to the principles office. I’m going to be late thanks to you two. Female student: My thing is, tell me how the hell you heard us from 2 hallways over! Cho:-tilts his head up- Don’t worry about it._Cho exited the bathroom, dusting his jacket off and securing his bag around his shoulder. Busting two more students for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. The other safety patrol made their way there and escorted the two away. Cho had a bit of a walk until he’d made his way over to the Karate club building, and he opted to take the time to think…about the situation._Cho: Damn….5 men down. I know The Warlocks had something to do with it. I thought these were supposed to be peaceful times but racism never truly dies does it. Still…I have to keep watch on Zane. I also have to keep in mind of the fact that there are people who want to kill me surrounding the school grounds…_Cho stopped in front of the door that lead outside. A straight shot across the field that led to the Karate club’s dojo. Cho went to open the door, his skin taking on a shiny texture that flourished with a bright grey hue before subsiding and disappearing. As he began to cross the field a familiar smell hit his nostrils once again! He sniffed the air…the smell was toxic, almost radioactive in origin! Cho stopped dead in his tracks to scan the area quickly._Cho: Nothing…must be smelling things that aren’t there. I’d hope._Cho continued on his way to the Karate club dojo. The Karate Club has been a staple of Kasaihana High for years, and has been teaching various brands and types of Karate for centuries. Karate: is a martial art developed back wayyy before the war in the Ryukyu Islands in what is now Okinawa, Japan. It developed from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands (called te (手), literally "hand" tii in Okinawan) under the influence of Chinese martial arts, particularly to that of the Fujian White Crane. Karate is a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. In some styles, grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes are also taught. Cho was no Karateka, but he’d seen Kin fight a few times and the style interested him very much so. He opted to overserve it for himself, maybe pick up on a thing or two. That and he needed some kind of extra circular activity that would keep him busy. As Cho walked into the Dojo, he’d be greeted by the sounds of grunts and the sight of practices. Cho himself simply stepped in to find the head of the Dojo, an old time alley of his he’d known since his days as a cage fighter when he was 16. A man by the name of Saikyo Doujin, or rather Master Doujin for short._ ( ) “Doujin: OOOOOOOOOOI!!!! MORE HEART! IF YOUR “KI-AH” ISN’T LOUDER THAN ME, IT’S WEAK! Oh! Cho! My main man! How’s it going?” Cho: “Fine. Just came to relieve some stress. Mind if I hit the bag for a few minutes?” Doujin:”Sure! Go right ahead. Just help me demonstrate during my lesson! You know make me look cool and all of that.” Cho shook his head and laughed a little bit. Cho: “Sure thing man.” Cho couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Like there was this massive cloud raining over his head and he couldn’t quite pin point the feeling he was getting. Hopefully it would all unwind itself as he strapped on some rubber gloves and made his way over to the standing dummy for about 90 minutes worth of practice…

Abmieal: A gang of black guys would have swung around Bellamy after his statment with their arms crossed. " The fuck!? Yall his this shit?! Got me 38 Hot! " One of the larger males said pushing Bellamy, only for another male to push him into another, springing him back and forth like a ball between the 6 of them. " So you dropping N-Bombs!? " Mikes eyes would have lit up as he rushed over to Bellamys rescue pushing one of the guys out of the way before he pulled his arms up waving his hands left to right. " C'mon guys! He's special needs. I seen him in one of those classes about 14 minutes ago. Cut him some slack. " " Fuck you Allen! You can get your ass beat to! " " Yes. Yes your very much so right, but listen. We can't just beat on people for small disagreements. He's speical needs! W-What would MLK think?! " " Fuck Martin Luthor King. Its 2177 and aint shit changed nigga! And they never will! " They said closing in on Mike and Bellamy before the teacher would have placed his right hand on one of the thugs shoulders. " Let em go this time. I'll make them work extra hard today. Go on. " Said the wrestling instructor in his animal like mask. It looked like a cheeta mask of some sort... and it made the muscle bounded teacher look rather... deadily. ( ) " Alright you two. Your pairing up today. Go in the back room and gear up. Were gonna work on the basic's for today. And then once were done. You two are gonna aplogizes to those young men. We won't have that kinda beef in my gym. You copy? " " Yes sir. " Mike said first before the mask wearing luchador god of a teacher walked away from the two of them. His thick hispanic accent would make most girls swoon but it only brought fear to anyone whom hadn't been on equal stature. " Is it me... or does every teacher in this place have some kind dangerous aura to em..." Mike said to Bellamy. " Like they just give off bad vi-" Mike would sniff before pinching the bridge of his nose. " Yo new dude.... you smell like straight dank. " Mike said handing him a spray bottle of 'battleaxe', a fragance freshner for me. " Spray that, before my friend cho finds you and takes you down to the office. "
[9/25/2016 8:13:47 PM] Mike/Kin: Noriyo: Nori: Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! | Group: Go! Roku! Nana! Hachi! | The continuous chanting roared in the softball field, until a whistle rang out from the coach. Coach Suotani stood in the cliche coaching uniform with the sweatpants and a white shirt. Nori didn’t pay much attention as she cleaned up the mess they’d made. Blah blah blah. Meet in the gym with the new girls. Which one? K-City High had fucking like six gyms? | Nori: Hai hai. I go in little bit. | After saying her goodbyes, Nori had pulled on her uniform and raced to one of the gyms, not even paying attention to the labels. You know why? Nori can’t read english, nor can she speak it well, but she can understand it just fine. She managed to pass a couple of students, nodding to them, and a few teachers, bowing in respect before she passed gyms. One was full of men, so that wasn’t it. Another was full of nerds with rockets and other scientific experiments. It wasn’t until she peeked in through the door of the biggest gym. She wasn’t familiar with letters of the alphabet, so she squinted her eyes. Still nothing. Her eyes caught sight of a group of females, and ultimately thought that this was the softball team. Nori had stepped in, her ashen hair swaying in the back behind her. Raising her hand, Nori called out to them. | Nori: Yo. This team? Team sport? | Her eyes would’ve fell onto a familiar pair heads of hair. The chocolate brown hair of that gun-guy’s girlfriend, and the snow bunny who was apparently dating that motorcycle guy. Nori walked in closer, her eye starting to twitch as she started to notice the height difference. Nori was 5’8”, and she was about an inch shorter than the snow bunny, and the chocolate princess.| Nori: You… you two tall… Good for team.

Uub: The sound of the commotion brought Tobi too his feet, his crimson red hues scouted the halls – and in mere seconds a blonde would have had his butt handed to him by a gang of abrasive African American men. It almost looked like a porn scene, blonde head gets pounded by black guys. Tobi, chuckled at the thought and in mere seconds he retrieved his flip phone, and narrowed it at the two – even when Mike intruded in the scene it pushed Tobi to uncontrollable laugher, “WordStar! “He shouted, before putting it back into the coat of the jacket and clearing the scene before he can be caught by the coach. Hands remained rested in his pockets, buried into the depth of its albeit nightly black canvas. His brows lifted at a peculiar hall flooded by huddled thuds of boxing gloves upon muddled bags. Tobi followed the sounds, peering his sights through the hall he’d feel his body gravitate to the room. It smelled of sweat in depths of aggravated irritated hormones. There stood a man alone, beating the bad with quick and précised punches. The Ashen Haired Warlock could feel these resonate off the walls, Tobi stood in awe at the strength behind these punches, his skin began to curl how can one man be able to produce such vigorous strength, with no halt in his movement. The Man stopped for a sec, his hues would meet the corner of his eyes at sight of Tobi Mercury before slowly turning to him. He was rather large in height 6’11 to be exact and he towered over the young Tobi like a mountain. “You must be Tobi?” He said as sweat embraced his chest.
Serizawaa: The moment a couple guys came in front of Bellamy the Blonde haired male would’ve pushed one of the male’s so hard that his body would’ve flew across the hallway hitting the lockers. “Oh shit..” Bellamy looked down to his hands wondering what the hell was going on his strength had just increased ten fold he felt the mark on his ribcage pulsing from this event. But before things got too serious he felt a hand press against his chest as another male got in the mix a brown haired male who looked familiar. He looked at the guys who were upset at what he said and Bellamy yelled out. “Yeah I said it Nigga and I’ll say it again Nigga!” Bellamy shouted out not giving a fuck he was singing song not calling them jobless assholes they needed to get a grip. He looked over to a white haired male who seemed to be recording as Bellamy would’ve raised his finger towards Tobi as he said. “Hey aren't you that bitch who was running for class president last year and came in last? Don't point shit in my face unless it’s your fist. Bitch ass nigga.” Bellamy was then cut off short when his teacher had paired him with a guy named Mike who spoke to him. " Is it me... or does every teacher in this place have some kind dangerous aura to em..." : Um I think it’s just you I dont have enough time to worry about these teachers I need to pass or Im going back to the pin. C Block.” Looking at the spray bottle Bellamy would raise a brow spraying himself before saying “Cho? Sounds like a train. But hey if you want some good Kush after our match we should smoke one. I dont know I’m not too keen on making friends but there something about you that I cant scratch.” Bellamy would’ve said getting into his gear before getting in the ring.

Endearment ♥: The girl she addressed turned towards her soft toned voice and flashed her a quite beautiful smile. Such a friendly response earned her a bright smile from Lux. The girl looked to be her own age, maybe even in her class. It was hard to tell since there were a few empty seats in homeroom when she arrived late.

"Why yes, I am."

Her long, dark lashes fluttered a bit as she watched the girl climb the bleachers to sit closer to her. Could it be that she'd made a new friend already? Making friends wasn't hard at all, of course, it was just getting out there to do it that hindered Lux. She was always home with her mother or father and Jelly Bean, her cat.

"So I'm not the only one who thinks it's weird, then."

As she spoke, she'd let out a delicate giggle. Though she'd been strictly homeschooled up until this moment, the girl knew that this wasn't a normal school curriculum. Nothing but sports and clubs? How could they possibly learn what they needed for college? No matter the circumstances, Lux would enjoy this first year and make the most of it. Even if it meant stepping out of her comfort zone.

Ok, Mom, you get your wish. Cheerleading tryouts it is.

A.: - She was right in her assumptions of Lux being new which explained her timid and friendly personality compared to the hostile and almost threating demeanor of their fellow peers.  She listened to Lux's response and then realized that she had taken a moment to think of something which she politely took the time to think of a matter herself. "These tryouts are for cheerleading.... in a school where the uniforms are barely mid thigh length... and here I am fully covered..." She thought to herself as she looked around at the girls as she spotted a few "returners" who clearly knew each other and were the most put together than those around them that were freaking out in just body language alone; She looked into her bag again looking a for an outfit that fit the role more adequately. As she pulled out a small white crop top that held the greek letters "ZTA" from the sacred sorority of Zeta Tau Alpha that she had received back in UCLA during one of their small events and from a zipper on the side she pulled out a pair of scissors. She crossed her slender arms in front of her as she gripped the waist of her tank top as she pulled it off of her torso and over her head which exposed her black sports bra which had the brand "Nike" printed in white letters over the front which pushed up her breasts slightly giving them a killer cleavage along with her perfect California tan and her toned washboard abs that was common for elite level 5 All-star cheerleaders especially for flyers. She then put on her white "ZTA" shirt that covered her torso but hung loosely and swayed with every movement and if she were to raise her arms the shirt would expose her stomach and the lower band of her bra. Seemingly satisfied with that, She then grabbed the scissors and looked down at her black Victoria's Secret yoga pants and sighed as she took one for the team and cut around both legs around her upper thigh which exposed her toned legs which held a perfect ratio of lean muscle and softness of fat. She then rolled the excess fabric off of her and threw them in her bag as she then pushed a small amount of her hair over her shoulders and then checked her phone for the time as she wanted to get this started.-

Mike/Kin: Mike's eyes slanted out of faustration towards Bellamy before he'd make his way into the gym locker rooms to suit up. Putting on a pair of gloves and shorts he'd adjust himself a bit while looking in the mirror at himself before he'd throw a few punches and kicks. Adjusting himself.

( )

Mike: Alright. Looks like i'm good to go.

Adjusting his wrapped hands he'd make his way out into the many rings in the gym ( 6 in all. ) Mikes arms swung loosely as other fighters began to look him up and down with disqust. He'd ignore it though. Mike knew that he could crush any of these guys with little to no problems if he needed to.

Mike: Somethings... off with that Bellamy kid...

Mike said allowing his eyes to flash back at how he threw that other kid with little to resiteance.

Mike: That Kinda strength... isn't common. At all. He's some kind of freak. If he is something supernatural I couldn't even smell it due to the heavy aura of reggie he'd been smoking. I'll have to wait to see for myself  in a bit once he comes out. Maybe i'll be able to detect it then.


( )

Keyth would have opened the doors to the principals office. Both of his fists clenched tightly. Principle Nohara is prone to eccentric moments nestled in between serious moments, making light of a heavy mood and is portrayed as a man with more money than sense, but is very cheap when it comes to spending on others such as the school and such. He loves to eat sweets and he is deeply interested in the Japanese pop culture, proudly stating that he is an otaku (that is, loves computers, anime/manga, and/or pop culture to the point that it negatively effects his social life). Which would explain his idea on the school dress code. School wise Aku is very caring to his students but some might say he's too easy on them. On events that occur regular like school fights Aku seems to rather enjoy them often times calling it "Kids being kids". With his questionable methods it's hard to believe that this man has been priniple for so long

Nohara: Ahh... Tasanagi. So nice of you to j-

Keyth would have kicked the desk into the Nohara's chest causing him to go flying into the wall. Only for the brute of the man to literally 'shift' so quickly that had been holding him by the throat choking the life out of him

Keyth: I know who you are, and what you are. Demon I can smell it on you. Hahahaahah... it makes me wanna kill you to be honest. But i've been keeping my cool.

Nohara smirked

Nohara: Oh... sure could have fooled me.

Keyth: Well... ya aint dead yet. I came here to give you a message.

Nohara: I'm listening...

Keyth: Last time. You let the Government bring that Monster Madd Dog in here. And he hurt alot of those kids. Some of them went to my Dojo. Its one thing to be a dick, but when you fuck with my kids. You fuck with me. If i get a whiff of any fuckery this time around!? Your dead... and every other  member of your school staff is dead. I won't allow that kind of shit in my city again. You understand me!? I don't think you'd want me to call the Queen of hell down here... now would you...

Noharas teeth gritted as he'd shifted into his Beelzebub form for just a breif second only to shift back to his mortal state with a smile on his face

Nohara: Peachy. I understand.... Now... let me go...

Keyth would have smashed Nohara's head into the wall before finally letting him go, leaving him stuck in the wall

Keyth: Yeah. No problem man... Hahaha... Nice doing busniess with you ' principal '

Keyth said walking out of the room, kicking the door down at the same time

Keyth is a Dick to doors

Zachariah: McIntyre had made his way into the locker room as well going to the far end side away from Mike as he leaned himself on the lockers. He pulled up his shirt to see the mark pulsing red, just what the hell was this thing? This wasn't something you could just go to the nurse for this was some deep FBI shit he had going on here just what the hell was that thing that bit him. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head before the sounds of the coach rushing the students took his mind off this mark for just a bit.

McIntyre: Great, it seems I have this crazy strength I saw the way that Mike kid looked at me if anyone found out about this shit I'll be forced to live my life in a circus making fat little kids laugh for 4 dollars an hour.

Opening up his locker Bellamy tossed on his wrestling gear before tossing his normal clothes into his locker 413 was the number locking it up tight as he made his way out of the locker room. Man these outfits look sad as fuck I'm only doing this for the credits.. it's either pass High school or go back to Prison. Bellamy continued to think to himself as he made it to the center of the ring his hair tied up as he was ready to go.


It seemed Riah had his own mission walking down the hall his bookbag wrapped tight around his back as he walked it seemed he had a free period, due to his grades Zach was offered a free period. The only thing on his mind was the whole transaction that happened last period was Kenji okay? The thoughts ran through his head if his comrades didn't make it through he would've made sure Zane paid the cost, he knows how Tobi wants it to handle but his emotions were affecting the mission. Yeah Zane was his sister too he cared for her hell he went behind Tobi's back to make sure she was safe, but he knew where her loyalty lies she would never side with him and Tobi. Hell if it came to Mike and Tobi she was going to pick her hairy meat sack which Zach couldn't have. Tobi was an asshole but Riah wouldn't have made it this far without him. He made his way to the gym before noticing the white haired female from the first period and damn those uniform were kind of slu.. yeah yah get the point. Anyway, he also noticed Zane and a couple others so he decided to have a little fun. With his left hand in his pocket, he formed a Nipo sign. As he whispered." Scarlet Overdrive" by charging the Ninpo into one hand, The Warlock can create a ripple of flame. But instead of placing the flame on himself he placed it over the sprinklers in the gym within seconds it would active Zach teleporting himself on to another area where if this happened every cheerleader would be soaked from the water above.

Mei Ling: Nori was quiet until Zane or Naomi spoke to her in terms of the team. She would probably be confused since this wasn't the softball group she was supposed to meet. Sensing the confusion in the air, Nori was about to excuse herself when the sprinklers went off and began drenching every body in the room. Nori stood there a bit dumbfounded before she left the gym, leaving a trail behind her as she did. Her clothes were pretty much soaked, so she would be a wonder to look at. The clothes clung to Nori's skin, showing off the dark, lacy bra underneath her white uniform top. Her skirt was a bit droopy and Nori had to tighten the skirt around her hips to keep them from falling.

She sighed heavily and thinking that there'd probably been a malfunction with the school's system, Nori carried on her day after heading back to the locker room to change into her gym/softball uniform. The schoolboard would allow it, seeing that her only uniform was ruined. She had to borrow a pair of socks from a team mate though.

The athletic shorts she wore hugged her damp skin, and the top did her no justice, but she worked with what she had. It hadn't affected her in the least, since she worked in a area where clothing was little or gone. However, the people around her would probably wonder why she was dressed in such a way. Nori's hair was let loose to dry out after wringing most of the water out. She was tired, and she wanted to get the rest of the school day over with to be honest.

A.: -Courtney would have been idly awaiting for this cheerleading event to start as she sighed and contemplated why to even bother when she noticed something was slightly off in the gym but she wasn't exactly sure as to what exactly it was. That is... until the sprinkler system went off above all of the girls which was the last straw for her as she refused to let this shitty school get her brand new cheer shoes and bow wet. Already getting partially wet by the cold water, She closed her eyes as she exhaled before opening them again as she pushed out her chi which created a clear shell about her which made the water appear as if it touched her body but the mental barrier actually provided a "rain jacket" of sorts around her as it rolled off of her. She gently touched Lux and if she haden't been weirded out by her she too would have been engulfed in this barrier as long as she touched her as she looked at Lux and then to the girls who began to scream and run about as they grabbed their things~

We should get going... clearly nothing is going to happen around here besides chaos.

~She reached down and grabbed her bag as she looked towards Lux again and headed towards the exit calmly as the girls around them were in panic, hoping that she decided to follow her as if she lost touch with her the barrier would fail to protect her from the water.-

Mike/Kin: ( )

Wrestling Coach: Alright everyone... gather round.

All of the students came into the single ring that the tiger mask wearing teaching had been standing in with his arms crossed.

Wrestling Coach: My Names Tiger. And that's all you guys will address me as. Im glad all of you came to train in my gym. Some of you are new faces. Some of your are old. Im happy to see you all whom were here last year. We have two new students I'd like to address personally however. The two troublemakers from before. Bellamy Mcintre. And Micheal Allen. Listen you to. In Tigers class? We behave. If I catch you two acting up outside of class. You'll have to see me personally. Now before I start with the rest of the class. I'm going to start you all off with a history lesson.

He'd begin to pace back and forth before he pulled both of his hands behind his back.

Tiger: For you noobs. Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment, or genuinely competitive. A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two (occasionally more) competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position. There are a wide range of styles with varying rules with both traditional historic and modern styles. Wrestling techniques have been incorporated into other martial arts as well as military hand-to-hand combat systems.

Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat. The origins of wrestling go back 15,000 years through cave drawings in France. Babylonian and Egyptian reliefs show wrestlers using most of the holds known in the present-day sport. Literary references to it occur as early as in the ancient Indian Vedas. The Iliad contains references, in which Homer recounts the Trojan War of the 13th or 12th century BC. Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata contain references to martial arts including wrestling. In ancient Greece wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature; wrestling competition, brutal in many aspects, served as the focal sport of the ancient Olympic Games. The ancient Romans borrowed heavily from Greek wrestling, but eliminated much of its brutality. During the Middle Ages (fifth century to fifteenth century) wrestling remained popular and enjoyed the patronage of many royal families, including those of France, Japan and England. Early European settlers in America brought a strong wrestling tradition with them if they came from England. The settlers also found wrestling to be popular among Native Americans.  Amateur wrestling flourished throughout the early years of the North American colonies and served as a popular activity at country fairs, holiday celebrations, and in military exercises. The first organized national wrestling tournament took place in New York City in 1888, and wrestling has been an event at every modern Olympic Games since the 1904 games in St. Louis, Missouri (a demonstration had been performed at the first modern Olympics). The international governing body for the sport, United World Wrestling (UWW), was established in 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium as the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA). The 1st NCAA Wrestling Championships were also held in 1912, in Ames, Iowa. USA Wrestling, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became the national governing body of amateur wrestling in 1983. It conducts competitions for all age-levels.

Tiger: If your into Kungfu, and all of that. This isn't the place for that. This is the Wrestling Club. And we Wrestle. Now... Alright Everyone pair up. Today i'll be excessing everyones skills. Everyone pair up... Bellamy. Micheal. You two pair.

Mike: Yo! Dank. Guess its you and me then. Don't hold back.

This was the first time me and Bellamy ever fought. It surely wasn't the last. I knew something was off about him. But back then I couldn't put a finger on it.

Mike stepped into the ring stretching a bit as he got into a Thunderous Boxing stance

Mike: Gonna have to excuse me. I don't quite know how to wrestle yet. I'll be using what I already know.

Endearment ♥: It seemed like they were the only two who decided to sit in the bleachers as the others that wanted to try out today stood and gabbed like the long time friends they most likely were. Lux watched them for a moment, wondering how much longer it would be before tryouts could begin, but she was in no rush. After all, she'd never been a cheerleader before. Maybe a few times in the living room at her mothers house when she was much younger, but not recently. Before Lux could continue her conversation with Courtney, the sprinkler system way above their heads began to rain cold water down on them. The initial few drops that hit Lux instantly raised goosebumps on her arms and bare legs. Her muscles tightened and she let out a surprised little squeak, but that freezing cold 'rain' soon stopped. Well...stopped hitting her. The sprinkler system was still working hard but Lux, and even Courtney, seemed to be...untouchable.

  • Wait...*

Those uniquely green eyes of hers examined her newfound friend for a moment before she realized the girls hand was on her leg. The protection from the obvious prank was most definitely coming from her. A wide, pearly white smile spread across her plump lips as she gathered her things as well and stood with Courtney.

"I agree. There's probably more interesting things going on, anyways. And tryouts will be rescheduled, anyways. Maybe we could check out some of the boys' clubs."

She'd wink and giggle softly while following Courtney down the bleachers.

A.: -Courtney could tell that Lux knew of her secret which terrified her a bit but also made her feel slightly relaxed as she didn't have to be all uptight anymore about it. She could tell my the way Lux looked at her that she wasn't freaked out at all actually she seemed as if she had related in some way. She laughed as she ran her free hand through her long brown hair as they headed down the bleachers as she listened to Lux's great idea for "checking out" the boys' in the other clubs-

You know.... that doesn't sound like a bad idea... this school has some attractive guys if anything.

-She winked back at her as she thought of the guy she saw throwing the football earlier today. As they stepped off the final step of the bleachers, the artificial rain had stopped and Courtney released her touch and then her mental rain jacket which made her release a slight breath of relief. That was then followed by the entrance of a girl with beautiful white hair that was pulled into a ponytail, fully dressed for this tryout and her duffle bag hugging her as if ready for war which made the brunette flash her pearly white grin as her inner competitive side shown through. She looked at many of the returners with fresh eyes as she saw many of the traits of elite cheerleaders, thick and muscular legs, toned arms and toned torsos. She realized that she perhaps had underestimated the quality of the team here as she thought of the typical stereotype "Go Team" pom waving idiots but they were actually from her neck of the woods: elegant, athletic and champions as shown by the trophy case on the opposite side of the gym that housed many trophies.-

Look's like our field trip will have to wait.

-A few janitors had came into the gym and mopped up the water that was from the sprinklers as the Coach made her presence known as she stood there and absorbed the pep talk that she bestowed upon them which made her body tingle a bit in excitement. This was one of her best decisions yet and the thrill of being on this team reminded her of her days back home. She looked at Lux with a dire passion burning in her eyes.-

Let's show them why we should be on this team!

-She squealed slightly as she would grab her hand and excitedly rush into formation if she would allow her too in which they would stand side by side in the formation as she looked forward with a smile-

[9/28/2016 12:20:43 PM] c:: As the sprinklers came on Momo only crossed her arms over her chest as the floofy volume of her pig-tails disappeared becuase of the water. Standing up and moving out of the gym her eyes remained narroed and her arms crossed over her chest as she pouted. Walking to the gym on the eastern side of the school as they were hearded there. Momo shook her head wildly spattering any girls near her with the water that was in her hair. As her hair's floofyness returned she grinned softly and the bounce in her step returned as her pink pigtails bounced along with her. She didn't really care thet wer gym clothes were wet, so she didn't bother to change out of them. As Momo walked into the gym and spotted Zane she let out a squeal loudr than it should of been and dashed off towards Zane in a pink blur.


Momo literally kocked over most of the other girls in her beeline to Zane. Yelling at the top of her lungs she lunched herself at the snow-haired girl and jumped on her. However Momo overestimated hom hard she jumped at Zane and knocked them both over. Yelping Momo crashed to the floor and sat up, rubbing her butt.

Momo: "Ow, that hurt..."

Momo pushed herself up and offered her hand to Zane, hearing the malicious whispers of the seniors becuase of her wolf blood hearing, Momo grinned and walked over to them slowly and giggled she reached out and ran her fingers through one girls hair.

Momo: "Oh! Where'd you get your hair extensions from?"

Senior Girl: "This is my real hair."

As the senior girl got up to hit Momo had bent over backwards into a handstand.

Momo: "Oh...hey you should try doing this, you probably can't do it though since you're heavy."

Momo laughed as she pushed herself back onto her feet, and landed she giggled and ran back over to Zane. As she approcahed the white-haired girl she smiled brightly and grabbed Zane's arm and rested ehr cheek on it.

Momo: "I made friends Zane."

As the coach burst into the door Momo's eyes slid over to the woman, she pouted softly. Listening to her talk Moena sighed and as the woman basically told half the gym that they werent making it she laughed. As she told them to go into Window formation Momo flipped into a handstand and walked on her hands over to a spot. Looking back at Zane she yelled at Zane to follow her.


[9/28/2016 12:34:57 PM] Gri: Naomi threw the messenger bag in to one of the lockers in the girls room, not prepared for this but not about to let something like clothes stop her from trying out. Untucking the button up top and loosening the bottom buttons she raises it past her mid drift and ties it into a knot to expose a taut toned stomach, keeping the skirt on as it wasn't going to be constricting her movements much. Removing the uniform tie and throwing that inside the locker as well she plops down on the small bench in the middle of the aisle, removing the hard boots only to look around and make sure no one else was around to watch her break into the locker next to hers, examinin the contents only to find nikes in her size and putting them on calmly...she'd give them back later. Probably...maybe. Rolling up the sleeves of her uniform top she stands back up and starts making her way back out to the gym, placing her hair up in a messy bun but not before spotting herself in the full body mirror just before the exit.

With a quick look over she rolls the skirt upwards, making it shorter and more to her liking. Nodding in satisfaction, she leaves the room and strolls on out before the coach gets there, softly blowing strands of chestnut hair away from the side of her well rounded face, chocolate hues staring off in a confident and intimidating gaze that made the lower classmen watch in awe and the upperclassmen fume with jealousy over the well placed curves of the wolfgirl, the dip in her back met with swaying hips that moved in rythm with the well rounded bust barely kept hidden by the exposed top but it did the job of teasing those oogling eyes in the distance. Spotting Zane and Momo, Naomi makes her way over just in time to see Momo hassaling some bullies before returning to Zane and seconds later the coach busts in already high on cheer life.

Naomi: "And here I thought cheer leading was going to make it easy on me...Ah well, too late to back out now."

She'd stand beside Zane, shrugging her shoulders with a smile before following Momo over to get into formation.

Naomi: "I was never in to the whole cheer leading scene but I figure if all three of us make it we could have some fun with it."

Zane 😤: ( + )

Due to the spriklers going off in the usual gym because of some weird prank, everyone and everything associated with cheer tryouts was moved to the next gym over.

As the moments flew on by everyone who would have wanted to participate in the cheerleading tryouts would have made their way over to gymnasium that resided on the south eastern side of the school. A massive monument it would appear to be on the outside. The gym stood proud and tall with its strong and polished exterior. It was clear that Kasaihana High School had money and it all went into making sure that their sports teams were taken care of. The cheerleading team was no exception to the rule it would seem. Pushing back the heavy metal double doors to the entrance, anyone who entered inside would be greeted with hard mahogany wood floors that were well waxed and polished. Large practice mats would have spanned over the majority of the floor due to the insane amount of girls and a fewer amount of boys trying out. Bleachers ran all along the walls that spanned the length of the building. All of them were filled to the brim with aspiring team members. Most that were new fresh meat, few that were experienced and returning to the proud fold. Anyone walking into the gym would see that the cheer team was where everyone wanted to be. For the most part. Why ? Because here at Kasaihana High, cheerleading was NO joke. This shit was no walk in the park. It was a real sport. Tryouts will make or break you and once -- if -- you made the team, it would just be even more difficult from there on out. This was no mere after school activity. Not something you joined just to pencil down " Team Player " on your college application. No. This is a competition. Tryouts are a rivalry. This is the Kasaihana Cheer tryouts.

( )

The ivory haired goddess would have emerged from the  locker room that disappeared in the wall of the gymnasium. Her long silky milk white tangles had been pulled up into a high and lustrous ponytail. Loose silver strands fell to frame the sides of her face as she would walk out onto the hard wood floors. Her white laced up sneakers squeaked painfully across the well polished surface. She would carry her sports bag with the strap over her should. As she adjusted it, the flex of her arms would have caught the scattered glances of some of her competition and they'd instantly go wide eyed at how cut and toned her arms had been. The flimsy white fabric of her tank top shirt would tug and twist with ample perky bust of her curvaceous form. The cloth clung to the curves of her body like a tightly knit glove. Rather short black spandex swung with each confident step of her developing hips and hugged her plump thighs like a second skin. The skin of her long, thick, and muscular legs shone smooth as marble and strong as iron.

Zane looked as if she were a fierce warrior cut from the toughest, impenetrable stone. The girl was gorgeous and struck fear into her competitors with each step she took. The budding Junior was intimidating to say the least. She felt the lingering gazes on her as she seated herself on the far end of the bleachers. They were eyes bleeding with all kinds of intent, both negative and positive. Her glittering opal hues would have curiously glanced over to her left where she could have heard the malicious whispers of a group of seniors. It didn't matter that they had been all the way on the other side of the gym . . . Zane's enhanced and super sensitive ears could pick up on it all. She turned her cool gaze to stare in front of her as she waited for her friends to come out of the locker room at any moment. She, Naomi, Momo, and some strange foreigner that had tagged along with them all went into the area to change and pump each other up. Hopefully the would come out before everything started.

Suddenly side door to the building flew wide open and in stepped a woman. Her short blonde hair was messy and stuck matted to her brow with water and sweat. Beads of hard work dribbled down her body and slipped into her cleavage, down her body, and onto the floor. She had been wet from running on the track and got soaked with the spriklers as well. The coach came to the other gym where things had been moved to, because of some weird prank. She stood tall at a towering 5'11 with large heavy breasts that spilled partially out of her sports bra a little. Her round lower half sat highly in a pair of too tight constricting spanx. She wiped the sweat off of her face and came into the gym chugging water from her water bottle. When she was done, she rested her hands on her hips and gave a stern look to all of the students in the gym. Behind her stood two alumni -- a boy and a girl -- who were on the team a few years ago. The door closed behind them with a weighted clunk. The voluptuous woman began to bark.

Coach: " ALRIGHT ! Let's get down to business. "

She began to walk and the two students trailed behind her as she did. They both scouted out the stands and looked skeptically at everyone in the bleachers.

Coach: " My name is Mrs. Varner. You can Address me as, Coach V. I understand that you all are here hoping to  make the team. I see a lot of potential in this room and many pretty faces. That makes me happy, it really does. However, "

Her words cut off as she pointed her finger over the span of the people who filled the bleachers.

Coach: " I'm not looking for potential. The team needs members that have already unlocked their potential. And because of that, 90% of you, will not be chosen ! Having a pretty face or being Daddy's little princess will NOT get you on the team. Having the right equipment or a nice body will not get you on the team. Sucking up or kissing ass will not get you on the team either. I'm looking for winners, girls willing to get their hands dirty, bitches who aren't afraid to sweat or break a nail. That's what will impress me. "

She paused looking at all the girls for a moment before nodding. The alumni judges were setting up the judging tables on the far side of the training mats and getting everything else together for the session.

Coach: " Tryouts will start in ten minutes. Everyone get in window formations and we will start. In this time we will test you by giving you, one chant, one cheer, and one dance to learn. From there, we will evaluate your performances and judge you afterwards on your high jumps and tumbling. And if you are still in the running by then, we will take things outside to the football field; if you can run seven stadiums in under 4 minutes . . . You've made the team. "

She took another swig of her water and inhaled deeply.

" We will be watching for precision, attitude, and sportsmanship as well. Good luck. "

The young ladies would have all had mere minutes to collect themselves. Hopefully, everything would go fine. Hopefully.

Ryoji: Thwap-Thwap….-Thw-wa-wa-wap

Cho struck the bag repeatedly getting progressively lost in his own thoughts. He listned to the sounds of the karate class behind him proceeding to throw a repeated assortment of straight punches. The loud sound of “Kiya’s” filled the room up as there were about 80 or so students. This was one of the schools largest clubs and had been here since even before the dawn of sports clubs and their dominating presence. Cho continued hitting the back when suddenly the “kiya”’s stopped. He turned his head over his shoulder to look and see the door had opened and a slew of people began to walk in. These people were all dressed very similar. Wearing tight spandex breathable fabric shorts, knee pads, and mixed martial arts gloves.

The woman that stood in front of them was…well that was the thing. She was a woman. She wore a sports bra, though it did little to contain her breast size, bore a very tone subtle six pack where her abdomen was, slender hips curved into thick muscled thighs. She was the athletic type, baring short black hair with a reddish tint to it all. She walked like a man, but that did little to deter the body type she sported.

Doujin: Eh? Hold on class. –blinks- The cheerleader tryouts are in the gym lady…what are you some kind of porn star? Who are all of these guys?

Felicia: Fool, I’m not some porn start. My name is Felicia Briscoe, and I’m the head of the Mixed Martial Arts club.

Chatter began to brew amongst the Karate students.

Student 1: We have that?

Student 2: I had no idea…are they new?

Student 3: They have to be dude, we’ve never had anything like that hear.

Felicia: I know your ears must be burning for the truth of the matter, so here it is. We’ve been brought in this year because the academic association has begun to see Karate as a bit of a ‘dead horse’. It’s to stale, to stoic, and at times pretty impractical for actual self defense. That’s why I’ve been transferred here from New Nexus to head the club and recruit students. We’re standing at hmmm…how many…

She folded her arms under her large breast, and a few of the boys in there began to blush. Cho continued hitting the bag as if nothing happened.

Felicia: 30 members so far? –waves her hand- Anyway I came here to see the competiton to see if it’s really as lame as they made it out to be. I’ll be your opponent for the day Sensei Doujin.

Doujin exhaled a comical puff of smoke from his nose, and raised a shaking fist.

Doujin: You come into my dojo, and belittle the superior fighting art of Karate…for that I cannot and will never* forgive you. CLEAR THE STADIUM STUDENTS….Daddy’s got a lesson to teach.

The students cleared the area, leaving only Doujin and Felicia standing in the center. Felicia taking a lower stance than most MMA fighters, her knees bent, and her ass in a squat, while her hands were up and beside her face. Doujin took a basic karate stance, opting to show just how good his ‘basic karate’ could be.

[9/28/2016 1:37:54 PM] Ryoji: The room fell silent. Even Cho stopped punching the bag for a moment to turn around and take a look at the fight, putting a towel over his shoulder. Now sporting just a white tank to, he’d watch diligently as the two took off towards one another! They began to fight on the spot! Felicia coming in with a  superman punch, only to have it side blocked by Doujin! Doujin quickly attempts to take hold of her arm and preform and over the shoulder throw to put her on her back! the Karate class got estatic as they thought their sensei would have a sure fire victory! However during the judo slam, Cho could see something happening. When he’d thrown her, her body flipped, but it flipped faster than an average person does in this kind of throw. Felicia actually pushed off of her foot to add to the momentum of the maneuver, enabling her to instead land on the ball of her left foot, simultaneously taking hold of Doujin’s Gi pants and instead flipping Him slam onto the mat on his back!

The MMA club members clapped and cheered for their leader!

Mma member: You get em Felicia!

Mma member 2: Kick his pink ass!

Doujin kicked himself up with some supporting claps from his students! He darted at her and began to arrange his hands in a familiar arrangement to most karate users. One of the most practical methods to use one's body, it uses both hands for offense and defense. Most karate stance keep their inactive hand "the hand of death" at their waist for defense. This however takes longer to attack but with meotude the opponent sees the front attack and in less than a second the second hand delivers an attack that makes them cough blood. Meotoude is a way of moving both of your fists at the same time without separating them. This technique involves both hands to attack and defend. The front hand is used to fend off any incoming attacks, as well as to attack. The back hand is also used for defense, and it is used as the surprise attack. When he approached with the hidden fist, Felicia would’ve reacted quicker than even Doujin thought he could be! Felicia would’ve taken the hit, Cho’s eyes narrowed, when she took the hit her body flew backwards but her fingers curled around the forearm of Doujin, her muscular legs shot up surrounding his shoulder and his arm as an entirety! That’s when her body hit the ground…but Doujin’s did as well! Doujin began to holler out loud as she pulled off a flying arm bar in the split second his attack even made connection!


Felicia: You’ve already lost…

With a yank and a thrust of her hip, a loud and sickening crack noise would’ve echoed from his arm! His arm was snapped instantly! The karate students fell silent with fear but the MMA students began to roar and cheer aloud for their leader! Cho folded his arms, having been use to the sound of cracking bones in his line of work…still he never expected his friend to be taken down so…so easily. Something wasn’t right. Felicia stood up, raising her arms and spreading them wide in  a “come at me bro” type fashion.

Felicia: Who’s next?

Cho contemplated stepping up and saying something. For the honor of the club or for the honor of his fallen friend, who’s arm was beginning to swell. The other students giving him aid. Cho would’ve tossed the towel from his shoulder and let it fall to the ground.

Cho: That’s enough. Wether you’re superior or not, you don’t get to go around bullying other clubs. It’s not fair, and it’s not right.

Felicia: Oh? And who are you?

Cho walked up to the center of the ring, popping his neck by moving it from left to right. He stood ten feet away from her, before he let his arms drop to his sides.

Cho: The guy who’s gonna write you up for bullying. I don’t like bullies.

[9/28/2016 7:03:07 PM] Dovie/Mina.: Perhaps it was wrong of her, for Mina to simply dismiss Tobi as if he were an old newspaper from three months ago without any highlight to grasp for her attention. Or, perhaps this was a calculative move, to push into the concept of a chase. Having analysed him for a short period of time before her initial 'fall' Mina had come to understand he wasn't one for easy pickings. His stubborn stride and desire for something eventful, Mina understood it.

In this instance, then, a portion of her did not know if she was doing this naturally, or like that of her pressured task.

So she had allowed herself to shrug her mind of the situation, coming to instead guide herself into a manner of exquisite excitement for the unknown within these halls. She was placed into a school system where her family was unaware of her human form being shown. This was a manner of escape; a manner to enjoy her life in peace. As much peace as she could grasp.

The noir haired female with high cheekbones and analytical eyes kept to herself for a portion of the time within class. Yet as Tobi suddenly found a spot next to her, a section of her hair rose at the back of her neck. Nervousness, perhaps? But on which degree?

He did not say much yet, however, but he did manage to sit beside her and his vibe simply caused her skin to bump.

Nothing but the fear of being figured out. Surely.

That was what she told herself on repeat. Swallowing the idea of attraction. Any notion, in fact, she chugged it back as if it were alcohol promising a brief moment of inebriation.

From the corner of her eye did Mina catch Tobi arise, his own image appearing calm and collected, but she could sense something more to all of this. She caught his smile and his kind gesture to the individual she had witnessed his antics towards in the hallway prior. Simply, Mina blinked, her eyebrow uplifting before she turned back into her chair, having lost some interest in the situation. She wasn't an idiot, especially not one since she had been briefed about him before anything were to arise.

When time ticked on and the rather abrasive substitute teacher with a cheeky tongue proceeded to make quite an obnoxious entrance, Tobi eased back to his chosen seat and she watched him scribble something down on a piece of paper after fiddling with his cellphone. Just before he was finished, however, Mina felt something suddenly... pull from inside.

Just as Tobi dropped the first piece of word from his lips and the paper upon her desk did a wave of uneasieness overcome her. At first it felt like a dizzy spell and she almost fell forwards, her eyelids fluttering as she breathed and it then subsided. Only, after about 34 seconds of peace, a shove within her own mind made her nails dig into the desk. She could feel the amulet around her neck rise in temperature and her nails dug into the wooden tabletop, pinching as to steady herself. They were sharpening slightly, and she could practically feel her Foxblood senses coming to flood back; drown out her human side.

The Witch was calling.

Sucking in a breath and shoving it all back the best she could, Mina looked out the window, eyes closed firmly, before turning back just as she felt it wash away for a few more moments. Quickly she turned to see the paper on her desk, and instead of a reply, Mina felt herself do something that was fuelled by the hidden Foxblood she was trying to hold back: wink.

Mina simply gave him a coy smile and a flirtacious wink, one which she knew would make him wonder, before she gathered her things, got up, ignored the faces of others, and left the classroom.

The amulet was burning on her neck, and she was already upset. Angry that she was being forced out of what she was trying to believe would be a normal life.

[9/29/2016 4:57:53 PM] Zachariah:

Bellamy’s ears perked up hearing him and Michael were going to pair up first, nodding towards his instructor McIntyre made his way towards the circle in the center of the gym. On his way to ring Bellamy grabbed his headgear which provides wrestlers with a comfortable fit and ultimate performance on the mat. A lightweight design to improve performance dramatically in the ring, snapping the helmet onto his head he slightly cracked his neck moving it towards the right and then left. His bones cracking from his movements creating a small popping noise around him. ~Who knew these many people liked wrestling. I have to say it is not as I expected I was thinking more of a ring and a turnbuckle I was for sure wanting to hit the Five Flamed shuffle!/ He awaited for Michael to enter the mat Bellamy’s eyes locked onto his sparring partner a small energy could only be visually seen by another person who had unlocked their chi potential, When Mike and Bellamy would’ve got in position Bellamy would shaking his partner hands before the sound of the Gym doors opening would’ve taken Bellamy’s eye standing before the match..   

It had been Bellamy’s father Sir McIntyre entering the gym with three of his associates as the three wore all black Sir McIntyre choose a dark grey suit his eyes hidden by his fedora  hat. The only thing Bellamy would see of his father was a smirk, it seemed he came to see Bellamy’s first day performance. Raising his head exposing himself his blonde hair hidden within his hat. His brown eyes locking on to Mike and Bellamy as he noticed his son watching him he would spoke.

Sir McIntyre: Are you going to watch me or this young man with the brown hair. Come on now.

Hearing his father Bellamy would’ve locked in position awaiting him. The moment the bell ranged Bellamy would’ve locked on with Mike in the casual wrestling form the art were both lock arms. But if this wasn’t the case Bellamy would’ve been well prepared but if this was so Bellamy would’ve attempted to push back Mike with just his brute force awaiting for Mike to respond just testing out Mike out Bellamy really wanted to see what this kid had.
[9/29/2016 6:56:11 PM] Kouji.: I can’t believe I’m doing this

And he really couldn’t. In fact, Kouji didn’t think he would have to be doing any kind of sporting activities at all but since they cancelled all of the academic classes…

Ahh well..


His violet orbs watched as the basketball soared perfectly through the net and a small smirk would appear on his lips. He turned his head, a few of his purple strands coming loose from the ponytail his hair was in, falling down the pale smooth skin, his gaze landing on the tall boy who had scored the ball. He was carrying a lot more muscle in his biceps and chest than Kouji, which was revealed above the dip of his jersey.

Kouji: Nice Shot…

Boy: T-thanks.

Kouji arched his brow curiously at the sudden stutter in the boy’s voice…he had not been expecting it, oddly enough. However, if he had any thoughts on commenting about it, it all drained from his mind when the gym doors flew open harshly and a medium-heavy, towering figure of a man stormed in…at least that’s how his stride would seem. His dark-brown hair was slicked back with too much gel, his broad shoulders and bulging biceps printed through the black sweater he wore, white strips trailed down the arms of it. His matching sporting shorts hung from his waist while dazzling white sneakers covered his feet. As that was happening an ear-piercing, high-pitched sound would echo through the large room, causing the other boys to block their ears immediately, Kouji just stood there with a rather dull expression as the coach proceeded further in the room, allowing the whistle to drop from his mouth as he paced up and down while he barked his next few words.

Coach: I suggest you get used to that sound, sissies! But in the meantime, let’s get this ball rolling! All you need to know is my name and that is Coach Wolfric. Alright! Split up in two teams, we’re gonna have a playoff game. Each team will have five players, everyone else, hit the bleachers and prepare yourself in teams as well. Well what are you WAITING FOR?! MOVE!!

Kouji stood on one side of the court, his jersey and basketball shorts a little too baggy for his slender frame and yet he immediately had 4 other boys standing next to him, including the one with the clean shot from earlier. Kouji felt him staring and returned his glance with a hint of a smile, then looked back at the five tall, built guys standing opposite them. Another piercing shrill from the cursed whistle would split the silence.

Time to get…..ugh…sweaty.

Coach: Come on, let’s go BITCHES!


[9/29/2016 7:17:37 PM] Mei Ling: The coach had fallen into the room, standing tall and with an aura that Nori saw in Roxanne. She was a bit wet, with breasts that threatened to spill right over her sports bra, but Nori didn't really mind. In fact, she imagined a little bit less clothing. The coach would do well as an exotic dancer. Mrs. Varner was her name, but Nori would address her as Coach V. Nori listened intently and nearly choked on her spit as said coach basically said she was looking for warriors instead of damsels. A newfound respect rose in the female, and she listened, eyes wide open. This wasn't the softball team she was supposed to meet, but the captivation was too much for Nori to leave out of the blue.

There were four items needed for the try outs: one chant, one cheer, and one dance, and all three would be given. Afterwards would be a run, or a flat out sprint, in all honesty. The sound of the coach wishing them luck had Nori turn to look at the gym doors, and then back to the team. If anything excited Nori more than mere sport, was competition. Competition that had all abled bodies shed blood, sweat and tears. She stayed and bounced on the balls of her feet, shifting from left to right, her waist length ashen hair.

Nori: Ne. This will be fun.

The words she spoke wasn't directed exactly to anyone, but the look of determination on her face said that all and any task thrown at her would be completed at her best.
[9/29/2016 7:35:34 PM] Abmieal:

Mike Kept his glare on Bellamy as he'd pull on his helmet at the same time his blonde haired opponent had done so. His muscles would bulge as he'd ready himself for the basics of this combat style. Mike rolled his shoulders a bit after shaking Bellamy's hand walking to the other side of the matt/ring and then back towards bellamy before he turned his head towards the door to see a man whom looked a lot like Bellamy in actuality.

Mike:.... ( Sniff, Sniff)

Smelled like him to. This much mike could determine.

Mike: Relative of yours?

Mike would have gotten into the Greco wrestling base style after copying a few of the upper-class men in how they did it themselves. He locked arms with bellamy and allowed Kin's training to take hold here. Mike cold smell Bellamy's distress. He could sense that something had indeed been off with the young man. He could hear Bellamy's heartrate begin to increase. Signifying that he had been surprised by something. And that's when it hit him. His eyes slanted, and for brief moment he could see a golden/blonde colored wolf infront of him, for just a brief second in time.

Mike: Are you a...

Before he could even ask him, Tiger would have blown his whistle to signal the other students to begin there mach rounds. VWOOSH! Mikes arms extended, he attempted to lock his hands around Bellamy's arms in the standard lock between the two. There helmet's bashing into one another from the starting wrap up as Mike would attempt to pull over to the right of the ring while he still had a tight grip onto bellamy's arms. Shifting his eyes to the left of him he'd watch an upperclassmen prepare a supple from the lock, watching him do so perfectly. His eyes would flare into a bright blue for a brief moment before he'd spin his body around so he'd attempt to loop both of his arms around Bellamy's stomach. Copying the upperclassmen's movements down to the T, by using his physical chi to recreate those movements due to his eyes literally scanning him, and relaying the imagery message to the brain, which ultimately told the muscles to do the same thing the eyes had just recorded.


Using his strength he'd attempt a belly to back suplex into the matt! The name of this move is sometimes shortened to back suplex. For the belly-to-back suplex, the wrestler stands behind his opponent and puts his head under the arm of the opponent. The wrestler then lifts the opponent up grabbing the waist and thigh of the opponent, so the opponent is on the attacker's shoulder. The attacker finally falls backwards, dropping the opponent flat on their back. This move is referred to as a backdrop in Japan. The backdrop name is also used in the western world, usually by people who follow Japanese wrestling, although they sometimes use the name Greco-Roman backdrop. However, this move is not to be confused with a back body drop.

( )

The Impact of the move would have almost knocked the air out of bellamy once and if it connected.

[9/29/2016 9:09:40 PM] Ryoji: Felicia: You don’t like bullies huh? Pft that was a lame one liner. I’ve heard better dialogue form Night Guy.

Cho’s face began to shift into an almost comical annoyed expression. His eye brow twitching and his mouth slightly gaped open at the news he’d just heard.

Cho: I am…never telling Mike about this. I’m supposed to be the cool one dammit.

Felicia: What?

Cho: Nothing. Square up or shut up.

Felicia: With a scrub like you? No thanks. I know all about your cop business Cho. Everyone does. That’s why your so alienated. Why announce that you’re a cop in a school where 80% of the faculty is associated with the crime world. –she shrugs- Not your best move.

Cho: Either you’re seriously insulting me, or you’re a child with a crush who only shows emotion via insults. You probably think I’m hot.

Felicia: Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not staining my gloves on you. I took down the leader of the Karate club and the wrestling club is next on my list. My guys will show you what we do here. It’ll only take four.

Cho held up his index finger

Cho: Give me one minute with them.

Felicia: I don’t adhere to your demands.

( )Four of the MMA fighters began to move towards Cho, circling him or more so surrounding the four corners of his being. They continued walking with their hands up. Cho’s shimmery colored hues looking at them from left and right. Studying them. Looking at their body language. It didn’t take long for him to see from body language alone that 2 of them had surgeries about two months ago, one of them is incredibly skiddish, and the last one is arguably the strongest out of all of them due to steroids and drugs. It also only took half a second for Cho to calculate which of these guys hits he’d be able to take and which ones he’d have to avoid all together. This ability stemming form the combination of Kinesiology and Proprioception. Both of these factors combined allow Cho to size up an opponents fighting potential before he even so much as engages them, allowing him to know whether or not he was out of his league. As the men surrounded him, Cho would’ve spread his legs wide apart, his feet sliding along the ground , while his arms dangled down. he looked like a beast of sorts, with a corner frown on his lip, ready to strike at a moments notice but with a seemingly lazy fighting posture. The mma fighters finally stopped moving and three of them came at Cho’s front! Charging him outright!

Cho:…Ah. Damn.

Cho didn’t notice until it was to late that the one who was taking steroids had a scent to him…maybe steroids weren’t the issue but one issue did stem from the fact that he couldn’t have been entirely human. One doesn’t simply fool a Wolfbloods nose but this guy…he didn’t have a scent. Allowing him to not only sneak up behind Cho but also to leap over his head, plant both of his hands on to Cho’s shoulders and with a forward flip toss Cho’s body like a ragdoll! His body flipping repeatedly until it collided with the brick wall of the dojo, denting it and leaving a crack imbedded into it’s surface!! After this happened, Cho would’ve begun to slowly bounce back up and off of the wall to regain himself but one of the other MMA fighters was coming at him from the air with a straight right!

Cho: !!

Reflexes kicked in and his shimmery eyes seemed to only glow brighter as he flipped forward off of his hands and avoided having his face pounded into by a fist!
[9/29/2016 9:09:50 PM] Ryoji:

Cho would’ve begun to fight them off all in a crowd! These weren’t your typical thugs, they were mixed martial artist. Damned good ones to, they threw quick strikes, with an occasional hard hook or haymaker here and there to try and throw Cho off of his guard. Cho avoided their attacks while thinking to himself.

Cho: The big guy hangs out in the back…he waits til I’m slipping to catch me with a big hand. Probably to avoid standing out…well not today tough guy.

Cho would’ve kept up the defensive approach playing ‘tag’ with the enemy students. Throwing an occasional attack to make them think he was flailing or getting desperate, but anyone could see by his movements Cho never took a single attack, only deflected and brushed off major and minor strikes. Cho did finally lash out throwing two haymaker punches! Both of them half a second apart and a quarter of a second in speed as his fist bashed against the jaws of the mma members that were on his left and right!!!

He played tag for a bit longer, back stepping to gain some distance and low key line them up in a form of group, purposely allowing the biggest and strongest one to reside at his back side or wherever he might want to approach from. The karate students watched in anticipation and Felicia merely stood there and watched the show, confident her boys and her ace in the hole were going to take the cake here. She had a smug look on her face…up until the point where one of her boys tried to preform a double leg take down on Cho from behind. Cho would’ve glanced back for a second, only to then utter a grunt! He leapt up into the air! Brining his knees to his chest, and flailing his body forward, to mount his hand on the upper back of the member who attempted to take him down from behind. Using his body as a foot hold Cho would lash both of his feet out at the chest of the members on his left and right! His bare foot leaving a giant red stamp on the center of their pecks, and spit flying from their mouths, only for their eyeballs to roll in the back of their heads! When the one he’d just avoided got his footing together, to turn around towards Cho, he’d have been looking at the ceiling rather than Cho himself. This is because the moment he turned Cho threw a nasty uppercut at the curve of his neck! Forcing his head and entire upper body to be up flited off of the ground, and fly in a backwards arch!

However just as Cho figured he would, the biggest one of them all used his own comrades flying body as a form of distraction! As the body in front of cho went flying upwards, the big one would’ve charged at him like a raging bull! His head front and forward Cho knew he was going for a head butt, he also knew the 10 ways to counter that…however it wasn’t the move that got him it was the speed. Someone this big should not be this fast! Cho had no choice but to throw his arms up in a cross block fashion. Taking the head butt against the his forearms! His body shivered from the force, but why? That’s when Cho noticed that the big fella’s feet weren’t touching the ground…it was a flying head butt. Cho narrowed his eyes, seizing the opportunity and with a tilt of his arms, he’d uplift the air born brute just a few more inches into the air before he lifted his right leg in a straight rising kick! The base of his foot impacting the big guy’s jaw and sending his body flying OVER Cho’s own! He went soaring head first into one of the wooden pillars of the dojo, cracking it and bringing him to a halt when he’d hit the wall!

(Stop music if it hasn’t stopped.)

Cho would’ve stood there furrowing his brow at the biggest one in the group. Felicia blinked once, hating to admit that his display of skill was rather impressive. However her face turned to one of fear when she saw the big fella standing up again, slowly. He turned to look at Cho with a sinister intent and she’d quickly speak out.

Felicia: Enough! That’s enough…you’re not half bad, but now we know you’re a threat. You should’ve kept your head down. We’ll be back, and we’ll be back better than what you just saw you Karate turds.

Felicia would’ve begun walking out, and the big fella would’ve been the very last one to head out. It was odd…he didn’t look special. He didn’t look like much at all but he left Cho’s arms trembling in pain.

Cho: …Something’s not right with them.

[9/29/2016 9:09:53 PM] Ryoji: Cho rushed over to where master Doujin had been seated. He was passed out. Cho wondered how until he used his Wolf Vision to see that a fragment from the bone of his broken arm pieced an artery in his body.

Cho: Call the ambulance now! I’ll be back tomorrow!

Cho grabbed his coat off of the rack, slipped his shoes on and began to run out of the Dojo! He went to look for the leaving MMA club but they were already making their way back inside the school…where were they headed though? Cho stood outside frustrated with heavy breaths and his hands on his hips. There was so much going on at once he had to take a moment. There were Warlocks at the school, his men were dead, and now this new MMA club had some kind of freak of nature on their side. Had he not been a Wolfblood he wouldn’t have arms right now. Cho inhaled a large breath before he started to walk towards the school.

Cho: I gotta find Mike. There’s too much going on here at once for me to tackle by myself. Cover more ground if I get some help.

[9/29/2016 9:49:32 PM] Endearment ♥: Lux raised a brow, looking from her newfound friend to the other girls who'd been waiting to try out. They all looked...well...nothing like a stereotypical cheerleader. Beautiful and in shape, yes. Ditzy? No. They looked like serious competitors.

So mom was right about the competition...

The stunning young lady and her equally gorgeous friend both rushed into some sort of formation; Lux making sure to stay close. The coach that barged in was a bit...overwhelming. Her looks were on point, but she seemed to be a very 'in your face' person. A 'no nonsense' player. The way she talked about most of them getting cut made Lux frown a bit. She might not have been a fan of following her mothers footsteps, but she had a friend and someone telling her she didn't have a chance only fueled her to be that much more competitive.

Lets do this.

The girl stood tall with a proper posture that would showcase her well toned and smooth body along with her round, pillowy breasts and ample bottom hugged tightly by that spandex she wore. With her nerves shoved to the back of her mind she went over every slideshow, old DVD showing, and conversation her mother ever shown her and talked about trying to dig for any information to use. This was going to be very hard to do, even with her ability to examine something like, break it down in her mind, and performing it pretty well on her first try (for a few things, at least). And she couldn't guarantee that she'd set her magic aside for this one.

Only if I have to.

[9/29/2016 10:09:42 PM] Zachariah: DINGDING

As the bell ranged Bellamy locked on to Mike his grip on the boy had been a fierce one, when Mike pushed with his strength do did Bellamy but the moment Micheal aimed to spin around MCIntyre everything change. Bellamy quickly countering Mike the moment Micheal would've let go of his hold on Bellamy's arm McIntyre would've quickly initiated his  move, As he quickly shot forward his  strong hand and snaked it under Mike's arm and on to the back of his neck. As he attempted for the Half nelson if this was for sure Bellamy would've moved his leg in front of Mike's for a strong attempt to knock Micheal on his belly. Quickly moving out to the side With a strong grip McIntyre aimed to move his head until Bellamy elbow touches the mat pushing his hips as Bellamy would've had a perfect side mount. Lifting his head to secure a pin. Even if Bell did not get the pin the moment Mike would've touched the ground Bellamy would've gained a point for taking his sparring partner down on the mat. If this had been so Mike's face would've been pressing hard against the mat as Bellamy with his brute strength would've attempted to crush Mike in this hold. McIntyre coming off with a surprising amount of strength.

Sir McIntyre would've been watching the whole match wondering how well Bellamy was going to do against the boy he was facing, The more Mike would've moved the more the strain against his neck would've been. It would've felt as if McIntyre arms were chains around his neck like a tight leash strangling Mike. His feet positioned outwards in case Mike did get free Bellamy would've been in a better position to recover and protect himself.

[9/29/2016 11:46:51 PM] Abmieal: Well that happened pretty fucking quickly

Tiger: Point! Reset!

Mike would dusted himself off a bit after standing back up to his feet. Rolling his shoulders around a bit before he'd glare back at Bellamy after adjusting his helemt

Mike: Bellamy. Listen to me... were you bitten by some kind of hulking monster a few days ago? You know? Bite a chunk out of you? Possible Hepititius C?

Tiger: I said reset.

Mike would nodded his head as he'd lock his arms with bellamy for the standing lockup. The both of them colliding into one another


A man in a brown trench coat. His arms crossed as he watched the cheerleaders from the stands with his arms crossed and his eyes focused down infront of the girls whom had been going on with there tryouts. His eyes focusing in on the Warlock, Zane Harper at first before his attention turned towards Noriyo studying the teenage girls figure and then finally Momo and her bright colored hair. He had been chewing a piece of gum while he continued to scan the area until his eyes caught on to the teacher. Looking at her through his shades while his red hair layed down towards the middle of his back.

???: Good god... They didn't make em like that when I was coming up...

( )

He said blinking a few times after catching glimpse of the coach. Another teen sat next to him with glowing purple eyes that seemed to quite literally smoke from there eyes.

???2: Don't stare to hard boss. You'll give away our postion.

???: Your right. But I can admire the beauty.

???2: All of the men, all 45 of them are in there correct placement. Waiting to commense there next attack.

???: Good. I have my eyes on the target. The Mcintyre.

???2: Affirmitive. We'll make sure to continue on, waiting for your call.

The Teenage girl, whom had been speaking with a man's voices body, head would have slumped forward before she began to look around the room frantically.

Teen girl: Huh!? What!? Where AM I-

???: Go to class. Now.

The teenage girl sucrried away quickly out of the bleachers as she rushed out of the gym where she hadn't been seen. The mysterious red headed stranger continuing to watch the tryouts in peace.

???: Next time... can you not possess a teenager next time...

[9/30/2016 9:39:29 AM] Zachariah: Mike: Bellamy. Listen to me... were you bitten by some kind of hulking monster a few days ago? You know? Bite a chunk out of you? Possible Hepatitis C?

Just as the teacher spoke to restart Bellamy locked on to Mike aiming to gain control of the match after hearing Mike Bellamy shook his head as he attempted for a double leg takedown as he said. "Who the fuck are you?" His mind began racing wondering how Mike would know this was the working with the beast that bit him? Knowing his father was watching Bellamy could only think what would he think as he mind flashed back when his father told him about what it meant to be a McIntyre.~FlashBack"What is this Dad. What was so important that I had to leave Esther's house? Ever since the gym you've been acting weird towards me. What was that chill we both felt last week what are you not telling me? Answer me damn it!" Bellamy European accent boomed inside Father McIntyre's office as he placed his foot down showing his father that he wanted answers and he wanted them now. Since that day Bellamy had felt this person or power come over him being a McIntyre is a 24-hour job, Bellamy knew parts of his family history but what he knew was his father and the rest of the family kept him out of this large loop he's been so eager to find out about.

Father McIntyre: Sighs I've spent half of my life trying to keep what our ancestors had made for us, We as a family Bellamy holds a special gift inside us all you me, your cousin we all hold something powerful in us. As years passed I've allowed my inner demon to take over and convert myself into something defiant. But you Bellamy you need to find that inner power and choose for yourself.

Slowly standing from his office desk Father McIntyre walked over to his globe awaiting for Bellamy to follow. "In England, there once was a family that ruled over many lands a powerful Absolute Monarch built their success  over the sweat and tears of Slavery and sorcery this family is us son." Bellamy's eyes widen he knew how odd his family was wealthy but god damn but he continued to listen.

" We has existed for centuries and thrives off of each of their generation riches, these people were saw as power hungry animals who took people apart from their family and they are stripped of their former lives. The society's existence is kept secret from the uninitiated, leading to rumors spread by the population. This is because rumor has it that the McIntyre's were once cursed by a evil witch which wiped out the whole family. They where seen as vastly superior to any member of their human species, learning and achieving quickly and effortlessly what takes years of hard work to others, and growing substantially stronger and better with each challenge. Fencing was a sport that the McIntyre's loved to play they created arena's just for them to practice, it trained them for war seeing the first son of any McIntyre are supposed to be the ones sent into war because of a gift they hold."

Bellamy: Gift?

~Flashback over/ So in Bellamy mind this pulsing f
eeling he felt was just being s McIntyre he didnt expect being a wolf or whatever Mike was talking about.(

[9/30/2016 1:52:56 PM] A.: - Courtney actually felt herself having fun despite the Senior classed girls literally trying to  pick her and a few others apart. "Typical jealous Barbie bitches" she thought to herself as she just enjoyed the moment with her newly found friend Lux. She could feel a sense of intense anxiety radiating off of Lux which made her look in her direction with a bright grin as she gave a small hug before speaking.-

Don't sweat it Buttercup you are going to do great! Cheerleading is all about confidence and poise and you have tons!

~She then realized that the girl with white hair had been looking at them but she could tell that it wasn't a menacing look but one of analysis. Courtney gave her a friendly smile as she faced the girl as she approached them and introduced herself as Zane. -

That's such a pretty name! My name is Courtney and this is my friend Lux and nice to meet you guys too.

She looked towards the others and smiled and waved towards them and she secretly hoped that Lux wouldn't be mad that she had spoken for her she was just so excited; she planned on apologizing later. She listened to Zane's invitation to join them in tackling the tryouts as a unit which didn't seem like a bad idea being that the Junior classed girls had a better chance of making the team which made them prime targets of the Senior class. Courtney nodded as she agreed to joining up with them before looking to Lux with a warm and inviting smile hoping that she too would join. However, before they could make a decision Coach V was back on her "drill sergeant" role as she directed the tryout girls and guys through the first portion : the cheer. Courtney sailed through this with an ease an elegance as she saw herself on the national competition floor. Every motion was crisp and clean, her facial expression demonstrated her confidence and her body was flawless with each movement complimented by its toned build. The girls that were kicked out started to really pile up as massive gaps in between each person only grew and grew with some even being seniors who were on the team the previous years which literally ended in rage fits of yelling and crying. With the dance.... even more took the fall from the hopes of being a cheerleader. As the last round finished, Courtney looked around and was happy to see their little unit had remained in tact and a few seniors and other underclassmen had survived but the seniors could feel the heat as they looked at the Juniors which immense distaste which Courtney simply looked over her shoulder, her tanned and beautiful skin glowing in the light sweat that she had acquired as she blew them a kiss from her perfectly applied lipstick red lips as they were then directed outside towards the football field. As they were walking towards the field, She caught her breath as she listened to the Seniors teaming up with freshmen and sophomores to team up on sabotaging the Junior's chances of making the team. "Oh honey... those Juniors have nooo chance if you stick with us we will make sure you have a spot on the team.." Courtney frowned as she highly disapproved of their manipulation of these girls and guys to get them kicked out. She quickly met up with the girls and spoke quickly.

Be careful.... those Seniors are up to something-

~At that moment, Coach V had released them to do the stadiums in which they all rushed off to do.... and they had under 4 mins to complete this daunting task which was unlike any other stadium runs she had ever done. She looked over her comrades as they focused both on finishing and those stupid senior girls that could serious injure someone on these if they were not careful.-


[9/30/2016 2:58:46 PM] TayTay<3:  Zane: Uhm, Moe ? There is a difference between making friends and creating enemies. "

Momo laughed and hopped around like a bunny, before she answered Zane.

Momo: "I know! But her hair looked fake, and Im not saying that she should go on a diet, Im saying that she NEEDS to go on a diet."

Momo started giggling as she basically bounced in circles around Zane, and Naomi. As Zane introcued her to the new girls Momo started boucing around them to. The pinkette was excted was defitely noticeable.

Momo waved her arm back and forth frantically her pink pigtails bouncing along with her body. As they moved over to the duo of new girls Momo started bouching around them too, she was talking too fast for anyone to understand, and as they went through the motions of the cheering the dance steps and the girls got eliminated, Momo wasn't worried she was extremely confident that she'd make it.

Coach V: " Finally, we see the decent apples in the bunch. Nice work ladies, you've reached the boss stage. Now, you see these ? "

Momo was standing in her spot visably shaking becuase the teacher made a video game refenernce, her pink hair might as well of been blowing in the wind, that was how hyper momo was. As the teacher motioned for them to do the stadium run Moena was already itching to take off, jumping up and down in her spot.

Aaaand . . . GO !

Moena literally took off in a flash of rainbow light and loud screaming as she sprinted off towards the bleachers and took the steps 3 at a time, the pinkette leaving most of the other behind as she ran leaving, a trail of rainbow light behind her. Hysterically giggling Moena literally ran the stadium without stopping for lowing down. At the end she ran around in circles around the other girls rambling loudly.


Gri: Naomi tried to keep up with Momos bouncing around until giving up and just looking forward, laughing softly at how hyper the female was for the tryout and although the brunette wasn't THAT excited, she wouldn't mind making the cut and making the cheer squad.

Naomi:  "Sheesh give me some of that energy hun I might need it."

Walking to their spot, Zane invites over some other girls and Naomi gives them a nod for a greeting while the Coach is yelling out for them to get ready. Stretching out her arms slowly and enjoying the popping sound of joints, Nao lets out a long sigh. As soon as the tryouts finally begin she puts her sole focus on making the cut and with swift fluid twirls, she mimicks the same rythm the coach and her crew did just minutes ago. Long arms curved and twisted with the music while full hips swayed dramatically, well balanced feet turning and shifting to land every part of the routine until it was finished.

The groups of students who didn't even come close were called out and the crowd was growing smaller and smaller but Naomi wasn't paying it any mind, keeping the focus on herself as she wiped a very thin sheen of sweat from her temple. This lady really took cheer leading seriously, some of these routines felt like you were putting yourself through whiplash but if that was what it took then so be it.

Finally after what felt like hours--it might as well have been--only about 20 or so potential cheer girls remained, Naomi and her friends included. The next round was cardio...just straight up running. Up and down up and down and while some (looking at Momo) was basically foaming at the mouth with excitement at the chance to just go crazy, Naomi here was just at a mild 6 on the enthusiasm scale. With a raised brow to Zane as she caught her breath, she gestured jokingly.

Naomi: "Is it too late to try out for wrestling? Sheesh I should've hydrated before all this."

Making sure the coach and her peeps saw her with a positive and upbeat attitude she continued on, not tired in the least but hell who would wanna do this on purpose. With demonic speed, Nao zooms off! She doesn't see why she couldn't use her wolfblood agility for a situation like this and finishes the run just a little after Momo. Slowing down completely to a stop right next to her overly excited self, the brunette just shakes her head and smiles.

[10/1/2016 12:09:18 AM] Kouji.: 27   -   10

His violet gaze had read the score that blared in blood red, which the hologram was displaying above the ring and backboard, he had just scored the three-pointer which brought his total amount of points to 27. Boys were running past him momentarily, their sneakers painfully squeaking across the floor of the gym as he slowed to a normal jog, sweat leaked from his pores and trickled down the sides of his pale face to his bare chin only to drip further between the small space of his damp jersey and the smooth skin of his chest. He honestly could not wait for this to be over, so that he could be through with whatever kind of trial games this was playing out to be and wash off the filth that was stuck on him…and no he wasn’t talking about his own sweat but that of the other players on the court when they roughly brushed against him on numerous occasions. His eyes flicked back to ground level where the ball was being cast around among the opposite team, hindering his own team members from being able to obtain the ball, they would still lunge at it, failing miserably, but trying nonetheless.

All right…time to get this over with hmm…just three more points…

Kouji watched closely as the boy wearing the white jersey, signifying that he was on the opposite team, watched as he strategically moved past one of the defenders, faking to the right then turned and twisted out of the way while the said defender collided with a second, causing Kouji to grit his teeth in frustration. His movements were clear to Kouji…he was going for the lay-up, already too far from the 3-pointer line and moving too fast to make a dead-stop for a jump-shot, so Kouji reacted quickly, pressing the balls of his feet into the ground and lunging forward, his violet curls whipping harshly behind him as he moved at an incredible speed towards the shooter from an angle and at the same time they both leapt into the air, Kouji being to the side but slightly behind him, his hand shot forward and just as the shooter released the ball, Kouji’s hand flew over his head and slapped the ball skillfully away from its target, its new target now the boy in the black jersey to whom Kouji had sent the ball hurling, a small smirk playing on his lips.

He only hoped the boy would have enough common sense to attempt to score from the three-pointer line and finish this game that had took a bit longer than he would’ve liked. Kouji need not have worried though because that is exactly what the boy shot off to do. He didn’t hesitate, propelling his body to meet the ball halfway, gripping it tightly, he dribbled as he ran accelerating down the court before the other team members could properly access what the hell was going on. The boy then slowed momentarily coming to a full stop when he reached the outer semicircle, not even pausing but performing the action in one delicate flow, his knees bent slightly and his elbows also bent and stiffened in the perfect arc, his feet barely lifting off the floor as he released the ball from his hands and again the soft swish could be heard. Kouji, who hadn’t even moved since he landed, watched again as the ball soared perfectly through the net and dropped, bouncing on the floor a couple times. The coach stood on the sidelines his long, muscled arms folded across his broad chest, a smile would flick across his face before it disappeared and he barked out, surprisingly not using the cursed whistle.



On the other side of the building, in a rather large room, though it was not as big as a classroom, sat a girl …well two girls rather, sitting at different desks in the same room. One of the girls, Kaylee’s desk was cluttered with papers, old newsletters, new ideas that made no sense… She would be leaning over the desk, her full, plush breast half-spilling from the soft material of her close-fitted shirt. Her back would be arched as the ends of her dark ponytailed auburn orange hair cascaded down her back and framed her slender waist while her plump butt was firmly planted in the comfortable swivel chair, her legs disappearing from sight under the table as she twisted and turned in the chair slightly, more out of boredom than anything else while she bit down on the tip of her pen, twirling it between her thumb and fore-finger. Her shimmering deep green orbs flicked across the room as they peered over the rim of her glasses to the girl who looked identical to her and a slight groan would make itself known.

Kaylee: Why did they have to terminate all of the academic classes….Then again, at least we get to concentrate solely on the paper right? Ugh…I’m so glad I don’t have to do a sport.

Her orbs of green would slowly slip to the blank screen on her computer as she drummed the pen on the desk with soft but precise thumps, gritting her teeth in growing frustration.

What in the world do we write about now…?

[10/1/2016 10:53:22 AM] Mei Ling: Trial after trial after trial had Nori silent and precise in each movement. As an exotic dancer/acrobat, nimbleness was her thing. She moved as if she were simple paper in the window, flowing in every direction she was blown too. Her voice during the cheers and chat was loud, but she spoke and clearly as possible even with her thick accent. Girls of all shapes and sizes trickled out and failed. Upon reaching the final stage, Nori noticed that Zane, Naomi, Momo, and two others they'd spoken to earlier walk up, along with a few underclassmen and another junior.

They took their time in reaching the football stadium, Nori's two-toned eyes scanning every detail of the structure. It was stable and would be until a possible earthquake of high magnitude. Nori's eyes fell to the coach as she planned out the route for the sprint. Seven stadiums in four minutes? Consider it done.

Nori: Che. Let's go.

At the sound off, Nori muttered a phrase that would be unfamiliar to anyone else. Not that anyone - but Nori - would hear it, a low hum resonated from her chest and she took off, gliding through the straight away before taking three steps at a time, striding to finish quickly. In front of her, Naomi and Momo sailed like a breeze so why not up the ante?

She set herself at a good 30 mph when it came her body modification. The muscles in her thighs thickened as Nori sped past both Momo and Naomi, however, to avoid suspicion, she eventually slowed down just enough to come after them, releasing soft pants and her arms up above her head. Sweat beaded down her neck and chest, dampening her clothes. Nori managed to get a laugh seeing the pink-haired female with so much energy. Somehow, Nori seemed to enjoy cheerleading more than she did softball, but she would continue doing it nonetheless.

Endearment ♥: In mere seconds their newly formed duo had grown to a full on group of Junior girls with the same goal of making the cheer team. Lux waved a dainty hand at the other girls and greeted them with a soft 'Hello'. She looked to Courtney and flashed her a reassuring smile. The 17 year old didn't much mind having someone speak for her as long as it wasn't something she'd never say.

They all took up a good portion of the formation and being so close to these other girls bumped up Lux's motivation. Courtney's helpful comment boosted her confidence, as well. Maybe it wouldn't be too hard. She was good at Monkey See Monkey Do. That's how she learned to cast her first spell, at least. With little to no time to truly get ready, the coach and her alumni helpers began to show them the cheer and moves they would have to mimic perfectly.

Within the next few minutes it became clear that Coach V was definitely not playing around. Girls and boys were asked to leave for various reasons. Things as big as lack of balance and things as small as lack of visual enthusiasm. Many were asked to leave while everyone was still chanting and jumping around. Making a mental note of what the coach considered unworthy, Lux began to really pour on the 'happy'. She smiled big a bright and put a lot of flair into her movements, mentally going over exactly how the coach and her helpers did them just moments before.

Everyone finished the cheer and dance at around the same time, some a mere few seconds behind. Those that straggled were forced to leave, as well. Lux panted lightly, her forehead shiny with the bit of sweat that beaded on her skin. The girl bit her lower lip gently, trying to keep her heavy breathing quiet to avoid bringing attention to herself. A quick look around showed that most of the ones left happened to include herself and her group of new friends. The handful seniors were obviously annoyed with how well the Junior girls did, but Lux didn't give them a second look. Instead, she focused on the pink haired ball of energy and smiled.

Maybe some of that will rub off on us for the-

Coach V's booming voice pulled everyone's attention to her. It was time for the last leg of this race. The run. Just thinking about it made her tired! Her bright green eyes looked to Courtney as they were all guided out to the bleachers. Coach V was explaining how the run would be executed....and the time limit given while the seniors quietly tried to rally the other underclassmen to sabotage the Juniors.

"We'll show them."

Her smile grew and, though her body wanted to rest, she'd stand with the others. Once given the signal, she, like everyone else, took off. Two girls from their group burned past everyone, taking the stairs surprisingly well. Lux pushed herself hard, staying next to Courtney and whoever else ran nearby. Her legs burned and her lungs were aching as she pushed herself harder than she ever had before.

[10/1/2016 12:08:36 PM] Noayde: Being in a daze, it seem like Esther lost herself in many thoughts. Debating and choosing whether to take an aggressive sport or an calming art/ musical class. Walking through the halls and few she was able to see a few students already preparing to join a team or any events the school was hosting. Exhaling softly through her nostrils she thought about joining a garden club, but that would only go so far. Finally coming close to the gym stadium, she noticed a few classes already in play along with a others still making it in. Blinking at the clubs and sports team coming together her attention was sudden drawn to the Volleyball team and Cheerleading team. Sure they were both aggressive sports in their own way, but Esther felt as if it would be a good start to begin somewhere.  

Finally making it to see a close up upon the teams, Esther walked over to sit upon one of the bleachers as she watched the others run and getting ready to warmed up. Thinking to herself she thought it would be best to show a little enthusiasm, as she already had some practice clothing underneath her school uniform. Slipping off her skirt and top and placing it into her backpack, she reached to grab her running shoes and placed them on. Kinda feeling out of her comfort zone, she figured it beats just being in a bubble forever. Making her way over to the coach, her seagreen hair was getting pinned up in a high ponytail just being she tried to introduce herself to the coach. Hello I'm-- Late.. Coach V cut Esther off as her eyes gave Esther the signal to join in now. Without hesitation, Esther ran over to join the others. At first Esther was behind the others, and clearly Esther knew that Coach V would be watching if she didn't pick up. Huffing out, Esther quickly picked up her pace to catch up with the others.

Normally for Esther running wasn't an issue, because she was use to using her legs to get around from, running to school, to catching the bus and so on. But with the aura coming from Coach V, Esther wasn't a fool to even tempt to do anything wrong or displeasing. Esther finally made it with the rest of the girls as she was still behind , With each girl trying their very best, she was also determined to do her very best as well before rushing fast a few girls as she quicken her pace. Constantly breathing in through her mouth and out through her nostrils, Esther was able to maintain a stead breathing while the run continued.

A.: -Courtney was slightly more ready for this event than she expected much like many of her newly found friends who zoomed through the laps and left other girls in their wake. Despite her high amount agility that she had possessed in combination with her speed, she didn't even find herself close to finishing to the rate at which her other friends had but never the less she and Lux were ahead most of the other girls with a very comfortable cushion in time. She was covered in sweat as her long brown hair waved in the momentum of her run and a mixture of the wind that was created in her running. She casted her soft brown eyes at Lux and smiled.-

You got this girl push!

- She said both to Lux and herself as she really pushed herself as she could feel her extra thought put a little more speed under her legs and her heart beat increased slightly. As they ran, they cleared girl after girl with quite an ease in fact their speed had even granted them a few glances ad cheers of encouragement from the football players and random sprinters that ran about the track that surrounded the field. Courtney cracked a smile as she looked over at Lux again just feeling this moment to its fullest extent whereas, 2 senior girls that they had recently passed were glaring holes into the brunette's head as they had just about enough with the cocky junior girl and sought to embarrass her and put her in her place. Moments later, They had reached the home stretch and they were well below that 4 min restraint.-

We are almost the-

-Courtney yelled in excitement as she could feel the uniform on her already. Just as she was about to claim her sweet victory- just feet away from the finish line that her friends had cleared about 30 seconds before them, a girl pushed her way behind Courtney and shoved her forward which made her loose her balance as she fell forwards. Woooooah She yelled as she began to fall forward and she could feel all eyes upon her followed by the laughs of the girls behind her however, Courtney merely saw this as a means to show off as she used her tumbling skills to her advantage as she threw a tumbling pass ( and landed effortlessly  next to Lux and her squad as she sarcastically tussled her hair as a mixture of "woahs" and clapping and a loud buzzer was heard ringing through the air as the senior girls crossed the line.-
Oh... It looks like you didn't quite cut it.... I'll enjoy watching you....watching me on the floor.

-She could feel that anger from earlier rising up inside of her that caused her to literally destroy 3 girls in homeroom but she realized that this wasn't the time nor the place to destroy them as she simply gave them a smile that was enough to make them cry as they were laughed at by a few other girls and they rushed off.-

Bye now!

-She waved them off as she looked at her newly found friends and grinned as she waited to hear from the coach.-

Abmieal: ( )

As Mike continued to struggle with Bellamy in the exchange, Cho would burst through the doors

Cho: Mike!

Mike: Huh?

It was at this moment that Mikes body went SLAMMING into the matt back first, his head dazed a it bit from the impact alone.

Tiger: Switch! Allen you suck. Your going to have to work on the basics. You, Mcintyre. Good, you may be just what we need on this team. Go rest up a bit, and i'll have you paired up someone else in a bit. But Allen! Get outta my gym pendejo.

Mike would have scowled as he threw his helmet across the room

Mike: Yeah?! Well screw you to!

He said huffing his chest up and making his way towards cho. Cho shook his head pulling mike out of the gym and into the hallway where no one had been around in the area so the two could discuss things properly.

Cho: Listen... there's alot of shit going on.

Mike: Tell me about it... that kid in there. With the blonde hair?

Cho: Yeah, his names Bellamy... what about em?

Mike: He's a wolfblood!

Cho: Mhm. I knew it the moment i saw him.


Cho: Its a full moon tonight. Meaning he smells just like us. Judging from his demeanor he has yet to shift. This will be his first night. I've already alerted Kin of this. So, we'll have the order of the moon on this case in no time. Knowing him though. He'll want us to take Mcintyre to him. But that's beside the point. Did you know we had a MMA club?

Mike: Yeah I heard about it...

Cho: Mhm. And those guys are something serious. I fought a few of them. There killers Mike. They crippled the Karate teacher. Judging from his wounds... he won't be teaching for awhile.

Mike: That's not good, that's not fucking good at all.

Cho: No it isn't. Felicia. Said she was going after the Wrestling club Teacher Tiger next. If i let the Safety Patrol know, i may be putting them endanger. On top of that....

Cho's eyes would have slanted as his fist clenched

Cho: Some of my men were cut down. Killed by someone, someone good. Despite all of this school madness. If someone can Kill Russian Secret service. They aren't to be taken lightly.

Mike: I bet I know who it is. That's the scent of blood I smelled isn't it.

Cho: Yeah it is. Judging from the scent. The Corpse is still fresh. Were going to go check it out. Right now.

Mike: Sounds like a plan. Rovers keeping an eye on Zane for me. So she's safe. We'll check out the dead guys.

Cho: Lets get moving.

Mike grips Cho's arm

Mike: Wait... don't you feel like something off. Like... Somethings big's about to happen?

Cho was starting to speak until he saw something behind Mike, a purple sihoullete like figure, almost like a ghost before he shook his head, blinking a few times. Once his eyes regained composure. He'd discover that the ghost like figure had been completely out of sight

Cho: Yeah... and things are going to get worse if we don't get a move on. Lets go...


Zane 😤: Haylee: " Honestly. Look at your desk, its a complete and utter freak show. "

The lovely little ginger haired doll stood pouring her sister and she some nice hot coffee. The butterscotch skin of her face twisted up in a construing frown of disapproval. Using her index finger she'd shift the position of her glasses at the thick plastic framing had slid a little too far down the bridge of her nose. The young underclassman peered at her twin sister's disorganization. Notes, snack wrappers, and pens no longer wet with ink lay assorted in a disarrayed frenzy. Haylee's lips parted in a deep sigh before placing a dark mug of bitter black liquid ground beans carefully on Kaylee's desktop.

Haylee: " And as for the paper, well let's think on it. We have the entire afternoon. But a cluttered desk makes for a clutter train of thought. You're so scatter brained sometimes. No wonder you're unable to think of a topic . . . "

Her silky orange hair was pulled up into a high ponytail that fell freely down her back in a burning waterfall of fire. Haylee smiled as she set her mug of coffee down on her desktop. Unlike her twin sitting across from her, her desk was completely neat and orderly. There was a place for everything and a thing in every place. She sat back and brought the rim of the mug up to her apricot colored lips. The next topic of the school paper remained illusive indeed.

Oh, what to do. What to do.

Meanwhile . . .

It was lap five. Her chest rose and fell in rhythm with her heavy steps. Zane kept her breathing steady as she jogged beneath steady simmering rays of the bright and bold Kasaihana sun. Her heart raced beneath the tough of her ribcage. The ivory beauty smirked at the Coach's instructions. Running the stadiums would be a piece of cake. Her white frost bitten hair swung behind her in a silky tangled ponytail. Her eyes flickered over to Moena who had already blasted pass all the remaining contenders, including herself.

Zane: "_Way to be lowkey, Moe . . ._ "

Going on Lap six. Zane thought as she too was bolting pass some of the others. he could see some of the looks of hopelessness and despair on some of the others. The young warlock smiled before taking the time to whisper words of encouragement to a few of the other girls.

Zane: " Don't worry, you'll be done in no time. "

Coming down to the final lap, seven. Her smile brought more smiles to a few others. Though some were not wanting to hear her chipper tone. A few clicked up seniors snickered and scoffed as she passed them by. Zane only laughed to herself and rounded the corner back the beginning of the stands, the squeaky rubber of her sneakers thumped heavily against the concrete structure of the stadium. She had only tapped partially into her enhanced skillset. Not fully. She didn't want to cheat herself of a good challenge, but she didn't like the idea of not breaking a sweat here and there either. Her thick muscular legs pumped beneath her as she scaled up and descended down the stadium steps. Up, over, down, over and repeat. Just like the coach had said. However, Zane was one to finish quickly. Her powerful legs and incredible stamina allowed her to carry herself with no difficulties. And she rounded back down to file in next to the coach. She was done. Moena had been the first, then Naomi, and she herself came in bare skin close. In less than 2 minutes. She paused breathing only slightly irregular. In and out. In and out. Beads of sweat budded at the brim of her forehead and ran freely down her womanly toned arms and legs as she stretched. Nori came up next. Zane smiled. Her black sports bra had built in weights to help with her work out. Her spandex had weights in them as well. With all the movement she had been doing, she was doing it with weighted gear on. It is part of why she was the powerhouse that she had been for years. Soon Courtney and Lux filed in at the same time around the 3 minute mark and following close behind them was the new girl who had arrived late. Their dark fabric hugged snuggly over Zane's round and developing curves. She let out a heavy sigh as she leaned against the cold metal safety railing and watched as all the rest of the girl's filed in to barely make the 4 minute mark.

Back in the gym the girls would be given their final results. Everyone would be escorted from the stadiums and back into the gym where they had been previously had held the first part of tryouts. Coach V would then stand in front of the girls as they all sat in front of her on the bleachers. Most of the alumni had went home, only the former captain and co-captain's of last year remained.

Coach V: " Alright, take a breather. Good work ladies. I will post up the results on the bulletin board on that wall over there. The names of the people who made it will be printed on a sheet of paper. The positions of captain and co-captain will be deliberated accordingly by my two helpers behind me. "

The coach pointed behind her to the alumni judges who smiled at them all.

Coach V: " I expect to see everyone who made the cut at practice on Monday. We will discuss fees and consent forms then. After you are done freshening up, names will be posted. Tryouts are over. Hit the showers. "

[10/3/2016 4:32:07 PM] Ryoji: As he and Mike made their way out of the school, Cho couldn’t help but think about the rather strange figure he’d seen that was previously standing behind Mike not to long ago. Cho had an uneasy feeling at the things that were happening today. His nose was filled with the scent of ectoplasm. Cho can actually smell ectoplasm; Ectoplasm is said to be formed by physical mediums when in a trance state. This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their nonphysical body, enabling them to interact in the physical and real universe. This school year was getting weirder and weirder and things didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Cho would’ve reached into his jacket and pulled out an empty water bottle, keeping one in his jacket for himself.

Cho: Go pee in this before we go.

After a short bathroom break, they went to goo to go investigate the sudden disappearance of his men. As he and Mike would’ve made their way over to the scene of the happening, the five bodies would’ve been laid out, stab wounds in their corpses.  Cho hovered down over one body, and began to examine them one by one._

Cho: All of them killed by a blade,  a fine masterful cut or incision. sniff sniff Not too far from where we are. They’ve been dead for at least the duration of our homeroom.

Cho tilted his head to the side. He’d pick up two sticks, holding them as if they were chopsticks, and he’d reach down to lift a small sliver of white hair off of them. Cho picked it up, and sniffed it lightly.

Cho: Warlocks. sniff sniff Tracing this scent, there are only 4 others like it. However there is one that has a different scent on it. –Cho points- They must’ve had someone else with them…but do you smell that? Smells like us. –stands to his full height- and they aren’t that far off from us. Keep your guard up.

Cho would’ve stuffed his hands into his pockets, feeling around for his cellphone and putting a hand on it, hitting the power button twice on accident it made a small “beep” noise.

Cho: You see anything else around here Mike? I don’t want to linger.

[10/3/2016 8:04:47 PM] Still: -Takashi stepped out of a black sports car shutting the door behind him shoving his hands in his pockets and spitting on the ground looking up to the front of the school. He already knew it wasn't going to be a good day, he had to go in for “experimentation” at the lab this morning and as usual mainly bullshit where he was forced to lift stuff of various weights, run etc almost like a fitnessgram, then he had to plugged up to look at his brain patterns C.T. scans etc. His morning started off as usual waking up brushing his teeth taking a nice long piss and then looking at his phone to see the text that they were picking him up for testing today. He grabbed a bag of jerky and went outside to sit down on the steps glaring off into space as he normally did dressed in his street clothes. Soon a truck rolled up it was royal blue and he hopped in the passenger seat grumbling all the way from the steps to the truck.- “How are you doing this morning Takashi.”-”Shut the fuck up and drive you fucking dick head.”-He said glaring out the window in response to the woman in the driver seat. Her name was Kasukai, she had long brown hair and was dressed in business casual wear, she had a sweet face and ice blue eyes and often made attempts to reach out and be nice to Takashi trying to be understanding. She sighed and drived on as demanded, the whole way Takashi grumbled gnashing on his breakfast of jerky throwing the bag over his shoulder into the back seat when he was done.- “You know Takashi you seriously have to learn to calm down.”- Kasukai said taking the moment at a red light to break the silence.- “Damn you're one of dem kinky kinda girls huh? Considering the fact you keep saying shit to piss me off, I'm starting ta think ya like when I cuss ya out.”-He said glaring at her, it was snide comment but he wasn't smiling he was looking at her like he was waiting for her to say something to set him off. She didn't utter another word the rest of the ride she just grited her teeth and drove on. Soon they arrived and she slipped out and began walking to the doors swiping the key card through with Takashi in toe. She leed him down a series of hallways that he had already been down hundreds of times and eventually to a large room with one glass wall overlooking this large pit surrounded by the same white walls that the whole entire place sported. He was briefed on what h would be doing today and sent down to the testing area after being hooked up to these monitors that would give them an idea of how he was moving and the force he was exerting digitally. He looked up to the glass into the room he had just been in as they spoke to him via intercom.-”Alright we are sending a car you way your first task is to  simply avoid being run over.”-He looked back to this distinct hole in the wall where car rested and suddenly it burst forward remotely accelerated and rigged to drive in a straight line, it reached him going at roughly forty miles per hour. He flipped the car by placing both hands together and hammering down on the hood after jumping up wards. The back end of the car lifted to about 80 degrees from the ground and then Takashi pushed forward throwing his weight and running against the front of the car causing him to move the front end of the car with enough sudden force to momentarily leave the back end still. He then pushed upward causing the back end to come crashing down as Takashi ran from under the hood of the car which landed on the roof completely flipped. A series of test like this went on for some time lifting heavy objects and then he was soon told he had to run an obstacle course, in natural Takashi fashion his way of rebelling was smashing most of their stuff anything he could just run over he did especially any walls he was supposed to climb/ jump over. Soon that was over and he had to return to the research and observation room to have his blood taken his teeth, eyes and ears looked at, skin scraped, hair plucked, brain waves looked at a swift X-ray the works. When he was done his eyes were bloodshot from trying so hard to stay calm, this time he was in the car his hand out the window and on the roof.-”You know you're making this harder on yourself.”-Kasukai said which came off mockingly to Takashi’s ears. Takashi’s hand came down still on the roof causing it to groan as he dented the roof causing the car door to pop open slightly, the woman put on the breaks and hopped out the car right then and there. Takashi kicked the door open on the passenger side causing it to get stuck in such away that it would need to be removed. She called someone to pick him up and told them she quit, as she did Takashi walked off in the direction they were going soon to be picked up by black car and handed a school uniform. The man in the vehicle spoke.-”You are getting transferred kid.”- Takashi let out  tsk and went about looking out the window as he usually did.

Soon he arrived at his house again the man instructed him to go get changed and after a quick glare to let the man know who was boss he went and changed. Soon he stepped out in his uniform which was sloppily put on and sat in the car before the man who was now smoking and taking his time at it. The man must have been new because what Takashi did next wasn't the first time he had done something of this nature, he scooted over into the driver’s seat and drove off. Closing the door as he did soon h was at school and that had been his morning as he had recalled. He bit his lip slightly in anger at the thought and stepped up to the school and pushed open the doors. Takashi stood and took in his surroundings for a moment before he absentmindedly began wandering the empty halls. He soon passed the main office and a staff member saw him and beckoned him in. He sat down looking around seemingly not listening but getting the jist.-”You must be the new student Takashi we were told you would be late, we have some papers for your care taker to sig...where is your caretaker?”-The woman speaking to him asked raising a brow and looking around trying to see if should could locate him through the glass door.- “He said he was gonna be late had to go do something.”-He said plainly.-”In any case the other students are checking out the various extracurriculars we have available if you want to join them.”-She said smiling.-”What kinda stuff ya got around here?”-She went through the list giving of room numbers and the activity and Takashi at the mention of boxing and wrestling stood up and walked out of the room in the middle of her talking. The way he saw it, it gave him something to pumil that was real for once. He followed the room numbers until he arrived at the boxing gym/room.  He opened the doors walking in and looking around at the various equipment seemingly ignoring the other two guys in the room as he did. Soon and broke his gaze from the equipment and looked to both of them.- “When does practice start?”-He said looking at them with his characteristic gaze.-

[10/3/2016 10:20:07 PM] Gri: Naomi stretched her legs one at a time, bending them upwards by the ankle and letting out a sigh as she cooled off from the fast run. The skimpy skirt surprisingly stayed in one piece while the uniform top she tied in a knot to expose her glistening midrift was busy soaking up the slight sweat.

Naomi: "That wasn't bad. Got a nice energy high right now."  

The brunette playfully admitted while walking with Zane back to the gym to see what the Coach had next for their try outs but the wolfblood kept a confident attitude about her. She'd landed the routines, the cheers were on point, the chipperness they demanded she provided no problem. At first she hadn't cared if she made the squad or not but after seeing Zane be so in to it...well it made Naomi want to make the team too.

Plopping down on the bleachers, the cool steel was actually welcoming to hot thighs as she slightly spread her legs, leaning slightly back and taking in a deep breath. After this she would kill for a drink...looking to the row of Zane, momo and the new girls she just met she would offer them some drinks at her new apartment as a celebration if they all made the squad. Hell even if they didn't all make it why not enjoy a drink or two? Looking to Zane she nudged her and flashed a toothy grin with an enthusiastic raised brow.

Naomi: "Ey, drinks at my place? I know for a fact you made the team. Soon as they post up the names we can celebrate."

The coach dismisses them and Naomi stands, waiting for Zane and the others before heading for the lockers while undoing the messy bun and ruffling the dark chestnut locks, feeling the dampness from all the exercise of todays tryouts. She was due for a nice hot shower...

[10/3/2016 10:26:33 PM] A.: -With a newly founded victory over the seniors, all the remaining girls were escorted to the gym as they sat on the bleachers and looked at Coach V with a sense of pride and anxiousness. Courtney smiled as she looked at Lux and then at Zane, Nori, Moena and Naomi as Coach went on about names of the future team being posted soon and she was convinced that they had all made it but, she still wasn't 100%. She had been asked by Naomi if she would like to come over to her place for a drink in which She nodded and smiled as  They were all allowed to go freshen up which she was in massive agreement with as she could smell an intense odor coming from a few underclassmen which was due a mixture of physical and stress sweat. Courtney grabbed her bag as she and the rest of the girls headed into the locker room, their voice echoed softly and excitedly through the locker room and bled slightly into the hall outside the gym as Courtney picked a locker and began to strip as she grabbed her body wash and a pink loofah as she headed into the showers with the rest of the girls. She took a quick but thorough shower as she was too excited to see the results as she got dressed again after blow drying her long brown hair however, this time she wore a cute and flow pink dress that stopped at her mid thigh and had a really fresh frill the covered her breasts and also hung elegantly from her arms. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror in nostalgia as she put on her golden hoop earrings and slid into her heels the held her petite feet. Finally, she slipped on her golden chain bracelet that had a single heart charm  dangling from it. ( She then took her slightly damp hair and gave it a gentle tussle as her natural curl in her hair was highlighted and flowed effortlessly down her shoulders and her back. With everything now perfect in her opinion, she waited for the rest of the girls to finish so they could go out together and see if they made the team.-

Founding Father Keiz: Ruji would have been at home napping for a few hours waking up finally and waking into the bathroom and taking a piss and washing his hands at his sink before grooming himself once again and walking down the stair going into the kitchen opening his refrigerator scanning around the various items and then grabbing out a pound of ground beef and two skit steaks setting the two of them on the counter next to the ground beef and then grabbed a few onions, bell peppers, a can of pineapple juice and some bacon bits setting the items on the counter as well next to the meats, Ruji then pulled out a few Apples and a bag of Grapes from the bottom of the refrigerator and set those on the table and close the frig. Ruji then pulled out some skillets from the cabinet above the stove and set them on the burner and poured some olive oil on the two of them and turned the heat up. Ruji then ran up the stairs into his room and grabbed his stereo and brought it down the steps and pulled it up turning his music on( ) . Ruji then went back into the kitchen placing the two steak on the pan before pulling out a bowl from the dish rack and setting it on the table before walking into the living room and take off his shirt tossing it onto the couch turning around and walking back into the kitchen grabbing the pound of ground beef and tearing it open dropping it into the bowl he took out earlier then pulling out the cutting board from his draw and placing the onion and bell peppers on it and pulled out a Knife and began chopping up the bell peppers and half the onion into small little chunks and slide them into the ground beef mixing it up with his hands, then walking over to the sink and rising his hands off before opening the cabinet above the counter top pulling out various seasons and began to season the ground beef , Ruji then turned back to the stove to check on his steak flipping it over to cook the other side. Ruji then opening up the can of pineapple juice grabbing the skillet with his other hand setting the can down and bracing the meat with his hand he’d tilt the pan pouring out some other the extra oil from it before setting it back onto the stove and picking up the can of juice pouring some of it over the meat not a lot though just enough, He’d then chop up the rest of the bell pepper and onion into slides and drop them into the pan with the steak and then sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper over the top followed by a bottle of A1 sauce dumping the whole thing into the pan and then setting the flames on low, Ruji then focused back on the ground beef and tossed it into the other skillet with had been pre heating this whole time the meat sizzling upon impact with the hot metal. Ruji again went and washed his hands at the sink before grabbing another knife and began peeling the skin off the apples before removing the apples cores and then carefully peeled the skin off the grapes as well grabbing a plastic container out the dish rack along with its top and placed them into a bowl and then pours some sugar over the top of them followed by the rest of his pine apples juice placing it into the freezer before going back to his food on the stove. After a while the food would have been done cooking and Ruji would grab his duffle bag from the living room and drop it on the table and place the food into various containers and place them into the bag going into the freezer and grabbing his frozen fruit and placing that inside along with some bread loafs, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and various other items. The last thing Ruji grabbed out his frig was four bottles of Muscle Milk protein shakes which Ruji added his own blend to tossing them into the bag as well and zipping it up slinging it over his shoulder and headed out the door though turned around coming back inside to put his shirt on and what not grabbing his bags again and then proceeding out the door and getting onto his Bike and backing out of his drive way stopping in the middle of the street and pulling his phone from his pocket and turning on his music which was connected to the speakers into his bag which started to blast music from inside. ( Ruji pocketed his phone when he heard the sound of a horn beep from behind him and he’d raise his hand up as a way of saying sorry and then took off down the road not speeding this time but actually cruising on his bike the wind blowing his hair which danced about behind him like flickering flames, When Ruji got back to the school he’d drive around a bit trying to find a decent parking spot and once he did he’d hop off of it taking his keys with him of course and then step inside the building and head towards the Gymnasium, the smell of food trailing behind him and before he knew it a few of his friends started to pile around him
James: Yo Ruji What’s In The Bag This Time
Ruji: None of Your Business Go find someone’s else’s lunch to eat
Genji: All Come on Ruji Don’t Be That Way You Always Have So Much Food Anyway
Ruji: No
James: Pleaseeeee
Ruji: Ask Me Again and I’m Going to Break Your Teeth James
James: Aw Come On Man
James would say wrapping his arm around Ruji’s shoulder and then Genji doing the same the three of them walking down the hallway looking like the best of buds and shit, once Ruji reached the gym Genji would walk off though James would enter with him, the two of them played on the basketball team together, once inside they’d set their stuff down on the bleacher and James would open up his bag and pull out the his own and Ruji’s team practice jersey’s  and they’d both remove their shirts and put on the jerseys before Ruji pulled off his pants and shoes, kicking his pants aside and placing his shoes on top of them Ruji then opening up his book-bag which contained his basketball shoes, a pair of all Red high top G fezos. Under his pants he already had his athletic shorts on so all he had to do was put his shoes on which once he done, he’d open his bag and pull out his one of his protein shakes tossing one to Genji before Chugging his down and walking over to the baseline Genji soon following behind him the two lining up then sprinting down the court back and forward over and over again over 20 times, then dropping down and doing pushups switching between closed and wide arm ones.
Ruji: Alright that’s good for a warm up
Genji: Yeah time to start the stretches
The two then sat on the floor off of the court stretching out their legs and soon afterwards the other members of the team began to pile into the gym and did their warm ups before joining Ruji and Genji with the stretches-


Kaiden/Mike: ( )

The target had been set, and the air seemed heavy. The fog from the girls showers would have disquised the mist that also floated above the teenage girls heads. This mist, had been none other then a concentrated sleeping gas. Sleeping gas is an oneirogenic general anaesthetic that is used to put subjects into a state in which they are not conscious of what is happening around them. Incapacitating agent is a related general term for "knockout gases" or "KO gas" that ideally render a person unable to harm themselves or others, regardless of consciousness. Most sleeping gases have undesirable side effects, or are effective at doses that approach toxicity. Examples of modern volatile anaesthetics that may be considered sleeping gases are halothane vapour (Fluothane), methyl propyl ether (Neothyl), methoxyflurane (Penthrane), and the undisclosed fentanyl derivative delivery system used by the FSB in the Moscow theater hostage crisis. It was a power dose with enough force to knock out a full grown elephant. If any of the girls whom weren't already in the locker room, would discover that the doors were now barred open by thick chains. The girls inside would have began to drop like flies left and right. Seeming that the doors had been sealed, the gas wouldn't escape the locker room. 10 soliders appeared after dectivating there cloaking devices while the other 35 remained hidden. The Mist variant of the Titans had bright, glowing cyan eyes. True to their namesake, their presence was marked by a thick cloud of cyan mist setting down on the area around them. When unprovoked they normally lumbered around like zombies, but in actuality, they were extremely agile, possessing the ability to jump at heights and distances that made it appear as though they were flying or gliding for a short time. There speed allowing them to move faster than any Horse and most vehicles, leaping and bounding at incredible speeds to catch up and assemble into formations ahead of their targets. They had the ability to store weapons and would often use G44K bullpup assault rifles and machetes with corrosive edges of metalic archaea that can pierce through armored vehicles. They could also release clouds of metallic archaea underneath their parasite skin, releasing them at will in order to infect other soldiers and controlling them to attack on their behalf, They were also able to form huge structures of metallic archaea as a way of shielding themselves from enemy fire, as well as create and shoot spike like structures at their enemies and infusing the ground with it, causing spikes to burst from the ground, both of these being a means of attack. The Mist Soliders would have approached the more then likeyl knocked out Courtney Mcintyre, lifting her over there shoulders and then shifting themselves, and the young lady into mist, slipping out of the crack of one of the windows in the room.

A.: -Courtney had been chatting with a few girls about popular activities that they could do in the city after school along with shopping and a variety of other aspects when she realized something was happening.... she slowly saw the girls in the locker room begin to fall out about the locker room. She quickly stood up and turned around only to see the fate had occurred to many of the girls and that she was one of the few that remained standing at this point. She could hear a skin crawling scream coming from the bathroom as more girls fell victim to their sleeping states followed by silence. She wasn't exactly sure where Lux and the rest were but she sought to get help as she ran as fast as her delicate heels could to the door only to find it had been barred shut with massive chains.-

No... NO...

-Courtney could feel herself slowly falling into the unconsciousness despite her mental prowess. Her vision became dazed and her soft brown eyes saw double as she tried to inch her way towards the back of the locker room hoping to find a back entrance so that she could escape. She hadn't made it that far before she slide down the wall she had used for support and felt her eyes closing just as the soliders  had appeared and they were all focused on one thing: Her. She was unable to physically do anything as she was effortlessly lifted up by one and slung over his shoulder.-

Let... me... let me go-

-These were the final words she muttered before she closed her heavy eyes and slipped into unconsciousness.-

Zane 😤: After the invigorating and extensive work out, Zane would have strode back to the gym's lobby along with the rest of her fellow participants. As soon as the two heavy doors had been pushed open a gush of numbingly cool air would have rushed over everyone entering inside. She sighed and welcomed it. The young warlock filed inside and head with the flock of participants over to the bleachers. She sat there with her chest rising and falling at a more normal pace. The beads of sweat that had just formed on her skin were beginning to run coolly over her ivory skin.

She watched as the coach barked at them her seal of approval. Miss Varner was absolutely no joke. And Zane could see that now. The snow bunny smirked at the tough female authority figure and crossed her arms beneath the bust of her chest. Zane couldn't lie, she liked the coach's way of thinking. Once she had dismissed them, she took a moment before hitting the showers to converse among her friends. Her opal irises glinting at the proposal that her friend Naomi had just made. Some cool drinks back at crib did sound pretty nice about now. Zane couldn't lie, she was a bit thirsty. Grroowwll Her tummy demanded. She blinked a couple times before sighing.

Zane: " Okay, I'm starving. So, I'm gonna go ahead and wash up. The sooner I do that, the sooner I can stuff my face. "

A couple of the girls would have laughed along with her in agreement before she collected herself. The winter haired beauty began to grab hold of the strap of her duffel bag, when suddenly --

" Aaaaaaaiiiiiiihhh !! "

" No... NO... "

" What's happening, Stop ?! "

Zane paused. People ? Crying for help ? She waited. And she listened. Her ears twitched as the sounds of muffled screaming and panic began invading her ear canal. Using her enhanced senses, she was able to pin point where the sounds were originating from. unless the other girls in the gym had enhanced attributes like she had, they would not have heard the noises. In fact, the sound of conversation in the echoing gym would have over taken the screams of terror that remained cut off by the thick cinder block walls that separated them from the gym lobby. Without any warning, her long legs began to rock in stride over to the other side of the gym where the locker room entrance had been.

She gripped a hold on the door handle. Zane tugged the cool metal, but it wouldn't budge. Strange. She thought to herself. She grit her teeth at the challenge. The mighty warrior regained a firmer grip and pulled with her amazonian like inhuman strength. The door would have swung open so quickly that the weight of if it cause the wall behind of it to cave in a hole when it flung against it. The noise would have been loud enough to attract the attention of all the girls on the bleachers and the judges and coach a well. The force of the door would have shook the gym only slightly.

Zane didn't care at that moment. Storming inside the bathroom she would only be greeted with the alarming sight of girls passed out all over the floor. And then, her nostrils were burning.

Zane: " SHIT ! "

Quickly, she flung her arm over her nose. Knock out gas ?? The young huntress knew this stench all too well. While covering her nose and thinking fast, the young white haired dandy whipped out her idle hand. Flinging her palm straight out in front of her she'd speak.

Zane: " Moyasu ! "

She hissed from behind her arm. Using the pyrokinetic properties of Moyasu, she'd only use a faint wave of the flammable energy. In a concentrated gush of power, Zane would use this to burn the remaining sleeping gas from existence and extinguish it all together. Once that was done, she'd rush into the locker room and make sure that the girls collapsed on the floor inside were alright.

Zane: " COACH, anyone, everyone help ! Help ! These girls need medical attention. "

Zane scurried around on the floor and made sure to check the pulses of the girls that lay passed out. Quickly, she did a mental head count. Zane's eyes flickered around the room in a mild panic. She realized that she was coming up one head short. She couldn't have just disappeared . . . The calculating huntress would have then closed her eyes and concentrated momentarily, her eyes glowing a vividly bright and glittering gold once she reopened then. Using her Warlock Sight, Zane assessed the scene accordingly. Several different scents lingered around in the room, their trails showing in brightly lit colors of different shades. The ashen haired beauty followed them all. And then one in particular caught her attention . . . She followed it over and was lead to a lone locker. Zane sniffed, her nostrils flaring. Courtney. It was Courtney who was missing. The trail lead from the locker, to the locker room entrance, then fumbled back over to the back of the room.

It was clear that she had been running away from someone. However, the scent of those people were unfamiliar to her nose. The question was, who had she been running from ? Zane looked up to the window above her. It was so small that no teenager or adult human could have escaped from there, But that's where the trail had fled to. She cursed beneath her breath.

Zane: " Dammit. "

In the meantime, she decided to focus on the unconscious bodies that scattered  the floor. It was clear that, unfortunately, she had been to late for Courtney.

TayTay<3: As they were dismissed Momo ran to the bathroom and was already half naked by the time the other girls made it in. As she sat on the bench streching, she looked at the otehr females before slipping into the shower as she pulled her hair out of their pig tails.

The pinkette pulled her head back into the shower to quickly finish as she came out in only a towel. As she came out wrapping a towel around her small fame, She pulled another towel from the rack and began drying her hair. As she sat on the bench drying herself off, Moena sighed and rested a second, enjoying the steam that was in the shower room.  Moena's head shot up once girls started fainting and pushing herself up, she became dizzy and stumbled into the lockers in front of her. Falling to the floor on ehr knees the pinkette was blinking the clear the head but it only gre more fuzzier. Until the pinkette fell asleep completely unaware of what was going on around her.

Moena: "Fuck..."

Noayde: Finally coming into a halt, Esther reached up both arms while bending her back slightly to stretch out. Feeling a little pop from her muscles being slightly tense,she then bent over forward to give herself a few stretches before walking towards the showers. Grabbing her bag, Esther headed in the same direction as all the other girls. Hearing them chatting on about tryouts, it was actually exciting to see how much were excited about he whole ordeal. Faintly smirking, Esther walked over to open space nearby the other girls. Prying her bag open she reached in to grab her body wash and shower sponge. Placing them upon the bleachers, Esther crossed her arms while her hands grabbed at the bottom hem of her shirt, to lift over her body. With sweat rolling down from her breast towards her abdomen, Esther glanced down as she wasn't fond of sweating all too much. Finally slipping off the remaining of her clothing, her hands reached up to untie the ponytail she had up. Grabbing her washing essentials to head to the shower, she turned the knob as a rush of streaming water rushed throughout her hair and fell upon her body.After washing up, she walked out the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Drying off completely she then began to place on some clean clothing , and plain simple white T-shirt, and blue jeans. Slipping her sneakers on, she walked over towards the locker room's mirror to brush her hair up into a ponytail after blow drying it  . Walking back over to her back she gather and made sure all her stuff was in place for her to pack up. Before she could even exit out the locker room, Esther's eyes wandered around as she heard a faint hissing sound. Seeing each girl becoming weak and unable to stand up, Esther instantly covered her nose with her hands. W-What the he-..                 Not being able to finish her sentence, Esther tried to take a step or two but fail with her strength becoming weak. Collapsing upon the floor, her vision grew hazy before everything went completely black.

Endearment ♥: Lux finished the running portion along with the rest of the newly formed group of junior friends. They'd left the remaining seniors in the dust and knowing that made her burst with pride. Sweat caused majority of her exposed skin to glisten lightly under the natural light as they walked from the large bleachers that had been used as part of the try outs to the indoor gym. Lux stayed near Courtney, feeling a bit more attached to her in this very new school setting since she was her very first school friend. The bright and beautiful haired teenager used the back of her wrist to wipe away the bit of moisture on her upper lip as she sat amongst the other girls that were good enough to make the team. Lux chalked her victory down to luck.

After Coach V informed them of the upcoming results that would be posted somewhere nearby, a good portion of he girls got up immediately to go shower while others lingered to talk for a moment longer. Lux was one of the ones that opted to go ahead and shower first, regardless of the crowding. She found herself separated momentarily from Courtney as she struggled to get her locker unlocked.

You've gotta be kidding me....

A quick glance around showed that anyone nearby really wasn't paying attention, so, she flicked her left pointer finger out, aiming it at the lock. Her lips moved quickly as she silently uttered a short chant and her locker would swing right open. A victorious smirk curled across her lips as she began to undress. Her slightly damp top slipped off easily and she tossed it playfully into the empty portion of her locker. It felt good to be a part of a team for the first time. It felt good to have some friends. Maybe school wouldn't be so bad.

Lux slipped her thumbs into the waistline of her tight shorts and was about to pull them down when she heard a heavy thud.

  • What the fuck?*

Confused and more than a little curious, the girl looked to her left.... Then to her right. There was no one in her immediate area.

Thud... Thud, thud.

The girl raised a brow and began to move slowly towards the connecting showers. It wasn't until she actually found the bodies that she began to feel weird. There was a very weak cry for help and a few slightly stronger ones, but other than that it was very silent. That lightheaded feeling engulfed her, making comprehensive thought impossible. Lux's breathing became a bit more labored as she felt her eye lids grow heavy. As she moved to step towards the other girls to try and help, she'd lose her balance and stumble only to catch herself with the edge of a nearby trash can.

"Woah.... H-Hey! Somebody!"

Though it felt like she was shouting, her voice was barely a mumble as her dead weight against the old plastic trash can caused it to tip. She fell hard against the concrete floor, groaning from the pain and helpless feeling as she lay there.


Jay: The kids had since left the classroom and the school day was still continuing. Kenji stood leaned over on a tree limb as his warlock brethren taking up different points around the High School. “If anything even looks in your general direction, put them on a t shirt.” He grinned as his ears stood attentive around the area making sure that everything where he wanted.

The sound of a snapped twig not to far away from his location. His head quickly snapped in the direction of the sound. His hand wrapped firmly around the hilt of his blade. His eyes glimmered with the intent to kill whoever he set his sights on. Instead of an opponent he found something far worse than he could imagine. His eyes did not understand what he was looking at. A tall shadowy figure stood there staring directly at Kenji. Long black hair flowed down its shoulder as its face held no emotion. Not even a eye no physical features besides a large gory grin in its pale face.  (Noro_manga.png)

“That…that power…” The physical energy of this being was enough to keep Kenji at a stand still, never has he ever came close to feeling power such as this. He couldn't even move a muscle. “Who is this...” just like that as if in a blink of an eye the man was gone. Slowly releasing his hilt he felt so much weight lifting from his body. Not until he heard more sounds of footsteps this time coming from a different direction. He darted off in its direction. Moving from tree to trees his right hand planted firmly on the katana hilt Kenji finally ran upon the wolfblood known as Cho.

His nose twitches as he stood upon a tree hovering over the boy. He chuckled before speaking below to him. “Lost dog?” He'd grin before jumping down from the tree landing about ten feet from Cho. “Long time no see, you still hanging around that prophet kid?” He grinned as his fingers tapped along the hilt.

Ryoji: As Cho would’ve been continuing to examine the forest area with Mike, he’d heard some sounds approaching. Unlike most conventional Wolfbloods, Cho prefers to focus on his other senses beside his sense of smell. It’s the most useful and vulnerable sense on his body, as such he’s trained his other senses to a tee, able to hear various sounds up to half a mile or further away. He’d heard the white haired wolfblood coming this  way and as he landed upon a tree top, Cho would’ve slowly turned his head to look at this new foe…well rather a familiar foe.

Kenji: “Lost dog?”

Cho: Again with the dog jokes…takes one to know one.

Kenji: “Long time no see, you still hanging around that prophet kid?”

Cho: You mean that kid? –nods to mike- Yeah I am. But I’m glad I don’t have to look for you now…for killing my men.

Cho slung his empty right hand up towards Kenji’s location. There was nothing in his hand at first, until a mechanism with a string on the end of it emerged from his hand, placing his pistol into his hand, a silencer equipped, front and center, in only the literal blink of an eye. In that time interval, Kenji would’ve had a pistol pointed at him, aimed right dead between his eyes and without hesitation Cho would’ve began to fire 3 shots out of 9. Each bullet aimed at a different part of his body; one for the neck, one for the left shoulder, and one for the right shoulder. Each one moving at the speed of a regular bullet, as he’d fire in these directions on purpose; attempting to force him in a downwards direction. Cho would do his best to keep him at a distance of course BUT he’d see how he handled the gunshots first.

Jay: (

“You mean that kid?” –nods to mike- “Yeah I am. But I’m glad I don’t have to look for you now…for killing my men.”  The moment he got to men Kenji’s hand gripped the katana hilt. He could feel the animosity coming from the young wolfblood. A battle was about to happen, that was most definitely. Kenji snickered as his eyes followed Cho’s hand. “They were kind of a liability…” His eyes landed onto the pistol that somehow emerged into his palm along with a well placed silencer. All while this was happening Kenji’s feet slowly moved into position. His red hues glowed a bright red as his fang started to show.

“Besides…” His tone got dark as the veins around the area of his eyes all quickly popped up. The very second the first bullet was fired Kenji took off. His ears keep up with the sounds of wind breaking by the speed of the traveling bullets. The first bullet closed in insanely fast however, in 0.7 seconds Kenji was able to slide his Katana from its sheath just into for the sharp side of the blade to meet the bullet about meet his neck, the blade exited the sheath at a diagonal angle, allowing the second bullet planned to hit his left should ramming into the sharp side of the blade as well. However, his right shoulder was scrapped by the last bullet which still left a burning mark and sensation. Not even a wince of pain was shown on the young boy’s face as he continued his run straight forward to Cho. He slid his katana back into its sheath.

Making it over to the young man just seconds after his brush with the bullets, coming in only three more feet in Kenji stopped abruptly in front of Cho with his hand on the hilt of his Katana. He grinned at Cho before he quickly began to pull his sword from its sheath. Kenji performing the laido, The term Iaidō (居合道) refers to a specific style of kenjutsu that is concerned with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. The linear motion and force applied to draw the sword from the scabbard results in slashes that are faster and stronger than ones executed with the sword already drawn. Taking only half a second to remove the whole blade from the sheath Kenji would have extended his hand moving the sharp part of the blade towards Cho’s abdomen. A clean diagonal cut would be left on Cho if he didn’t counter or attempt to block this strike.


[10/5/2016 8:47:53 PM | Edited 9:00:52 PM] Kaiden/Mike: Mike: Pee in what?! W-Wait!

Before Mike could continue to protest, cho went off into the restroom

Mike: Fuck! You and Kin, are gonna get enough of this shit with me.

He'd take the container like he asked him to do, peeing in it. After doing so, he and Cho made there way down into the general area where the soldiers had died. He watched Cho showed off his detective deductive skills. It felt like he'd been with Kin on another job.

Mike: But these were your secret service right? These guys were killed sure. But These were SECRECT SERVICE. Whom ever killed these guys. Is the real deal. I'm gonna call this in to Kin. I know these are your men. But this is a murder...

Mike would have walked off, in good enough site that Kenji didn't notice him when he approached Cho while Mike sat on the phone with kin '

Kin ( On the phone with Mike): Jesus... its only been one day, and we've already got a call on a sleeping gas attack in your school, and now your telling me some of Cho's Secret Service was killed outside of school grounds?

Mike ( On the phone with Kin): Sleeping gas?

Kin ( On the phone with Mike): That's right, someone attacked the girls locker room. Something about a Kidnapping. You and Cho don't move without me, I'm on my way right now. I don't care about him being the President of Russia, Or you being a Vigilante. You both are still my Beta's. I don't want you two getting hurt. So wait for MY. CALL.

Mike ( On the phone with Kin): Alright Alright! Just hurry ok-

Mike turned his head towards a voice

Kenji: “Lost dog?”

Mike pulls phone from his head

Kin (On the phone): Mike!?

Cho: Again with the dog jokes…takes one to know one.

Mike hangs up

Kenji: “Long time no see, you still hanging around that prophet kid?”

He'd start to rush back towards the area of concentration, Kenji hadn't noticed him yet

Cho: You mean that kid? –nods to mike whom was running towards them- Yeah I am. But I’m glad I don’t have to look for you now…for killing my men.

Shots were fired, Kenji reacted, rushing towards cho. Blade ready. But it wouldn't matter

The Night guy was here

( )

MIke would have attempted to fire away his punch at Kenji's jaw due to the fact that his focus had been off of him throughout the duration of this. The other Warlock men, having there attention set out to surveillance the school, would also not be aware of Mikes approach towards Kenji, and would not be able to stop him other wise. The Impact of the punch if it connected would have an immense force behind it, seeming that he shifted into his half-wolf state at the same time. His impulsive strength if it connected into Kenji's jaw would have sent him flying into a tree trunk with enough force to shatter it around the once Proud Wolfblood turned Warlock's body. This strength branching from his Right Eye Scaring/ bone compound pressure: This scar was due to his skull suffering from heavy water pressures that were intense enough to crush a man like a soda can. He is now resistant to most water pressures. Due to the cement, his body drifted down 6000 ft into the water , forcing his bones, and muscles to both gain an instant adaptability to the intense pressure. Forcing his body to advance almost, to morph into a state that could resist such pressures from then on out. This in total gave him the punching and kicking psi 2601.09 means of force alone. This is more then enough to crush a human bone on contact. On average, the human femur requires 1,700 pounds per square inch to be cleanly broken, while a weaker bone, such as the clavicle, takes considerably less force to break. And applied with chi, he can do almost 20 times that level of destruction with single blows alone. Basically this augmented his strength tremendously, and evolved his body to resist most physical pressures thus far.

( )

Landing from the punch once and if it connected. He'd look up towards Kenji with a scowl on his face

Mike: Kenji! What are you doing! Your one of us! Your parents work for the order of the moon! Why did you attack Cho's men! We don't have to fight about this. Lets talk! No one else... has to get hurt today.

[10/5/2016 9:32:04 PM] Ryoji: Cho would’ve stood there watching Kenji rush at him. His hands were by his sides but he was more than confident in his ability to respond. He had a movement in mind, and his feet began to shift apart slightly, his foot sliding against the ground to spread slightly wider than shoulder length. As he watched Kenji go for his sword draw, well he was quickly interrupted by someone he’d clearly forgotten or didn’t notice was in the area; good ol Mike. Cho stood there, stuffing his hand into his pocket, and reholsteing his gun into the armpit holster he’d tucked it in. He’d lean his head forward, before whipping his hair back, using his free hand to smooth the raven locks back before he reached into his coat once more. He pulled out a pair of sunglasses, flicking both of the stems open before sliding the Ray Bands onto his face.

Mike: Kenji! What are you doing! Your one of us! Your parents work for the order of the moon! Why did you attack Cho's men! We don't have to fight about this. Lets talk! No one else... has to get hurt today.

Cho: You’re too soft Mike. He smells like a Warlock. These are the same people who nearly took our heads off more than four months ago. He can talk now, and maybe I’ll let him keep three limbs…but I’m taking one as a souvenir.

Cho pops his claws, the black nails emerging with a small shing noise.

[10/5/2016 10:37:38 PM] Jay: “Ka Kaw!” The sounds of little black birds in the trees of the forest. They would have been keeping a watchful eye on the fight. Keeping their selves hidden not making much of their presence to others. However they’ve had their eyes on one person the entire time. The one known as Mike deserved their protective watch.  The fight had started and Kenji was off towards Cho, however the crows were centered on the other.
Flash Back
The group of warlocks sprinted off through the trees two to a gunman. Kenji allowed his fellow warlock to lead ahead of him as he kept his hand on the hilt of the blade. His ears honed in on everything. Kenji heard everything within the trees even a flock of crows traveling above head.

Flash Back Over

The bullets flew right past the crows as they flew in a straight formation towards the one known as Mike. The red eyed black birds started to morph together starting with the ones towards the back. All of them would be combining themselves together gaining the form of the white haired Wolfblood. Only taking a matter of seconds (.30) to form together with its leg out the crow clone attempted to send a vicious kick to Mike’s jaw in the same time interval as his punch was coming towards Kenji, (Since it wasn’t specify how fast the punch was coming.) if the kick was able to land, combined with the speed it was coming in, a rough 35-40 mph, along with the force of the kick giving off a good 5,000 newtons easily, the kick was intended to break Mike’s jaw if not at least cause him to go flying straight off into the trees crashing through a good bit of them, depending on his defense level. Seeing how neither one of them had any recognition of the crows ever being there Mike would’ve been completely caught off guard by this.

Kenji however noticed just how ignorant the two had been. “Tch” He scoffed at Mike’s attempt to interrupt the fight between him and Cho. Cho, however, was so confident in his teammate’s ability to aid him that he didn’t take up a defensive against his Laido. Continuing with his attack Kenji trailed his steel blade from his mid-section to his chest all the way up to his chin. The cut would be a total of three inches deep just barely missing the heart and any major organs, however a nasty scar would follow him as his chin was sliced open.  After pulling the blade away Kenji would dash backwards as he wiped the blood from his sword and send it sliding back in his sheath.  “

[10/5/2016 11:08:09 PM] Ryoji: Cho would’ve stood there for a brief moment ready to counter Kenji’s original attack attempt when a bird came from seemingly out of nowhere interrupted Mike’s attempt to strike him in the first place. While this would’ve given way to a sure fire opening for Kenji, there was a brief paused moment where Kenji went “Tch” and acknowledged Mike’s presence to attack, meaning his original intension, for all intents and purposes, was indeed stopped for a moment to look and acknowledge his partner. This brief moment was all Cho needed, as while his lowered hands didn’t signify being on guard, Cho was always on guard mentally, having a war torn mind. Cho never took his eyes off of Kenji, thus when he proceeded to attempt his quick draw Maneuver, Cho would make a move the moment the hilt and the sheath began to separate, and two simultaneous motions would happen here. Cho shifted into his half wolf state for the duration of this next movement, only to aid in it’s effectiveness. The swordsman thought he was fast, but Cho would prove him wrong, as he countered his opponent with three simultaneous maneuvers. The first being that Cho would’ve pushed off of his right foot, darting towards Kenji with his left arm across and touching his chest, and his right arm chambered by his right hip, moving at the blink of an eye. Literally. In his half wolf form He effortlessly change motions in the literal blink of an eye. A real blink of an eye takes 300 to 400 milliseconds. Since there are 1000 milliseconds in each second, a blink of an eye takes around 1/3 of a second, and that’s not even counting the small  amount of distance between the two, arguably making his reaction time that much faster. The second motion would’ve been the counter attempt to thrust his right palm at the base of Kenji’s blade i.e the base of the handle. Cho using his speed struck out with a massive amount of force using his Wolfblood strength to attempt to stop and neutralize Kenji’s draw force. The negative draw back to using sword techniques that require a “draw” motion is that a martial expert like Cho can counter this by applying the pressure of a full punch or stopping palm to the base of the blade interrupting the draw as a whole. His hand would tremble at this motion, giving nod to Kenji’s strength of the draw and the force it would’ve inflicted had it went through, but thanks to proper timing the blade wouldn’t have even fully left the sheath, successfully nulling it…but one couldn’t forget that there was a third motion simultaneous with the other two. The third motion, would involve the left arm Cho folded across his chest, that he would lash forward in a back fist attempt! If the back fist connected, Cho would’ve used not only his own momentum but the forward force required for Kenji’s momentum to his would be attack to not only reverse his motion but send a blow so powerful it would crush the bridge of his nose entirely! The speed of Cho’s hand reducing his arm to that of brown fuzzy flesh like whip image, as it’d have enough “oomf” to send Kenji’s body skyrocketing backwards by 10 feet! Each of these three motions happening in a smooth forward counter transition, and it was only one motion entirely with his entire body. Had this counter held success, which thanks to the pause of his opponent and him “thinking” Cho was off guard, it would hold weight in it’s success. If it succeeded Kenji would have a busted nose, and Cho would hold his attacking pose. Had it been altered in some form of way or not, Cho’s head would’ve begun to channel an odd energy in the upper region, signifying something on his mind, that filled his body with a sensational rush.

[10/5/2016 11:27:23 PM] Kaiden/Mike: ( )

Mike: SH-SHIT!

Mikes eyes would have slanted when he saw the crow image form in front of him. THUMMM! The Kick connected, but even with it. It wouldn't be enough to knock him away like he wanted, it did hurt him though. The reason for this was ( This scar was due to his skull suffering from heavy water pressures that were intense enough to crush a man like a soda can. He is now resistant to most water pressures. Due to the cement, his body drifted down 6000 ft into the water , forcing his bones, and muscles to both gain an instant adaptability to the intense pressure. Forcing his body to advance almost, to morph into a state that could resist such pressures from then on out. This in total gave him the punching and kicking psi 2601.09 means of force alone. This is more then enough to crush a human bone on contact. On average, the human femur requires 1,700 pounds per square inch to be cleanly broken, while a weaker bone, such as the clavicle, takes considerably less force to break. And applied with chi, he can do almost 20 times that level of destruction with single blows alone. Basically this augmented his strength tremendously, and evolved his body to resist most physical pressures thus far. ) The pressure just wasn't enough to knock him back like Kenji would have intended to because of past events that happened with the young Hero. Mike rolled off the hit like a widereciver would roll off of an attempted tackle, catching himself on his extended leg, and then pushing off of it, traveling at even faster speed then before. Moving towards Kenji within the blink of an eye tis time around with his right hand extended for a punch! Doing so at the same time that Cho had been counter all of his movements. Over the past few months, Mike had learned how to do one thing with that Prophet power of his! And that was Make his silhouettes. While in this 'Prophet' Mode, Michael can use the power to create silhouettes of himself for small briefs of time. This in itself allows him to fight multiple enemies within this state. He typically fires them from his body for one shot attacks, they disperse after being used however. Two Silhouettes had appeared at Mikes back on the right and left of him by exactly 1 feet of distance as they also had there arms extended for a punch! Moving at the blink of an eye, the impact would be so immense that it would have smashed into Kenji's back to the point that it would stun him for a good 3-5 minutes upon connection. And if Cho's counter had been successful, then when he was knocking 10 feet ahead, this would amplify the impact of all 3 punches to the point that they would surely knock him out with the explosive impact. The punches were all aimed for his spine, causing the young wolfbloods back to literally SNAP from the pressure. But the soft hearted mike had still been holding back, not wanting to kill someone of his own 'kind'


MIke shouted once and if the punch connected into Kenji, which if it connected would have forced the young man to the floor. And because of how quickly things occurred, the chances of his men coming in to aid him so quickly would be less than none. Looking down at Kenji, mike would rub his jaw

Mike: Kenji! What are you doing! Your one of us! Your parents work for the order of the moon! Why did you attack Cho's men! We don't have to fight about this. Lets talk! No one else... has to get hurt today. Stand down!

[12:58:55 AM] Jay: His red beady eyes locked onto Cho’s movements watching every little step he took, not one thing went unnoticed about Cho. His mind was able to study everything happening all at once. His ears even picked up on Mike’s footsteps he knew he was coming for him. Cho made his move to get closer to Kenji, the young ash haired wolfblood could only grin at the incoming fight between the two on one. “COME ON THEN!” He roared in his head as his psychotic grin spoke for itself. Cho managed to thrust his palm on the base of the hilt pushing it back into the sheath.

Kenji smirked as he allowed the power of his palm strike to push Kenji to the ground. Instead of touching the ground Kenji used this momentum to allow his sheath to fly off into the ground releasing his blade from its encasing. Coming down a bit managing to give Kenji a small a bit of distance from Cho, he’d feel the wind from Cho’s punch fly over head ramming his face into a nearby tree. At this time Mike was just now sending his attack to Kenji, his punches were to no avail seeing how the warlock was ducked down at this moment.

At the exact same time Cho’s fist was hitting the tree and Mike was throwing his punches over head, Kenji swung his steel blade around in a 360 motion attempting to hit both of the wolfblood at the base of their legs just below the knees. Moving at quick speeds just ½ of a second is what it took for the blade to come in a full circle. If this was a successful attack both of the men would fell the immense pain of having their legs cut from the knee below. However, Mike had completely forgot about the Kenji clone still in effect. Disbanding their clone form the crows would spread out into their flock once again and this time reforming behind Mike again. Depending whether Mike did get his legs cut off the clone would react in either two ways.  Either he would deliver the finishing blow to Mike by sending a crushing heel stomp to Mike’s throat as he laid on the ground after having his legs cut off, or if he was able to defend or possible dodge the crow clone would be right on him, sending a series of punch and kick combos (five jabs mixed in with hooks, and a kick after ever hook) each hit would only be stronger than the last.

Tobi: The moment Cho’s fist connected with the tree, it was as if Cho’s fist didn’t connect with anything at all. An eluded embodiment of black had been the direction of the fist, the attack was not interrupted however - propelled, the very extension of Cho’s fist and his momentum boosted the reflection of this nightly black as it continue to extend towards him. Cho, would have been in mid attack, as this all happened. Not even, an inch of a second would have passed, the voices of Mike and Kenji - followed by the calls of nature would have vanquished at the conclusion of of Cho’s connection. Before, Cho would have known this had been a Warlock's door he was traveling too meant for Kenji - however, for the sake of his victory it was a sacrifice he was willing to take.



” -Make it nasty”


”Where’s the Witches Grimoire ?! ”

”Did you have Breakfast”

  • Were Tobi’s last words before ensuring the Witch cannot answer his questions again - the Warlocks scouted these woods every inch of it, but why ? - supposedly home wasn’t so far. Within, the instant of Tobi actually leaving the woods; leaving the Witches burial to his Warlock. Tobi, than teleported to Bathroom. However, Tobi can’t teleport. At Least not yet, - The Door, the passageway. The Warlocks Go to (( The Door As Used Here with Alaistars Capture   ))  Is what allows the Warlocks to get from point A to Point B. After, the attack by Conan Warlocks took and even bolder precaution. Their doors are constantly moving, meaning their base is constantly moving. It has no set location, these doors are constantly pinpointed around the city following a certain Pattern that only the Warlocks under Tobi’s guard can decipher no one outside of it not even the council. The Door had been at this exact location, where Tobi was prior before transporting himself to the bathroom.


Therefore, within the blink of an eye it took Cho to get that final connection, mistakenly using too much of his half wolf form strength - knocking Kenji out of the way of his attack, to where Kenji was now below Cho’s waist. Cho, would have found that within that very instant his body would have transported through a portal and into a room. An exquisite emptiness featured by a mellow body; - fluid at it’s discretion but quite tampered in it’s overall appearance. A shallow fog of black eating at it’s naked halls, lamps coexisting onguard but yet unmanned. Walls - diminished of their muck and century old imprints, failing wood and scattered claw marks nodding at protruding stray nails - which flailed of rust and bit’s of it’s body confirming it’s far from young age.However, despite the century old intimidating sight of these halls the overall state had been altered to man the presence of Warlocks. Cho, would have found himself surrounded by a number of Warlocks mages ranging from 50-75, they were all in the midst of chant forming somewhat of shield around the Warlock. One, where no type of Magik or Chi could exist. This was their most maximized Cell for all creatures including Witches, and though Witches were far more powerful than these Mages. Their power came from number, If Successful, Cho would have found himself at his knees at the unbearable sounds of the dog whistles coming from ever Mage. They exerted so much power, some began to die but when one died another came to replace him. If this were successful, Cho would find himself imprisoned by the Warlocks.

Back at the High School.

”Master Tobi it’s done ? “

The sounds of gloves,beating against a plated matt would come to a halt. Tobi entirely shirtless, allowed his arms to rest at his side as his heavy breathing rupture the ambience of the room. With, using a warm towel to capture the sweat upon his face, he began to walk towards a table where a chess board was in display. He quickly, picked up a black horse, and used it to knock down a black soldier - this would have left both the King and Queen exposed.

”What of Kenji - did he make it nasty ?”

” He’s currently occupied with Mike. I’m sending Zach and Zero give him aide right now.”

” Good. Cho isn’t Mike, but he should be good enough to take Zanes place. He’ll keep the council off my back. This means I can save Zane.”

“Save Zane ? Sir”

“Yes, I think I know a way to make her normal again. It’s a simple brainwashing technique.”

”Brainwash ? Sir. The Plan was to kill her quick and easy and besides isn’t that fake loyalty?”

”That is this plan, I just have to try this one last thing - Fake loyalty or not. I’d rather anything other than seeing her with that Mutt”


As Cho went to throw his punch, he’d find a very subtle lack of connection. In fact, he managed to push the sword into its sheath but when his hand hit the tree he suddenly realized he wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Cho stood up straight looking around to find himself in a very murky and tone deaf room. It was hard to see, or at least it should be for a regular person. Cho could see thin silhouettes in a crowd, a bunch of them. He didn’t know what had happened but he knew he’d fallen into some kind of trap, a well-placed one all be it.

Cho:…nice. –Adjust his sunglasses.-

However at that moment sounds began to pierce his ear drums! The sound of a dog whistle, one of his LEAST favorite sounds. Cho heard it, his right eye closing and his left eye opening as his body shriveled up and cringed in pain! He fell to one knee, slamming his hand onto the ground and gritting his fanged teeth. Cho closed both of his eyes and plugged his fingers deep, about an inch, into his ears to cover up the sounds enough to give himself a better view to focus. Eventually after such a time passed he found a serene calm in his mind. Thinking about the situation he was in and how it felt to be truly “powerless.” The only thing he could think of were words…

Cho: Dammit Mike you’re too soft…you’ve always been too soft. Ever since we were kids…


In the passing crowd of high school transition a white haired male would’ve began walking through a crowd of high school students. He then however stopped dead in his tracks, feeling something was missing. Almost as if a subtle piece of him had been removed from the area of familiarity. As such he turns his head, to find and identify the part of him that was missing that the jigsaw puzzle that was his first school day here at Kasaihana High.