• Well its been awhile since we've spoken hasn't it? Pretty crazy huh, its been 5 months since the chaos grew all over the city in a large scale war of werewolf and hunter. Soon after it was all said and Done, i started a brutal training with Keyth Tasanagi. The father of my Alpha Kin Tasanagi. The training was hell... but i survived. Barely, during the training i learned breifly how to use a powerful martial arts style known as Thunderous Boxing. Its incredibly powerful, i have the basic's down but Keyth says i need more work. All the while Kin has been teaching me how to hunt and use my animal instincts to follow and track prey. He says that my lack of blood-lust makes me weak. He says that a wolf must KILL. It's apart of what we are. But I don't belive in that... I believe... we can be much more then killers My name is Mike Allen, and I'm the Wolf Prophet.*

_Mike would have been standing on building, pulling a red bandanna over his eyes with two holes so he could see through them. His brown sandy hair blew in the air while he wore a pair of black joggers and black hitop shoes. With a black Shirt that didn't have the sleeves on them! He wore wrists bands and fingerless gloves. His fingertips had been clawed however... and the eye holes on his bandanna masks would illuminate as his eyes began to glow with a blazing like intensity. His canines stretched as he grew more feral in nature. Below him had been a sloo of Hoshmaru Yakuza robbing what seemed to be a musuem of some sort. Crouching down low on the edge of the building he'd close his eyes so he could listen in on the conversations._

Robber1: You find what were supposed to be looking for yet?

Robber2: Naw, nothing. The hell The Kagemaru's boss want with this thing anyways.

Robber1: Hell if i know...

Robber3: No, but were getting paid 50G's a piece for the job. And it's not the Kagemaru's boss... not anymore

Robber1: If the boss finds out what were doing... he's going to cut our fingers off...

Robber2: He'll kill us first. I know boss better then any of you clowns...

Robber1: All the reason we should hurry this shit the fuck up..

  • Crashing through the skylight had been Mike himself! With both of his hands pulled up in an X formation*

Robber1: SHOOT HIMMM!!!

_Robbers 1-2 and 3 all began to fire at Mike as he soared down from the air, however he'd contort himself in mid air to dodge the few bullets that he could. While some of them did indeed make there mark. It wouldn't slow him down as he landed on one robber and slammed his fist cross his jaw knocking him out, kick off of the goon as he'd do a back flip before he rolled behind a shelf to dodge incoming gunfire. Robber 2 would toss a gernade towards Mike's direction casuing the cover and the area where Mike had been to explode! Mike would have then leaped out of the smoke roaring like a beast as he slamed his right foot into one goons jaw knocking him into a wall. Cartwheeling to the left he'd dodge a gun shot aimed for his back! Landing on his right knee he'd then roll right into the the goon whom had shot at him! He'd kick off the ground smashing a knee into his chin before he smashed a hammer fist into the top of his head and then sending a straight handed superman punch into his face blasting him through and into the wall! Turning around to lunger at the last goon, goon 3. Sending a his left hand into his throat and then choke slaming him right into the ground knocking him out with ease._

Mike: Hell yeah! You see that!? You guys were all like ' I'm gonna shoot you raw raw raw ' and i was like ' Nah, fuck outta here with that weak shit! ' then i kicked yall's asses right! And then-then i was like! ' Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn daniel- BACK-atitagain with the ass'Aim!' HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH-

_Mike's ears twitched as a punch went soaring past his head, pulling himself backwards to get into the Thunderous Boxing stance! Only for him to see that it had been none other then a Titan force operative! The both of them began to trade blow for blow, Mike keeping up with the elite operative strike for strike, blow for blow!_


Operative: FIGHT PROPHET! '

_ The TFO ( Titan force operative ) leaped up to do a bike-cycle kick like strike but MIke would have kept his arms up as he ducked and weaved all the while moving backwards as he did so. Once the TFO landed, Mike would gripped the back of the TFO's neck slaming a right handed uppercut right into his mask, smashing it right into his face! Once the TFO had taken the strike he'd stagger back into a glass container. Mike rushed forward attempting to slam his fist into his mask again, but instead his hand met glass! The Impact would have caused the glass to shatter. Exactly what the TFO needed as he took two shards of glass, spinning himself rapidly before he attmepted slashing at Mike strike after strike!_


_The Operative sent a kick into Mikes jaw causing him to stagger back only for him to roll with that same momentum from that kick as he flipped forward attempting to slash Mike across the cheek, and he'd been successful! Mike held onto his bleeding face before he let out another growl, his eyes shifting from blue to gold again! He rushed forward and began to use his claws as he dug the jagged apendeges into the TFO's chest and then his right hip, dodging a strike aimed for his face again with a quick backwards weave. He'd kick the back of the TFO's knee cap before he slashed the back of his head with his left hand, and then uppercuted him with the right!_


-Ending the onslaught he'd slash viciously all around the TFO's body before he ended it with a solid haymaker to the top of his head causing the TFO to go blasting through another glass container, Knocking him out cold_


_Mike said holding onto the TFO's shirt as he shook him over And over again before foam began to drown the TFO to death_

Mike: Another suicide pill...

_He said dropping the TFO and looking back at the knocked out Hoshmaru Yakuza's_

  • My Name is Micheal Allen... And I'm the Wolf-Prophet. And it seems like I'm always knee deep in bullshit*

CHAPTER 1: No Pain no Gain

( )

No one know's that I do this... er, vigilante thing at night like i do. My mom moved in not to long ago, it was hard to get used to. My grandmother says that she was clean now, that she was off the drugs. But i know she still gets a hit in here and there. I hate to see her like that... Not to mention what Blo'Ro did to her. She still hasn't shown any proof of anything happening though. And that in itself to me... is strange. I know my mother a bit derpy, and a bit to happy go lucky. But, not even she could hide something like that for to long. And yet, she shows no since of stress, or fear. Either... she's one of the strongest women I know. Or she's hiding something. But, i have my secrets to, i dress up as a superhero every night, and... im a werewolf. And get trained martial arts by strange old men in the afternoons and every saturday

Mike: Ok! I'm going to Mr.Tasanagi's!

Annie Jean: Micheal Thedore Allen! You stop right there!

Mike would have stopped at the door, cringing as he turned around to face his grandmother whom had a scowl on her face, crossing her arms and tapping her foot on the wooden floors of the samll apartment that they live in

Mike:Yes... Ma'am?

Annie Jean: Are you going over to that strange Detectives house again...

Mike: Yes Grandma, he's my sensei, what do you expect? I told you i have to see him 3 times during the week. And One time on Saturday.

Annie Jean: I thought that Keyth Tasanagi fella, was your sensei!

Mike:... Well... Kin's like my mentor. He looks after me.

Mikes grandmother placed her hands on her apron before she walked over to her grandson, taking both of his hands into her own

Annie Jean: Mike, darling... you know grandma loves you. No-matter what you like. Are you... a homosexual grandson?

Mike: What!? No! Grandma, fuck outta here wit- I mean... No grandma, i like girls. Remember that girl Zane i was telling you about?

Annie Jean: Oh, you mean the girl your to chicken-shit to ask out? yeah, i remember.

Mike stepped out of the apartment, rushing down to the broom closet before he looked to see if the coast was clear. He'd pull the red mask over his eyes before he opened the window, taking one last look he'd leap out of the air! His body twisting in mid air before he landed on one knee, tossing himself forward into a roll he'd then kick off another building before latched onto a neon sign, kicking through the large Neon 'S' so that his body would be thrown to the other side where he landed on one hand. He'd then kick off said hand and continue his roof-top run, before long he had made it to the Dojo, taking his mask off he'd stuff it into his backpack as he stepped into a room where Keyth and another student had been

Keyth: Strike Left, Now strike right!

The two students all charged Keyth at once in there Thunderous boxing stances. But he would have caught both boys blows as he tossed one into the wall, and kneed the other in the chin. He'd then, while that same student had been in mid-air, headbutt him in the stomach causing the young man to vomit before his eyes went silent white.

Keyth: Try harder! Your all WEAK!

Mike: Hey Old Man! Is it my turn now?

Mike said pulling his backpack and jacket off before he removed his shirt and shoes as well. Pulling his Belt he earned at the Dojo across his head as a headband. The red flowing in the wind as he got down into the Thunderous boxing stances. The two charged one another, fighting for a good bit of time before Mike threw a poorly aimed right hook at Keyth whom easily deflected it to the right, only to then backhand him down to the ground. Mike hit the floor with a thud but did a push-blast with his hands to get him back up to his feet. Mike and Keyth continued to trade blows until Keyth got the best of him once again knocking Mike through a weight set!


Mike: And your still... a roid-baby headed ass freak...


Believe it or not... but even though the training was hell, I was at peace back then. The Tasanagi's started to grow on me. And over time, i really did start to consider them like family. Keyth was the father, brash and loud. He called himeslf ' King of The Beast ' It rare you ever see him down. But Keyth... came from a very sad story. His father, Keyome Tasanagi wanted to keep the power of an Onigami and still be within human form. So he gave up his own children for power. A tribe of witches from the Skylands vowed to bare the powerful crime lords children. In exchange he cut off all ties with them, and the sex-ritual would grant him the power he desired. They were right, Keyome had gotten extremly powerful... but this left his children to fend for themselves. Keyth had been one of those kids. One day, the other tribal women made him kill his own brother and sister so they could find the perfect Onihourda host for an evil creature called ' The Void ' or something like that. Well, Keyth had been just what they had been looking for. After Killing his brother and sisters... Keyome went back on his word. And killed off Keyth's mother and the witch tribe. Trying to remove all of his evil sins before the wrong people found out about it. Keyth traveled to Kasaihana city for revenge, only for him to discover later on, that his father Keyome had meant to save him from his mother. She would kill him to once he reached the right age, and take his power. All for the sake of there dark Lord. And that's just... one of the Tasanagi's story. Maybe i'll tell you about the ones we come across... as the story goes on

( )

Keyth: So Kid... You figured out, where you want to stand in all of this wolfblood stuff.

Mike: No... I'm not entirely sure.

_Both men said as they sat on the wooden posts of the back dock behind the Dojo, the sun had been setting and they both had towel's on their shoulders. And a drink in their hands._

Keyth: My son says... your some kinda, prophet or something. Like uh, what's his name. Jesus, yeah.

Mike: Are you saying, Im Jesus?

Keyth: Well... do you err... feel, like Jesus?

Mike: No... not really.

_Awkward silence showed its ugly head between the two before Mike broke the mold again_

Mike: What does that even mean, ' Wolf-Prophet' ?

Keyth: Im assuming it, means. And don't take my word for it but uh. I think it means that your some kind of Shepard, or leader. I mean, that's what prophets do right? They guide people. Maybe your... supposed to bring some kind of balance to not only the Wolfblood world, but the Supernatural world altogether.

Mike: ... Wow Keyth. That was the smartest thing i've ever heard you say in my life.

Keyth: My wife, made me study the dictionary every-night. It was hell... I can be smart, when I want to be.

Mike: Your wife? I didn't know you had a wife Keyth. What happened to her, did you eat her in her sleep or something. Hahaha.

Keyth: She died...


Keyth: She died, giving birth to my Son Sora. Her name was Michiko. And she was the most wonderful person. Most breathtaking person. I've ever met. Hahaha, when she met me. I was in this Yakuza i brought up in spite of my father. Called the Arasumaru, we were the real fucking deal kid. Real Killers, cut-throats. And me? I was the most monstrous of them all. I was so much of a beast, I had a Ryoji run with me back in the Day. I was animal, a Killer. I always thought nothing could stop me. Until... i met her. She made me finish school, and clean up my act, get a hair cut hahaha.  I always thought, my greatest adversary would be a monsterous devil whom had been as tall as the eyes could see. I never thought... i'd be defeated by 5'5 women, with glasses. And a smile...

Chapter 2: The Reason why

  • I guess your wondering what im doing, and more importantly... why im doing it. I guess i could show you the sole reason why. The honest to god, ONLY reason why*

_Mike had been sitting with the other order of the moon members. Only a few survived the war, the ones at the round table had been Kin Tasanagi, Lucas Maxon, Luna, and LuLu. The others had been out and about, doing other things. Mike stood behind Kin, looking down the whole time while he listned to the elders speak_

Luna: So your telling me, that wasn't mad dog at all?

Kin: Naw, nope. It wasn't, i looked into it. I even saw him for myself. The US government was duped, i'm assuming by an agent whom can take on different persona's or... a shape-shifter of some kind. Mad-Dog was in his cell the whole time, he never left once. And when we approached him about the subject, he spoke as if he had no clue as to what our meaning had been. He was even lie-dectector tested. He passed all of them, Mad Dog had no ties as to what had been going on.

_Kin said sparking a cigeratte, and allowing the smoke to slip past his lips and out his nose in gray streams_

Kin: I checked the area where he had fallen. After i decapitated him... his body was nowhere to be found, along with the Axeman's body. Both were gone.

_Kin would have then pulled out the book of wolves from a suitcase, nodding his head to Mike to place it onto the table so the others could see for themselves, as Kin opened the book he'd pull up the entries on the Axeman_

Kin: In the book of wolves we have sketches, depections of the Axeman. And it says right here, that the Axeman... is the product of the Wolfbloods archnemeis... Dark Luthor. If the Axeman was here, that means that he was here as well. And its also been stated in the Archives that Dark Luthor is a shape-shifter after all.

Luna: Are you saying that Mad Dog was...

Kin: That's right. Dark Luthor.

Lucas: That's a big acusation. Do you know what your saying Tasanagi?

Kin: Yeah, I know exactly what im saying. I'm saying that its time we train the children, all of the wolfbloods under the age of 17 need to be checked on, i suggest taking them over to my fathers Dojo. He can offer protection, and training for the children. Meanwhile the Elders should focus on the other things.

Luna: Like...?

Kin: like searching for the other Wolfsouls. We have two already. We have Mike, and Cho. Its already been proven that Cho has a connection with Wapuwet, the book of wolves reacted to his precneces when he came near it just two months ago. It only does this with Souls that have a tie to it, a tie to the Orginal Order of the moon. The Orginal Gaurdians...

Lucas: I agree with Kin, we must train our young. And the elders need to prepare for other things.

Kin: Lulu, you go find Tahira. I hear she's back out into the Skylands. Meanwhile, the rest of you rally up all of the kids, and get them ready for what may be the worst. Mike, your with me. I have to show you a few things before I head in to the KPD to do my shift.

_Mike and Kin both made it out to the roof of the Order of the Moon Hideout where Kin removed his jacket and tie. Wearing a dress shirt and some slacks. With his gator dress shoes._

Kin: Mike, your destined for great things. Things i can't really explain, but i can tell. I can sense the latent power that you have in you. Dormant and restless. My fathers taught you how to be a figher, im going to teach you how to be a hunter.

Mike: Sounds like fun! I think... you know. Cho's alot better at these things. I'm gonna call cho-

Kin: I understand, Cho is your bestfriend. But until you learn how to use your powers properly. you'll be placing not only yourself in danger. But your best-friend as well... You have to learn how to control the curse, control the shits, and control the power.

Mike:... Your right. What do I need to do.

Kin: You have to learn how to do alot. But first, were going to work on your senses. I've been tracking down a drug-dealer. I need to interogate him but he's been running from the cops for about two months. I have a warrant out for his arrest but i haven't had the time to sniff him out.

Mike: So... I get to play hound-dog then.

Kin: That's right. Here, take a sniff at this.

_Kin said giving Mike a ragged cloth_

Kin: I got it from him when i first encounterd him two weeks ago. He got away because i knew he'd evantually lead me back to the drug den. Which, your gonna bust. He works for this guy name Purple Malone. One of the biggest Venom pushers in District 1. Sniff him out, and take him and his crew down.

Mike: You think I'm ready for this Kin?

Kin: Not even remotely so. But... its the only way for you learn.

  • As I approached the Drug Den, i didn't know how to react to anything. Or have the slightest clue as to how i was gonna do this thing, Kin only taught me how to hunt animals. He never taught me how to hunt people, nor did he tell me just how dangerous they were. I didn't want to do this, i never thought it was a good idea. But i couldn't argue with Kin. When he had his mind-made up about something. There was no changing it. I squatted over the area in which the goons were located. Two cars in thefront of the project apartment complex. I didn't even have to count all of the men in the front, 34 tops... i could smell them all. They all smelled like that old drug den i used to live in, when my mom sold me for drugz back when i was a kid. I still have nightmares about that place, trying my best to block out the things i saw. Trying to unsee the already seen is just as hard as it sounds. I caught four extra scents, a young girl, and two teenagers. And one boy as well. The smell was fainter, meaning they had been within a greater distance, but all within the same area. This just meant that they were underground. Kin taught me that himself, not to far back I knew what i had to do, and i some what knew how i wanted to do it. But i had another issue... most of the guys went to my highschool, and i didn't want to be seen by them. It could make my life outside of all this Supernatural non-sense alot harder then what it already is. So... I ripped the sleeves off my jacket off, and pulled my long sleeved underarmour from my back pack on. And took hold of Keyth's old scarf he told me to drop off to the dry cleaners, and pressed it to my face. Wrapping the cloth tightly around but just enough so i could see and my face was hidden enough, i was ready.*

Purple Malone: You know, this new shipment of venom has really been hot. We've made a killing off of that shit alone.

Goon1: Yeah, i know. That and that shit Blo' keeps sending our way, he said it was some kind of modified V-surge. It really gets the boys going when they take it.

Purple Malone: I agree, where's Blo anyways, he was supposed to be back here with another shipment two hours ago.

Goon1: I don't know, haven't heard from the guy since last week when he brought in the last shipment of girls he wanted two days ago.

Mike: ' Blo'Ro... '

_Mike said to himself as he heard the name of his former bully_

Purple Malone: The guy's a werido if you ask me, he gets all these girls up and sends them in the masses over to this traffiker or whatever, honeslty. We've supplied this guy with over 50 girls in the past two months. And he seems to barely be making a profit off of em.

Goon1: I agree boss. But, i think it should have been a red-flag when he didn't want money, he just wanted girls in exchange for that modified vemon that's selling like hot-cakes right now. In my opinion i say fuck it. Let him continue to dick around, were gonna make a killing off of his shit, and once we have enough cash, we won't need em anymore. We'll leave em out to dry.

_Both men broke out into cackling laughter while Mike listned in to it all from a suitable distance. It was Vacaous of him to think that something like this would just be a simple drug bust. No, he knew his Alpha was smarter, and alot more caninving then that. He sent Mike on this job, on this task because he knew himself that their was a connection with MIke in this. *Blo-Ro*. Mike had been tracking him, the first month after the Warlocks and Wolfblood war. But his trail went cold after sometime until now. Mike knew one thing though. Blo'Ro's old pack? He killed them all himself. He ate them, Whenever a Wolfblood turns another person and they don't have the power of an Alpha. They become grotest creatures called Ghouls. Just like Glutton wolves, they follow the path of 'Dark Gluttony' but instead they consume, and consume forever and ever. Never to truly be full again. Never to be satisfied. Forced to walk amongst the earth continously aching for food._

Purple Malone: You feel that?

Blo'Ro: Relax... its me.

_Blo'Ro said as he tossed a box down to the crime bosses feet._

Blo: Full boxes of the Venom. Just for you. You got the girls around here?

Purple Malone: Jesus christ, where did you come from? And fuck man! You look... and smell like death!

_Blo had a hood on his head, his skin had been gray and his eyes seemed dead in color. Even his hair had fallen out. He wore a dingy black hoodie and some jeans with no shoes. His toenails had become talons... along with his finger nails. Long and sharp jagged blades that could rip a mortal man to shreds in seconds_

Blo: Never mind that, do you have the girls... or not.

Purple Malone: Yeah, yeah igor. Their in the back...

Blo: How many...?

Purple Malone: 15

Blo: No deal. I said 30, 25 atleast. 15 won't be enough, deals off.

Purple Malone: Now, hold on there buddy. Haha, we uh. Did alot of hard work getting these girls. Their teenagers, some we even got from that big Whore house, owned by that one chick. What's her name? Jomoko? Kanoko? Something like that. And the ones we didn't stash from her inventory are all 16 and below. We figured your buyers would want some variety. We went down to Kasaihana middle school, bagged two of em in there to. I think that should suffice enough for payment for the Venom.

Blo: I said... no Deal.

Purple Malone: See, now your making me sad.

_All of Purple's men pulled out guns or something of the sort, all cocked and aimed down at Blo_

Purple Malone: Alright shithead i've been real nice. But today the negoitating ends here. You see WERE gonna keep the girls ourselves, and then. Were gonna kick your ass, and your gonna tell us who your getting your stuff from. Once that's over and done, if your nice, we'll only cut off... ONE of your limbs. We'll even let you pick.

_Blo began to grit his teeth as his eyes shifted into a deep crimson red, his breathing became labored as well, but before Blo could do away with all of the goons. Mike would have blasted through the window, tackling one goon right into the wall!_


_The goons began to open fire on Mike after turning their heads around to see that Blo'Ro had been gone, Mike leaped over cover, covering his ears as the bullets blasted into the wooden box that had been protecting him from the gangs onslaught._

  • I bet your wondering why i lunged in after the goons, instead of attacking Blo'Ro head on. Well, the thing is, if i hadn't had. Blo would have killed every guy in here surely enough with mercy. Knowing him, he would've gotten a kick out of it. I save their lives the best way i could.*

_Mike would have picked up a screw driver before using his peak human accuracy to toss it right into the light above everyones heads that also richothed into the generator, blacking the room out completely_







_One by one the gons were being taken out left to right and Malone's gang had been in a frenzy! Rapid fire going everywhere, flashes of Mike punching and Kicking goons left and right could be seen with swift blurs if someone had the trained eye for it. After a good five minutes or so, the goons had been taken out along with Purple before the backup generators came on, and the entirety of the room had been completely red where MIke had been standing in a sea of knocked out men, lifting Purple up with his nose caved in to his face, Mike began shakign him back and forth before shouting into his face as loud as his teenage voice would allow him to_


  • Meanwhile under the warehouse, where the girls had been stashed.*

_They had been locked up in cages, the lot of them shivering and looking at each other for reassurance as they listened in onto the vicious and savage gun-battle happening above their heads._

Girl: Makie, is it over? Do you think the cops have come to save us?

Makie: In this town? Hah... we'll be lucky if its the fucking Yakuza saving us.

Blo: Hello girls.

_Blo'Ro said standing infront of the cage they had been held in. His head covered by the hood on his attire, that casted neatly across his face to hide his monster like features_

Blo: Your all coming with me...

_The girls all backed into the corner of the cage once he walked over to open the gate, breaking the lock off with ease, and stepping into the holding cell for the girls! Only to have his hoodie snatched up from the back and he'd be THROWN into the wall across the room_

Mike: Your not going to touch any of them Blo. This ends now!

Blo: DAMN YOU ALLEN! You keep getting in my fucking way, I HATE YOU. You think you can stop me?! Im stronger now. Much stronger then before!

_Mike would have pulled the mask off of his face as his eyes began to glow a bright gold, getting into his own feral like stance that matched Blo'Ro's as both creatures of the night roared back at each other_

Mike: So Am I...

_Blo Lunged Mike first, but MIke would have side-stepped him to choke slam him into the ground! The impact meant nothing to the Ghoul though as landed with both of his hands on the ground first, hand-springing up quickly enough to dodge MIkes sweeping low kick that followed up after! Blo flipped in the air twice before he sprouted his wings and dove forward with both of his arms extended! Mike would did his own backwards hand-spring, this time though he'd hook both of his legs around Blo's hips as he soared over him! Using that momentum he'd tuck his legs forward forcing the flying Blo'Ro's face to go smashing right intot he wooden ground! Mike would then kick off of his body landing on one knee before he let out another growl of his own. Blo'Ro shook his head left to right, pulling his face out of the wooden planks on the floor._


_Mike would have ran-towards him this time sending a punting kick into Blo's face that knocked him BACK up to his feet. The impact left him staggered enough so that Mike began to whale into him with punch after punch before he slammed his right fist into his chin! Blo took the impact though using his wings to his advantage as he tookt he falling spin to the ground from mikes punch, but used his wings to slash at mike's torso at the same time! Mike stumbled backwards with blood rushing from his wound before his vision began to blurr_

Blo: Poison... new addition of mine. You like it?

Mike: Mr.Tasanagi says... poison... is for BITCHES!

_MIke used his metablism, forcing it speed up with his slight usage of physical chi until he'd finally sweat the poison out from his pores in a purple smoke. Gasping frantically before he lunged towards Blo'Ro with a knee into his nose, and then a double-handed axe fist to the back of his rivals head! The blow caused Blo'Ro to hit the ground head first, and literally BOUNCE up from the ground due to the impact just so Mike send a superman punch right into his head knocking him into a cansiter of oil! His body hitting the cansiters at such a speed caused an explosion! Fire engulfed the building quickly and as it Did, Blo'Ro stood back up now, screeching like the grotest creature that he is before lunging out of the window and soaring off into the sky._

Mike:... I'll find you Blo' and im going to help you.

_Mike turns, eying all of the scared girls staring at him in awe before he nodded his head._

Mike: Alright. You girls ready to go home?

45 Minutes later...

Mike: That's the last of them...

_Mike said as he tossed another tied up goon to the railings around the docks while the girls watched him do so._

Mike: The KPD should be here any minute now. You girls should get home, these guys won't be bothering you anymore...

Makie: Wait, Night-dude, night guy or whatever. Are you with Heroes Inc?

Mike: Night Guy...?

Makie: Well, you are a guy, i think... And it is Night. I thought it kind of stuck.

Mike: Hm... No, I'm not with Heroes Inc. Im not... a viglinte.

Makie: Could have fooled me... you look like a vigilante to me with that cloth over your face and that black get-up your wearing.

Mike: I uh, I guess your right. Hey look, you seem to be the oldest out of the group. You think you can keep an eye out on the rest of the girls, make sure they make it home safe?

Makie: Are you saying that i look old.

Mike: Wh-What!? N-No... I mean, you look old-Gah.. I mean uh, your really pretty and um... you just...

Makie: Relax cowboy, christ. So much for being the suave hero type. My names Makie. And yes... i'm 19 I work for another whore house across town. These guys picked me up during my runs, this is gonna be a problem explaining this to the Mistress...

_The KPD Began to flood into the area as they rushed down the street in their cop cars, blaring their sirens for all to hear_

Mike: I should go...

Makie: Yeah, you should.

_Mike would have began to jog into the distance before Makie would have called out to him again_

Makie: Will I ever see you again?

Mike: ...

_He paused, turning around to look back at the tattered hooker before he smirked_

Mike: Maybe, who know's in this city. Live for today you know... See you around. Makie.

_Mike said rushing into the shadows before he'd jump wall to wall up a building, vanishing completely out of sight_

Chapter 5: It's his blood

Chapter 5: It's his blood.

  • 14 Hours later*

_Kin and Mike had been at the KPD forseincs lab as he began to scan over what Mike had found_

Kin: So these were the only crates you came across during your bust?

Mike: Yeah, Blo'Ro only made 25 vials of the stuff.

Kin: I've ran a few tests.

_Kin said pulling his lab-coat on before pulling his glasses on as he walked over to a computer across the room, typing in a few keys and walking over to the vials to test them for himself. Dropping a bit of the vial on a cricket that had been contianed in a glass container_

Kin: Watch, the crickets form increases within seconds of this stuff. But...then it decays, you see?

_Kin said pointing out the fact that the cricket had broken itself down within seconds, decaying into dust_

Kin: The users of this stuff are killing themselves 10 times faster then what the orginal Venom does to people. It's only a matter of time before this stuff picks up heavy on the streets.

Mike: So... what exactly is this stuff then?

Kin: His blood.

Mike: His... what!?

Kin: When you saw and fought Blo'Ro. He looked ghouslish right? Like a Monster? Like his huamnity had been stripped completly am I right?

Mike: I mean, yeah. He did... how did you...

Kin: He's been using his blood knowing what it does to people. I'm assuming this may have a Tie in with the Titan force. The only person who know's how Cho became a Wolfblood is Me, you, Dark Lutor, and Joseph Cain, AKA Wendingo. Leader of the Titan Force. He may have tipped Blo'Ro off. More then likely to take my focus off of other things. But, he wasn't counting on you. I'm sure of it. I'm going to keep my eyes open and see what else i can find. Meanwhile, I want you to get back out there and tell me what you can find. That Makie girl said she had a mistress right? I know of one. She may not be Makie's but she may have some information on the drug. These things pass quickly in the underground.

Mike: I mean, sure thing. Sounds easy enough right. So get some intel on anyone who's pushing " A new Venom. " Sounds simple enough right? How hard could it be. I'll go put my costume back on and get to work.

Kin: Costume?

Mike: Yeah, i uh. Wear this thing to hide my face. Im not a Tasanagi, my family could get hurt for doing the thigns you ask of me.

Kin: Touche. So, what are you going by. You know your err... crime fighting alias.

Mike: I was thinking uh...

_Mike said holding the thought for a moment before he picked up a Comic book with a large moon on the front of it_

Mike: Night-Guy.

Kin: Seriously... Night Guy.

Mike: Yeah, Night-Guy! You don't like it?!

Kin: It doesn't even sound threatning, its dumb. My daughter could have came up with a better name then that.

Mike: You have a daughter? ... Wow.

Kin: Yeah, I have a kid so what?

Mike: Hm? Oh nothing you just don't seem like the type...

Kin: And what the hells that supposed to mean!?

Mike: You seem like the type to eat children, more so then have them.

_Kin would have stood up out of his seat flipping the table across the room as he did_

Mike: Geez... fine, fine. I'm on it, don't get your brooding panties in a bunch.

_Kin would have shot Mike a glare as his eyes shifted into a glowing red_


_Mike said rushing out of the room franttically, Leaving Kin rather amused as he'd shake his head with a smirk on his face_

Chapter 6: In the Dog House

[4/21/2016 7:59:38 PM] Don Keyo: With his backpack strapped over his back, he'd make his trek towards Connor Ryoji's home, requesting that he uses his connections to get in contact with a certain lady. Connor Ryoji then got in contact with Ochigi which then got in contact with Densuke. Which finally led its final steps towards a very notoriously known female known as Tomoko. Densuke had given her a message that a youngman and friend of Connor's wanted to speak with her. And a Date had been set.

Friday Night, 8:50PM

Mike Stood infront of his destination with dread. The smell of sex and drugs hit him like a sack of bricks, the energy coursing through this place would make any human teenage boy placed on edge. But for a Wolfblood Teenage boy, he felt as if his very being had become one giant penis. He had a thick red blush on his face even as he walked towards the doors with a scowl on his face. Walking up to both bouncers with his hands in his jean pants. His black and white sneakers tapping lightly against the concrect with every step he'd take.

Mike: I'm here to see your boss. The Ryoji's sent me.

Bouncer1: For fucks sakes. Have you even hit puberty yet?
Bouncer2: How old are you Kid?

Mike: Im..I'm 16.

Bouncer: HAHAHAAHAHh you look 13.

Bouncer2: Yeah, the boss told us she was expecting you. Go on in, don't touch any of the girls unless your paying. And Don't say anything stupid to the boss, or you'll have to deal with us. Got it?

Mike: Yeah, sure thing man I got you. No lip, and no licking, i mean touching. No touching. Yeah.

Both men would have given Mike a look before opening the door so that the young Wolfblood could pass through unphased

Mike: Alright... stay focused... stay focused.

Mike said as he closed his eyes trying to block out the continous visuals of large asses and big breast

Kit: (  ) Alone was she in the main room of the Lion's Den, her supple soft frame lying down belly down against the makings of several massive yet colorful harem styled pillows as her back length raven cascading over bare back and shoulders like dark heavy  curtain would, concealing behind their tendrils her large mounds that lay just mere inches from her bosom uncovered and uninhibited by any clothing as she wore a very loose about the arms sky blue and white crane embroidered style kimono. As it was the practice by all those who dwell in this place as its Dominus both past and present, trusted very few. Least of all herself. But over the past few years she had found that her connections to those did in fact reap some benefits here, her lilac gaze shifting upwards some what from crunching the numbers that she had been going over from the Den's latest en devours from behind a dark red bead made curtain. Their focus falling upon the form of a boy possibly no older than her own two girls, dressed as most young men his age would and doing his best to avert his adolescent lust away from the sights of  several submissive with cunts exposed being fucked by trainer while on crosses or in cages. Her personal favorite of the things he might have saw upon being directed by another of the hired help as to which room he could find her in being the two submissive who were bound together by the locks of their hair, faces covered with black pvc masks which held their mouth open, and arms bound behind them with cunts pressed up against one another by way of a duel sided 17 inch dildo that had been rammed up their cum holes which would activate its vibration mode the moment either of them dared to even squirm or let a noise that were currently serving as a coffee table in foray of the main room. The Dominus watching carefully for any signs that might indicate if he was anything other than the true blue scout that Densuke or Connor has implied him to be to her, Moko beginning to lower the pen she was using in order place both of her hand palms down onto the pillows before using the strength in her arms to push up as the young male drew closer towards her through what would normally be for most her maze of indecent horrors.

Yet for him, he was as modesty as modest could get literally not paying her antics any attention from what she could tell as her right hand going towards her left shoulder first in order to adjust the back of her kimono before going on to do the same motions again with her left in order to draw the expensive fabric up and about her body fully in order to cover it before proceeding to use the obi in order to hold securely hold the kimono in place and prevent it from reopening. Mike mostly by this point having come upon the curtain of beads that lead into the room and announcing himself. To which Moko would've replied, “Enter.” and if he had he would've found himself face to fact with none other than the legend in which men ages from the ages 13 to 100 still all fantasize about....Sakura turned Dominus of the Den by the late owner himself Cornieus L'Rowe. “I've been expecting you Allen-san...please have a seat or would you prefer to stand?” the last part being a joke as most assumed cause this was a whore house that it wasn't in fact a clean one. Moko's gaze staying with young man as she spoke and awaited his responses if there indeed were any.

[ 6:11:34 PM] Don Keyo: She ordered him to Enter, and enter is what he did. The 16 year old wolfblood stood baffled at the sight of the women before him. He had never had any forms of sexual experinces, he hadn't even kissed a girl before. So to take in everything in such stride had been a feat all to difficult for the teenage hero to manage. Stepping forward with a bow, keeping his head low he'd take a deep breathe before finally pulling himself back up to his full height, his eyes closed tight shut and his cheeks burning crimson in color, his chest exhaling the pint up air from him holding his breathe for a breif moment, only for his words to flow from his lips in streams of speech.

Mike: H-Hi... my names. Micheal Allen, I work for Detective Tasanagi in his... er.. Junior detective program. He gave me a task, and he told me to get in contact with someone that had webs, deep in the underworld of Kasaihana city. I knew of Connor Ryoji, and his Yakuza activites and experinces from the stories he's told me and my best-friend. As you know Ma'am. He was the one whom directed me to you. B-Before you speak, i'm sure your wondering... what I want with you, and why im wasting your time! Well... I um. I have some Q-Cards, i mean Note cards, that I wrote down on my way here.

Mike said pulling his backpack off of his back as he began to fiddle through the insides of it, looking for the notes frantically before he'd finally pull a slim stack of the colorful notes out from the depths of his bag

Mike: -Clears throat- there's been an outbreak recently, i'm sure you've heard of it. Kin Tasanagi took down Venom Drug, the last time it had been in the streets. But now, another branch of the drug is resurfacing. But its deadiler... however the consumers don't know that. I'm here because, in the last major venom drug bust. One of the girls named Makie told Mr.Tasanagi that she's been working for you. D-Don't worry though! She only told him... and he only told me. She was placed under witness protection a few hours ago. Due to the fact that she had a direct connection with the last drug bust made on the Venom insurgen. Some of your girls has to hear things in your erm... line of busniess. Were looking for any gangs, Yakuza, Mafiso's in general whom may be selling the stuff. The more leads we get, the closer we get to finding the source of this drug.

Mike said going through the last of his notes before his attention back up to tomoko, his eyes never meeting her own however. They were focused on her breast for a brief moment only for him to shake his head and continue his gaze down towards the floor. Sweat trickling down the right side of his face while he shifted back and forth

Mike: On a side-note... this is a um, this is a really nice place you have here Ma'am! It smells good- In here! If you can look past the smell of, bodily fluids... and um... you know. The S-Word. The word that ends with X. You that know! That one word that i've had alot of!

Guard1(By the door): Sex?

Mike: YES! THAT'S THE ONE... RIGHT THERE, I'VE HAD TONS... OF THAT. You can ask any of my friends, i have...THAT with tons of girls.

The Guards would have given Mike a silent glare as they stated back at him with pale expression

Mike: Heh.. heh... ahhh..

[4/22/2016 7:47:23 PM] Kit: “H-Hi... my names. Micheal Allen, I work for Detective Tasanagi in his... er.. Junior detective program. He gave me a task, and he told me to get in contact with someone that had webs, deep in the underworld of Kasaihana city. I knew of Connor Ryoji, and his Yakuza activities and experiences from the stories he's told me and my best-friend. As you know Ma'am. He was the one whom directed me to you. B-Before you speak, I'm sure your wondering... what I want with you, and why I'm wasting your time! Well... I um. I have some Q-Cards, i mean Note cards, that I wrote down on my way here.” Moko heard young man say upon finishing his introductions, most of the information she'd already know as Connor Ryoji could never keep his big ass mouth close. Though it still surprised the 43 year old Asian woman how he'd managed to do so in regards to her girls keeping his own men company around that harpy that he called a wife of his. Moko mused silently to herself, her lilac orbs watching Mike motion a hand backward in order to retrieve the bag that was on his shoulders, opening it and proceeding to dig around feverishly once he'd managed to get open for the note cards to he'd mentioned had earlier but as he did so she would smile introducing herself,  “Tomoko Asakura, other wise known in the Under Belly of Kasaihana as Sakura, Dominus of the Lion's Den.”

Pfft both Ryojis were right, just as green around the horns as a blade of grass. She thought chuckling to herself. As finding ones like him was like hitting the lottery when it came to this hell hole of city. The Dominus drawing her long slender legs closer towards the rest of her body so that they would be curled directly up under her in the hopes that Mike's eyes wouldn't wander passed where they already were lurking. Which despite her attempts to cover her breasts with the  soft silk cloth of her kimono it did very little to keep the mind of anyone man or woman from leering she wagered giving them both a rather casual glance before returning her attention to the up and coming detective as he clear his throat. “There's been an outbreak recently, I'm sure you've heard of it. Kin Tasanagi took down Venom Drug, the last time it had been in the streets. But now, another branch of the drug is resurfacing. But its deadlier... however the consumers don't know that. I'm here because, in the last major venom drug bust. One of the girls named Makie told Mr. Tasanagi that she's been working for you. D-Don't worry though! She only told him... and he only told me. She was placed under witness protection a few hours ago. Due to the fact that she had a direct connection with the last drug bust made on the Venom insurgency. Some of your girls has to hear things in your erm... line of business. Were looking for any gangs, Yakuza, Mafiso's in general whom may be selling the stuff. The more leads we get, the closer we get to finding the source of this drug.” the information he'd just provided causing Moko to furrow her brows in concern, not only in regards to having lost a valuable asset due Makie being placed under the protection pending the outcome of a case with the KPF but also to the confirmation of her suspicions of there being a newer strand of the Godfrey Family's Vemon drug floating around Kasaihana.

“Hmm this is indeed troubling, the original almost wiped out the entire populous of D1 when it was introduced almost 20 years ago. Many here are still suffer from its effects, I've dedicated much of what I do know in regards to medicine and chemistry to ease their suffering but honestly the only peace they find is with a bullet to the brain. And yes Makie is...well was one of mines and well on her way to being freed as with most here are bound in by the debts others around them accrue with me. Not really worried about her snitching though, least of all to a Tasanagi as that name is legendary in its on right here in the underworld.” Tomoko not implying that she'd done business with any in the family of course just that word of their virility has gotten around more so than anything else when it comes to the ladies. “So she'll be fine, as to any of my girls having heard anything about this newer version of Venom from within the Yakuza circuit...let's just say its more of seen verses that of having heard.” these words spoken by the older woman being meant to spark Mike's attention more so than anything else as Moko motioned a hand down towards the floor first before pushing up into her knees and with agile grace of geisha would proceed to place a carefully manicured foot onto the floor which was soon followed by its mate as she came to stand at her full height of 5'8 before him. The teen shaking his head in attempt to cease his leering of her as he opted to look at the floor instead his comments in regards to her having a nice place and having a sweeter scent of honey dew in the room that were in light of the smells of something that were floating about in the other two rooms that he'd walked through in order to get to her. That word being Sex of course as uttered by one of the hired guns near the main door, A word that Mike was too either too ashamed or even embarrassed to even say in front of her, yet bragged on endlessly that he'd experienced on more than one occasion. To which Moko would click her tongue against the palette of her mouth in a shameful tone as his actions spoke much louder to her than his words.

“Really now Allen-san I hadn't pegged you as the type to tell tale tales,” Moko asked using her head to gesture for him to follow her as in truth Moko did indeed have something she wanted to show him which locked in deep dark bowels of the Den under lock and key as the would make their way up and out of the room they were just in. If Mike were to follow the older woman she would continue to say, “There is no shame in being a virgin, when you are the one who makes the choice of when and to whom you wish to loose it to, this is something I've told my own children constantly and now I tell you. Don't let other people's presumptions of what should being doing at this point in life be what changes you into a monster that you weren't meant to be.” her honestly most like kicking him in the chest at this point, Moko making several rights and then a left down the gorgeously yet expensively decorated penthouse before stopping short of a gated shaft elevator that would lead them all down towards cells below to insert a key that she wore about her wrist into the lock and giving it a complete 180 of a turn, and extracting it the moment she heard the gears of the elevator starting revv up turning.

[4/23/2016 5:09:53 PM] Don Keyo: ( )

Mike Kept silent as they walked towards the elevator, closing his eyes he'd get images of the girls caged up in the cell with Makie. They looked... sick, like Blo'Ro had. Purple Malone must have had them take the Venom drug, to test it. Images of Makie showed face and it caused the Young Prophet to gasp in breath. Doing so silently as he allowed himself to flood in thought. All of those girls... they only had three days to live, before they died. Along with many others, if Mike didn't complete this task, then he would have the weight of all of the lost lives on his shoulders


([HQ]_-_The_Stampede_%28Track_8%29 )

TFS(Titan Force Solider)1: HNGH!- NO D-DAMN YOU N-AGGGGGGGGGH!!!

The Sound of a cracked wrist could be heard all throughout the area, that same titan force solider would have gasped for air as the Dark Haired attacker rushed his pointed finger tips into the soldiers throat, ripping the meat right off from his flesh in one strike. After this occurred, the dark haired warrior tossed the dead remains of the solider to the right of him, as soon as the Dead TFS solider hit the ground, its body burst into dust.

Kin: No more games...

He said fixing his blazer as he took a step-forward. A burst of dust exploding from his torso as he clenched his fist, tilting his head to the right with a scowl broken across his face.


He said as another 35 TFS's rushed him all at once. Kin didn't falter though. His stance firm, he'd send a haymaking right hook. A kick went soaring into his right hip! But he'd quickly parry the blow with the palm of his left hand, he'd then shift his hand movements pinching the knee cap with his index and middle finger and cracking the TFS's knee like a skittle, he'd then back handed fist strike him across the jaw knocking him to the ground. Another 10 Soldiers rushed his right side but he'd simply get into the Horse Formation known in basic Karate styles.

Kin( His voice octaves shifting to a much deeper sound): KAIJU TITAN PALM!

Also called the Stance Of Overpowering Annihilation, it is a highly offensive stance. This was Kin's sensei's signature stance before he took on His sensei and lost, taking his suggestion. In this stance, Kin's speed doubles with his hand strikes by that of 60 percent. Kin's hands move so quickly that it appears that he never moves them at all to those who aren't to 0.001 of a second. Using his hand in the knife hand positioning to deliver strikes of devastating proportions. Attacking ones inner organs with the Shingidachi technique. As Kin did this, it would have appeared as if he had thrown 10 simple strikes when actually he had thrown 100 punches a piece to each solider! All 10 of the charging soldiers were blasted back into their comrades while Kin stood with his fist extended and smoking! But the Kinetic impact that followed the strikes would have caused a tremor to break open behind the other 25 soldiers! Kin's evil power and his obvious inability to keep in check as he gripped his right hand as tightly as he could to stop the occurrence, but it matter little now. The Dark power of Lucifer would show its ugly face as the other 25 soldiers all fell into the dark depths of the earth, the ground closing up right behind them soon after

Kin: Gotta get that in check...

Wendingo: Bravo Tasanagi. I have to say, we were on the same level of power before your vacation to hell. Now you seem leagues ahead of me. With all that power, it'd make you wonder how enduring it must be to keep it under control.

Wendingo said stepping out from the shadows with that thick british accent of his

Wendingo: Why are you here, Tasanagi.

Kin: Did you Tip Blo'Ro off on what Beast-Blood does to people. Me, you and Dark Luthor are the only ones who know how Cho was turned. You told that Kid what it could do, and you knew he was a Drug Dealer before Mike turned him. You knew he'd resort to the only thing he knew how to do best...

Wendingo: Bravo Tasanagi, ever the clever detective. Blah Blah. Well no shit I did. I need the KPD weakened, and the populace of Kasaihana distraught, what better way to do it with yet another epidemic. It'll keep you distracted while i gather my strength to finally fight you, and be rid of you forever.

Kin would have lunged forward in hopes of tackling his rival, but Wendingo's body would have busted into dust as it soared out the window, leaving Kin in the old warehouse alone

Kin: You'll pay for this...

Back With Mike and Tomoko

( )

Mike stayed behind Tomoko the whole walk, with both of his hands pulled behind his head. His cheeks still a bustling red as he struggled to keep his attention up towards the ceiling. His eyes would occasionally drift down to the Dominus lower backside only for Mike to turn his attention back upwards towards the ceiling

Mike: You-Knew-what-the-hell-you-were-doing-sending-me-to-do-this-I-Hate-You-some-mentor-you-are-asshole

Mike said mumbling under his breathe as he closed his eyes again while they drifted down the elevator towards their destination, finally getting to the last door where she went to use the opening mechanism so the two of them could enter in for the next portion of this quest

[4/24/2016 3:14:46 PM] Kit: Upon the car reaching the floor in which it was summoned to Tomoko would watch as its doors opened with ease before motioning her right hand forward in order to unlatch the gate and draw it back. The age of it making itself known to them both as the hinges squeaked without fail. Moko gesturing to Mike to enter first with her head as she would go last seeing as she would need to close to the gate again before the doors of the elevator would even close behind them. The Asian beauty taking note of the boy's face which was of course a peek of season cherry red whilst she did so before awaiting him to enter the car itself while moving to explain just where in fucks name she was taking him. “Where I am about to take you Allen-san is a place that only myself or those of high favor in my eyes are permited to enter, it is where those who bare my collar are trained and kept until I see fit for them to join the rest of us upstairs. It is also the same trust that I have for the Ryoji family that bring you an outsider down here to bare witness to something, that I believe Tasanagi Kin-san will want to see. So its best if you find something a phone or holo-pad to record these events.” the older woman explained awaiting to see if Mike would enter the elevator as instructed and if he had already as Moko spoke he would've found that she too had followed suit. Closing the large metal gate behind them, re-locking in place before the doors of the car did the same before making its decent down into the hollowed depths of the den. For the most part there would be no conversation between the two, at least not from Tomoko's side of things as she in truth wasn't one much for talking but if Mike would have chosen to strike up one she would be receptive to it and make the necessary responses as the car itself moved down at least three or  four more levels stopping only when it reached the final floor, its doors flying and other iron gate was seemingly pulled back by another. A male more beautiful in proxy that any female ever could be with silver eyes and dark black hair who facial features though masculine in nature might seem maniacal to say the least as he beheld both his Master and an unknown male behind it. “Dominus?”

“ There's no need for alarm my beautiful Coco, the boy is not a new addition to our ranks I assure you. Though he did bring news of Makie.”

“And is it good news to you, Dominus?”

“Nay, she was brought in by the cops namely by this one behind me and his boss Tasanagi. Makie is gone a lost cause to us all now. But do not despair my pet the boy Mike brings news regarding our other problem and I want him to see first hand what that shit can do. So that he and his employer know just what the fuck it is that we're all dealing with.” Moko explained stepping off the elevator with ease and addressing the beautiful male of 24 years who was dressed in complete PVC attire from head to toe and a whip in hand.

“As you wish Dominus.” Coco said gesturing both Moko and Mike to follow him through the endless cages and cells some empty while the others held within both men and women with trainers dressed in the same manner as he. “Trainers” who in the world of BDSM were considered to be amongst the elite of all the submissives that their Dom's owned a rank which was only a step lower than being the Masters/Mistress' personal fuck toys or pets. Those given this rank were charge but with one task, to train or rather condition the new arrivals for their new lives as play things to be used in the services of pleasing their owner or other Dominus/Dominia's like Tomoko, herself at her prestigious sex parties held in a variety of locations throughout Kasaihana. Moko of course would follow him hoping against all Mike's head wouldn't explode at the sights he was seeing he too did come along, as most of them were of girls sucking off everything from strap on dicks to the real thing and some even having their cunts destroyed by various assortments of torturous sex toys while having one or both holes fucked to point of no return by as many as 20 men a turn that is if they were lucky. All the while being ordered or told on what to do by their trainers and if not being punished for their disobedience as the three continued their trek to an reclusive end of the dungeon like pit where there would appear to be four empty cells all grouped together and if Mike would've noticed that unlike the other portion they had just left, didn't smell like sex but rather laced in the scent of blood and yes even the stench of death itself. A smell that also would have prompted Moko to recoil in her steps just lover enough to cover her mouth and nose with her hand in order to breath and not add the smell of vomit to the area as well. “There in the center cage, Allen-san.” she tells him gesturing for him to go towards it if indeed he'd heeded her to use some kind of video device to record what he was about to see there. “And don't worry, this cells are made of the strongest metal there is. You could kinda say its nice to have ties with certain people in the city.” her last statement of course being a joke as she waited to see if Mike would move in a for a closer view. And if so the older man would have told the boy, “Be careful, all isn't what it seems.” as even though the cage would appeared to be empty of a guest, anyone with acute senses would be able to sense that they were in truth not alone but it wouldn't be until one got close enough to the bars themselves, that ghoulish yet ghastly like version of a woman would've ran forward to ambush them, revealing to them her twisted features and un-natural like abilities which from the slight dent in the bars might be apparent to Mike if indeed the boy hadn't gotten the fuck scared outta him first.

Whether it did or not Moko's face wouldn't have show any amusement or even the least bit of remorse as she went to move her lips to explain as many of the questions he might have in regarding that...that thing that quite possibly almost got him. “That my friend WAS  one of my girls Teresa and the result of a deal gone bad between myself and the biggest pushers of this so called “New Venom” so it would seem. A group that goes by the name of Third Eye, apparently they gave some to her and two more bitches from a rival, told'em that it would help them become the masters or some crazy shit, and what you saw is the end result of it. Since taking it she's gone feral killing four of my best men....and that ain't even the worst, the other two girls that took it the whole house including the madame and them were just seen in body bags less than two later. Folks say they barely could tell who was who, like an animal mauled them or something. Either way considering how she just looked I'd say Tess don't have long either before she's dead too.”

[10:02:21 AM] Don Keyo: Mike remained silent for the rest of the trip, and when she told him that he'd need to have something to show Kin himself he pulled a pair of shades from his backpocket, pulling them over his face to hide his eyes for a bit of time as he used his pack sense to shift his eye color into a solid orange.

Mike: I'll take a mental note back to him, he'll.. take my word for it.

Mike said pulling his head away from the feral beast of a creature that had been locked away from everyone else.

It was then, the first time i had ever seen the effects of Ghoul blood, and what it does to people. When I turned Blo into a Ghoul on accident, his process was slow, and it wasn't killing him. Just driving him into a uncontrollable and unfathomable amount of hunger. But these creature, well... they were dying plain and simple. And if me and Kin didn't figure out a way to reverse this, almost more people were going to get hurt

Through Mikes Eyes, Kin could see it all himself. Standing on a roof-top and smoking a cigarette Kin crossed his arms allowing his thoughts to flush through his mind in rapid succession.

Mike: ... Thank you Ms Asakura. I think, with the information you've given me, it should be more then enough to get Kin back on the right track.

Mike said flashing a picture of a the girl with his cell-phone just so it'd seem that he had done as she had asked him to do.

Mike: Sayanora.

He said bowing before pulling his backpack up and onto his shoulders, turning to make his exit

  • It was my fault, this out-break of new Venom, people dying. It was all my fault, everything was. And i hated myself for it. I didn't even go back to Kin to get a mission briefing, i knew exactly what i needed to do, and whom i needed to see. Blo'Ro. I needed to find him right now, and i needed to do so as soson as i can.*

Kin ( On Mikes Voice recording machine): Mike, i know you feel guility about what you seen down their, and i understand. But you can't handle this alone, neither of us know a thing about 3rd Eye, and Blo'Ro's real connection with them. You need to come back to the station.

  • I didn't listen to him, it didn't matter what he had to say. Maybe he felt responsible because he was the one who turned me in the first place. And you know what, it was his fault just as much as it was my own. But i had to this my self, Blo'Ro was my bully. And I needed to stop him*