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Inside a bar in district two there is a gang, a local gang, that is working on being in the up and ups of the adult film industry. They are called The Black Dogs, a symbolism towards the old ghost dog of legend. The Black Dogs are led by an Englishman by the name of Tony Beautine. The man is a ruthless leader who has been at work towards building up his gang for a little over a year now. He has made some risky moves, made some enemies, and even taken out some of his competition through unlawful ways. Currently he finds himself surrounded by a group of his men. Some of them are large with bulging muscles and others smaller but more ripped body frames clearly much faster than the bigger men. He wears a mask that covers his entire head and a white zuit suit that has white fabric with black pinstripes. His men wear black suits with black masks and all of them are holding some form of weapon, whether that is a gun or blades.

Tony: Now I know you have all put in work to get our name elevated through the ranks of this hell hole of a city. Our next move is one of some great risk. Our private investigators have found something on our Queen of Porn Kirei Yuri. While she has been playing house with the billionaire we have come on some information that may see our fortunes rise much faster than we anticipated. In your hands is a profile on a young teenager by the name of Miranda Yuri. She’s Kirei’s newer adopted daughter, someone she hasn’t even told her precious hubby about. Our PI says she is located in Yun Park, alone, and stargazing. Apparently she finds it relaxing to be under the stars with nature surrounding her. I don’t know.

Hitman: So you want us to roll up on her and ice her, Boss?

Tony: NO! That is what a fool would do. We don’t need the Yun coming down on us. If we kill her that is exactly what we would get. But if we take her, Kirei will continue to keep her a secret from her powerful boytoy. If she hasn’t already told him about her she sure as shit wouldn’t do it if she were kidnapped. That’s not how the woman rolls. We take her daughter and use her as a bargaining chip to take Kirei out of the adult film industry. FOR GOOD. If she is as much of a mother as we think she is, she’ll cave. I want all of you on this. We have no room for error. Snatch her and take her to Warehouse D.

Hitman 2: If she’s just a girl why do we need a team of men to go? I’m pretty sure one of us could handle this without much trouble.

The group of men begin to laugh, agreeing with him because the profile just mentions that she is a teenage girl.

Tony: I am sending a team because I want to feel good in knowing the job will get DONE.

Tony points towards the door.

( )

Tony: Now get the hell out of here and bring me my golden ticket!

The men charge out of the bar and begin to make their way towards Yun Park. With it being so late in the night, barely anyone would be in the park besides Miranda. Wherever she is located there would be multiple cars and trucks making their way towards her as if she were the most important thing in the world.


( )

Jumping from building to build there is a new hero on the block. Wearing a dark blue hooded vest with a golden undershirt this hero keeps his face hidden with the aid of the hood and a pair of golden goggles to go along with it. On his hands are reinforced lifting gloves that have cut up PVC pipe shaped around his forearm like protectors. Clipped around the vest is a harness that goes around his back that holds a couple of utility pouches. He is new to the game so the only thing in these pouches are bubblegum and a lighter. On his lower body is a pair of stolen navy blue utility pants that he got from a hunting store. He has on bates lights boots that have been spray painted to match the golden color of the rest of the ensemble. Attached to his shins are a pair of matching golden soccer protectors that any player would wear on the field. In his eyes any defense is better than no defense out here in the streets.

Running across the rooftops of District Two has become something of a natural action of Steven ever since he and his best friend Jamal have come to accept their abilities and what they can do with them. Steven comes to the edge of a building and he leaps into the air without a single care in the world. Using his reflexes and keen eye sight he sees a window a few floor below his current height so his jump is aimed to where he could make it through without hitting the building itself. His body approaches the window and he curls his body up into a ball to zoom right through the open window; not hitting any part of it. Once he enters the apartment his feet touch the ground and he rolls forward to cushion the impact of the landing. He keeps his running motion going after the roll. There is a dining room table between him and the exiting window so he places his left palm down on the table surface and slides his legs over the table; just missing the wooden surface with his ass. Once clear of the table he dives through the exiting window to send him back out into the cold air of the night. He looks up to see that he is going to fall short of making it to the next building. To avoid falling to his death, he uses his abilities of size manipulation to expand his body mass to where he is almost nine feet tall! His right arm is able to extend up towards the roof of the building and this gives his fingertips the opportunity to wrap around the brick ceiling to keep himself hanging onto life. Using his free hand and his legs to be pressed against the building he looks up to the ceiling and times everything perfectly for his next move. Once again using his size changing ability to actually bring him back down to normal size. As he does this, his body shoots up towards the roof of the building he is hanging onto. With the forward momentum of his body shrinking to normal size in the vertical motion he is actually able to be launched up to the roof as if he were being thrown up there. Steven’s feet land on the roof and he breaks out into a sprint once more!

Steven: Gotta love this growing and shrinking thing! I think I could use some more practice though, maybe I could get some work in at Yun Park with all the trees.

The young teen finds himself on the edge of another building and he leaps into the air, penciling himself while in mid-air. He is aiming towards the water spout of the next building. The small few inch opening is more than enough for Steven as he brings himself to shrink down to the size of a penny! His body practically disappears from sight as he now falls through the air. With expert timing and aim he actually comes to land in the water spout. The vertical drop of his body falling through the metallic object is lessened by the fact that he uses his legs and left hand to be placed on one of the walls inside of the water spout. Similar to how a surfer would keep his hand on the wave and his feet on the board, Steven actually rides the water spout to get all the way to the bottom. Once he does reach the end, his body is launched out of the device and he flies through the air, surfing across the air. Before he can touch the ground he grows back to his normal height and without anyone noticing, his feet touch the ground with a soft and structured landing. Back to his normal appearance, Steven uses his hands to knock some of the water and sludge off of him from the water spout.

Steven: Yeah, I love this.

Now on the sidewalk next to Yun Park, he cool walks into the park where his body disappears from normal sight within the darkness of the trees that create a shadowy image in his wake. Little does he know, his night and life are about to hit the fan.

For hours it was nothing but Miranda and the stars. Well, and her phone that lit up every so often with texts from her adoptive mother.

'Have fun! Be home before midnight, ATLEAST!'

I will.

'Let us know when you are ready to come home. Donnie said he'd pick you up.'


'And don't talk to people you don't know.'


The brown haired beauty let out a sigh. It was obvious that Kirei was new at this whole 'adoption' and 'parenting' situation. The woman was a worry wart. She cooked too much food, she made too many plans and always came into Miranda's room to awkwardly say goodnight. Most orphans wouldn't mind suffocating from the smothering love of their new parents, but Miranda was different. Yes, being adopted was a big deal, but she wasn't one for mushy gushy stuff.

'It's just another day.' She repeated to herself everyday before adoption and after. There was just something about allowing others to see everything she felt and being completely unable to control her feelings, so, it was like her mission to have control. Of course that doesn't mean that she's some emotionless monster bitch. Then17 year old was happy for her adoptive mother to have found someone that made her feel so happy. Hell, he even distracted her from doing too much with Miranda, and that was great! Now she had more time to explore and she even had a new, better bedroom. Ever since the Yuri/Yun relationship got serious, they sold their home and moved in with the billionaire and his young daughter. The man was actually really nice even though his looks were extremely intimidating. An example of how nice he was? He was able to get Kirei to let her stay out a little bit longer.

Originally, the visit to Yun park was to just bask in the aloneness. The nice, quiet atmosphere was perfect. And the occasional critter skittering about was nice, too. Miranda had a big interest in wildlife. She loved the unloved; sharks, crocodiles, alligators, spiders, etc. Shark week, an annual tradition that had been going on for decades to teach people about the ominous creatures, was her absolute favorite week. Her dream was to swim with them and document everything. Maybe even to work with them somehow. But for right now, she was ok with just daydreaming about them under he stars.

Miranda was sprawled out across the thick grass with her fingers intertwined and hands resting on her breasts. Her hazel eyes which suspiciously mirrors Kirei's traced little shark shaped constellations in the sky with groups of little stars. But her mind wasn't on sharks, at the moment. Miranda's light pink lips were pulled into a small frown.

'All of those years... And my real mother never came forward... She allowed me to be adopted... And never said goodbye.' It was a very painful thought. One that revisited her several times throughout the day. She was happy to be out...but sad at the idea of never knowing who she was or why. All the ladies at the orphanage ever told her was that her mother was alone and afraid. What was she going through? Why wouldn't she at least sign her name on the note she left? Miranda's right hand slipped into the pocket of her favorite dress to pull out an old looking piece of paper. It was folded around four times as neat as anyone could possibly get. Her eyes lingered on the folded up note that was said to have been pinned to her baby blanket (something she also still had). The girl was able to recite the note word for word without even looking at the paper, but she still found herself unfolding it gently to read again and again several times a week. And she would have read it again if a bunch of light hadn't been shined on her.

Miranda angrily shoved the old letter back into her pocket and sat upright. Several insults were building up in her head, ready to be used in whoever interrupted her 'me time', but when she turned she suddenly felt very small. Several vehicles were coming straight for her. She couldn't even convince herself otherwise because they were cutting right through the grass! Miranda clumsily pulled herself to her feet and took off in a panic! Her short legs ached from such a sudden take off, but she pushed through it and dive into the tree line. They couldn't take their cars into a heavily wooded area and that may have bought her just enough time to weave herself deeper into the dark shadowy forest of trees.

The cars and trucks fly through the park to try and get to Miranda. She is able to get a little jump on them, running into the treeline of the park to force them onto their feet. This only makes most of the men laugh to themselves. The cars come to a stop just outside of the area she ran into and they exit the vehicles with smiles on their faces.

Hitman: I love it when they run. Makes it all the better when I catch em.

Hitman 2: Maybe we could have some fun with her before we deliver her to the bossman.

Hitman: She’s the daughter to a porn tycoon, I bet she’d fucking enjoy it.

Groups of men walk into the tree line where Miranda is now hiding with full intention of turning her peaceful night into the worst day imaginable.

A little ways away

Steven jumps from branch to branch to practice his parkour control and balance. His right foot hits a weak branch and he begins to fall down. This forces him to extend his right arm out once more and he grabs hold of another stray branch. With the momentum working for him he swings forward into a backflip and he lands in a perched position on a thick branch in front him. His breathing is a little heavier now, pushing himself already in his training to better himself. He wasn’t really an active kid before the accident so even with his new physiology he is still getting used to all the things that he can do. As he rests there in a squatted position on the branch he begins to hear something in the distance. The sounds of small fett pitter pattering against the soft grass hits his ears. Steven looks to his left but doesn’t see anything in the darkness of the night.

Steven: I still can’t use my enhanced senses correctly. I have no idea how I could work on it…Maybe if I try focusing on the sound…

Steven closes his eyes and tries to focus on his hearing to pick up on what he is catching sound of. The sounds around him begin to go quiet, all of the ambient noise that doesn’t matter gets expelled from his ears. Sounds of squirrels in trees, birds flapping their wings, and bugs crawling up the trees hits his sense of hearing. But then out in the distance he can hear someone running. There is an elevated heartbeat and it’s almost like he can sense the fear coming from that person.

Steven: What in the ass?

He raises a brow and begins to think about what the situation might entail. A few seconds after he hears the female’s first steps he looks to his right and hears the many footsteps of men approaching her direction. Their steps are much heavier, alerting Steven that they aren’t hear for any good.

Steven: Heroes go towards the sound of danger right?

His tone very nervous as he didn’t prepare himself to actually get into any action tonight. But as he feels the footsteps of the males getting closer to the young females, he knows what he must do. With that revelation in his mind he begins to jump through the trees once more; racing towards the girl faster than the hitmen who were hired to catch her.

Back with the Men

It wouldn’t take long for the men to catch up to her. If Miranda were to stop running or turn around she’d be able to see two of them right on her tail. The first hitman extends his left hand out towards her just inches away from grabbing her. The second hitman however tries to take a different route, pulling out a taser gun to quickly subdue the teenager. He stops running and points the tip of the weapon right at Miranda’s back.


Whether she listened or not he’d still fire his weapon and it would be headed straight for her! But like a knight in shining pvc broke people armor, Steven comes dropping down from one of the trees onto Miranda. Coming down from the tree he was on, he’s wrap his arms around Miranda and pull her down to where his back would be in the path of the taser instead of hers. Just moments before the prongs come to hit his back, his body increases its density to harden the outer layer of his skin, reinforcing it with hardened muscles as well. Thaknfully, this creates a hardened shell of density around his back and the prongs of the device shatter upon the impact on his back. After saving her from the taser, he’d get Miranda back up and if she turned she’d be able to look at the face underneath the hoodie.


Steven tries to buy her some time, quikly turning and running towards the two hitmen who continue to pursue her. Instead of taking the harder route, they simply pull out their rifles to try and take Steven out before he can cause any more disruption. What they don’t know is that Steven is more than capable of defending himself without the need of a gun. Just as the men begin to pull the triggers of their rifles, Steven uses his body shifting abilities to shrink himself down once more. His body disappears from sight and the bullets that are fired just zoom passed him. His sudden disappearance causes the hitmen to stop moving forward and scan the surrounding area. This gives Steven the chance to sprint around some pedals of grass to get just a little bit closer to the two of them. Once he is in position he activates his growing abilities to return to normal size. But while he makes the transformation he leaps into the air, spinning around like a corkscrew in the process. He does this because once his body is back to its normal appearance, he is in mid-air parallel to the ground. With one swift motion he thrusts his right fist out and swings his right leg around as he spins. This allows his foot to swing across the face of one hitman while his fist smashes into the other! With his increased density and kinetic energy built up from growing, this punch would feel like it is coming from a world glass metahuman fighter! The punches knock both of the hitmen out like light bulbs and their bodies ismply fall to the ground on their backs. Steven lands on his right knee with his right hand placed down on the ground in a standard superhero pose.

Steven: I totally didn’t think that was going to work. I am on a roll tonight!

Once the men have been taken out he turns around to see where the young girl went. He catches the sound of her footsteps but she is headed right towards another group of these men who are hunting her for some reason.

Steven: Shit! Gotta catch up.

The young male hero eventually catches up to the female, sprinting around these trees and using his feet to leap off some of the bark to propel him forward. He attempts to reach out and grab her left hand with his right to get her to stop running. If he were able to grab it, he’d pull her back to a complete stop.

Steven: Wait! Wait! You’re headed straight towards being caught! Three of them are scoping that area looking for you.

She’d be able to see Steven breathing a little heavy and some sweat on his arms since he is only wearing a vest. For someone his age he is a rather muscular male, granted that comes heavily from his accident back at Ryoji Tech. After catching his breath, if she were still there in front of him he’d kind of look her up and down and finally realize the type of girl he is talking too. He swallows some spit and places his hands on his hips to help his breathing.

Steven: I know this will probably seem like a dumb question but…Do you have any idea why these guys are trying to kidnap you?

'Gotta get out of here. Gotta get home!' Was all Miranda could think as she weaved through the trees. The heavy footfalls behind her were getting louder and she could hear them laughing. That sent a chill down her spine as she paused to frantically look around for another way. The steps were so close that the hair on the back of her neck prickled. Miranda whirled around to see two large men sprinting her way, one with his hand outstretched and the other with a taser!

"Leave me the fuck alone!" The teenager screamed as she scrambled back a few steps. Her words were full of venom, but her eyes showed her fear.

Just as the taser was shot in her direction, Miranda was knocked to the ground. The girl yelled out in surprise as Steven covered her with his own body. Because she didn't know who he was, Miranda would kick and scream. That is, until he released her and told her to run. The panicked girl wasted no time taking off deeper into the trees. She did even turn to see what the commotion was behind her. All she cared about right now was escaping, but before she could go any farther she felt a hand grab at hers. Miranda instantly turned to launch a fist towards whoever had her hand. She'd aim for any spot she could get to and if her fist made any connection to his face or throat he'd probably be sent back a step. If she missed she'd do a bit of flailing. All she wanted to do was get away...until she realized that the guy that had her was the guy that had saved her just moments ago.

"Sorry..." She'd say, breathing heavily. " do you know how many are looking for me up ahead?" She pulled her hand away from him and stepped back. "You think I know why they're after me?! I'm fucking 17, not some wanted piece of shit!" She scowled at the guy and crossed her arms just under her breasts. "But thanks for the hero stuff, I guess. I really didn't want a bunch of sweaty guys hog tying me or something." Her bright eyes looked around for a moment and she dropped her hands to place them in her hips. "If we can't go that way, what way can we go?"


When Miranda turns around, Steven can see the punch coming straight towards him and his body is moe than ready to react so that way he doesn’t get injured. This usually comes in the form of him hardened his body to actually hurt the person hitting him. Most times hurting the other person is a good thing; this is not one of those times. Unable to defend because he can’t break her hand on his hardened skin, Steven actually takes the full force of her punch that hits him right on the lip! Her punch delivers a whollup of a hit and he staggers back a few feet with his left hand moving up towards his lip.

Steven: Son of an asshat! What the hell, chick!?

He pulls his hand away from his face and he looks down at the blood that is coming out from his face. What he doesn’t realize yet is that his hood had been knocked off of his head, revealing the short black hair that lies underneath the mystery. She’d be able to see the tan complexion of his face, could be easily stereotyped as someone with an ethnic background. Miranda comes to apologize and Steven really can’t be mad at her just defending herself. She is more scared than he is so he can understand why she was so quick to attack. Steven walks back towards her, looking out to the distance where he can hear the sticks and leaves breaking as men step on them as they walk. The young teen lifts his left index finger up to his ears and begins to explain a little bit about himself.

Steven: I can hear them. I am a metahuman. A rather new one but still a meta nonetheless.

She yells out that she is seventeen and his expression quickly unfolds into one of surprise. His young teenage mind can’t help but point out the very “round” features of her body that could help make her seem older, but the way her face looks he thought she was younger than him. If she caught on to his facial expression change she might be able to throw in some comment about him checking her out. Steven shakes his head a bit and gets back to the task of the men who get closer with every passing second. Before he can think of a plan, Miranda is able to spew some words together that sound like a thank you but they really hit Steven in the face like they are insulting him. She finally comes to ask him about a plan and he quickly thinks of something that might get him in a world of hurt but get her the hell out of here.

Steven: There are men closing in around us from every direction. But the direction you were going only has three of them about fifty yards out. I can distract the three of them while you use the cover of the trees to make a run for it. Get to the city streets and blend in with the people, don’t draw attention to yourself. You can do that. I’ll lead the way, just stay behind me. When I start to draw their attention you bolt. Got it?

( )

If she understood the plan, Steven would quickly dart off through the trees, giving himself enough space between them so she can’t be seen by the other three guards. It takes only two seconds for Steven to close that gap between him and the hitmen. Steven jumps into the air and his right foot is planted onto the bark of a tree. Kicking himself off of the tree he is launched forward and he swings his right fist forward to punch one of the hitmen with enough force to shatter every bone in his jaw by the density of his fist. The man takes the hit and blood squirts out of his mouth. The other two hitmen begin to open fire as Steven begins to run through the trees, clearly having their attention at this point. Now would be the best time for Miranda to try and make her escape. The two hitmen open fire at Steven and he can hear the bullets as they zip past him. His heart races and his fear of the situation is overwhelming. He may not look afraid but on the inside he is losing his shit. Coming under a tree, Steven lifts his arms over his head to grab hold of a branch that allows himself to be swung forward. As he goes into the air he lifts both feet up in front of him and his body flies straight towards one of the hitmen. At the right moment Steven thrusts both legs outwards and he slams the bottom of his feet into the chest of the man shooting at him! The impact causes the man to fly back into a tree with so much force that the tree actually shatters and sends the man flying back behind it! The large tree tumbles to the ground with leaves and branches falling all over the place. The last hitmen continues to fire rounds at him, forcing Steven to keep running to try and avoid being shot. Finally he is able to buy enough time that the man is forced to reload. The click sound of the weapon being empty hits Steven like music to his ears. Before the magazine can even hit the ground, Steven comes running out like a man possessed. He lowers his right fist to his hip and charges towards the hitman with some dangerous intentions behind his thoughts. At the moment that the magazine does hit the ground, Steven comes to a sliding stop while shooting his right hand up in a very poorly formed uppercut punch. KATHOOM! Steven cracks the hitman underneath his jaw with enough force that he is launched into the air! His head rears back and blood spews from his mouth with teeth flying higher up in the air than his body. The hitman lands on his back almost eight feet away from where he was standing and Steven falls down to one knee, feeling the toll of using his powers and running for this long into the night. He isn’t formed and trained yet so pushing himself like this with his heart rate skyrocketing gets harder and harder for him. Sweat drips down onto the grass from his forehead and once he is able to get back up to his feet he tries to hear where Miranda is located.

Steven: I hope she was able to get out of here…

"A metahuman? Huh...never thought I'd actually see one." Miranda could feel Steven's eyes boring into her and it sent an uncomfortable shiver through her. "Cut it out, creep! You can't save me and then strand there and undress me with your eyes. That's not how this works. We're not even out of the woods yet! ...No pun intended." He seemed to snap back into action immediately. The guy began to explain what he was going to do and how she'd have to escape. Though she was being a bit...sassy, she was still worried about being left alone. When he asked if she understood, Miranda hesitated. Of course she understood, how could she not? Fear was merely starting to take over.

'I can't just stand here and wait for those fucking weirdo old guys....' With that, the girl nodded and in an instant her savior was gone. Now that he was gone, the fear really set in. Without really thinking about it, she got low to the ground to use the tree trunks and bushes to peek over and around. She wasn't about to miss the chance to watch a real metahuman take on some baddies! Her curious eyes widened and she felt herself cringe as she watched the guy draw blood from one of them. It didn't take him long at all to get them all riled up and hit on his trail.

'Now's my chance! Gotta go!'

The high schooler poured as much speed into her sprint as she could. She didn't even care that her dress had gotten torn in different places from stray tree branches and itty bitty thorns. Minutes of running passed and she was growing more frantic. Where was the road? Where was anything?! Miranda didn't dare stop for fear of turning to see too more goons behind her with weapons and smirks on their faces. Thoughts of starving to death or forever being lost were just starting to invade that incredibly creative mind of hers before she finally broke through the trees and onto an empty road in the city. The surroundings were familiar. She had to be close to home, right? The excitement of almost being home free caused her to lose focus of her surroundings and because of that she was completely unaware of the figures approaching.

A large pair of hands grabbed her by her arms and pinned them to her sides. Before she could scream out, a large section of duct tape was slapped over her mouth, muffling any and all sounds she could possibly make. Kicking and squirming didn't seem to have an effect on the attackers, either. They only laughed at her efforts as they carried her off towards the vehicle they had on standby.


The two men who grab and gagged her pull her out of the public eye and into the back of an alleyway. They both are wearing the black masks and suits that show they are from the Black Dog Gang. In the alleyway is a parked sedan car waiting for them. As they pull her along, the man holding her by her arms tosses her to where her gut would hit the trunk of the car. Her body would be pushed forward to where her breasts are pressed up against the cold metal of the trunk. She’d be able to feel a large hand on her back forcing her down and another hand that moves to lift up her dress. The hand that lifts her dress up causes her ass to be exposed to the cold air. A slap on her exposed right ass cheek soon follows with the man taking a huge handful grip of her round firm ass.

Hitman: A young girl like yourself shouldn’t flaunt around a body like this, you might end up getting hurt.

For all her struggles of kicking and flailing, it would only make the situation worse. With her body bent forward, the man begins to have his way with her; using his hips to buck against hers so she can feel the older thick meat in between his legs be pressed up against her ass.

Hitman 2: We heard that little mouth of yours packed one hell of a sass behind it. Let’s see how well you can talk when your mouth is filled with a man’s cock! The boss won’t ever have to find out we ruined The Yuri’s beloved daughter!

The first hitman nods to the second hitman’s request of using her mouth before taking the young girl’s virginity. The first man continues to hold her by her arms and would force her down onto her knees right off the edge of the car itself. Soon to follow is a large hand that comes to wrap around her throat, forcing the oxygen that would enter her lungs to be stopped by his strength.

Hitman: Don’t get any funny ideas…This can either be quick and painful…or long and painful…Your choice, girl…

He’d then push her head back to where the back of her head would hit off the trunk of the car. The feeling of her head hitting the metal would hurt like hell but not enough to knock her unconscious. If her vision went blurry for a second she’d look back up to see the second hitman unbuckling his pants and pulling out the thick hardened cock that was restrained by the fabric of his pants. The damned thing would be inches in front of her face with a very pungent musk smell to it, one that she may not find appealing at all. If anything it would probably disgust her to even think about putting something like this in her mouth. But with the situation looking beyond dark and beyond saving, what other choice would she have but to do what they demand of her?

( )

The second hitman moves his cock closer and closer towards the girl until she’d finally have to make the choice to either put the cock in her mouth or fight against her captors. While that fateful moment arrives, the local hero who has worked his ass off to protect her comes into the scene! The sound of his boot hitting the hood of the car quickly brings the two hitmen to look up and see the hero charging straight for them. His right boot hits the trunk just behind Miranda and if she looked up all she would see is Steven barreling into harm’s way to protect her! His arms are extended outwards towards his sides and in a single diving motion he closelines both of the hitmen right at their necks!

Both men: GYAHHH!

They scream out in pain as the closeline attack knocks the two of them back on their asses. The man with his dick out takes a hard roll with his dick scraping against the hard concrete gravel floor while the other is able to roll back up to his feet.


The hitman runs towards Steven and unleashes one hell of a right hook punch hoping to catch the young hero off guard! But this is now something different. They aren’t just fighting the young hero who was protecting a young girl from attackers. He is now pissed off because of what they just tried to do to her. And oh how they would all come to see this rage of his. As the punch looks to make contact with Steven’s face the sound of bone shattering on the impact of the punch echoes throughout the alleyway. The hitman looks out in front of him thinking he landed one hell of a hit. But what he sees in front of him on Steven’s face is powerful glowing red eyes that are filled with a pure red hot rage. His facial expression doesn’t change from the blank anger that is painted on him. It takes a few seconds but then it hits the hitman. If Miranda were seeing it she’d see how punching Steven actually broke the guys hand and the bones were actually plunging through his skin and bleeding onto the ground below. This may make her curious as to why her punch hurt him but this one didn’t? Perhaps she would be able to piece together that Steven is a real hero who cares about protecting people who can’t protect themselves. Once the hitman comes to realize his hand is completely shattered from the density of Steven’s skin he begins to slowly walk back, trying to escape what is coming for him.

Steven: There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a piece of shit males like the two of you…

Before the man can escape Steven shows the other ability he has other than shrinking. As he takes steps closer and closer to the hitman both Miranda and this man would see Steven begin to grow in size! Before their very eyes he’d transform from his five foot six height to surpassing nine feet tall! His mass increases as well and he’d look like a freaking nightmare to the man in front of him! Just as the man begins to make a run for it, Steven swings his left hand around to actually backhand the man’s entire body and send him crashing through a brick building wall! The force of the backhand is much stronger because of his size that he looks like he is practically launched through the building rather than just smacked through it! By this time the second hitman would be getting up onto his feet as well. When he looks up to see the large giant that is Steven Torres all he can do is stand there with a now soft dick hanging down from his pants.

Hitman 2:: ahhh shit…

A large fist comes crashing onto his chest and he flies back towards Miranda’s direction. By this point she might have moved or is now forced to move out of the way or be hit by the hitman’s body who is flying straight for the backend of the car! The body hits the trunk and caves the car in; pushing it forward five feet even in its parked position. The trunk makes a V appearance after the hitman’s body impacts into the metal vehicle. He doesn’t stick into the car however, he falls to the ground knocked out from the punch. He lands on his face and the sounds of his snoring ease through the tension of what Miranda juast experienced. Looking at her, Steven begins to return back to his normal height; walking towards her as he comes to return to his smaller fifteen year old stature. If she accepted his help he’d extend his right hand towards her to help her up to her feet.

Steven: I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to help you sooner…Are…Are you okay?

His voice comes off very sincere. It could be obvious for the young female to see that stuff like this really bothers him. The tone is very different from the heat of the moment tone he had back in the forests when he had to plan a way for her to escape. His facial expression also changes to where he looks disappointed and sad, as if he feels some way responsible for these men doing what they did.

Steven: Is there anything I can do to help? Maybe help you get home or something?

The need to help and protect people comes from his family. The father who died in the war and a mother who always teaches him from right and wrong like it is the law, he has a strong backbone of what ethical choices and behaviors need to be taken. Seeing men try to rape an innocent girl is one of those things that Steven knows exists in the world but never wished in all of his days see it for himself. If Miranda were to talk to him or give him some kind of sign that she was okay, it would make Steven feel a whole lot better. Before anything can really be said in a conversation standpoint, one of the hitman’s walkie talkies begins to go off.

Tony: What’s the progress over there? I expected that little bitch to be taken already? What’s the hold up?

Steven looks down at the walkie that fell out of the hitman’s jacket when he was hit but he has no intention on grabbing it.

Tony: Someone better answer me. If you guys are raping her I don’t give a shit, just let me know you have her so I can get things ready over here. Ruin that little bitch for all I give a fuck, it’s not like she is anything but a little whore anyways.

Steven looks up at Miranda and wonders how she would take hearing that being said about her. The young teenager begins to get a little nervous as he wonders what she will do next.

The collision with the backend of the van knocked the wind out of Miranda entirely. As her breasts pressed into the back doors of the cold vehicle, she struggled to breathe. During this struggle she felt her dress being lifted to reveal her plump round ass in a pair of very tight panties known as cheekie panties. The lace fabric was white like her dress and her bald slit was barely visible. The slapping and ass grabbing had her struggling to escape and kicking back wildly to try and get him away from her but none of it did her any good. She was stuck in place and forced to listen to them as they talked to her the way only a rapist would. She closed her eyes and let out a muffled cry.

'Is this it? Is this really how I'll lose my virginity?'

Miranda grunted and tried to scream through the layer of industrial duct tape, but it just wasn't enough. Once forced to her knees, a strong hand clamped around her slender throat causing her to gasp. Her hands came up to claw at his knuckles and forearm but it didn't seem to have an effect. She was thrown like a rag doll back into the rear end of the van where the back of her head would collide with the tailgate. Pain shot through her and rendered her motionless for a moment. She groaned softly while in her partially upright position. Her head hung low but she could hear the man unzipping his pants and could only imagine what he was doing now. Lifting her head only proved her imagination to be right. At this point she'd either have to peel the duct tape away and give in or continue to fight. As the cock was pushed closer to her face, her little nose crinkled and she turned her head away. Her body was trembling with fear at this point.

'I won't be used as some disgusting cock sock for these pricks!' She'd think, but before she could waste energy to fight them off and escape, a blue and gold blue jumped in front of her. Both hit men fell back with that hero from before with his arms still held out at his aides from the successful clothes line.

The fight was one. The one who'd kept his dick in his pants rushed the oddly dressed hero and when he didn't move to dodge or counter, Miranda closed her eyes. There was a violently loud crack, the sound of bone shattering, then nothing. She peeked through one barely open lid before her eyes ripped open completely and stared at the spikes of broken bones and blood coming from the kidnappers hand. Her back pressed against the tailgate hard. She'd never seen such a bad injury. Yes, she'd gotten into fights but never any with revealed bones and so much gore. She couldn't believe that such a thing hadn't happened to her when she threw her own punch at him.

'So he is the real deal, then.' From fear to curiosity, the transition was seem less. Her eyes watched him grow well past any humans normal height in the blink of an eye to fight off the other. Without warning, the man with his soft and slightly scraped up cock out was sent flying right at her. Miranda screeched behind the tape and dove out of the way just before his body collided with the hard metal body of the vehicle. When she hears the thud of his unconscious body and deep snoring, she sits up and takes a moment to calm herself.

Steven's hand moved into her peripheral vision and she lifted her gaze to look at him. She'd never felt so grateful to anyone. Being saved was a first for her. Though she was extremely happy and relieved, he seemed upset. Maybe disappointed or just mad. He apologized for not coming sooner and she instantly knew that he must have been beating himself up for allowing her to go through even the littlest bit that she experienced.

With the tape still firmly stuck to her mouth, the girl jumped forward and tightly wrapped her arms around her savior. Her chest smooshed against him as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. Before she could back off and peel the tape away to properly thank him and assure him, an unfamiliar voice came through what sounded like some type of radio. On the ground near his feet. The things the male voice was saying we're absolutely bone chilling...and enraging for Miranda. The sassy 17 year old Yuri girl bent down and snatched up the radio. As she stood upright, her opposite hand would reach up and rip away the strong duct tape, causing her to wince and whimper while leaving a red mark on her face. While anger boiled inside of her, she raised the radio to her lips.

"This little bitch has friends on very high places, you fucking asshat. Your goons are done for and you'll be next, you piece of shit. Just leave me alone! And tell your pussy ass rapist assholes to take a fucking shower*!" She'd been shouting every word, the anger easily audible in her voice before she threw the radio down and began to stomp on it violently. "Fucking. -Stomp.- Piece. -Stomp.- Of shit!" Her foot came down one last time with as much force as the small girl could muster and this time she'd grind any pieces of the shattered radio under her foot into the hard road. She was breathing heavily with her eyes on the broken radio under her. If Steven had been staring at her, she's feel it and turn her head to look at him, irritation replacing the anger. "What the fuck are you looking at?! A girl can't fucking* freak out after almost having her virginity taken by some god damn pedos!!"


When Miranda comes to hug him, Steven really doesn’t even know how to react. His eyes widen and he lifts his arms up as if he were ready to defend himself. But as her face becomes buried into his neck, Steven softens with a small sigh. His hands wrap around her frame, holding her tightly as they share a sweet moment before all hell comes to break loose again. What Steven realizes at this time is that he is hugging her as if they’ve known each other since childhood years; the warmth behind it is far too comforting to him to just come from some stranger. But he comes to realize that he hasn’t even learned what her name is yet. Before Steven can try and introduce himself to her, the voice of Tony interrupts their moment and gets Miranda to fall over the edge of her sanity and into the realm of pure rage and hatred towards him. Steven’s eyes widen once more as he begins to slowly step away from her to give her some space like an anime male who doesn’t want to be caught in the crossfire of the female’s wrath. Once the radio met its untimely demise at the foot of Miranda’s rage, she turns her attentions to Steven who just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time of her rage. The poor boy lifts his arms up as if he were being arrested, shaking his head lightly with a worried expression on his face.

Steven: Hey! Hey! I’m on your side, chicka! I’m the one who saved you from those pedo assholes remember? Blue and Gold equals Good Guy Hero.

( )

At that moment the sounds of the walkie talkie from the other hitman can be heard from the distance. Steven picks up the sound of static and he looks towards the hole in the building where that said hitman went through. Before walking he turns to look back at Miranda and extends his hand out for her to take it so they can walk over to the hole together.

Steven: I know you don’t know me…and I don’t know you….But…You can trust me.

His lips slowly curl into a small smirk and he keeps his hand out for her to take. If she does take it they could both face the mystery of what awaits them in the building or she can deny his help and he’d walk there by himself. Either way, his steps are slow and cautious. His ears remain on full alert to try and pick up any sounds in the building that aren’t coming from the walkie talkie. He can sense the slow heart rate of the unconscious hitman but nothing else. As they both get to the hole, Steven looks inward only to see darkness from the building being empty. The young male places his left boot onto the opening of the hole to enter but before he gets in, the same voice from before appears through this machine.

Tony: You shouldn’t have told me you were still free…Young lady I am fully aware of the many friends your mother and new step daddy have…That’s why we need you. We will take you…District Two has been ripe for the taking ever since Mundi came and exposed its true weakness. Most of the cops on patrol are paid off and you have no way to contact anyone…You are in MY house and your nearest contact to help is across the entire district. Ain’t no one coming to save either of you…Now that I know where you are, I’m sending the entire world after the two of you. No matter where you run or wherever you hide…I will find you. Every gang, every drug addict, every cop, etc…They will all be hunting for the two of you because I can PAY them to never have to work again…I need the girl so that means bad luck for you Boy Wonder…You decided to get into business that ain’t yours. I hope you find that girl next to you a wonderful sight because she is the last thing you will see before we gut you like a fish…So let’s see. An entire District going up against one teen and a boy meta…If I were you…I’d run…

The sounds of sirens hit Steven’s ears and he can’t help but feel really freaked about the situation he just got himself in. If Miranda looked at him she’d be able to see the fear come to be painted on his face. If they were still holding hands she’d also feel his grip around her hand get tighter out of anxiety and nervousness. Footsteps get closer and closer and Steven’s breathing begins to get much faster as if he were having an anxiety attack. But even with all his fear and all his anxiety, he doesn’t have the option to just leave and leave Miranda to be taken by these men. So while gathering all his muster and strength he swallows a ball of spit and turns to look Miranda in her eyes and she’d be able to see the hint of crimson glow in his eyes through the golden goggles.

Steven: We have to go! NOW!

And whether she welcomed his help or not, he’d begin running and pulling her along with his movement. The two would exit the alleyway and begin to try and make their way across town where her family is located. The night…has just begun…