( )Club Coco Bongo. It was a popular night club in District 2, and pretty popular among the lower and upper class. Known for having the best women, best meets, and best service. In this city, you’d have to had visited this place at least once, if not because you were looking to forget your troubles, but at least to find someone you were looking to forget. That being said, one could argue maybe that’s what Walter had been aiming for this entire time…as he strolled the streets of district 2,  on a fresh new night. Tonight had been like any other night for him, and he wasn’t even quite sure where he was going. He’d been restless lately, seeing images of a shadow in his mind that wasn’t there anymore. He couldn’t fill the silhouette with anyone in his hundreds of years of living. It bothered him but he’d at least learned to overcome the daunting feeling with massive amounts of violence and death. Walter had his trench coat slung over his shoulder, while he himself wore a white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a matching pair of black slacks. He only ever wore dress clothes, they always fit the bill of his appearance. He could wear them anywhere and look professional or imposing.

He’d been making his way towards Club Coco Bongo but even he wasn’t sure why. He’d use his forearm to wipe the corner of his mouth as there was still a spot of blood on it from a recent indulgence. He’d eaten another stray omega, lost from his pack and alone. He needed the energy, he needed the boost. After the war things weren’t going to be so easy anymore…he’d need to be ready. If he couldn’t have or eat the hearts he wanted, he’d have to settle for what he could get his greedy hands on. Making his way to the doors of the club, he’d be stopped by a line. The line spanned at least a mile out, and Walter would’ve looked at it’s length, growling in annoyance. “Hmmm.” He didn’t know why he was here…following a scent maybe? Something brought him here and he trusted his instincts enough to see just what it was. Rounding his way around the building itself, he’d come to the back, and with a  tug of Wolf strength, he’d pop the lock out of place and make his way in. Putting the jacket back on, now wearing a grey suit all together, he left the blazer open and made his way inside through the long dark corridors. Listening to the music pump into his ears, he ‘d emerge from behind a black curtain to see just what awaited him here to night.

( --------> what playing inside of the club) Tahira sat quietly as a waiter no more than 23 in years stood by their table eagerly awaiting her date's order with holographic tablet in hand. The pretty little wolf dressed in a rather sheer white backless Grecian like shirt which tied up at the neck, a rather alluring white skirt that dared that clung in some manner to her buttocks hip and thighs and pair of golden heels with matching accessories to compliment the hair cut she'd given her silver white mane, shifting her golden gaze off rather indiscriminately around the room while her date another up and coming ranking wolfblood by the name of Daton Whitefeather  appeared to be scrolling through the menu in a rather indecisive manner that bolstered the name of the two levels of wide safarian jungle, mixed with exotic flowers, fountains, and other rare sounds and delights found only in the depths of the Savanna in this place known to one and all as the Club Coco Bongo when in fact he was too busy eyeing down the lush large mounds on Tahira's chest as they rose and fell with each breath that she took. A fact that was already causing Tah to become unnerved due to her not liking people to stare at her already, add this to already being uncomfortable especially after having another one of her strange yet very arousing dream again during the wee morning hours and you'd have nothing but trouble on your hands. As the dream themselves depicted her laying in back of vehicle, her thighs parted seemingly giving herself to someone who oddly enough to the naked eye wasn't even there yet she could feel them rubbing against her insides stirring such wild sensations that Tahira wasn't unable hold back her desire any longer and gave into her invisible lover. It was then that she woke up only to find that she was along in her room, her legs parted like they were in her dream. This frighten her so much that she ran towards the bathroom in order to check the area where she now felt the throbbing sensation from an earlier dream from only to discover....that she was no longer a virgin.....that she had some how lain with a man, a wolfblood like herself even and was now his mate!

But for the life of her out of the males that she knew within the Order of the Moon her former alpha not included in that count she couldn't figure out which one of them she would've allowed to do either. Her hand coming up from the table some what to run through her now shoulder length silver white man as Tahira adjusts her body in the makings of her chair in order to shift Daton's gaze else where, since she didn't have any desire to make him think that she was in no way interested in him. Especially in oh so many words she was technically another man's wife at the moment. The elder male taking note of her body language the moment moved to discouraged him his handsome features showing Tahira his displeasure of her actions as he did view her as already being his to do with as he pleased. To which Tah really didn't give a damn. Her training with Alpha, Lee Tanaka had been paying off handsomely in all affairs by her account, the silver haired beauty was no longer weak hearted in a sense when it came to her emotions nor did she let them fly off and around her shoulders any more. She was just about as cold as most came when it came to killing and if the war hadn't proven that she could get down with the best Maxon's training and her fighting skills soon afterwards did. So Daton could try....but he would fail...and miserably at that. She'd kill him first before allowing him the pleasure to shame her in front of her mate. 'Who ever that might be?' She tells herself her eyes looking towards the dance floor of the building that once the crown jewel of the Hellfire Conglomerate but recently acquired by an unknown source (Tomoko Asakura through her ties with Yakuza of the city via the Lion's Den). In addition to its jungle safarian theme the club sports two bars; one that sits before the largest man made water fall in the world and the other upstairs in the main lounge for those who can afford the fee, many tables where guests can order meals served up by 3 five star chefs and their teams, and as well as live entertainment via the hottest DJs in Kasaihana every night. Or at least that what Chey told her when she digging up info on the place to help Tahira find it.

Tah would hear Daton's smooth tenor voice interrupting her thoughts over the vibrate sounds of techno-reggae as the pervert had finally placed his order, a steak rare with bake potato and a bottle of the most expensive champagne she'd ever heard before in her life. Probably to impress her no doubt but fat chance she told herself Dalton soon addressing her once the waiter was out of range. “Tahira, Come now how about a smile on that lovely face of yours. After all, after tonight you will no longer be just any woman you be mines.” “So sure of yourself I see Daton, and what makes you think that I would consider a second venture with you when the other two I've gone out with didn't even make it passed the 2 hour marker which you are an 1 hour away from.” Tahira retorted her lovely features remaining as dismal as ever, the dark skinned beauty reaching over towards the glass of peach martini she'd ordered, before lifting upwards and placing it to her lips to drink. “Because I am sure after you and I share a dance or two, enjoy a meal together I plan to take you to the hotel room I got for us and...” he'd begin but she would cut him short “Room?..oh no we're done here.” using the soles of her heels to push up against the floor causing the chair to push back just enough for her stand and begin to turn to leave heading with haste for the club's entrance. Daton immediately getting up to his feet in order to stop her as he wasn't the type of man used to being told no especially by women his hand reaching out to grab her arm at the same time someone else entered the building. Their presence sending a chill up Tahira's spine in the same manner as if someone had dropped ice down her back and causing her stop on a dime the moment she took in what she soon discovered by the scent to be another male wolfblood, an elder to say the very least. She wagered allowing his scent fill her nostrils as an overwhelming sense of warmth surrounds her stirring not only her senses to life but her body as well, which unlike the rest of her still remembered.

Walter took slow steps through the ambience of the room, blending in with the crowd, and passing through. His acting as the everyday regular man nearly flawless as he continued his romp through only to contemplate sitting down for a drink. He couldn’t drink to get drunk but unlike most he did enjoy the taste of alcohol. He was about to make his way over to the bar table and was almost there when his nose picked up a particular scent. It was vaguely familiar but he didn’t recognize it in the slightest. Looking around his eyes fell upon that of a dark skinned female who’s body looked like it’d been carefully dipped in chocolate with no loose or missed ends. It was enticing to say the last. What tripped him out was the fact that whoever she was with began to stir a bit of irritation into Walter’s being. His fangs were barred almost as if he was being…territorial in a sense. He looked at the bartender and asked for two glasses of champagne, and in taking one he’d begin to make his way over, planning to steal the dark skinned beauty for himself.

As she was seemingly about to leave, Walter would’ve smoothly approached her form the left side, hooking his arm beneath hers, and standing up right, holding a glass of the sparkling liquid in front of her, and tilting his head at her a bit. As he spoke he made notions with his eyebrows, giving her and almost saddened expression. “Your not going to leave without having some good to drink are you? The night is young, the crowd hasn’t died down just yet.” He’d make his way in front of her and had she taken the glass from him he’d hold his up and give her a nod with a small smile. “Cunningham. Walter Cunningham. Pleasure you make your acquaintance.” Walter pretended the other wolfblood she was just with wasn’t even there and didn’t even exist in the slightest.  “I was wondering if you’d like to stay for a while, maybe get to know one another. I don’t often see women as finely dressed as yourself in here.” Walter would’ve stuffed a hand in his pocket standing awfully close to the dark skinned beauty. He stood there in her space and it felt comfortable. “You know I swear I’ve seen you somewhere before but I can’t recall…”

It was in the midst of her body's remembrance that Tahira suddenly felt a strong grip on her arm as somehow whilst in middle of whatever sweet recollection she was in, Daton had managed to catch up to her through the crowds and grab her. Pulling the pretty wolf towards him in such a fashion that her ass would've landed right smack against the makings of his thighs which were firm, hard and taunt much like something else was inside of his dark colored slacks. Which made Tahira's stomach turn in disgust, the same as everything else about him and it seemed only heighten even more so now that this presence of an older male was in the same room of the club with her. Her skin starting to crawl at the feeling of his clammy hands on her as Tah would motion her free hand against his chest shoving him off and away from her with ease. Daton doing a simple tumble backwards, as he fought hell to regain his balance but couldn't before landing ass first onto the polished marble floors. To say that she wasn't a bit amused at his ass downwards performance would be a lie coming from the dark skinned beauty, she enjoyed ever bit of it and sported the smile of her soft painted lips to prove it as she turned to make her exit once more. Only to have a gentleman who was holding in hand two glasses of champagne in hand approach her from the left, hook his arm into her own, and whilst still standing upright tilting his head towards her. His handsome face giving her the most sadden facial expression she had ever seen before allowing his smooth tenor cords which were heavily lace in a either a French or Creole accent. She couldn't really tell as he bids her stay but a while longer to have a drink with him for the night was still young before moving out in front of her holding up the second glass of champagne for her take in her general direction all the while giving her a smile and a nod. “Cunningham. Walter Cunningham. Pleasure you make your acquaintance.” Tahira would him say, while quite literally pretending that Daton wasn't even there to being with. This of course angered the younger male to no end as he moved to stand only to be knocked down again due his collision with a forth coming waiter who was carrying a bowl of soup (I dont need to explain what happened here xD). “Tahira, other wise known as the Silver Haired Noble.” she'd reply introducing herself to the elder male. “And the no the pleasure is all mines, its rare to meet one in 'our' circle who has the experiences of lifetimes such as you.” her comment implying that she was aware that he was in fact a wolfblood the same as she and his longevity of life which now a days was so rare. Especially now that Madd Dog had cut them down to so few. It was still too devastating to think about at times. “I was wondering if you’d like to stay for a while, maybe get to know one another. I don’t often see women as finely dressed as yourself in here.” Tahira would've watched carefully as Walter drew himself into her personal space a place most didn't get into without coming away scared or worst but somehow....there he stood without so much as a reaction from her. And what was even even funnier to Tah was....for some wild reason she wanted him to be even closer! Tahira taking the glass that he'd offered her from his hand and raising to her lips in the hopes that her actions would give him the reply to his question before going on to say. “Nonsense I'm sure you've meet plenty Walter.” her words showing her modesty more so than anything else as Walter claims that they've meet somewhere before. To which Tahira replies, “No I don't think we have, I just recently arrived in Kasaihana from the Skylands a few months ago, got involved with some heavy dealings, and not I'm helping to rebuild our losses.” She was careful not to mention the Order of the Moon to him for what reason she didn't know why, except not to which was strange in itself as the strong feelings she was having earlier seemed to be stronger in Walter's presence. 'But he couldn't be the one who did this....after all we just met.' Tah thought drawing herself closer towards the male despite having these thoughts.

“Tahira, other wise known as the Silver Haired Noble, And the no the pleasure is all mines, its rare to meet one in 'our' circle who has the experiences of lifetimes such as you.” Walter chuckled and nodded lightly at this notion, taking a drink from his glass and lowering it to hold it at the level of his chest. She also took a drink mening for sure she was planning to stay a bit longer this time around, which is exactly what he wanted. Walter did notice he was unusually close to her. This wasn’t so bad though as they both knew the other was a Wolfblood. Though he could practically smell how deliscious her heart would be to devour…he was more interested in the scent of her perfume. As he came to think of it, it had been a while since he’d had a romp in the sack and since the Warlock/Wolfblood squabble a lot of both sides were hiding out in varying areas…there was a common enemy amongst them and this was both good and bad for Walter and his darker intenions.

Still these intentions took a back seat to what he was involved with at the moment, or rather “who” he was involved with at the moment. He waits for her answer to weather they had met before but even mentally Walter feels as if had he met someone who looked like her he’d have done things to her 1,000 times over.  “No I don't think we have, I just recently arrived in Kasaihana from the Skylands a few months ago, got involved with some heavy dealings, and not I'm helping to rebuild our losses.” Walter nodded, raising his brows. “The Skylands hm? Ah in my younger days I used to roam those lands for the thrill of the hunt. They remind me often of home.” Walter swirled his drink in the glass for a moment, putting a hand to his chest before speaking. “I’m originally from france. When I was a boy, back during the French revolution, the hunt even as a human was so appealing to me. Even then, I felt so free and unrestricted. Then I was turned, and well here I am now. I often commune to the skylands to relieve some “urges.” Walter knew she may pick up on what he meant. As a wolfblood….the need to hunt can get pretty. Hellish. As a creature, a predator at that, it was essential every now and again.

“There’s an open table by the window if you’d like to sit down. I can see your uh…” Walter glanced over to the wolfblood on the ground being tripped up, the one she’d come here with. “Date.” He snickered lightly. “Is feeling the sting of your rejection. Can’t say I blame him though.” Walter raised the glass to his bottom lip. “I’d be trying my hardest to be in your presence as well. So tell me Tahira, what brings about this “Silver Haired Noble” title you possess. Aside from looking like perfection in the flesh.” Walter would’ve guided them over to an empty both, where he’d take a seat opposite side of her, and fold on leg over the other, sitting the glass down on the table and placing an arm over the top of the chair, to look at her and engage in the conversation. “I’m sorry for all the questions I just feel so compelled by you. “

Being so close in proximity to Walter made Tahira feel safe in ways even she didn't even think were possible after the war in Old New York, not mention his appearance was one that left something in the young wolfblood female hungering for more if you catch my meaning. Tah quickly catching herself the moment that thought entered her mind, after all she was taken by someone. Though she didn't realize that her body knew better than she just who in the hell that person was at the moment as she lowered her glass casually just long enough to hear the male in front of her chuckle then nod confirming that he was indeed a wolfblood before lower his own glass to his chest some what. Walter taking great interest in her words upon her mentioning that she was from the Skylands. His brows lifting themselves upwards some before saying, “The Skylands hm? Ah in my younger days I used to roam those lands for the thrill of the hunt. They remind me often of home.” swirling the glass of distilled liquid with his hand some what before placing his free hand on his chest and speaking again.“I’m originally from France. When I was a boy, back during the French revolution, the hunt even as a human was so appealing to me. Even then, I felt so free and unrestricted. Then I was turned, and well here I am now. I often commune to the Skylands to relieve some “urges.” By urges Tahira knew that he meant to hunt as the constricting lines within the Utopias made it completely impossible to hunt or even find worthy game to hunt to say the very least. “Ahhh France, that explains the accent that I'm hearing. I would love to go there one day to visit...but I guess until I am able to I will just have to settle for my current residence in the towers across town.” this of course was meant to be a joke in a sense to lighten the mood even more between them as he made a comment in regards to an open table near one of the many windows inside of the establishment if she desired to sit before going on to mention Daton feeling the sting of her rejection. Can’t say I blame him though.” Walter raising his glass to his bottom lip. “I’d be trying my hardest to be in your presence as well. So tell me Tahira, what brings about this “Silver Haired Noble” title you possess. Aside from looking like perfection in the flesh.”

“That's not all the stinging he's feeling right about now.” she retorted taking full note with her golden hues that the bowl of soup had landed in a rather hot spot or in short right in center of his lap. The effects bringing with it a much needed smile to her lips as the heat from the warm liquid was just what he need to cool off his hormones. “I wouldn't call him my 'date' per say just another in the list of many my friends think will be a good match for me over someone else in which...they refuse to even tell me who it is. If that makes any sense to you cause it sure doesn't to me.” Tahira blushing rather suddenly the moment she hears his compliment in regards to wanting to be in her presence, a trait that makes her wanna to swear to high hell as she really did hate acting like such a female idiot in front of a man. No matter if she found him attractive or not. Walter going on to ask, “So tell me Tahira, what brings about this “Silver Haired Noble” title you possess. Aside from looking like perfection in the flesh.” Walter moving to guided her over to the empty both he'd spoken of earlier, Tah taking note that despite her earlier notions to leave she didn't hesitate to follow him nor fight the embrace that he held on her arms. Even as she took her seat at the table and Walter took his on the opposite side of her, and fold one leg over the other, sitting the glass down on the table and placing an arm over the top of the chair, to look at her and engage in the conversation. She still found herself comfortable with the man who she didn't know dittle from dabble on. It was beguiling to say the least! “I’m sorry for all the questions I just feel so compelled by you.” “Its quite alright Walter really, my title as you so put it comes from what should be the most obvious source on me.” the she-wolf gesturing to her now shoulder length silver mane with her left hand as after her return from swamps of Louisiana she'd gone on her first “spa day” with Connie and Jessica before their leaving Kasaihana for Big Rock. Tahira had gotten the works done even her hair to which the stylist claimed was damaged and uneven beyond repair hence this new look which for some reason. She felt like her mate would be rather displeased of if and when he saw it. “And apparently in certain circles of Wolfbloods there have been powerful shamans and such who claim that I am destined to be a legend among our kind if one were really to believe in such things, and in their tellings of that greatness that I am also know by that name. Again I don't know just how true that is as I'm still an Alpha that's in some pretty intense training but hey anything possible.” she said solemnly taking another sip from her glass before sitting it down onto the table in front of her.

When she accented the locks of her long silver hair, he couldn’t help but allow his eyes to trail down the woman’s mane of locks. It was alluring…and she smelled so delightful to complement it all so perfectly.  Walter took hold of his glass once more, finishing off he sparkling liquid and sitting it down, leaning forward on the table more to get a better look into her golden hues. They resonated with his own, and the feeling of not knowing why was beginning to mess with him to the point of irritation. Still the elder wolfblood could hide it with the best of them as he listen to her describe something else that caught his attention.

“And apparently in certain circles of Wolfbloods there have been powerful shamans and such who claim that I am destined to be a legend among our kind if one were really to believe in such things, and in their tellings of that greatness that I am also know by that name. Again I don't know just how true that is as I'm still an Alpha that's in some pretty intense training but hey anything possible.”

“An Alpha in training? I’ve never heard of something like that before. You must be fresh to the rank.” Walter rubbed his chin, the sounds of gruff stubble light but noticeable. “I have heard of Wolfblood Shamans in my day but it’s rare to actually see one in the flesh, let alone to know she’ll be destined for such grand events. I must say Tahira, I’m starting to believe you’re a jack of all trades.” Walter gave her a small smile, and his eyes narrowed, taking notice of a very feint marking on her neck. One couldn’t see it at first notice, as it was indeed covered up, but for some reason Walter could see it and it felt familiar to him. “Excuse me for being so direct but…are you taken? I couldn’t help but notice the mark on your neck. Or perhaps…” Walter paused for a moment, licking his lips rather quickly. “Perhaps I’m simply wanting to take you for myself…rather greedy of me.” Walter listened to the music transition, and he decided to spice the night up a bit somewhat. “You know I don’t want to assume anything, but you’ve got quite the body. Do you dance by any chance? I’ve got two left feet myself but they’re more suited to formal events.” Walter was actually enjoying himself. Almost like he was getting to know someone he once knew all over again and in that regards it only egged him on further…though his intentions were devilish at heart. The way he looked at her…her body, her bust, her hips. One could see the overbearing lust in his eyes, especially her…but somehow he didn’t feel like she minded. If anything she seemed more flattered than anything. 

Walter had to catch himself a couple of times, making sure he wasn’t looking at her like a piece of meat. His demonic intentions of eating hearts and slaying Okami seemed to fade in this few moments of miscellaneous happiness.

She felt the heat of eyes against upon her ebony skin when she made indication of her title coming from her mane. Their gaze piercing her from every angle almost as if he were trying to undress her with them which in this case wouldn't have been hard to do given the thin making of the material that made up the white shirt she was wearing, as her coco colored areoles and erect nipples made no attempt to hide. Tahira slowly motioning herself backwards against the plush pillows that made up both the back of her seat and the wall of the both that they were sitting in listening rather attentively as Walter made comment on what she'd just mentioned to him. The elder wolf leaning forwards so that their eyes could meet, in a gaze that despite sitting down made Tah down right weak in the knees as he chuckled. “An Alpha in training? I’ve never heard of something like that before. You must be fresh to the rank.” she watched Walter rubbed his chin in a rather curious manner, the sounds of gruff stubble light against her delicate sense of hearing but  still noticeable by all accounts. “I have heard of Wolfblood Shamans in my day but it’s rare to actually see one in the flesh, let alone to know she’ll be destined for such grand events. I must say Tahira, I’m starting to believe you’re a jack of all trades.” His faint smile causing her drop her guard down a bit more easily. “Yes I am, green as a blade of grass when it comes to the matter but those around me are making sure that I get the aid I need become up to task, if there is a such things as being ready for it.” she joked as being an Alpha was more so a game of wolfblood politics than anything else it was no wonder Kin ducked out on the responsibility every time he created a new one. It was tiresome! “And...I have meet a few of them in my short life time though I never really paid what was said by them much heed that is...until they starting speaking on my future, or rather my possible on as nothing in this life is ever truly set in stone. Not even seeing the next sunrise. I don't know about a jack of all trades but if surviving a war at the hands of the Warlocks via Mad Dogg is meant to make me a legend then I am all for it.” the silver haired beauty stated raising her glass once again in order to drain it of its contents before sitting it back down on the table again.

The heats of Walter's gaze shifting it wandering for a moment to the faint mark that lay on the column of her next on the right. Which in truth made Tah panic just a little as being with Walter did in fact make her feel safer than she had ever felt in the months following the war in old New York and she didn't want mark of some phantom 'husband'  she had to scare him off in the least. “Excuse me for being so direct but…are you taken? I couldn’t help but notice the mark on your neck. Or perhaps…” Tah would heard Walter paused for a moment, her eyes spying his tongue licking his lips rather quickly. This of course made her wonder just how good that very same tongue would feel against her unbearably hard nipples. “Perhaps I’m simply wanting to take you for myself…rather greedy of me.” Part of her wanted to tell him that it wasn't at that it was only natural....while the other could think of nothing more but the same...and by that I mean she wanted him to take her. With two very conflicting factors going on here Tah sat there quietly for a moment allowing herself time to gather her thoughts inside of her mental before parting her soft painted lips in order to find the right words as well as her rationality in order reply back to his question since something told her deep down inside that he would know whether she was lying or not to him.“At one time perhaps I was but giving the time that's elapsed since it was done and not renewed I'd wager that his interest might have been swayed else where. It's just as well that it had I don't even remembered when, how, or even who it was that loved me so.” Tahira 's expression being far from being a grim looking at him. Her keen ear picking up also on the music's transition to a much slower song which seemed to fit her erotica mood at the moment.  ( )As everyone out the dance floor started to pair up, their bodies coming so close together against their partners, that if the sensual hip rocking and other erotic motions were just taking in a glance they would swear that everyone out there was in truth fucking one another. Walter's voice drawing her back in with ease again upon hearing him speak, “You know I don’t want to assume anything, but you’ve got quite the body. Do you dance by any chance? I’ve got two left feet myself but they’re more suited to formal events.” To which she replied, “Oui I do...but I should warn you most dances now a days are pretty provocative and far cry from the modesty you're use to....” moving towards the right some in order to stand, upright once more in order to head to what appeared to be the dance floor in truth she had something else in mind here. Tahira feeling her sheath between the pillars of alabaster that were her thighs tighten moment she caught sight of his lustful gaze burning a hole straight through her. Her own lovely features showing him just how much she enjoyed being the object of his desires, as the she-wolf carefully draws herself closer into the elder wolfblood's space.

The confidence she exuding quite possibly peeking Walter's interest even further as she would attempt slide over on the side next to him and with the table giving her the room in addition the dim almost dark lights of the club providing the perfect cover she would need to do what she had in mind. Tahira would've proceed to place her soft thick rump into his lap, her hips starting to grind passionately against his thigh to the sounds a melody so sweet that it wouldn't take long for this dark skin beauty to become caught up in the temp and begin to press herself even more against manhood. Tah using the knowledge of the Nomack traditional belly dances to rock, caress, glide over the most sensitive of him in a slow yet twerking fashion causing the hemline of her skirt to move up and over her ass cheeks, exposing not only them to Walter's gaze but the seamless black thong she wore underneath. Her scents mixed in with her growing arousal probably causing a bit more friction under her as she rotated her hips even more in time with beat.

“Oui I do...but I should warn you most dances now a days are pretty provocative and far cry from the modesty you're use to....” “Oh? Care to demonstrate?” Walter would’ve replied but the silver haired beauty decided to become even more bold than she had been previously. That being said, Walter made even more mental images of her body inside of his mind. How he could just picture the dark tonned woman naked, as vividly as he could picture the sky on a sunny day. He wanted her…but how would she respond exactly? Even he didn’t know the answer to his query directly. At least he didn’t at the moment, but as the woman proceeded to…make a move towards him, and begin showing her this erotic form of dancing she mentioned, Walter would’ve placed one arm on the table, and the other on the top of the back of the booth they were in making himself rather comfortable for the enjoyable ride he was about to experience. As she made her way over to him, she’d take the liberty of placing her thick ebony ass upon his lap. Walter watched as the mass jiggled against his person and his urges immediately began to show themselves in the most indecent way. His pupils literally dilated as the golden hues flashed red for a second, showing the interest he had in this moment was beginning to take him over….fast.


When the music played and she began to work her hips against him, Walter had to quickly bit his lip. His claws extending instantly, as he began to scratch marks into the table and the chair. Each movement she made, winded his manhood up like a machine until each time her ass passed over the area she’d be sure to feel the massive buldge pushing against her. To make matters even worse, the dress began to rise up revealing her behind in a black lace thong, and that’s when most of the reasoning restricting Walter began to melt away in that very moment. Walter made a fist, having to be careful to pull his claws back in fear of hurting himself! His hand made it’s way down the dip of her lower back only to take a reverse grip on the back of her ass and giving it a light to medium to hard squeeze. Walter’s opposite hand joined in the party as he leaned back a bit more now, taking it all in and fully grasping the fat of it for all of it’s juicy worth. “So…this is the new age flair hm? Rather physical I see.” Walter’s hands began to grow bold, as he moved them forward a bit to slide them down the tops of her thighs. Sitting himself up, he’d sniff the hair falling down her back, taking in the closeness of it all. Her smell hypnotized him in a sensual erotic state that made his fangs bare presence and his breath turn into subtle growls. Walter couldn’t contiain himself as one of his hands, with the flick of a wrist slide between the noble’s thighs. His finger tips slipping past the waistline of the black lace, and sliding right past her clit, only to find themselves bending inwards, and pushing inbetween the opening walls of her womb. A soft squishy noise being made as he wiggled his fingers back and forth, fingering her secretively, all the while his palm working to grind against the vulnerable clit, in a circular motion.

“Keep dancing…” were the only two words to come from his mouth this time as he’d allow her to continue dancing in her sexual fashion while his fingers went to work, penetrating and teasing the silver haired female as Walter would’ve taken it upon himself, to use his other hand to slide up her side, and grasp one of her tits in hand. His approach was very upfront and direct…but then again so was his personality. This overbearing feeling of nostalgia overcame Walter, as he’d swear he’d have done something like this at some earlier point in his life. Was it with her? He doubted it. Sure felt like it.

Tahira faintly heard Walter ask for a demonstration while becoming not only lost in the rhythm of  her movements against his groin which was beginning show that there was life and virility in the old boy yet but in heat of her own growing and yet very explainable arousal for the man. As thoughts of him penetrating her from behind and taking her in room that was jam packed with people suddenly filled her head, exciting her further as she would lean over further onto the table placing both of her hand face down on it whilst wiggling the thickness of her tight ass directly over his girth enticing it further. Tahira's own wolven features starting to emerge as the young alpha could barely control herself in his presence, her beauty silver white tail being the first of them to show themselves to the elder wolf its graceful swaying and motions into an upright position letting know if he took notice that she ready to be mated with right along with her own delicate claws. Her eyes shifting between the silver and gold from what Walter might have seen once she looks back at him with lips creased into a devilish smirk out of all thing while she continued to wind her hips against the growing mass between his own thighs. All the while using it to take aim at caressing the sensitive flesh that lay at the hilt of her own sex thus adding to the intensity of a situation that Tahira couldn't even begin to explain but continued to keep on doing in spite of it. The makings of her skirt reaching ceasing their rising motions just mere inches above her ample cheeks as she continued to use his bursting erection like a stripper would a pole while grinding into it to satisfy her own lustful needs, giving Walter what would've a complete view of her thick ass and what lay just mere inches beneath which from the scent he might have gathered or soft wet stain in the crotch of her panties she was more than ready for him to claim her.

But alas the elder wolfblood had other plans or so it would seem as she heard him comment on just how physical the dancing of this era was before allowing his hand to grow bold, venturing it forward as to move it down the dip of her back with ease in order take a grip on her buttocks that ranged from firm to medium. A move normally that would've gotten most men laid out onto the floor due to how offensive it was to the she wolf but for some reason Tahira found his touch neither offensive or repulsive, if anything it was the exact opposite! She found herself wanting him to touch her even more and it showed as her hips began to undulate themselves against him harder, swaying to beat that might have made Walter believe that he was already inside of her womb due to the intensity she was placing into each stride while continuing to give the man exactly what he asked for while his other hand hand came to blaze a trail up the dark incline of her brown coco colored thighs. The warmth of his chiseled torso against her back being felt by Tah as Walter took in the scent of her hair which was washed in a natural coconut oils, her thighs parting just enough on instincts alone as if she knew just where his hand was going when in truth she didn't have a clue his finger tips slipping pass the waist band of her thong uninhibited before going even further past her clit. Which made Tahira tremble due to the belief or recollection of having actually done this before. “Walter...wait...I..” but before she could even get the words out she would feel his curled fingers being pressed deeply into her womb causing her bit back a moans to keep those around them from knowing just what they were doing, as the soft wet sounds of her sex being probed and her clit rocked back and forth by her lover's hand reverberated sweetly against her ears. The sound alone causing the silver haired beauty to loose sight or care over all of her senses and give into the male who was so expertly using his touch to bring her body a fever pitch of pleasure as he instructed her to keep dancing. If only he knew that she couldn't stop now even if she wanted to, the sensation of being impaled onto his finger tips as she keeps twerking and grinding her ass up against his hard girth causing the lips of the pretty little wolf to loosen and moan in a manner that was most unbecoming of an alpha female, and more becoming of whore's when under the thrall of a John's touch or so she believe. As those were in club passed by their booth to either enter or take them leave oblivious as to just what was happening beyond the veil of darkness, the moment Walter moved the hand that was on her rump up her side and gripped one of her breasts. Her right soon joining it to pinch her aching nipple between her forefinger and thumb with ease, giving Walter a peek at side of her that only would've been seen in her dreams with her invisible lover while biting down on her lower lip while rocking her body harder against his hand, the first leg of her orgasm starting to indicate itself to her as his touch was starting to begin feel incredibly good to her. But at the time Tahira would find herself feeling the strange indications of deja vu here all the while wondering why she was letting a man she'd just met but minutes ago give her such illicit pleasure in place full of people when it was still possible that she belonged to another. It was question that no matter how to tried to solve it only yeilded another, and though mentally she couldn't in her heart and in her soul she some how felt that her doing this here with him....was more right than anything else she'd ever done in her life. Which to her was down right weird, as the walls inside of her womb which most likely if Walter still had his fingers still buried deep inside her he might have felt her walls spasming against them in such a manner that he'd know that she was getting increasingly closer to cumming.

Walter heard her tell him to wait but realistically would he listen? Would he really REALLY listen at this point? As he fingered away at her cunt, folding her tit all the while he began to feel a violent heat rising in her body. The grip he was starting to feel around his fingers, the lewd juices flowing down his fingertips, and the tightening of her thighs symbolized to him she was close to that oh so glorious climax. The forbidden thrill of doing something so crud in a public place while a bit fearful for the thought of being caught, was also down right exhilarating to see if one could pull it off or not. Walter began to pick up the pace of his fingers, his hand moving from her breast now down to the underneath her ass. He’d lift her up slightly, effortlessly as if lifting a pillow or hell even a piece of paper. He’d pull a very smooth maneuver, allowing his tail to form at the base of his spine and emerge itself from the back of his pants. Opening his eyes to reveal red hues, look up at her, and hopefully meet her gaze, he’d deliver sweet kisses her back, talking against her skin.

“Don’t be afraid. Let the feeling overtake you.”

Walter would’ve used his tail to undo his zipper, belt buckle, and button, only for his thickened girth to emerge from his pants like a spring board! The hard steel like flesh slapped against the lips of her womb with a slight smacking noise, that luckily wasn’t audible over the music. However to their sensitive ears they’d be able to hear every sexual noise the other made towards one another. Walter would’ve adjusted the point of his cock, so that the head would push against the moist opening, his hand still going to work and removing it’s figners from inside, letting his massive thick cock take their place. Her walls stretching nicely to adjust to his size, as he lowered her body back down, to fully rest her juicy ass on his lap once again. However…Walter’s palm never ceased in it’s activity as he was more than hoping somewhere along the line she’d end up orgasiming immediately, simply so the sultry liquid would coat his manhood, lubricating the path inside of her even more so than it already was. With this, Walter would’ve spoke once more, after biting his lip and letting a low groan to say: “Keep moving those hips love…” commanding her to continue her rhythmic like movements with his cock place indside of her. Had she came, each time she moved, or Walter gave a buck of his hips, the result would’ve made her extra sensitive to the sensation. Walter himself, feeling need to unbutton his shirt slightly, letting her back press against his bare chest as both his hands would’ve been resting on the tops of her thighs, letting her take control this time…

This time…why did he think that way? The cryptic reality was beginning to set in that he STILL feels like this isn’t the first time this has happened. It was like watching the same movie with the same actors but in a different stage this time around. His head leaned back as he took in the feeling of her insides, his cock getting more sensitive by the second. Just the sight of her was already bringing him close to a breaking point himself, but he didn’t want to abort the lustful endeavor so early…

[4/9/2016 4:48:16 PM] The Dark Siren: With each descent her hips made onto that of his finger she could feel the heat of her climax drawing all the more closer, the sheer euphoria of excitement and pleasure that filled her as her nectar aided Walter on in his endeavors, mounting to levels that if they in fact were placed into words one would find themselves simply unable to utter them. Which for the most part was on so very true for Tahira, who's lips could only praise the devious elder wolf, in complete and total surrender. The thrill of doing something as taboo as this really throwing the kindling onto the fire for her and it most definitely showing with how hard she sought the need to slate the building tension deeply embed between her thighs through rocking and throwing back of those baby making hips of hers. Tah lowering her hands from both the table and her breasts onto Walter's thighs just to maintain a balance as truly she did feel that her body was out of control as he proceeded accelerate the movement of his fingers before allowing the hand that fondled her breast so fall and grasp her buttocks lifting her her up as if she were no more than paper weight. At that same moment Tahira would've tossed her head back allowing her silver white main to cascade down her back from her shoulders upon hearing the voice of her lover tell her not to be afraid of what she was feeling and let it take overtake her. Whither or not it was an request or a command Tah obeyed like a good little girl as she continued to work her magic onto his hand thus bringing herself in fever pitch frenzy towards the last leg of the journey as the soft kisses Walter was placing onto her skin caused her to look back only to see his red orbs looking back into her golden ones. Her lips motioning themselves to speak words that subconsciously Tahira wouldn't have even noticed she'd spoken but if in fact he had heard them they would've sound like she was saying,“I've missed you so much.” Though the erotic moans of her succumbing to her orgasm might also make him believe that these were words she could have said just in the heat of the moment to keep others from knowing just what was really going on here between the two as Tahira felt every last drop of ecstasy drain out from being while his fingers continued to work her sensitive cunt through the rise and fall of her cumming.

The raspy sounds of zipper being lowered and soft clanking of belt buckle being undone still being heard by the silver haired beauty even in the midst of her panting  as her womb was incredibly sensitive if not worst than a man's sex was after its first orgasm. It almost made her want to cum again having it played with so by Walter, Tahira feeling the warmth of his hard cock slapping itself against the dripping wet lips of  her womb only to be coated with warm slickness of her love juices the moment she cums again from being toyed with so mercilessly by HER devil wearing wolfblood's clothing. Her devil, she thought. The nostalgia of using that word to describe Walter rather striking at her like a hot iron over coals as if this perhaps had been said once before. But if so why couldn't she remember it or him? It was all beginning to make her doubt her sanity even more so than she already was, as the warmth of his fingers left the tight tunnel of her womb only to be replaced by his cock which was saturated from their efforts once she was lowered onto it. Her mouth parting itself once more as she could feel every last inch of it filling her overly sensitive tunnel, torturing her as her hands to grips this thighs while fighting hard not to squirm. But even with the control she does have over her muscles Tah isn't totally successful with pulling it off thus causing her hips to buck rather unexpectedly just mere moments after being told to keep moving her hips. This order would've prompted Tahira to retort. “Bossy much?” a statement that even Tah herself could've sworn she'd said once before when in a similar situation, but none the less she did as told as pushes his legs open just enough for her own to come between them before closing them up tightly and using the reggae beats of a song that had been playing earlier in club to really “Work” her tight cunt around him through a series of hard yet wild twerking motions that due to how sensitive she was would've not only made Walter feel the intensity of her movements but Tahira as well.  As something told her that to please this one she would have to become as wild and as savage the wolf that lay inside of her, all of which would make her pull her hips up with that same intensity while rotating her hips and thrusting them back down onto Walter repetitively like an animal would in the heat of passion. “Oooooo ffffuuuuccckkkkk it feels so good!” she declares falling back against his chest but never once missing a beat in her head, the sounds of her ass cheek's slapping against the making of his thighs despite the pants he was still wearing and her fervent cries most likely being music to his ears as she uses both of her hands one upon each of his legs to push up and lower herself down his pulsating girth in such a fashion that might even make a porn star jealous. Her womb starting to spasm like crazy as with her legs closed as tight as they were Walter would've felt as if she were a virgin once more, which wasn't too far off from the truth. And even if Tah couldn't recall it happening she hadn't been with another since and Walter might have felt this the moment he entered as the silver haired beauty continued her assault on his cock. -E-

*Huff* *Huff* *Huff* A few hurried huffs followed by some mild beastly groans resulted in Walter tossing his head back and biting his lip to keep from getting TO  loud in this club. Even with the music blarring and pumping  into his and Tahira’s ears, he only focused on her…and boy was it a sight. He had to sit his head up again to look down at the ebony cheeks making themselves form, shape, and move against his pelvis. His cock was beginning to throb incredibly violently! He could feel it and so could see as the thick manhood had it’s own pulse. His cock began to expand slightly inside of her, contracting and filling up with the sticky hot fluid as he was just waiting for the right moment to let it explode inside of her!

“Gaaaah this isn’t going to go on much longer!” He bluttered out, as he removed his hands from her body, only to manvuer her a tad differently this time. His arms hooked underneath thick thighs, hoisting her legs up and letting them hang from the bends of his elbows. However Walter would hope she was flexible as the moment he did this, he would’ve continued rising his arms up, for his hands to now meet behind her neck, his fingers locking his position in place. He had her body folded up and back, as with her legs and feet hanging in the air towards her head, while at the same time putting her in a complete full nelson hold. He had complete control over her body and it’s position and it was IN this position his cock would’ve reached an all time record of how far it drilled into her gut.


His balls now hanging freely from the opening of his pants, flapping up and down as he repetedly smashed his hips into hers. His cock bulging a bit from her abdomen, and causing a bit more of a mess as precum began to violently discharge from his shaft. “I’m gonna blow….ngh!” He growled one more time before tightening his grip on her body, and beginning to thrust faster than he had been! Her body rocking, and gyrating as if she were having a seizure, thick thighs jiggle constantly, rippling like waves in water as the “PATPATPATPATPATPATPAT” continued on! Walter continued his journey into her insides a tad bit longer before she’d be able to feel the dominant grip tighten even more! Now holding her in place, and making sure his cock was in the very depths of her soul, he’d let his cock rest inside of her and out popped 3 strong squirts of sticky white semen. Walter’s cum filled the very pits of her womb, as he made sure to hold her body down against him to prevent making a huge mess on the floor and leaving evidence for all to see.


Walter would’ve continued fucking her for a few more thrust, letting her womb milk his cock for everything it had to offer before he loosened his grip on her and rested against the cold soft padded bench base. His hands kept busy, moving one to turn her face in his direction only to plant confident kisses against her lips over and over again, resting his other hand across the stomach of her dress. He spoke into her ear, with the devil’s voice, wanting to tempt her for more. “You wouldn’t happen to have a place around here would you? Move this venue somewhere with more…freedom.” He’d start sucking on the dark skin of her neck waiting for a reply as the wolfblood would’ve numbed her asscheeks and the backs of her thighs but he was far from finished with her…the night was young.  The familiarity of this girl was beginning to spring him out a bit. He wanted more of her…but how far was he going to take this. As Walter’s tongue lapsed against her neck, there was a certain sweet spot that appealed to him on the surface of it…he wanted to bite it but it was to soon.

The warmth of his breath upon the back of her neck, the mild beastly moans of his devilish tenor like voice, the heat of his cock hammering away at the tight confines of her essence and the music aiding and abetting him as the most potent aphrodisiac ever known were all things that seemed to make Tahira spiral out of control beyond measure and reasoning as her countermeasures against his cock would've become harder and more forceful with each passing second. His cock starting swell and throb under the thrall of her pleasuring just as much as her womb began showing signs that it was also ready to receive the rest of the hot fluid that he'd been pumping so vigorously into her that was causing to it happen. Her hips starting to buck rather harder than they had been against his thighs almost in a jerking like manner, a clear indication or sign that she wasn't able to hold back the dams any longer and ready to blow!


“Gaaaah this isn’t going to go on much longer!”  she would hear Walter blurt out over the blasting sounds of music dancing on the many lengths of airwaves around them. A fact that Tah's pretty little self couldn't help but agree with the devious wolfblood on while he went about the task of literally position her very flexible form into in a complete full nelson hold. Granting him, at least with her legs as opened as they were gave him unlimited access to knock the bottom right out of her stomach, while nailing her g-spot completely unhindered or restricted. Causing Tah despite her best intentions to stay quiet to let loose several moans under the same guise of those that were apart of the music as she felt both his balls and cock smashing and spattering her juices all up against that fat ass of hers. The young wolfblood barely taking note of the bulge in her abdomen due to his cock striking at the most sensitive part of her over and over like lightening against a metal rod, her legs starting shake in wake of massive wave of tension that was right there at the edge of abyss waiting on the right stroke to give it the necessary push, into satisfaction. Walter  making it known to the pretty little wolf that he was just as close as she was, his grip on her tightening and his thrusts becoming faster than had been throughout this entire encounter! Her body starting to rock, wiggle and gyrate like waves over water in way that only to intensify what she was feeling as the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh continued to echo on in her ears. Tahira's cries of “Yes, yes, yes, yes...that'!!!!” ending just as abruptly as they started the moment his cock struck gold inside of her, finally tipping the balance of the scales in his favor as did all she could to keep from screaming out loud in ecstasy when she came while her lover continued to pleasures that her spasming now sensitive tunnel gave, his grip latching onto her more firmly as he made sure his cock was pressed into the depths of her before letting loose 3 strong jets of semen into her womb, filling it to its capacity. All the while maintaining his hold to keep her down against him in order to prevent any of it from making a mess on the floor and other wise exposing to others what had transpired between them.

Tahira would've licked her soft lips in sultry sort of fashion, the feeling of having Walter continue to fuck her through the rip-tides and sensitivity of not one but three orgasms while milking his cock dry of everything it had to offer was making her all that much more eager for another round away from prying eyes as he released his grip from her, thus allowing her legs to return to their center back towards the floor beneath them while rest of her remained still on his lap still shall we say glued at the hip. His hands making themselves rather busy here in addition to Tah trying to make herself descent again into her human form only have her head turned  in his direction and have several confident kisses placed upon in her lips, over and over again while his other hand came to rest on her stomach. Kisses that much like everything else tonight felt familiar and warm to her in their nature thus causing her to return them in the same manner in which they were given, before being asked in a devil's tone of voice if there was any place they could to in order to finish out tonight in a more limitless environment. Now being the person that she was, the young alpha could tell when she was being taunted or tempted by peers and others around her so when Walter made this remark in addition to placing his lips against the bite mark at the nape of her neck to entice his point further Tah already had surmised a counter. “There is. And its most likely the place my...'date' had in mind to take me after we left here considering it holds some ties to the pack he's associated with and with mention of the right names I'm willing to wager he got a room there for little to nothing, the Royal's Rue hotel.” denoting to the swankest hotel in all of District 2, that even Yani Farhan would find it difficult getting a room here without knowing someone who knew someone else on the inside, and he was damn president. Tahira mused to herself starting to feel the actual numbness of her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs a bit as some how she could sense that Walter wanted more her, just as she craved the same...but just how much was she willing to give. The answer to that question did in fact scare her as Walter's tongue found solace and licked up against the area where the actually teeth marks from her mate's teeth marks once were embedded now mended up and healed. His wet kisses suddenly becoming erotic in nature to her as she asked “I trust you know the way??” quickly standing upright withdrawing his cock from inside of her saturated sheath, pulling the hems of her skirt down over her ample rump, before making her way out the door first. Her swaying to the right first then the left in seductive manner whither she realized it or not as she headed into the direction of the hotel which was only a block or two away from the busiest club in Kasaihana.

“There is. And its most likely the place my...'date' had in mind to take me after we left here considering it holds some ties to the pack he's associated with and with mention of the right names I'm willing to wager he got a room there for little to nothing, the Royal's Rue hotel.” This struck a little ping in Walter’s ear feeling like he’d heard of that hotel. Hell as old as he was, he might’ve been around for the construction of said hotel if anything.  Still he knew right where that was and even if he didn’t, there was no way her scent could escape his nose. Not even because of the distinct perfume she’d been wearing but she had this…aura. A warm and familiar aura surrounding her that made his nose tingle and his stomach feel as if it had butterflies….it was a disgustingly dreadful feeling, but one he knew he wasn’t going to get rid of as long as he continued to remain involved with this woman. Still this was only a one time thing right? Walter knew he’d be able to move on to the next one and continue his plans, or so he thought. “I trust you know the way??” Walter felt her get up with a quickness and it made him quiver. His cock was still VERY tender from the intense yet discrete erotic counter he’d just had, and it wasn’t until it left her womb it shyly shriveled back into its original sheathe and size. Walter sat himself up, composing himself and answering her. “Of course. I’ll meet you there…shortly.”

As she walked away Walter also stood up and in doing so he couldn’t help but murmur a few words to himself. “Something’s off…I don’t know what, but I feel like I’m smarter than this. Like the signs of whatever is going on, are staring me right in the face and it’s killing me. I can’t figure it out. I can’t figure HER out…or whys he’s so stuck in my head.” Walter licked his lips before grabbing his coat, and slinging it over his shoulder. “I guess I’ll have to dive deeper into the situation to really get a feel for it.” Smirking at his play on words, the Wolfblood turned tail and  slowly began trailing Tahira. Making sure she arrived at the hotel before he did.

Sometime would pass and Walter would’ve wanted to give her some time to relax, or maybe forget he was even coming as the night hours rolled on. He’d wait until she’d made time to lay down, or perphaps simply relax on her bed. It was then, the Wolfblood would’ve cunningly worked his way inside of her hotel room, climbing up the side of the buildings balconies frantically to arrive at the room her scent was pouring form. Swiftly leaping over her room’s balcony, his feet barely making a light sound as he discarded his shoes to quiet his entry. He’d use his finger claw to open the door, stepping inside, and shutting it behind him soflty. Weather she’d been awake or asleep, he’d speak softly knowing she could hear him loud and clear.

“Did I keep you waiting?”

Even if she spoke back, he’d interrupt, lunging from his spot to her bed, and mounting himself atop of her. His shirt was already unbuttoned, and draping over his form, along with his pants, no belt, and loosely hanging from his v-line. His golden gaze meeting her own for a moment, but he hastily moved in for another taste of her lips. Resting his upper half on his elbows, and making sure her legs were tightly wound around his own. He wasn’t finished with her for the night, in fact, he had many plans for the both of them. He ignored that feeling in his gut that told him this was more than what it was, and opted to just leave things to chance for one. Wasn’t his style but this scenario just seemed….FELT. different. SHE herself was different..but this wasn’t the night for details. This was a night for freedom and lust…and unbeknownst to him: fate.


Tahira made her way up several blocks of the Royal's Rue Hotel, the soft sounds of her white heels clicking against the pavement being the only sounds besides her heart racing like crazy inside of her breast indicating the sense of urgency that seemed to have taken over any common sense that lay with her as she reached a hand forward towards the large glass doors of the building to grasp it golden handles and draw it opening effortlessly before making her way inside to the front desk. After a few moments of idol chatter with the clerk and even throwing around a name or two at the counter the silver haired beauty would've handed the digitized card that would become her key and be permitted to make her way to the elevators where she was then whisked off in a car upstairs to none other than the penthouse suite. Which was a lone room at the highest peak of the building with a view of the city that was rumored to be breathtaking. At least this is what the clerk downstairs told her as the young woman must have gotten the notion that Daton must've been delayed by something and would be along soon to join her. An ideal that made Tahira laugh some what as she moves to insert the key into the suite door's lock, as someone was indeed joining her tonight but it wasn't that one she could rest assure of. The female wolfblood pushing the door forward with ease the moment she hears the lock click only to have her golden eyes become assaulted with a beauty that even she was taken aback with. A room dipped precariously from every corner in white and gold trim from the large king bed to rugs that were covered in red rose petals that led to it. To the right and left were candle all aglow aiding the natural light of their mother moon which hung at her apex in the sky through the balcony windows and not far from there was a bottle of champagne the hotel's finest no less chilling on ice with two champagne flutes sitting beside it as a simple love song poured itself from the sound speakers. Giving Tah the ideal of just what Daton had in mind when he told her that “she would be HIS woman before the night was over” as she shook her head as if to say pathetic before allowing the door to close behind her and walking  further into the room in order to see what other goodies he'd planned for her only to find a box laying on the bed which was addressed to her. She had no doubt that inside lay a piece that she wouldn't wear even to her funeral so she left it be on the bed and walked over to where the champagne was in order to pour herself a glass into one of the two flutes. As her mind contemplated just what in fuck's name she was doing. She'd just had sex in a very public place, with a man she didn't even know AND now she was inviting him up to her room...expecting what round 2?! Of course Tahira already knew the answer to this was in fact “Yes” it was exactly what she wanted, exactly what her body craved as when she stood upright in the club dislodging his member from within her own she could feel just how unbearably empty she was inside, and just how badly during her walk on the way here she wanted to feel whole again as she takes the glass in hand raising it to lips in order to drain it of its contents. The cool distilled liquid making its trek down her throat the moment she would have turned in order to make her way towards the bathroom in order take a bath and try to make some sense of just what was happening here.

But sense of it she could not find nor would her thoughts give her rationality of it, leaving Tahira more weary than she had been before she'd gone into the tub when she emerged from it, dressed in nothing more than a large white towel as the clothes she had on even her underwear were in good need of a dry cleaner at the moment. The silver haired beauty flopping down onto the foot of the bed with her lashes lowered as game her mental was playing with her in regards to Walter did leave her rather exhausted, Tah allowing herself fall back casually against the sheets at the very same time, he would've chosen to leap over onto the balcony and claw his way into her room without so much as a sound. Not that it matter as Tahira could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end causing her to slowly look up just in time to hear Walter say, “Did I keep you waiting?” to which she would've tried to reply back to but be interrupted by him lunging forwards from where he stood towards her, mounting himself on top of her with ease. Giving her golden orbs a very tantalizing view of his powerful chest, abs, and tampered v line in which her hands proceeded to lay siege to in an attempt to caress each with their delicate finger tips, her lips embracing his own as the two shared a deep kiss and her legs were made to wrap about his hips causing some parts of the towel to fall back. Exposing the taunt makings of her belly, those child baring hips of hers, and the thickness of her thighs to his heated gaze as she presses her hips against his before proceeding to remove his clothes from his person, starting first with his shirt  before going lower to do the same with his pants and whatever lay beneath them as they continued to kiss heatedly.

Walter mounted across the top of her, began to feel her hands rushing over him, all the while kissing him back with a passion. He broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against hers for only a moment to whisper against her lips.

Walter: I can’t stay away from you…something about you familiar yet so mysterious…I don’t like it, but I can’t help but feel infatuated with it.

Strong hands made their way up the curve of her body, stopping just below her face, tender figners resting on her cheeks as he let his lips hover over hers, as if teasing her for another strong kiss. That’s when the wolfbloods erect cock began to spring forth yet again. This time the massive peach colored flesh, rested across the lips and clit of her open womb with a soft pat. He’d lean over to the left side, kissing her face and neck down all the while, and arriving at the spot he’d been smelling all night now. His eyes flurrished with a red hue before he took a bite into her skin and at the same time, he penetrated her womb once again, but this time there was absolutely no need to hold back.


The first thrust penetrating her walls and spreading them once again. He shivered in her arms, a sign that the sex from earlier while rushed and secretive still had his member rather tender…he’d suck on the skin of the bite mark and a flash of images entered into his mind, starting to fill that empty void more. His hips began to act on their own now, as he released his oral hold on her neck, only to let his forehead rest against hers, and begin thrusting away. With more room to spare his cock began hitting deeper and harder than it did previously. Low, shimmering eyes watched as every thrust bounced her body, and chocolate breast up and down. The sight of her thighs jiggling each time he made contact with him, made him swallow hard, and want to ravish her deserts even more…


The ambience of the room was nothing to shake a stick at, it was well prepared, but he had a feeling it wasn’t originally meant for these two, maybe some one else. Never the less Walter kicked his pants off of his ankles, and lifting himself up to hover over, looking down upon her with that naturally dominant brow, he began relentlessly driving his hips inbetween her legs. His cock hitting the groove of her lovebox, and slamming itself against the back of it, shaking not only her body but the bed they lay in. The strength of the unrestrained wolfblood even rocking the mirror, the items on the dresser/table/ and the headboard almost like a small tremor.


It wouldn't take long in between each of their fervent kisses for Tahira to feel the full weight of his body adding a slight contrast to that of her own as he mounted her with little to no resistance. The wolfblood female taking note that he had done so almost as if he'd known without actually even knowing just what her reaction to it would be to begin with, that she'd welcome his advances further and even use her canines to nip  at his lower lip in a  soft, playful manner before allowing him to break their kiss even if it was only for a moment to whisper something against her lips that sounded like “I can’t stay away from you…something about you familiar yet so mysterious…I don’t like it, but I can’t help but feel infatuated with it.” to her keen ears. Tah smiling softly upon hearing this as she too for so many strange reasons felt the same way. It was as though...he were, meant to be with her or something she told herself before going on to say, “I feel the same way too....even though we just met...I..I feel...more connected to you that anyone else I know, its so odd....and yet so wonderfully strange too I suppose.” as she lowers her gaze in blissful contentment the moment she felt his strong hands travel up the length of her curves from her hips to hollow of her throat stopping just short of her beautiful face, his fingers coming up slowly to rest against her cheeks as she watches him hover his lips so closely near hers before allowing her lashes to slowly flutter open once more in order to gaze into the golden honey brown color of his eyes. Her left hand traversing up the length of his spin to his shoulder and around his neck in order to try and touch his cheek while its mate still rested against the power mounds of his chest only lower it to the taunt of his belly and even lower still into the dark incline of pubic hair that lay below his navel, her hand going on to grasp the warmth of his full erection from its base which now rested up against her outer lips, clit, and already eager womb between her fingers before drawing them up his blood filled shaft. A move that might have cause Walter to react in light of how sensitive he still was from his earlier en devours with her inside of the club.

Tah using the intricate skill of her touch which had been long lost to the human world but not forgotten by wolfbloods to not only etch into memory every line and curve of her lover's body but also to engrave into it which area's on his body outside of the phallus she now held, would drive him wild if she came into contact with them via her hands or her lips as thoughts of placing kisses down every aspect of his form entered her mind just as Walter began moving over towards the left to lower his head just enough for her to feel the warmth of his breath against her skin and the kisses that soon blazed a trail down the hollow of her neck that followed it. Tah releasing her hold on his member the moment his lips brush up against the heal marks that her “mate” had given. The sensation alone arousing her to no ends which baffled her as no other male besides the one who had given her the mark should've been able to touch it and make her desire him so to the point of wanting to beg to be penetrated. Yet her she was moaning and squirming up against him, so much to the point that whatever of the towel still remained covering her would've come undone with little to no effort yielding with it the visage of her voluptuous breasts to accompany what else had already been seen by his hungry eyes.

The elder wolfblood bidding his time just long enough to position himself at her entrance which was already over flowing from her own lewd secretion and ready to be taken by him again before permitting allowing her to feel the sweet joy of both his fangs and cock impaling her at the same time at both ends. Tahira unable to control herself as her nails gripped his shoulders crying out in utter euphoria as his first thrust caused her to remember that she too was just as sensitive as he was from their earlier encounter. His mouth continuing to suck on the skin where he'd bitten her, as images moved through the cerebral cortex's of her mind into that of the cerebellum causing her to recall something that some how she'd.....forgotten as her own hips soon to began to make motions to move up against his own. Walter releasing the grip on her neck only to let his forehead rest up against her own, his hips suddenly picking up pace in their tempo causing her claws to move up and down his back in order to keep from shredding the sheets that lay below them as his cock hammered away at her body much harder and deeper than it had earlier. Leaving Tah almost speechless in words if it were not for her endless panting and moaning against the soft sounds of music that were playing as she kept up her pace against him, further her own pleasure just as much as she did his with each pass of her hips. As some how she knew that the sight of her being impaled on and off his length, in addition to the sight of her thighs and breasts bouncing in the sway of things would only excite him to plunder her body even further for all it was worth.

And indeed she was right for no sooner had he kicked his pants off from his and push away from her embrace, hovering over her did Tahira feel the full force of his passion being hammered to the point inside of her. A point so firm that upon its impact between her thighs Tah found her herself screaming louder than she every thought imaginable, its force causing everything in the room to shake even her as she took each one of his unrestrained thrusts like a pro dealing several of her own back to level the playing field so much that if there was anyone below them on the lower floors they would've sworn it was an earthquake going on.

The open claw marks forming on his back form her nails were just icing on the cake. Hell better him than the bed, as the moment her claws began to break flesh, the flesh would’ve instantly healed itself. He could take anything she could dish out and vice versa, as unbeknownst to him, she’d proven quite some time ago. Walter felt her beneath him, pushing and bucking her hips against his each time he thrusted inside of her. His lips parted for a moment for hurried breathes to escape them as he felt her walls clamping and tightening around his own. Her own Alpha dominance refusing to let her be a lazy fuck in bed, and while Walter wasn’t prone to having someone else in control but himself for her…he’d allow it.


For a time anyway, as Water could feel his cock beginning to swell. He knew what this meant, and he didn’t want things to go so quickly, as such, he began to pick up pace even more. His muscle mass increasing slightly, breaching between the lycan and halfwolf state but not letting the hair growth come to, just so he could muscle fuck her for a little while longer. His hips piledriving between her legs at a constant rate: to and fro, to and fro, CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACKCLACK. The precum spewing inside of her, having the audacity to leak out and soak onto the sheets a bit along with her own lewd juices, as he grunted more and more while his cock expanded inside of her.


Walter: Ngh…Keep putting in that kind of work and you might yet again best me..

Walter sits himself up, and takes hold of the back of her neck, uplifting her body  so she’s sitting up by Walter holding her up. Her back straight but now curved, so his massive body was still between her legs, as she’d now have his thighs as a sort of sitting area, while he began pulling into and pushing his throbbing, pulsating manhood in and out of her at the same speed, but a slightly more elevated pace.


The headboard eventually giving way and falling onto the floor, along with the metallic railing supporting the mattresses. They crumbled beneath the massive weight of both of their thrusting against one another, but even with the sudden shift of gravity, Walter continued hounding her with all of his might , his brow furrowed as he looked down upon her body, using his free hand that wasn’t supporting her to take hold of one of her breast, groping and squeezing the poor thing for dear life! His grunts turned to growls once again as his greeted teeth bared fangs this time around.

“Ngh…Keep putting in that kind of work and you might yet again best me..”  Tah could tell from this as she rocked her body harder against his that the elder wolfblood wasn't used to a woman of her bred, but rather those that liked to be serviced to rather than being the one who was doing the servicing. Trophy bitches, or so Cheyenne called'em, they always like to be seen and look pretty but never had any real ideal on the how to' or know what really made a man happy. Something Tahira had promised herself, would never happen when it came to her mate and it was promise that unbeknownst to her that she had indeed kept as she threw her hips into first, second, and yes even third gear levels on and off his pulsating shaft.  His own pace increasing more at the very same time she felt his body shift, gaining with it the muscular definitions that one would only be able to gain when in their lycan state yet she saw no growth of hair against his skin but she however did feel a tremendous growth stretching her wider and pressing itself deeper in her between her thighs. Her claws going further into his skin, latching onto as she bucked to and fro with such tenacity that one could almost call it art in its rarest form. The subtle cries that once fell from the female's lips now turning into four letter words sung out in all four of the known octaves, soprano of course being the most one heard as Walter used his cock like a potter would his hands to mold clay to shape her tunnel into a masterpiece that couldn't be used or appreciated by no other but himself, and himself only. Tahira hearing the soft sounds of his heavy sack making spattering sounds each time it hit against the flowing mixture of her nectar and his own pre-cum as they flowed down and out from her womb, down her ample ass cheeks and onto the sheets beneath her. At the same timr arching her hips upwards towards him and using her legs to draw him even closer, her actions causing the head of his cock to press directly up against her cervix pushing it open, the inside of her womb caressing the tip each time Walter would submerge himself deeper into the warmth of  her soft pink flesh.

“Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh God yessssss!!! THAT'S IT!!!”

It was a declaration that would've made one thing very clear to any man who heard it's melodious refrain her hips picking up tempo in the same manner as it had in the club, a sign that she was tittering dangerously close to cumming once again. But it would also be at this exact moment that Walter would've chosen to sit himself upright, take a hold of the back of her neck with one hand and lift her body upwards in a sitting position with her back is slightly curved as he holds her up but is still able to maintain his position between those coco brown pillars she calls thighs as he continues his assault. The bed beneath them showing all signs as it rocked on and off its hinges that wasn't truly made to handle the full on strength of two wolfbloods locked in the heat of mating with one another let alone one sleep in it as it finally gave way right along with the headboard, the box spring making contact with the floor first before being join by one of the railings now completely destroyed and mattress itself in which they both were on, but despite all of this Tahira never once let up. As her need to cum with him pounding into her with all he had, mounted with a ferocity that made Tah believe she would break if she wasn't allowed to release it soon.  His free hand taking a hold of her breast, and starting to grope and squeeze it for all it worth just as she'd run her claws down him back once more to grip his bare ass as her body locks in place the moment she feels the mounting tension that's been building starting overtake take her.

The only sound Walter might have heard in that very same moment being besides Tahira's voice moaning in ecstasy as she came would be the words, “Wait don't cum yet...I want to take you in my mouth.” in the hopes that he would cease his movements just log enough for her to dislodged his member from her womb and replace its warmth with a hole of another persuasion. The wolfblood female moving onto fours facing him with a soft genuine smile before lowering her head to the point that she would appear in his eyes to be literally face down and ass up in front him. Her soft warm lips parting themselves slowly her tongue french kissing the wet tip of his throbbing sex before going on to envelope it between them as she begins to suck on and deep throat his cock in a way that might make him believe that she's done this before when unfortunately that isn't the case. Or so she thinks. Tah allowing her tongue to relax completely so that he can feel the tightness of at the back and throat while her cheeks contracted tightly around him as her head bobs up and down at an alarming pace. All in the hopes the tantalizing tongue twisters of her own tongue would be enough to make him cum in such a way that he would never forget her even if there were others that came.

Walter could feel it! He could feel her walls clamp down on his cock as if it was trying to squeeze the very life out of it! Walter felt himself wanting to explode inside of her again! He wanted to feel the sensation of his semen filling her moist womb, and melt into her body for the night but her next actions were rather surprising to him as she quickly protested and opted to take things in a new direction claiming she wanted to take him in her mouth. Walter licked his lips at this notion, before tilting his head to the side slightly and giving her a light nod with raised eyebrows.

Walter: If you say so love…

He had a sly little smile on his face as she began French kissing the tip, only for it to be replaced with an open mouth and a long drawn out groan flowing out of it. He looks back down at her, not wanting to take his eyes off of her for a moment. Good god almighty, there was no way this was her first time. Walter could feel his body shifting on it’s own, having to fight the urge not to lose control! His toes began to curl painfully tight, as he quickly took hold of her silver locks with one hand bundling them into a pony tail to keep from clenching his fist so hard it’d bleed! He watched her throat  his cock with almost realitive ease, and the moment she began puffing her cheeks out to repeatedly take him over, and over, and over again, Walter could feel himself about to lose his shit literally. He couldn’t help himself anymore as his hips bucked into her face, well…a lot. A lot, a lot until he began meeting her head bobbing with full on thrust, as if he was fucking her pussy again, but instead he let her throat contort and squeeze the life out of him, figuratively speaking.


Walter wanted to speak, but as his eye twictched all he could form were grunts and growls, that co exsisted in the same language for him at this point. He could feel it. His cock swelling inside of her throat, and the hole seemingly getting tighter. One could see the tension building in his body as he hunched over her a bit, now taking two handfuls of the silver hair and holding her head in position. Halting her actions and having his way with her mouth, small impacts of her face collding with his pelvis resulted in clapping noises that meshed with the gagging and garling noises coming from her mouth. His precum already filling her mouth to the brim, as he’d look down to see weather or not she’d let the savory saliva slide down her chin or not.


He kept this notion up until finally he felt it! His cock swelled up largely one more time before he began spewing his creamy white delight into her throat! His hands tightened around her hair, tugging on it at the root as if he was trying to tug it right from her scalp! He hollored out as the amount of semen seemingly continuously poured form inside of him! One stream, two streams…three..four loads until he could feel weather or not she had swallowed him whole or not. Even as he climaxed, he continued thrusting, all be it at a steady pace, as he’d only pull his cock out so far.

Filling her mouth up he’d let his cock sit inside of her mouth until she’d swallowed it all up. Holding himself up by the strength of his arms, as while leaned over he rest his forehead against her lower back, his brow sweating from the intensity of their second round. His cock while still hard practically trembling inside of her mouth as he rested for a second to catch his breath.

The look on his devilishly handsome face said it all Tah as she looked upwards her tongue taking him without any remorse. His gaze upon her the moment her lips were locked around his cock like vacuum sucking away as tightly as she possibly could while her tongue took to task lavishing the underside with several long wet licks, lapping away at drops of precum that dared to escape his weeping hole. Her head never once missing a beat as it moved up and down his shaft continuously. The silver hair beauty suddenly feeling the warmth of his hand upon the crown of her head, gathering its strands to form a ponytail to which he grasp in the euphoria of pleasure most likely to prevent injury to himself as she takes his cock even further into the tight recesses of her throat each time her head makes its descent down his swelling member. Tahira starting softly moan against his shaft as she too found something greatly arousing about doing this as her mate began to let loose the beastly nature that he'd been fighting so hard to contain within himself by bucking his hips into her face, in a fashion that each time she would've lowered her head down his shaft they both would meet one another as if they were two cars in a head on collision. Her....mate, She thought. Slightly realizing whilst in the heat of the moment just what in truth had transpired but moments Walter did his damnest to speak but only grunts or growls would've escaped his oral as Tahira wanted to dwell on the ideal that she was no longer a single woman but there were more pressing matters to attend to as the young female could feel ridged member swelling inside of the recess of her throat. Causing her to gag each time she she attempted to deep throat it.

Her lover's frame starting to show signs that it was more than ready to burst as he would hunch over her a bit, taking into both of his hands a handful her of her hair while holding her head head in placing stopping her from doing anything further as he uses her full pouting lips as his own personal pleasure tool. His pelvis continuing to thrust away at them like a wild angry savage intent on punishing her for some devious act that she'd some how had committed, as the air around them that was once filled with loud sounds slurping and moaning were replaced by clapping, gagging and gurgling sounds Tah was now emitting from her mouth. Which only seemed to latching onto him even tighter despite, Walter having started to dick feed her on a more personal level, his eyes looking down at her as his precum starts to fill her oral cavity to the point that some of it begins to seep out from her lips down her chin mixing in with her saliva. The pretty little wolf wasting no time using that delightfully wicked tongue of hers lap up every sweet trace of it before swallowing up all that hadn't already spattered itself onto her cleavage.

This going on for several minutes or more as Tahira could tell by the way his cock had begun to twitch that he was going to blow at any minute! Causing her clamp her lips down even tighter so she could milk out even last drop of his seed onto her awaiting tongue, her aim to swallow it down as it were cold refreshing beverage. A moment  of course she didn't have to wait very long for as no sooner had she taken note of it did Walter let his fluid spew forth from the depths his loins into the back of her throat. His hands locking themselves so tightly onto the making her silvery mane that Tahira almost thought he'd literally pluck her bald from the amount of force he was using to pull on it! His voice echoing about the room as he would proceed to let loose four loads of his thick cream between her soft beautiful lips. Tah doing the best she could to swallow him whole, as he continue to thrust like a mad man even while cumming against her tongue.

Before allowing his cock to remain there inside of her mouth until she'd swallowed up every last drops. Which wasn't an easy feet for her but some how she was able to manage it as Walter held himself up the strength of his arms before coming to rest his forehead against her lower back, her own head starting to moved up and down his shaft again slowly as she would attempt lick away any traces of their little moment together that remained from his now overly sensitive yet still hard sex until she was sure that not one noticeable trace was left. Tahira using what room that she did have available to lift up somewhat in order to remove her mouth from him and nuzzles her head against his left thigh, in a manner she might have done if in fact she were is in dire wolf form as she reaches her right hand upwards to touch his tender length for a moment. Her curiosity as to how this one organ and one whose being it was apart of could bring her more joy and happiness than anything else ever could in her entire life apparent on her beauty face, Tah lowering her hand down the shaft carefully only to cease her actions upon reaching its base. The room they were in no longer filled with ambiance of sweet love songs or the sounds of two lover's caught in the hell of hot rapture as they claim each other as theirs over and over again. There was nothing left but sounds heavy breathing in the wake of silence, a silence in which Tahira herself broke when asking....

“Walter, this isn't going to be the only time we do it?” again the realization of the bite he'd giving her during their second coupling hitting her like a ton of bricks. She was now....HIS and nothing except the Elder himself could change it, a weird notion considering Tahira felt like this had already happen once before between them as she sits up and curls herself closer to him with sleep heavy in her eyes awaiting to see if he did indeed reply to her question.


Walter resting upon her would’ve been basking in the sensual silence before it was advently broken by her. A question she asked that had him stunned for a second as he really didn’t bother to think it thorugh…namely because even he wasn’t completely sure what he wanted the answer to be, but alas time would have to tell as he didn’t have time to dwell on anything because he had to answer this like….now.

Tah:“Walter, this isn't going to be the only time we do it?”

Walter sat himself up, letting his hands slide up to her shoulders before looking down at her. He wanted to simply tell her it was a night to remember and that he’d never forget her as he’d hop out of her window and take back to the streets. But something compelled him. He couldn’t fight the feeling, in fact it almost bothered him with how borderline hypnotic it was. He tilted his head at her and opened his mouth to speak but the word he thought he was going to say ending up coming out completely different.

Walter: “Of course not. I’d actually like to see you a lot more often than just tonight. If that would be alright with you.

Walter gave her a corner smile, giving her a small kiss on her forehead, while still caressing her shoulders rather tightly. He felt a level of comfort that he wanted to understand, but couldn’t seem to grasp it. Like a cruel child holding a toy infront of him he wanted to play with but the child kept snatching that toy away.

Walter: If anything it’s late and I’d really like it if I could just bunk here with you. I can’t explain it but I have this urge to just stick around…I don’t want to leave you here alone. Something tells me I’d never want that.

If she’d let him, Walter would’ve slide beside her, and laid his head down on the pillow at the head of the now grounded bed, extending an arm out to her, for her rto come to him…similar to how he’d done once before, not that he could remember anyway. If she came to him, he’d hold  her tender…very tenderly. His chistled arms strong enough to keep a tight hold, but he was gentle enough with her that she could move however she wanted to. His eyes were heavy and he began to simply let them close.

Walter: What about you? Seems like all we’ve talked about is me…how do you feel?

Tahira understood the gravity to that of which she was asking as laid there against his thighs even if at the time upon her having done so it was out  a strange feeling her gut that told her that their encounter together would lead to something much more alluring in the time to come. That and it wasn't in her nature to leave matters like this left to chance and tarry upon open doors forever bound in the endless echos of 'what if' and 'possibly'...

This even included if his reply would've been nothing more than what she'd presumed to be a “one night stand” she would've been grateful for the opportunity to have known such a comfort even if it was for a little while. And even for Walter being up front with her about their situation verses playing around as most of those who she'd been out on dates did with their hidden itineraries. But some how she also got the feeling that the elder wolfblood wasn't one to play such games not when it came to something he truly wanted or desire, as the case oddly enough was as she felt the weight against her back being lifted causing her to open her eyes a bit only see Walter sitting himself up in order to slide his hands up her shoulder before casting his gaze down to meet hers. The touch from his hands quite possibly to soothe her or comfort her in light of whatever it was he would come to say about them and this evening Tah wagered lowering her gaze feeling slightly foolish that she allowed a man this close to her simply out a of need...or rather a familiarity if indeed that made any sense to any one.

Still....she couldn't argue or dispute that there was indeed something there between them that just oh I don't know right about it all going down as it had. A feeling that down right irritated her to the very core of her being as she took note of Walter tilting his head and moving his lips to drive the nails into the primordial casket as it were so to speak.  However, what Tahira had braced herself to hear fall over his lips wasn't exactly what she in fact heard as the elder wolf confirmed that it would not indeed be the last time that this would happening between them before going on to say that he had the desire to see more of her other than just tonight then going on to asking her if she was okay with this occurring. His smile being a curt one as he place a small kiss on her forehead while still caressing her shoulders in a rather tight manner. The level of comfort his words brought to not only her heart but her mind making it easier for Tah to lower her guard even further here, something that even being around her pack back in New Orleans could even do after the better part of 3 months of her being with them. She told herself,  Walter going on to say, “If anything it’s late and I’d really like it if I could just bunk here with you. I can’t explain it but I have this urge to just stick around…I don’t want to leave you here alone. Something tells me I’d never want that.” to which Tahira would simply smile.

Tah: “Walter Cunningham, am I to presume that you're asking me for my permission to court me? Because if so answer is.......yes times two. One yes in regards to us seeing more of one another in the days to come and two, for yes you can stay here with me for the night for some reason I don't want to be alone tonight.”

Walter coming to slide himself beside her with his head now resting against the now grounded bed and extending his arms out to her, an invitation for her to join him which she gladly accepts crawling towards him on all fours before affectionately snuggling up against him as his arms would embrace her form cradling it with enough care and strength that Tah knew she was safe against any harm befalling her and still able to move any way she desired while in them. Her own eyes lowering again as her lips would part allowing her let out a yawn.

Walter: What about you? Seems like all we've talked about is do you feel?

These were two questions in which Tahira hadn't been expecting to hear at least not at this hour any way, but she supposed that it was only fair for him to ask as such seeing as she'd ask hers.

Tah: I feel as if I am more connected to you than any one else in my life which in itself its strange considering we've just met and all. But it's as if I am drawn to you like a moth would be to a flame, and the closer I get the more I want to know that which a kiss of your lips or a touch of your hands cannot explain. I think we might be....more than even we are aware of at the moment....

Her words might have sounded more like a confession falling from her lips as Tahira hated the ideal that fate might have found her much sooner than she anticipated and at a very bad time indeed with name of Dark Luthor now on the lips of every wolfblood within the Order of the Moon's lips. And the growing concern of just what her role would be in fight that was to come ever brewing itself in the depths of her mind as the glow of the dimming candles continued bathed the bodies of the two nude lovers in their glow. Tahira adjusting herself in a bit more while in his embrace as the presence of sleep was beginning to take hold over her acute senses and desiring her to settle in for night of slumber. And in doing so her lips softly begin to rattle off something no one outside of the Order or the Tasanagi Family even knew, something that in truth might actually have put the elder wolfblood on edge at its utterance.

Tah:.....if so I want to spend whatever time that we do have before the call to arms against Dark Luthor is made by the elder wolves, with you. That is if you will allow me to...

Hearing her agree to be his, weather it was for one night or not, it made him…happy. An emotion he’s never used to expressing but one he all the more welcomed. Feeling her melt in his arms, it brought a great sense of satisfaction…but he still wanted the answer to that question.

“I feel as if I am more connected to you than any one else in my life which in itself its strange considering we've just met and all. But it's as if I am drawn to you like a moth would be to a flame, and the closer I get the more I want to know that which a kiss of your lips or a touch of your hands cannot explain. I think we might be....more than even we are aware of at the moment....”

Walter: I feel the same…but I do not question the feeling. Nor would I ever in the slightest.

Looking down at her, and seeing her simmering eyes meet with hers, he couldn’t help but put a more softer expression on his face. Hardened chiseled features became softer, and began to change into a more compassionate stare.

Tah:…if so I want to spend whatever time that we do have before the call to arms against Dark Luthor is made by the elder wolves, with you. That is if you will allow me to...

Walter: There is no one else in the world I would rather be with in this very moment than you. Let’s embrace it for all and everything it’s worth.

Walter’s breathes became slower as he could finally feel himself falling asleep. She was here with him and this…this is where he wanted to be. Where he NEEDED to be. Alas fate was not yet done with the Lupus Dominus but it did give him a chapter that needed to be explored.

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