[11/16/2015 7:30:14 PM] Letho The Banished King: ( ) Kin sat in the main lobby of the precient panting. He had put up fliers all throughout out town in hopes of gaining someones attention. They needed new guys. New people. With only 15 Patrol officers, and 2 Detectives. Things werent looking up for the KPD at all. ' Kin, Have I ever told you the story of Fenrir. ' Okami said appearing within a celestial form next to kin ( That only other Onihourda can see or spirit medians ) Okami sat down infront of Kin floating in a criss cross apple sauce style. " Yes Okami..." ' Well I'm going to tell you again. Listen mortal. It will help you pass some time while you wait for some recruits. Consider it a favor. And besides, you never know. My son could come anyday, and you need to know his history so you may stop him when he comes. ' Kin rolled his eyes before putting both is hands behind his head, allowing Okami to take him into another plain of conciousness within Kin's mind as he closed his eyes. '*My Second son, and the most powerful. He was a meancing Oni that one was. And he didnt care much for my authority on anyones for that matter. Upon Birth we set him in free in the world to see how he'd fair without the teachings of his parents. This is his story...* Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is the eldest child of Okami and Kasaihana. The Shinto gods learned of a prophecy which stated that the wolf and his family would one day be responsible for the destruction of the world. They caught the wolf and locked him in a cage. Okami and Kasaihana had both been truly upset over the incarseration of there son but they could tell that his power had been disturbed.... his chi when born had become twisted. Only Oto, the Demon Boar,  dared to feed and take care of the wolf. When he was still a pup they had nothing to fear, but when the gods saw one day how he had grown, they decided to render him harmless. However, none of the gods had enough courage to face the gigantic wolf. Instead, they tried to trick him. They said the wolf was weak and could never break free when he was chained. Fenrir accepted the challenge and let the gods chain him. Unfortunately, he was so immensely strong that he managed to break the strongest fetters as if they were cobwebs. After that, the gods saw only one alternative left: a chi-magic chain. They ordered the Killans to make something so strong that it could hold the wolf. The result was a soft, thin ribbon: Gleipnir. It was incredibly strong, despite what its size and appearance might suggest. The ribbon was fashioned of six strange elements: the footstep of a cat; the roots of a mountain; a woman's beard; the breath of fishes; the sinews of a bear; and a bird's spittle. The gods tried to trick the wolf again, only this time Fenrir was less eager to show his strength. He saw how thin the chain was, and said that was no pride in breaking such a weak chain. Eventually, though, he agreed, thinking that otherwise his strength and courage would be doubted. Suspecting treachery however, he in turn asked the gods for a token of good will: one of them had to put a hand between his jaws. The gods were not overly eager to do this, knowing what they could expect. Finally, only Oto agreed, and the gods chained the wolf with Gleipnir. No matter how hard Fenrir struggled, he could not break free from this thin ribbon. In revenge, he bit off Oto's hand.Being very pleased with themselves, the gods carried Fenrir off and chained him to a rock (called Gioll) a mile down into the earth. They put a sword between his jaws to prevent him from biting. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his chains and join the giants in their battle against the gods. He will seek out Ameterasu and devour her. Vidar, and a wolf of white will seek revenge. Or so the legend says... ' Okami said as he allowed Kin to return to his conciousness form. "... Fenrir sounds like a power house. " He said to Okami. " He is, he studided after my brother Oto for quite a time. He Idolized him. But he could never be my brother. He was but an Oni, while my brother an Onigami. There is a gap in power. Oto wouldnt accept that however, and his heart is very vengeful. " Okami said back. To the others in the precient they would have been staring, giving Kin the crazy look they could give, mostly because everyone else inside wouldnt have been able to see Okami, so it'd look like Kin was talking to himself. " Uhhhh... Is that Tasanagi guy being weried again? " " Mmmmmmmmmmhmm.." Said two female officers as they shook there heads.

[11/16/2015 8:31:16 PM] The Sorcerer Supreme: ( )

Two Hours Ago

 “Ahhh, Father Handler please come in.” An old man says with joy as he sits behind a desk in a large office.

 The Church of Ebenezer is a popular catholic church in kasaihana, located in District One. Many fathers came in and out of this church, which caused attention to be called to many people within the congregation. Many parents were hearing odd stories from their children about how their pastors had been treating them. The kind of stories that would make any parent cringe and want to punish these men.

 Unfortunately for the children, no one ever raises a voice. But God likes to come down in the form of a dark savior. Sometimes, the heavens bring down the hammer of God in the form of a man. And that man walks into the office of Father Dudley, the longtime Father of this church for almost forty years. Father Handler is a tall and muscular male with lengthy black hair. A small portion of his hair reveals a bleached white color.

 “The Nuns told me you sought an audience with me this evening, Father Handler. How is it that I may come to assist you this evening?” Father Dudley asks.

 What the old man doesn’t know is that Father Handler is not a religious pastor in any form of the word. He had only been posing as one as part of a personal mission he has chosen to undertake. What they didn’t know about the man is that he is a former member of the PMC group known as The Lion Corp. He is a Super Solider experiment that gave birth to a very successful and highly trained killer.

 “Do you believe in justice, Father Dudley?” Father Handler asks in a dark tone of voice.

 “Of course, my boy. What kind of religious man would I be if I did not believe in Justice? What is on your mind?”

 Father Handler holds a large manilla folder in his hands, filled with reports from children and evidence for months that prove the church’s participation in a large sex trade criminal activity. Daniel Handler had been undercover in this organization for months, gathering intelligence and putting his training into putting a stop to everything that had been taking place in this church. And through his investigating, he has found the true kingpin of the organization.

 “I don’t believe in Justice, Father Dudley.” Handler says before tossing the manilla folder onto the Desk.

 Father Dudley begins to ruffle through the folder and his facial expression quickly drops to an angered and scared expression. His entire organization from top to bottom had been exposed in this folder. The old man slowly begins to look up, shutting the folder down with his right hand. With his left hand, he reaches under the desk and clicks a panic button that alerts guards that are outside of the office.

 It only takes a few seconds for three guards to slowly make their way into the room. Handler uses his heightened senses to see that there is a guard behind him and one at each of his sides.

 “You may have figured out what we are doing here…And now you know we cannot let you out of this church alive, my son.”

 “You didn’t let me tell you what I believe in…”

 “Since this will be your final words, I will speak them at your funeral.” The old man boasts.

( )

 “punishment…” Handler says with a quick smirk towards Father Dudley.

 After speaking, Dudley motions for the guard to kill him and they all begin to point pistols at Handler. Daniel keeps the smirk up as his mind races a mile a minute to analyze the situation. In that quick moment, Daniel opens up his hands slightly and two small crosses fall into his fingers. He had placed them up in his forearms before he walked in here, anticipating the outcome.

 Moving like a flash, Daniel thrusts his arms out towards the two guards at his sides. While doing this the two crosses fly out from their hidden position in Daniel’s hands. The crosses fly through the air and slide right into the barrels of each pistol that the guards are holding. Knowing that the guard behind him can still shoot, Daniel uses his super soldier agility and reflexes to quickly leap into the air in a beautifully perfected back flip.

 While in the air, Daniel reaches into his coat pockets and pulls out his dual pistols. High Military Grade Dual Pistols that he has donned the nicknames of "Jack and Jill." These pistols fire out .35mm Uranium R.I.P. rounds. The pistols are powered by an electomagnetic converter that helps add some kick to the backend of these bullets.

 While in the air, all three of the guards fire their weapons. This showing how fast Daniel can move in any given situation that these guards could barely even react to seeing Daniel complete his backflip. The two guards shoot with crosses in their barrels, causing their pistols to warp and explode in their hands. This forces them to drop their pistols and quickly tend to their injured firing hands. The third guard, who fired cleanly misses his target because of the backflip and shoots the desk in front of him.

 Daniel finally comes to a landing, using his maneuver to kick the back guard in the front of his cranium with the steel toe boot that Daniel is wearing. The impact of his boot onto skull quickly comes to cause the symptoms of a severe concussion and the man falls to the ground like Ronda Rousey.

 With the other two guards still standing, Daniel quickly points his pistols at them with a bright confident smirk on his face. He fires off two rounds that pierce into the chests of these guards, but no blood spews out anywhere. The two guards and jolted with electricity and quickly fall to the ground unconscious.

 (How He Looked: )

 With the quick handling of the guards, Daniel places the right hand pistol back in its holster. He slowly moves to point the weapon at Father Dudley who is not scared out of his mind with his hands in the air.

 “Don’t worry, Father. They aren’t dead…Wouldn’t want to be chased down by the police for doing their job for them. Which…Doesn’t actually sound like a bad idea.”

 “Please! Please don’t! I’d do whatever you want! Just don’t kill me!”

 Daniel shakes his head and slowly pulls the trigger to fire another electric round into the chest of the head Father Dudley. Blue electricity surges throughout his body before finally falling to the ground. Once clear of people, Daniel slowly walks over to Dudley while checking his ammo. He pulls out a magazine and sees that a standard R.I.P. round is next in the chamber. This is a lethal killing round.

 Daniel slowly points the weapon down at the head of Father Dudley while saying, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on…they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."


Daniel Handler walks into the precinct where the KPF operate out of with Father Dudley over his right shoulder. The old man is heavily knocked out, gagged and tied at the wrists to keep from getting away. While walking into the front of the precinct, Daniel would toss the old man onto the floor, leaning him against the front desk. That KPD officer running the desk would be able to see the old man sleeping away before Daniel reaches into his pocket and pulls out his P.I. forms.

[11/16/2015 8:31:19 PM] The Sorcerer Supreme: These are forms to show that he is a private investigator and had been hired by families of the congregation to investigate and stop the crimes that were being done within their church. Acting as somewhat of a new age bounty hunter, Daniel looks around to see how empty the place actually is. Daniel gives the manilla folder to the clerk as well, further proving his actions are still within the laws of Kasaihana City.

“You guys a little short staffed today?” He asks the front desk clerk while beginning to fill out the proper paperwork for Father Dudley.

[11/16/2015 8:57:10 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: Karu who had gotten tired of waiting on his cousin's orders for the Zodiac had decided to go join the sides of justice to make up for his assistance for the assassination of Jericho and senator Kruz. He took public transportation, a couple bus' transfers later he was in Kasaihana (clearly this took some time) but when he finally arrived in Kasaihana he took nothing but a spare change of clothes with him in a small backpack. So he was transitioning to become independant in Kasaihana from Helios so his first order of business was to head to the police precinct hoping he could successfully enter the force to start atoning for his sins. If successful this would be the start of making up for his crimes but what really made him take this decision wasn't his cousin's absence but the creatures dwelling in his arms wishing to have their host be more pure, the second option was to have him die. Still haunted by the images of the late Suno and his memories in shambles Karu had many hours of spare time but being as the memory of basketball being his passion and playing with his brother were gone he had nothing to desire but the conclusion to atone for the Zodiac incident. The killing of his brother brought forth the Inari's respect even if they didn't agree with what he did.

This would be the start of the Inari's merging of spirits with his own and in due time this would mean his physical attributes would spike but as of this moment his eyes had changed color during the trip from gray to a lavender purple. At this time Karu walked up to the doors of the precinct with his usual arrogance he opened the door steppin in like he was the shit he just looked around noticing the gathering of officers "Yo!" he said dropping his small pack of clothes on the ground with the presence of the kitsune spirits hovering around him for those of spiritual background they'd be clear as day but for those without, between his voice and the ringing of two small bells on a collar around his neck when he entered would announce his presence. One being silver with black tipped ears and tails while the other was more of a dark blue with ice blue tipped ears and tails. Each having red piercing eyes which darted around keeping keen observation of all the officers but their observation over the officers were cut short by the appearance of another spiritual entity. Even Karu who possessed the kitsune/inari spirits (the silver with nine tails while the blue with one) was able to see the spirit, he noticed that nobody else really was looking at it or even acknowledging its existence but he having already been involved with spirits was infact a bit frightened by its presence. His pride on the otherhand wouldn't allow him to show it as he stood with an annoyed look on his face looking between it and his own spirits kinda comparing the two. The fox spirits said nothing remaining around him just as confused as him having been caught off guard by the presence of the spiritual being there themselves.


[11/16/2015 9:34:44 PM] Letho The Banished King: " Yeahhh... its bad man. Ever since the Cheif was killed. Everyone left, crimes skyrockted. And were up to our neck in paperwork and cases. Everythings falling apart..." Said the officer at the front desk. An African American man whom seemed a bit immoralized with everything that had been going on. Kin turned his head up to see two men enter the precient. One of which had been a bounty hunter. Kin had only been in town for two weeks now and this had been his first time seeing this man. The other man that stupped in hadnt been with anyone and he looked like he had some form of promise in his eye. Maybe possible recutits of some sort? Kin sat up pulling his dress shirt from out of his pants as he walked over to the two men whom had entered. " Haaa, Nice catch man. Who's this guy? Oh wait... I know this guy he's from a church. Holy shit.." Kin said scratching his head. " Another Operative of the KPF would have walked over to The man Known as Karu with both of his hands behind his back. In police outfited himself he nodded his head and smiled. " What brings you here young Man? Are you wishing in Joining up the Kasaihana City Police Force?" The man said tilting is hat down a bit. " Guys a bounty hunter, one of the best around. You dont know em Tasanagi your new remember. Guy's been helping us out for awhile. He's not bad at what he does either. " " A bounty hunter huh. I'll be damned. We need some guys like that... " " HA! Your not serious. No Offence Handler, but He's a uhhh kind of... a ruthless Kinda guy. " " Nothing wrong with having a bit of character. Let the man speak for himself James. " " Kin said crossing his arms. " Names Kin Tasanagi. One of the Only Dectectives left in this place. Im new to you, and you to me. But im not new to this. And I gotta tell you man it takes alot of courage to go out and do what you do. And I appreciate your efforts out there in terms of helping cleaning up this city. But, we could use a Bounty hunter. Someone with some GRITT around here byside myself you know. Make somethings work between the two of us, know what Im saying. Im starting a team... of uh. Cops, a UNIQUE Team of cops. You might be the other addition we need on that team. "

[11/16/2015 9:53:28 PM] The Sorcerer Supreme:  Daniel actually laughs at the comment that the officer makes about him being ruthless. And it is very much a true statement. There are a lot of things that Daniel does that would not exactly paint the picture of a good guy for the force. But he works with them as a bounty hunter so he usually gets a free ticket to act ruthless. He’s only had to dial down a bit because some of his methods would get his cases into more trouble about him than the actual criminals.

 Hearing how the cops speak about him, Kin still comes over to talk to Daniel about joining some special task force. A team of UNIQUE cops that could help do some real change in the city. Daniel laughs a bit softly to himself, not the first time hearing that someone wanted to fix the city. The name though, the name of this cop is what brings Daniel to see things a little differently. Tasanagi. It doesn’t take a fool to know who and what the Tasanagi family is and what they do.

 Daniel squints his eyes a bit towards Kin, thinking about the offer that he is lying out on the table right now.

 “I appreciate the offer, Detective Tasanagi. But Momma always told me to know what kind of party you get invited too before you RSVP on goin’.” Daniel laughs some more before placing his hands into his pockets. “Now that was more for YOU than it was for ME. I know the stories of Kin Tasanagi, before his big disappearance. I wasn’t born yesterday…If you think you can deal with a loud mouth, trigger happy, blood hungry, teeth kickin and a can-do havin personality…then sure, I’m your guy.”

 Some of the officers laugh with what Daniel says, but most of the cops understand that he is correct. Daniel isn’t exactly the picture of a squared away officer. He gets the job done in as bloody and most of the time most bone shattering way he can.

 “So whatcha think, boss man.” Daniel slowly extends his right arm out for Kin to shake. “You still want good ole’ Handler on your secret squad of “Unique” officers?”

 Daniel’s pitch black eyes stare down into Kin’s as he waits to see a response from him. The other officers are tuned in on the conversation as well. One of them picks Father Dudley up and takes him to be processed while everyone is focused on the conversation at hand. If Kin shakes Daniel’s hand, he would come to have one of the few remaining Super Soldiers of The Lion Corp on his team.

[11/16/2015 10:08:07 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: "Man...who you talking to? Don't treat me like some kid, I am Karu and yes old man I'm here to show everyone there is light in the darkness." Karu looked off to the right at the silver fox like can you believe this shit, he'd kicked the crap outta people for less so the fact he felt disrespected was obvious as he clenched his fist. He held back the urge to start a fight after all he was moving on to becoming a better man so he relaxed his right hand putting an earbud from his oldschool mp3 into his right ear listening to music before putting his hands in his pockets. Karu shrugged his shoulders kicking his bag of clothes to the side before having a seat looking to kin and the entity near him saying  "Sup Kin what's this about a special squad? What're we gonna do?" the amount of confidence he had in his voice and that he thought he was pretty much already in was crazy but he said it none the less. What was more weird was the fact the other guy who came in knew stuff about Kin but Karu on the other hand didn't know shit.

"Yo what's so special about you Kin? What's this guy mean?" While asking these questions he notioned his head toward the guy mentioning Kins past achievements in a sense. Sitting on the floor Karu crossed his legs right over left he was wearing his usual jersey and soft denim black jeans with a pair of chains on each side. Karu yawned a little being he traveled from Helios to Kasaihana by bus it definately took some time to get there and the journey had him a bit tired. He closed his eyes preparing to rest a bit if nothing important happened but he explained himself with his eyes closed so as not to appear too rude. "Don't mind me yo I had a long trip getting here from Helios City."

[11/16/2015 10:24:39 PM | Edited 10:31:17 PM] Letho The Banished King: " Me? " Kin said crossing his arms as he looked over at this male Known as Karu whom had just questioned him for who he had been. " There's nothing special about me. I'm just a cop. Its all Im good at, its all i've ever known really. And well, This special task force of Cops im building is in hopes of creating a Anti-Crime unit. The Current crime rate in Kasaihana city is 80% I want to take that down to a good 30% Tops. I have big plans with the Police force but I need like minded people to help me with this. Do you think your in? " Kin said looking over at Daniel. " This man says he's down already. If your ready yourself. I'm sure we could work something out in terms of the recruition. We have alot of work. But I think... I think that we could make a difference in this city. If we unify. " Kin said uncrossing his arms and sliding them into his pockets. " Yo Kin. We just got a call. Local gang fight down by District 1 Docks. It's between ' The Green Don's. And The Tanks. Looks like an old school brawl. We cant send patrol cops over there. They dont have the Dective Training to handle this scale of an issue. " " Sounds fun. A Brawl. I Haven't been in anything like that in awhile." Kin said to James whom had just put the phone down. " So, what do you guys say. Wanna help me out? Show me what your two working with in terms of Skill? I'd love to see some fighting styles so I can improve my own. Think of it... as an On The Job interview. " He said walking to the racks opening it up and tossing them both a Black leather jacket with white letters on the back that read ' KPF ' In bold letters. If the two would have accepted the jackets it would mean that they both do intend on going with Kin to help break up this gang brawl in District 1. However not accepting it would simply mean that there not intersted " Wait Kin... You sure you wanna do this? " " Of course I do. What's the best way to learn? My dad always told me, hands on training is the best kind. Come on men. Lets go break up some gangs. " Kin said pulling his own leather KPF jacket over his shoulder as he walked outside to a Hover Craft Car, getting into the Driver side.

[11/16/2015 10:55:51 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: "Son of a bitch man, working me already I just got here." Seeing as Karu was currently seated the coat fell into his lap, he sighed at the thought of working without rest but it was all in the name of justice. He stood up his left hand jutting out of his pants pocket grabbing the coat before it hit the ground whipping it around so the open coat was settled around his shoulders. Putting his hand back in his pocket the spirits that were around Karu entered the two small gems located in his arms fading from view and after they entered the Hoshi no Tama's his iris darkened from lavender to veilchen purple his right hand moving in his pocket so that his thumb clicked a button on the mp3 player changing the song.

His mp3 set on repeat 1 from the last time he had used it he left it that way finding the song fitting. He walked on the left side of Kin finally showing the first sign of respect since he got here "Yo Commander Tasanagi,  let's have some fun." with that he opened the passenger side of the hover car sitting in the passenger seat in the front. "Shotgun yo!" Childishly he claimed the front seat with a cheesy smile, he was a little excited to show his worth so soon. "Ah by the way Commander, make sure you give me a kickass codename once you realize ya want me in your squad." Slumping down in the seat Karu attempted to squeeze in a bit of a nap on the way to the scene.

[11/16/2015 11:01:09 PM] Daniel Handler:  Daniel takes note of how passionate Kin talks about this team. He had always heard that Kin was a spit fire kind of cop, but to see it in person made all the stories seem that more true. The talk about unifying everything had been a good standing point. Kin could run for mayor with that kind of attitude if he ever wanted to.

 The other guy here had been talking as if her were God’s gift to humanity. Daniel scuffs it off, knowing those type of guys are a dime a dozen. So it would be safe to say that he already didn’t have the best impression of that guy.

 " Yo Kin. We just got a call. Local gang fight down by District 1 Docks. It's between ' The Green Don's. And The Tanks. Looks like an old school brawl. We cant send patrol cops over there. They dont have the Dective Training to handle this scale of an issue. "

 The attention is quickly diverted to the dispatcher who explains the situation to Kin. Daniel hears the mention of The Tanks and that brings the young bounty hunter to scuff once more with a large smile on his face. He and The Tanks have some history of violence between each other. Being a Super Soldier, The Tanks always bring out the brute in him. Just by the mention of that gang gets Daniel’s blood pumping to want to get out there into the field and rough some heads.


 Kin proceeds to toss him and Karu a pair of leather jackets with KPD sowed into the back. Daniel takes the jacket with some level of excitement.

 “Leather…Just my kind of taste…” Daniel says sarcastically.

 He rips off the religious robe, which reveals the military grade chest armor that he had been wearing under the robe. Daniel proceeds to slide his arms through the sleeves and adjusts the jacket to fit him comfortably. The final touch of the outfit had yet to come.

 Before leaving to follow Kin out from the precinct, Daniel flexes out his right hand and the high tech helmet begins to appear. Folding out of a microscopic compartment in his glove, a bright red helmet unfolds and is quickly gripped in his hand. The light reflects a sparkly light off the bright red helmet.

(How it Looks: )

 Lifting his arms over his head, Daniel places his helmet on. The helmet beeps a few times as the HUD starts up and appears in front of Daniel’s face. At the startup, the HUD shows an image of Jayleen talking to Daniel, giving him the greeting since it had been so long since she has seen him.

(How Daniel Looks:

 He had come to be the last one in the building now, and he slowly walks outside. His scanners zoom in to see both the driver and passenger seat are taken. Laughter is heard in his helmet’s earpiece from Jayleen.

 “I’m sorry, Daniel. It looks like you will be riding in the backseat this evening.”

 “Like hell I will…” Daniel says smugly as he leaps off of the steps and lands on top of the car like the Winter Soldier from Captain America 2. “Whenever you ladies are ready to leave.” He uses Jayleen to tap into the radio in the hover car for the two to hear him.

 Holding onto the roof with his Super Soldier strength, he should be able to make this flight without much of an issue.

[11/16/2015 11:34:14 PM] Ryoji: ( ) the shower curtain would’ve been pulled back and steam would’ve flowed from the shower like cube. A blonde haired ruffian stepped out with a black rope around his neck, that had a green crystal at the end of it. He took grip of a towel and began drying his hair off. Looking in the mirror at his physique he’d smile, his blue eyes reflecting and looking back at him as his music bumped. “Yeeeeeeeah boooooy. Bout to enroll in the police thing today. Get my good cover going.”

The fit blonde young man’s name was Trevor. Trevor Lockhart. Trevor has a slender build, but not a flat one. His muscles are defined, as much as the skin will allow them to be. He himself having trained for 3 years with Dragon monks does not believe in the conventional need for to much body mass, and as such his build reflects this. He is very solid, little body fat, except for his cheeks. He has sun kissed blonde hair, and sky blue eyes with three markings on each side of his face. Their birthmarks, and mark his Dragon Monk Heritage born under the sign of the Tiger. heritage. Trevor's posture is nothing short of sleazy and slackerish, which fool a lot of people into thinking he's quite the push over or sleaze ball.

How he looked Trevor_31.jpg

Today he wanted to keep it as causal as he could. Opting to wear something warm since it was cold he’d thrown on his lucky jacket. A jacket with black sleeves and an orange color in general, and matching orange sweat pants, with black air forces.  He was wearing his “alternate identity” underneath his wears, but that was another story. Stepping out of his apartment and leaving the two sleeping women in his bed, he’d lock the door, and step down. No car, so he took an uber down to the precint. Staring out the window the entire time he simply pondered the events of how things would go. He knew after that incident there they’d be short and he needed income…gonna e a while before he can visit dragon kang again to get that revenue up. Finally arriving, he’d toss the driver some money and walk inside.

There was….little to anyone there. A tumbleweed rolled across the floor as Trevor nodded. “As expected. Looks nice. Love the décor in here. It’s very homely.” He raised his brows once before heading towards the room where the sings pointed to as recruitment….there wanst anyone there. Trevor had a confused look on his face until a lone cop walked by. “You here looking to join?” “Uh yeah. Some guy named Tasanagi was supposed to interview me or something.” “What’s your name?” he searched through some files. “Lockhart. First name trevor” the officer searched. “Ahhh I have you…lets see…oh boy. You sure you’re cut out for this? Your scores….well son they suck. You have E’s in every area.” “is…that bad?” the officer blinked. “Son the lowest grade is an F. I think..i think someone actually…yup someone used a pen to make them E’s.” Trevor laughed a bit. He failed on purpose. Didn’t want anyone catching on. “Well uh. I got heart coach! Put me in the game!” Trevor smiled with a wide grin and his teeth actually sparkled. “Can you tell me where he is?” “Sorry son I really think-“ Trevor would’ve waved his hand over the officers face. A feint golden glow encompassed his hand as he did. “Where is Officer Tasanagi.” The officer blinked a few times before repeating something he’d said earlier.

Yo Kin. We just got a call. Local gang fight down by District 1 Docks. It's between ' The Green Don's. And The Tanks. Looks like an old school brawl. We cant send patrol cops over there. They dont have the Dective Training to handle this scale of an issue….wait. what? What happened?” Trevor could go into detail about how the Book of The Monk details chi technqiues that invole mind alterating if one is born under the sign of the tortoise but that’s not nessecary. “I think you told me all I need to know. Can I borrow a car?” “What? No! you’re scores suck get outta here!” an awkward silence passed as another tumbleweed passes. “Aight.” Trevor shrugged and walked out of the preceint. “Maybe I should’ve put a little effort into it I guess…damn. Well Trevor may be a failure! But a Dragon Monk never fails!”

( ) Trevor made his way down to the KPF garage and was about to get things popping. Pulling the door a few times to open it, he’d storm his way inside, walking to the nearest car. The door was locked, so he’d take his elbow, rearing it back and slamming it into the widow breaking the glass. Opening the door, he’d sit in the drivers seat and pull out the transmission about to hot wire it up and head on outta here.

(stop epic music.) A few minutes later, Trevor would’ve been inside of the carseat of a KPF car attempting to hot wire it….but he forgot how to. “Dammit…” Trevor would’ve slowly stepped out of the car and looked around before putting his hoodie on and breaking into a jog across the street. “Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit) Trevor took an alleyway and began to change into something a little more form fitting for this occasion. He knew where the docks were so it would only be about making an appearance. A late one sure but one none the less…


[11/17/2015 1:25:20 PM] Letho The Banished King: ( )Hopping into the Hover car, Kin would have reved it up and took off down to the District 2 side of town. The Tanks...Theres no special reason for this assortment of arogant men. They're men who feel as though they dominate the world and can take what they want. A bunch of guys got to gether and figured they could just take what they want with enough force. Suprisingly this gang of neianderthals grew, as more and more men became infactuated with living the life of a wild man. Roaming the land on motorcycles and breaking shit for the fun of it all. No purpose. No real meaning of life. Just doing it, to do it. Brute street fighting, Grecko Style Wrestling, Submission Style Wrestling, MMA basic and Advanced. They're brutes in battle, and rarely block. They're muscle bound people who are near indestrucitble on a human scale, pure  bread body builders who could esily flip a car with a single breath. About a good 450 Tanks all armed with Pipes, and bata And Also The Green Dons Aka The Iron Fist Gang.. The Iron Fist gang is true to their name. The only things they care about are battle and honorable duals.They're typically...polite. They actually ask before proceeding to take people out. They belive in the honorable fight, and the right for people to fight back. They won't start trouble but they will definitly finish. If a challenge is present or they find one, they will not hesitate to ask for a spar or death match, but they will hold a burial for the people they kill. And the style they Use? Choy Li Fut (Cantonese) or Cai Li Fo (Mandarin) (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Cài Li Fó; Cantonese Yale: Choi3 Lei5 Fat6; aka Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu) is a Chinese martial art founded in 1836 by Chan Heung (??). Choy Li Fut was named to honor the Buddhist monk Choy Fook (??, Cai Fu) who taught him Choy Gar, and Li Yau-San (???) who taught him Li Gar, plus his uncle Chan Yuen-Wu (???), who taught him Fut Gar, and developed to honor the Buddha and the Shaolin roots of the system. The system combines the martial arts techniques from various Northern and Southern Chinese kung-fu systems;the powerful arm and hand techniques from the Shaolin animal forms from the South, combined with the extended, circular movements, twisting body, and agile footwork that characterizes Northern China's martial arts. It is considered an external style, combining soft and hard techniques, as well as incorporating a wide range of weapons as part of its curriculum. Choy Li Fut is an effective self-defense system,particularly noted for defense against multiple attackers.It contains a wide variety of techniques, including long and short range punches, kicks, sweeps and take downs, pressure point attacks, joint locks, and grappling. According to Bruce Lee: "Choy Li Fut is the most effective system that I've seen for fighting more than one person. It is one of the most difficult styles to attack and defend against. Choy Li Fut is the only style [of kung fu] that traveled to Thailand to fight the Thai boxers and hadn't lost." Where the 420 Green Dons were lacking in strength they had in technique and skill. Armed with nothing but Black Chinese styled Fight suits the commanders of both Orgazations staring down at the other with gritty scowls on there faces.

" GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN DONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSS... COME OUT AND PPPPPPLAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY" Said the leader whom stepped up in the front with his fist tightly gripped.

( How he looked ) The Beast... Warrior of the Southern Docks of District 1. Drakin Edwards. Co-Commander under Connor Ryoji with the Tanks. " This is the day... you stopp messing with my boys. " He said tilting his head up. Drankin's behaviour does not exsist. Only his will fight, his urge to do battle with those that are around him. He will never fold in a fight and never will he back down. He either finds people weak, or he finds them strong. Mostly when he finds some weak he will not interact with them, he will ignore them and disrespect them, thinking of them as a waste of his time. Though If he finds them strong he will resepectfully ask them to a fight to the death, once and if he kills the person he then burries them and has a full cermony over there bodies, he'd mostly say "...When all the warriors are gone from this world. You will be one of the true, i bless you into heaven for i will not be joining you fellow warrior."  Drankin is of royal blood in England though due to being shunned out into the wilderness at a young age he is nothing but a ruthless warrior now who eats, sleeps, and drinks to fight another day.

" Come Drankin Edwards Of The Tanks. You Will Face the wrath of The Iron Fist Gang Upon this day. " The Commander of the Green Dons said as he got down into his stance.

( How he looked )

Both sides charged each other and began a full out battle over the docks. Fists And kicks soaring all over as Kin pulled the hover car down onto a building rooftop over the fighting. Stepping outfirst Kin pulled his black leather gloves over his fist before looking back at the ' Volunteers' for work today. " Alright... Check it out guys. This is a Try-Out. So It has a test condition. When your on your own, your style is your own. I dont mind taking a guys life myself. But today? Were clean. No Kills. Just KO's Alright? " Kin said cracking his neck left to right before his eyes flared a bright red for a moment before they simmered back down to there orginal gold. " Lets roll the fuck out..."

( + Play together )

As Kin leaped down he would have landed on the top of some dudes head, slamming his right leg into the top of his head before flipping off of his head and stomping the ground Only to thrust his fist forward knocking out a sloo of guys with one punch as they all went soaring in the air! Like a Demon on the battle field in rushed rapidly as he began to show an Inhuamn skill with fighting! A smirk on his face the entirty of it all as he knocked tanks and dons out left and right.

( Hiryu_vs_Shinobis.gif )

( )

GameMaster:With the massive gang war The Others would be invited by Kin to help incapasate as many as they could before more backup could show up. They were cloud control. How would they fair in this bout? Kin gave a small request within this endevaour to not make any kills persay but what would the heroes do? In terms of trust it would build alot of it with the 'Commander' As Karu called him. So this bout would determine a great many things much later on. Take out as many as you can!

[11/17/2015 2:25:33 PM] Ryoji: Trevor arrived at the Docks, now parkuring over rooftops to get there. Ah but he wasn’t in “Trevor’s” attire not for this occasion. Tervor had dawned the outfit of Kasaihana’s Kung Fu Vigilante, the Dragon Monk.


The Dragon Monk is not only Trevor's official tittle, and lineage, but it's also the name of the vigilante role he's chosen to play. As The Dragon Monk, he wears a green and yellow color codded track suit. Trevor has more faith in his physical body than modern techonlogy and with his advanced sensory system he can detect most threats on his own, but he is no fool. As such he used his riches in dragon kang to exchange for proper real world currency in order to have this suit modeled with the unique properties of the modern millitary sneaking suit. Sneaking Suits, this one in particular, were special military wear created with electronic weaving technology using  high-strength aramid fibers and. By clinging tightly to the wearer's body, the protective suit could boost resilience and strength, acting as armor and extra muscle tissue to perform such effects, applying varying pressure to major internal organs to maximize performance and safeguard their functions. It was designed to mirror the anatomy of a motor system and muscle tissue to enhance the users strength and overall performance, even when the user was greatly weakened. The design consist of water-repelling scales that allowed the wearer to swim easily, and had a pebbled texture to reduce drag (much like a golf ball). It does it's job, not to much, but enough to help him in a pinch. He may be a vigilante but his ego has caused him to...clash with multiple heroes on multiple ocasions. Often boasting he was much better than them. He's never outright won...but he's never outright lost to them either as he usually high tails it by that time.

Trevor would’ve seen the start of the brawl between the two heads of the gangs, and their fight beginning to ensue! Squating down he’d also see what looked lke other officers jumping into the fray of things? “Interesting…so those must be the other applicants. Well time to give em a hand!” ( )Trevor would’ve stood up on the tall building and flipped over the side of it, grabbing onto a fire escape rail, and proceeding to hop down each descending rail until he hit the ground in a squat. Trevor would’ve taken off in a sprint, before seeing two gang members of opposing origins in a brawl. Trevor would’ve leapt over a car, using his hand as an extra push off of the top of it, and spreading both of his legs in a split, he’d kick each of the men in the chest, sending two of the iron fist gang members in opposing directions with boot prints in their clothes, before having enough airborne momentum to send an additional flying kick into the gut of a tank member and actually being able to physically send the man tumbling backwards with vomit spewing from his mouth! Even after landing and taking a stance he’d jump into the fray with not fear, throwing knife strikes to the necks of the Iron fist gang who were smaller in stature, and applying joint locks to disarm the massive tanks in his way and snap their limbs to disable them slightly.

Trevor would’ve turned around only to slide his body to the right to avoid a side kick to his head, where he’d return the favor with back fist to the temple. Keeping his chain going he’d right hand block a knife attempt only to return it with a left elbow to the nose.  The man fell and a tank stepped over him, only to attempt to double axe handle Trevor in the top of his head. Trevor intercepted this by leaping between his massive arms and ramming the top of his head into the base of the tanks skull before spinning his body in a 360 and throwing a fierce aerial side kick to his chest, a sick crunch heard from the impact cracking the sternum. Tanks were tough however and didn’t go down easy, as such trevor finished him off by griping his arm and slamming him to the ground with an over the shoulder throw! His giant body making  a print in the cement! “HOWAAAAAAAA!!!”

Trevor continued to variously counter whoever came his way, with the occasional close call of course, only to be played off by his martial finesse and technique. One could see the vigilantes technique was almost otherworldly, even recognizable to those who had been off world.

[11/17/2015 2:40:11 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: Stepping out of the hover car listening to his commanders order for non-lethal force a sigh of relief passed the young mans lips. "Time to cut loose!" Karu's now purple eyes began to give off a bit of a glow while he was pulling his hands out of his pockets cracking the fingers of his right hand one by one with a look of sheer excitement a loud raspy exhale was the last audible sound he made while on the roof of the building. The trigger for Museigen had been pulled and much like his commander he leaped into action literally. (look on his face)

The look on his face before he took off into a unnatural dash was outright disturbing and his unorthodox style of sprinting only made Karu look more strange as his body was leaned pretty far forward

after triggering the Museigen his top speed was around fifteen mph. which was beyond even the fastest recorded olympic runner so it was a pretty impressive feat for a "human" the speed at which he accelerated was absurd as he broke off at top speed before he even got to the edge of the rooftop. He kicked off the ground with the lightness in his step to not make a single sound his body entering a swift series of whirling flips during his descent to the ground below.


[11/17/2015 2:40:29 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza:

Just as it appeared he'd crash into the ground still flipping his body miraculously landed in a crouching position with his hands at his sides fingers dangling over the ground he sprung forward as his left leg straightened now entering a sprint he darted into the crowd of thugs and weird kung-fu wannabe's. "Yo I hope you're ready to get that ass whooped because the only one who can beat me IS me!" the young Karu announced with great vigor as he was fast approaching behind his commander, he kept dashing forward looking like he would collide into the back of his superior but it was all but only an idiot could think that. Using his natural born leg strength which was part of the reason for his freakish agility he jumped clear over his superior "Heh I'll try to leave some for ya COMMANDER!" he yelled as he past him by with a quick flip; Karu had jumped nearly ten feet into the air and six feet infront of Kin and upon landing he ran passing by a tank Karu gave a light hop barely gliding above the ground giving a quick twist of his body sending his left leg whirling  in a violent spinning heel kick into the thug's stomach. As tough as these moron's looked at the speed Karu was moving he knew damn well that'd cripple the man which was knocked several feet to the side, being he wasn't too far off the ground the ball of Karu's right foot touched the ground first as he spun rapidly like a spinning top. As he came to a stop from sliding through the crowd he bent his knee lowering into an extremely low pouncing position with his left leg outstretched like he'd just performed a sweep kick. What is more his right hand's fingertips were a bit red which indicated during his flurry of movemenets somewhere in it his fingertips had hit something with great impact. Only obvious being he had palmed a dude from the guys dressed in pajamas (yes talking about a green don nigga) gripping his head briefly before release causing the poor guy to fall back like a stiff corpse at this point Karu had only taken out two guys but the Kpd jacket he had just received was missing from his shoulders as he didn't actually put his arms through it early but had it around his shoulders half assed wearing it the moment he took off on the roof the air current passing over him during his swift movement had slipped it off his shoulders. (the kick but unlike the photo much closer to the ground)

[11/17/2015 2:40:42 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: The Museigen on its own was a thing nobody could really achieve easily and for most not at all but what it actually was a state where Karu reaches the maximum potential of the human body that lies beyond the limitation the mind subconciously places on the body to prevent self harm. This mental barrier of sorts is normally unable to be lifted but with the natural born maximum brain capacity he has learned to break free of the limits on his body made by the subconcious mind for a specific time. Even after utilizing Museigen he can re-enter it after time passes after recovering some stamina. For most people they can only achieve 80% of their potential. During Museigen he has absolute awareness of the surroundings aside from also being able to utilize his full 100% body potential. Which in Karu's case is being able to run fifteen mph without the use of spirit energy as his body is built for speed which even surpasses the record holding olympic medalist while he is under the effects of Museigen. Just as impressive is his jumping ability showing he can jump from the three point line of a basketball court and still slap the middle of a backboard (distance is 23 feet, 9 inches) his leg strength is what gives him his agility and is the reason behind such an astonishing feat but the strength in his arms still remains below peak human levels. The his potential for combat was great sure but his forgotten times as a basketball player (athlete) his body had been conditioned for utilizing 80% of his body's potential for extended periods of time plus the memories of his first Zodiac mission he was clearly capable of dealing with trained forces with his unorthodox fighting style. In the past mission he was part of the force told to "take care of" the security which was left to him how to manage that so when he came upon a couple patrolling guards he simply ran up to their face without a word and just beat the brakes off em' taking only one or two hits himself just because he was half assing the task. Since that time he'd learned not to strike with closed fists being his hands were soft and not honestly meant for fighting. Beating on the guards split open a knuckle or two and made them hurt like hell for a week or so afterward although healed now he has no intention of messing up his hands like that again so he trained a little with the butler Lucian at the time not for a style of combat but to learn other ways of striking like Palm strikes, knife hands, and ridge hands which to some people might sound like weird stuff but to a trained fighter they'd know one slip up in utilizing these ways of striking it's easy to break multiple fingers or even some of the bones that form the shape of the hand if they strike incorrectly with enough force. So the skill level Karu performed these was quite impressive to be honest especially the ridge hand which is the striking of an opponent with the inside of the hand (the side of the hand where the thumb is located near the wrist) it's a difficult strike that even alot of trained professionals injur themselve while performing by keeping the fingers straight and pressed together. The true way to utilize such a strike is to have the four fingers pointed away and with the elbow bent a little as to not tear the bicep or other injuries, he has yet to utilize this strike in the current task with the two gangs but during the security incident for the Zodiac mission he applied it with a strong blow to the side of a guard's neck in a room with video feed for surveilance of the compound.

[11/17/2015 3:36:54 PM] Daniel Handler: ( )

 Kin gives the order that everything here today has to be non-lethal. Daniel scuffs a bit under his mask but nods his head along with it. One by one they begin to fall off and go into combat. The Super soldier takes a look around and sees the mass amount of men looking like fish in a barrel.

 “Find me a vantage point, Jayleen.” He orders to his A.I.

 It doesn’t take but a moment for Jayleen to respond back with, “Shipping crate attached to a crane above you at fifty meters north and one hundred feet vertical from your current position.”


 Daniel reached down on his utility belt to grab his utility belt. With it he fires the hook out towards the shipping crate that hangs over the docks. Just as the hook pierces through the metal of the can, Daniels body is lifted into the air as the wire begins to retract. Holding onto the gun with his left hand, he observes everything happening around him. The others seem to make quick work of the people they are fighting, seeing them choose a more direct route to the situation.

 Daniel uses his reflexes to flip onto the top of the can, detaching the hook from the gun and quickly reloading it. His eyes look down to scan the area. After holstering the grapping hook back onto his belt, the super soldier reaches behind his back to grab his dual pistols. With these pistols, he clicks a button on the side of the handle housing group and they quickly begin to transform.

 “Fists are great…but why trouble yourself when you can go hunting…” While speaking to himself, his pistols begin to reform into two separate pieces of one larger weapon.

 One pistol extends backward to create a buttstock and the other extending its barrel to create a more accurate long shot. Both reform their housing groups to be capable to connect in the middle. Daniel pushes the weapons together through the center slot and the pistols quickly latch into each other. The grip of the first pistol extends backwards towards the back pistol and locks in. The combined barrel length of both pistols creates one long barrel similar to an M4 Assault Rifle.

 (The Sniper:

 Daniel’s helmet quickly targets onto multiple Tanks and Green Dons. He places the buttstock on his shoulder and quickly begins to take aim on these men from the standing position. Using his helmets HUD system he is able to aim with pinpoint accuracy to aid with his military training and super soldier capabilities.

 “These guys should be lucky I didn’t bring a grenade launcher…” He jokes before firing.

 The super soldier quickly begins to unload round after round one after another in quick repetition. Turning his body and his hold on the position to open fire on everyone that is fighting, Daniel holds no mercy for any side. This would probably worry Kin because of the no killing rule. But he would feel relief to see that Daniel is shooting all of these people in the knees, hands and shoulders. Even the tanks with the High Durability feel the extreme effects of the R.I.P. rounds that Daniel shoots from his sniper.

 Because of their high durability, the rounds aren’t able to completely pierce through their skins as it is for the Green Dons. But with that, the R.I.P. rounds tear deep into their muscles and bones that spread shrapnel all through them. With the bullets technology to explode on impact into small fragments like a firework, their knees and shoulders quickly come to be filled with many small metal pieces. This causes more bleeding and seething pain every time they continue to try and move.

 Daniel turns around to face Karu’s direction where he seems to be making quick work of the men around him. One of the Green Dons jumps from a heightened position with his body spinning through the air and try and kit Karu with a devastating spinning head kick. Sadly for him, Daniel aims in and fires a round that catches the fighter just as he spins with his leg out. The R.I.P. round blows right through the knee and practically takes the poor guys leg off. Karu would be able to look at the shrapnel fly out from the knee, leaving eight holes to blow out of the back of the knee. If Karu looked up towards Daniel, the super soldier would give Karu a sarcastic wave before turning back around to take care of more people.

 When he turns back around, he turns to see a dozen of the Green Dons running on top of the shipping cans and using parkour talents to try and get a path going to where Daniel is standing. Taking quick note of this, he separates the two pistols and places them back down in their holsters. Reaching back to his utility belt he is able to grab his small Bo Staff device. Clicking the center button on the small device causes the metal within it to extend outwards and take the shape of his Bo Staff.


 Footsteps begin to land on the other end of the can now as the dozen all pile on to try and take down Daniel.

 “Well come on then…Stop wasting my oxygen by standing there.”

 With the Green Dons charging towards him, Daniel quickly spins the staff between his fingers while extending his arm out to strike one in the knee to trip him up. The fists and kicks are thrown violently as they all attack Daniel at once. This forces Daniel to use his speed to continue spinning the staff around his body and his arms to defend the many hands that come to try and get through his defense.

 Daniel comes to swing the staff around his right arm, letting the staff spin across his back while turning his own body to avoid being kicked off the edge of the can.

(How it looked:

 When his left arm catches the staff, he swings his body in a circular motion to slam the staff into the side of one of the Green Dons heads. Blood and teeth spew out of the mouth of this fighter while his body is lifted into the air. The gang member takes the hit and actually falls off the side of the can.

 “Shit!” Daniel yells out knowing that this man would die if he dropped that hundred feet.

 Not having any hesitation, Daniel leaps off of the can. With his left hand, he launches the staff forward and it flies passed the falling victim to pierce into the gravel floor like a stick in the sand. While making that motion with his left hand, he activates the rope dart portion of his left forearm protector. His right hand slowly grabs at the grapping gun once more.

 Daniel turns his face to aim at the can and fires the grapping hook up to the metal target once more. Both projectiles fire out almost at the same time. The rope dart pierces into the Green Dons shoulder with enough force to hook out the back of his skin. The grappling hook pierces into the metal of the shipping can above and Daniel snaps right in the middle of it.

 Daniel’s shoulders are pulling out of their socket as he hangs in the middle of the air with one arm holding the grappling hook and the other holding up the fully grown man hanging only a few feet above the ground. Because of gravity, the man slides off the end of the rope dart blade and falls to the ground. Thankfully for him, being hooked in the shoulder actually saved his life.

[11/17/2015 3:36:59 PM] Daniel Handler: In the air, Daniel grunts in pain as he wills his finger to hit the release of the hook on the grappling gun. This allows his own body to fall to the ground where he instinctively lands on his own feet. With his grappling hook in his right hand and his shoulders dislocated, Daniel looks around to see the hundreds of men surrounding him as he is stuck in the center of everything.

 “Well…This just got a hell of a lot more interesting…”

 Jayleen’s voice appears through all the noise saying, “With your healing factor, your muscles will naturally pull your bone back into place. Though…that will take a few hours.”

 Daniel laughs manically at the situation, “Well it looks like I will just have to improvise then.” He stares out at a few tanks who are ready to get their revenge for their buddies who got shot. “Maybe these strapping lads would like to help. No?...okay then.”

 With that, the tanks and Daniel both charge at each other!

[11/18/2015 1:28:56 AM] Ryoji: ( )

Trevor would’ve been continuing his battle against a seemingly endless horde of enemies! The Iron Fist gang were only tough because of their fighting knowledge and numbers. The tanks were literal powerhouses, and Trevor had to understand he’d have to employ two different tactics here to defeat each adversary side just to make a difference in the numbers. ‘Since when were cops supposed to handle all of this!?” Trevor thought as he took a fighting stance. His peak human senses heard the foot steps coming from behind as he turned around only to be bombarded from 3 separate directions! 3 members of the Iron Fist gang closing in with different styles to combat him! Trevor had his hands tucked by his sides and bent at the elbow before he started blocking ducking, dodging and weaving as best as he could, to avoid taking any hits from these guys.  The Iron Fist gang could not only hit hard but they knew how and where to hit, forcing even Trevor to really take a moment and focus here.

“Shit, shit, woooo! That was close! Okay focus Trevor come on! Time to make some room for yourself.” Trevor then began to channel chi into his cranium to call upon his mental chi. Mental chi is the ability that focuses on brain activity and perception.  It dictates the thought process, often reaching higher enlightens, new thoughts, even patterns, and strategies that may have seemed impossible to comprehend or do before. Such a thing can allow the brain to be comprehensive of ones surroundings, and focus ones senses, and preform complex theories and unlock storage in the brain that was never previously available. this change is not permanent, and is only a temporary burst for a prolonged chi time period. That in mind, Trevor decided that instead of blocking, counter punching would’ve been the best option. As such when the three men attacked him in unison, he’d weave the punch coming from the middle with his head movement while using his free hands, to drive his fist into the elbows of the men on the left and right side of him. He did this systematically with them, instead of throwing one hitter quitters he’d dismantle them instead.

breaking all of their arms in only seconds, he’d then  lift his right leg and proceed to kick each of their faces, one after another, starting with the guy on his left side and working his foot to the guy on the right side’s face. The three of their bodies twirling away in unison, as Trevor took a stance after preforming this attack. His senses still hyper aware, as he heard a tank coming from behind him! He turned around, but however didn’t expect the tank to have a baseball bat. Unlike the iron fist gang, tanks don’t play fair as Trevor’s body was knocked from it’s position and sent him flying back first into a fire hydrant! The hydrant popped open and water began to spew from it as Trevor grunted through gritted teeth. “Aaaaaaah damn…” he whispered. He wiped his mouth a bit looking up at the tank that did it. He didn’t have too much time as the tank tossed the bat at him like a spear! Trevor rotated his body and balanced off of his hand, pushing up and getting back to his feet before he lifted his right foot. Once he did he’d stomp it into the ground, his chi rising as his foot left a crack beneath it. Trevor exhaled a slow breathe and as he did he continued using his mental chi to asses the situation. “I’m getting tired of restraint. I need to try and dull the numbers around me without cutting loose…” he thought. That’s when he dove back into the fray, rather than countering he went on the complete offensive! Focusing on nothing more than the 10 opponents in front of him! 7 iron fist and 3 tanks! Trevor focused with all of his might accessing one of his traits: Maximum Concentration Capacity: Users can use 100% of their concentration, allowing them to push their physical and/or mental capabilities to their maximum potential; obstacles become minor problems while objectives grow significantly easier to accomplish.

his offense was as swift as the north winds, as he decimated the 7 Iron Fist with little difficulty. That’s when the Tanks decided to get smart however and after taking out the seventh iron fist one of the tanks came from behind Trevor and gripped his body into a tight full nelson hold. Trying as hard as he might -c-


[11/18/2015 1:29:07 AM] Ryoji: he couldn’t break free! “This strength is unreal! Ngh! The hell do they feed you guys!” “Getting sick and tired of these costumed freaks!” the other tank yelled as he began driving his fist into Trevor’s stomach over and over! Trevor tightened his stomach between  blows but even then it didn’t matter much as the strength of the enemy was beginning to crack his ribs! They’d out right break if he didn’t do something soon, he was already 10 punches in. Trevor grunted and threw his right foot up to kick the tanks arm up and out of path as his opposite left foot came up and toe kicked him right in the chin! The tank stumbled back but the one holding Trevor would’ve taken him by the shoulders and slammed his back into the ground! Trevor took this but didn’t stop as he’d pushed off of his hands and feet, and spun on his back in a capoeira like break dance maneuver before pushing up with a hand spring and landing in a low crouched stance with his arms across his face in an x like shape.

“TUYAAAAAAA!!!”  quick utter of his grunt and when Trevor spread his arms he’d unleash a golden colored burst of air pressure using a technique known as the dragon wave. The Dragon Wave is a more wide spread and multi tasking variation of the usual destructive dragon fist. Applying the principles of the archaic Push Blast the user can expel the dangerous energy off of his fist as a wave of multiple chi based air pressure which host a yellow colored tint to it. While not as concentrated as it's original and reducing it's force to that of concussive, it does make for a great distance maker. Still applying to the one post charge and usage counter, it is good for clearing out large waves of demons, demonic spirits or human beings for that matter. It disperses as a solid wave and as a set radius of 8 feet from the user.

The 3 tanks would’ve all been sent flying back into the horde of feuding gangs! The trouble didn’t stop there as tires screeching could be heard in just a few feet of Trevor. Turning  his head he’d see a Tank  running clear as day at him at full speed at him! “So much for restraint….oh well.” Trevor’s right hand began to glow a bright gold. He extended his left hand out wards and crouched a bit low, appearing to be charging something. “Dragooooooooooooooon……” He spoke under his breathe. The Neanderthal tank drew closer with his own right fist cocked back and Trevor refused to wait another second before he shouted out “FIST!!!!” Trevor pushed off of his right foot and using proper boxing posture to draw power from the body as a whole he’d thrown a straight punch right into the pit of the tank!

The Dragon Monk By summoning their chi, drawing form the specialties of all four spirits and focusing it into his hand, he can draw upon the superhuman energy derived from the heart of the four divine beast  and make his fist inhumanly powerful and super humanly resistant to injury and pain on a superhuman scale. This "Dragon Fist" technique does not involve a physical transformation of any kind, simply a psychic channeling of concentrated chi energy and chi bases. With his fist in this state, the Dragon Monk combines the four properties into a manor as such: using physical chi he strengthens his arm 10x the muscle mass of a peak human's strength, but condenses the muscle tissue as much as he can causing no physical change to the appearance of his hand. Fortification Chi not only helps in the condensing process but it completely encompasses the arm/hand in a thick layer of fortified chi, rendering it virtually indestructible. Added to this is the other property of fortification which gives his arm a blade like edge, thousands of tiny Madarins all resonated at a high frequency allowing his arm to virtually pierce anything it comes into contact with similar to a high frequency blade in principle. The Mental Chi aspect allows the Dragon Monk to use his accelerated mental function in a way that essentially gives him the ability to multitask the obstacles in front of him. He cannot only one and sustain this energy, but his mind races at such a speed that allows him to process all possible outcomes he can think of, and see all variable moves his opponent could potentially make to counter him IF he knows his opponent well enough at this point. If not, there is a bonus as it increase his awareness to a superhuman state, all of his sense working in conjunction to give him a pseudo danger sense and react to any changes in his opponent or the environment in front of him. Finally the Destructive Chi aspect, which speaks for itself, causes the Mandarins resonating around his fist to gain the properties to destroy various if not any form of matter as long as they abide by the four states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma). This includes spirits or non corporeal forms as to be seen they must cross into this dimensional plane, added to the fact that all Dragon Monks because of their unique Spiritual Pressure can attack these things at will. This move however is VERY powerful, and such a concentration of chi requires time to focus and use. The effects vary depending on how long one charges the Dragon Fist but depending on the tier of charge, will determine it's output. (At base it is required to be charged for at least one post. The move itself can only be used an overall total of five times and depending on the tier the number of uses decreases. This namely applies to actual fights. In plot scenarios, this is just for shits and giggles to use) In this case Trevor only used the first tier, which  after a brief (1 post) charge time, the Dragon Fist will be able to shatter wood and brick, rip through steel, and punch his opponents with extraordinary concussive force without sustaining injury to himself. The force of this technique has rendered incredibly durable Super humans unconscious or pierce through the very being of a human body like butter. At this tier the move can be used 5 times at max. This is the most malleable level because with this tier of strength he can channel this energy from around his fist, to his entire body (counts as a separate usage) and even channel this energy on both hands, for rapid attacks.


The Tank would’ve had his body bent and contorted in a “U” like fashion as his body was sent flying 40 feet into the warring crowd in the direction towards the edge of the docks, were he’d knock down any tank or iron fist member in his stride! Trevor’s fist would’ve let out a slow steam but as quickly as he defeated a good number more would’ve been on the come up. “I underestimated the number -c-

[11/18/2015 1:29:10 AM] Ryoji: disadvantage here…” Trevor would’ve been having pretty bad aching pains in is lower back, and he was pretty sure one more good punch would’ve broken at least two ribs but he wasn’t about to quit here. -e-

[11/18/2015 6:01:50 PM] Lee: Yukashi would be looking out the window of a luxury condo over looking downtown Kasaihana as he smoked a cigarette. "How could something so beautiful be so fucked up." He chuckled a bit as two feminem hands come from behind Yukashi's back rubbing his shoulder's then rubbing his bare chest. Yukashi was actually completely naked. His chisled body glowed as the sun's rays hit him through the window. A pair of lips would kiss him on the neck as the face of an unknown woman would pop out from the shadows. "Come to bed honey." Said the woman. "I can't..." Turning to look at the woman looking at her naked body which was amazing to look at. The way her perky breast sat on her ivory skin with her erect pink nipples which was only complemented by her amazing waist line and thick thighs. Walking to a chair in the corner of the condo's master bedroom which was holding his clothes.

After putting on his outfit Yukashi grabbed his coat which held his phone in the inner pocket. Taking a look at his phone while fixing his tie Yukashi saw ten back to back phone calls from the police department. Raising an eyebrow Yukashi recieved another call from the department this time picking up the phone. "Detective Sanada..." "Damn it Detective where have you been? Detective Tasanagi and two new recruit were sent to stop a gang riot out by the docks and I think they might need back up. Mind going down there and check?" While he was on the phone another girl would come in the room. This girl was different from the other girl. She had long black hair and ebony skin with a large round ass and amazing tits to match. "Yukashi dear are you ready for round ten?" Putting his index finger up to the girl indecating that he needed her to shut up for a second. "Send me the address i'll be on my way there now." Yukash would hang up as he started to walk out. "I'll be back later Ebony and Ivory." Waving to the girls Yukashi would walk out the condo fixing his coat on his body catching a cool breeze the second he was outside. Once he got in his car Yukashi he put the address to the docks and proceeded to drime to the scene.

After what seemed like a long drive Yukashi would be pulling up to the docks a large crowd was seen standing there holding their phones out and recording videos. Turning on his siren Yukashi spoke into his mic. "You kids get the fuck out the way!" The crowd would start to move out the way once Yukashi pulled up closer to the scene. Jumping out of the car Yukashi could see the whole brawl and riot going completly out of control. Taking his loaded Jericho 941 handgun Yukashi would point to the sky and fire off two shots hoping that would catch everyone's attention.

[11/18/2015 10:05:35 PM] Kin Tasanagi: The constant battles would have continued as Kin turned his attention over to the left of him to Kick a green don across the jaw. The Impact alone would have left the gangsters jaw to contort aggressively to the left, causing blood and spit to spew from his lips before he hit the ground. Creating a swift spin kick right after he'd knock one of the men off of there feet before cutting a front flip forward w/ a drop kick added into the mix with his right leg to blast the thug through a wall. His body harshly embbedding itself within the red brick stones of a building due to Kin's dangerous and monsterous strenght. With his attacking leg he'd kick back and then with his opposite leg he'd kick off the wall only to superman punch a thug into a wall with a hard crash! And then after landing the superman punch he'd then boot the same thug through the wall before he'd soon roll forward after him. Ending up in a Kitchen of some sort of resteraunt. A sloo of 35 Men rushed in after Kin and began to surround him with weapons in hand.

( )

As Kin got down into his stance he watched the 35 Men Tanks and Green Dons working side by side to take down a common enemy. A Cop. " KILL THE PIGGGGGG! " Said one of the Tanks before he rushed forward and everything would have shifted into a slow varation of itself. Kin rushed the thug, but he would have thrown a punch, Kin would have tilted his head back weaving the strike before he used his right hands wrist to knock up the Tanks attacking arm so his armpitt had been exposed, swiftly turning to the side Kin would have thrusted his fist into his arm pit, the pain would have fired up the thugs body before long, Kin would have sent another swift straight fist into The Tanks chin before Kin would have sent his left hand out in a Horzonital motion, the impact would have knocked the blood out of the Tanks mouth as he hit the ground! Two Tanks would have rushed him right after! Sending a straight punch into his jaw, but the blow did little damage as Kin retailated with a swift uppercut in his jaw and then pulling his head into the thug on the right of hims incoming fist allowing his own comrade to knock him out before Kin then sent a powerful chop into the thugs throat knocking him out as well. Flipping backwards He dodged a Katana strike as he landed on the Kitchen Countertop, Kicking a Pan into a Thugs face so that the metal device would have slammed into The Thugs nose causing it to split with a blast of red following behind it! Jumping back down to the ground Kin came down with a heavens elbow aimed down at the top of The Thugs head, knocking him out soon after! As Kin landed back on the ground he would have gotten into The Thunderous Boxing stance Micmicking his father.

For each thug that rushed Kin he would have slammed a fist into there jaws just as quickly as they had meant to attack him! THUM, THUM THUM! All of his punches were hellishly strong, knocking Thugs out left to right with deadily force! They began to fall like flies left and right as Kin beat them senselessly! His Onslaught would have came to a close end however after a Knife had been thrown into his shoulder! " Tch..." Kin's eyes shot over to the perpertrator as he pulled the blade from its entry point and spin it around and began to use the Blunt part to beat The Thugs with it! A good 14 Tanks would taste the painful explosion of the hilt of that knife smashing into there temples, using CQC Techniques now. " PRESS HIM! " Said one of the Thugs but it had been getting out of hand at this point. Kin Gripped one man's fist and twisted it back before he locked him into the wall, and then pressing his weight into the arm he'd have pressed it out of socket! The Gun howled out in agonizing pain as Kin held him there. Turning his head swiftly he sent a powerful Kick into One Thugs Chest with enough force that knocked 10 of them into the wall Knocking them all at once Before Kin would have flipped that same thug over so he landed on the burning hot stove in the kitchen. 

( )

Kin turned his attention once again to a large sloo of goons coming his way. "... Alright... Time to try something out here..." He said clenching his fist up as he tilted his head up, allowing his chi to engulf his physical form at this point. " Heavenly wave. " Kin said with a smirk before he rushed forward and began to send chops into the sloo of the thugs with inhuman speed as he chopped them all left to right with simple chops to the human eye but anyone whom had been paying attention would have seen that Kin had been doing something to slow the Thugs speed down to a crawl as he struck them all before he rolled forward, turning his head back to the 25 Thugs whom all had still been moving in slow motion before He stomped his foot and sent a single punch forward releasing a push blast of air pressure into the 25 of them causing all of the Thugs to explode out of the resteraunt with a hard crash! Kin would have flipped continously out the resteraunt before he landed infront of a solid number of 65 Gangsters whom all looked a bit freaked out by Kin's Inhuman display. ".... You assholes want some too..." Kin said as they all began to drop there weapons, dropping down to there knees and shouting in Unison " WERE SORRY! " Kin would have smirked before he stood back up straight and patted the dust from tattered outfit clean as he crossed his arms, however this is when he had turned his head up to eye a News Camera crew had been watching him fight along with the others fight from a distance on a Small Hovercar. " This is The Kasaihana Channel 7 News! Here today to show you the exploits of these young men here tonight whom have beat The Massive gang wars sides down to a hault there's much to be done but it looks like these young men are really turning the tides around! Wait... is that... He's wearing a badage! These Kasaihana city Police officers?!?!? " The city would have gotten into Shock as well! As people from all of Kasaihana glued there eyes to Cell-phones, TV's , computers, to watch These Cops take down this massive gang war. " ALRIGHT GUYS! " Kin said hopping onto a car. " ITS TIME FOR OVER TIME! " Kin said as he got back down into his stance and leaped into another battle hungry horde of enemies.

With Only a few more ways to take out in this massive war. The KPD operatives look to be turning over the tides of battle but how will they fair? The Green Dons Commander has rushed off elsewhere to retrieve something known as a Secrect weapon that he had been storing just in case the KPD got involved. Smirking he would have cracked his knuckles as he removed his ripped shirt and pressed a button and two large eyes from a robotic eyes looked back at him.

[11/18/2015 11:25:34 PM] Father Handler: (

 Daniel and the tanks all quickly charge at one another. Unlike The Tanks, Daniel actually has the intelligence above that of an earth worm. The Tanks had never been anything more than a bunch of meat heads who like to smash stuff. And the super soldier knows that about them, which makes him able to exploit their tactics.

 As a few of the tanks strike, their large arms flail with enough strength to put down a grown man. But sadly for them, they are dealing with a fighter well above the street cred they are used to going against. Some of them swing towards the ground to try and squash Daniel under their fists, which only leads to Daniel leaping into the air with a quick corkscrew motion. While doing this, he extends his right leg out to smash into the nose of another tank who had quickly followed his buddy into this fight.

 The impact of Daniel’s foot into his face causes his nose to shatter on impact and burst with blood. Daniel lands on his toes, seeing the shadow of another tank behind him. This tank has his hands over his head, attempting a double axe handle smash. Daniel reactively thrusts himself into his back in a roll and thrusts his feet up into the man’s crotch; smashing his nuts under the strength of his super soldier kick! The momentum of the kick pushes Daniel forward like a spring board which puts the man back onto his feet.

 Getting back up, Daniel notices that these people JUST. KEEP. COMING. Two Green Dons attack him at the same time. Like a blur of body movement, these Green Dons try to take advantage of the fact that Daniel cannot clearly use his arms at the moment. Using his peak reflexes, Daniel bobs and weaves through many of the punches thrown by these men. Daniel may be at a disadvantage but that only makes him work harder with his other weapons.

 The Green Dons begin to work together, one swinging his left leg out towards Daniel’s right side thigh. Daniel quickly checks that kick by raising his own right leg up to go Shin V Shin with him. Their legs collide but it leaves Daniel open to take a strong punch from the other Green Don. The impact of his fist on Daniel’s helmet causes bones to shatter while pushing Daniel’s head back a bit. Daniel laughs to himself under the mask when he hears the bones crack, because they are not his that broke.

 Because of the high caliber metal that makes the helmet, the man’s hand feels more of the impact than Daniel’s head does. Though the impact causes Daniel to stagger back a foot or two, this allows Daniel the room to complete his next technique. Jumping into the air he quickly swings his legs outwards in the form of splits to smash his boots into the skulls of these Green Dons.

(How it looks: )

 Both men are shot back a few feet from the impact with more blood and spit landing on the already bloody floor. Landing back down onto his feet, Daniel looks around for some type of way to get himself back into the game with his arms. About ten feet out next to a wooden wall is a tank beating the holy high hell out of a Green Don like a Gorilla.

 “Well…A shitty plan is better than no plan at all right?” Daniel asks Jayleen.

 “Usually a plan from you is always shitty. So what makes this time different?” Jayleen responds with sarcastically.

 “That’s the spirit!” Daniel says with a cheery tone before sprinting over towards The Tank with everything he’s got.

 By the time the tank sees him coming, it is far too late. Daniel lowers his right shoulder and rams himself into the large meaty body of this tank! The sound of his shoulder popping back into place appears through his helmet while both men go crashing through the wooden wall. Both bodies disappear into the building. Daniel lands on his back, looking at the ground to see The Tank laying on the ground unconscious from his head whiplashing as it did.

 Daniel slowly stands up with his left arm leaning against the wall. He moves his right arm slowly before looking at the wall through his mask with a very blank expression. Sighing to himself, he takes a second before going through with what he has planned in his mind.

 “I’m one for one on shitty plans so far so why not.” Daniel tells himself before smashing his left shoulder into the wall hard enough to send his shoulder back into place. “ahhhhhhh yeahhhh.” Is all he can say while slowly moving both arms around.

( )

 The Super Soldier slowly begins to make his way back out from the hiding position he had thrown the tank through. While stepping out, he adjusts his leather jacket to fit comfortably around his body and his eyes examine everything around him. His body once again becomes exposed for everyone to see, with a bright red target practically making him a huge target for these men to attack.

(How He Looked: )

 At this point, Daniel begins to slowly walk towards the location that his Bo Staff is stabbed into the ground from earlier in this fight. Daniel’s HUD alerts him of the news crews finally making their way to the scene. He can hear the reports from their feeds thanks to Jayleen’s powerful A.I. interface. When he reaches his Bo Staff, he places his right hand on the center while looking up to the chopper.

 “Well here I was thinking I wouldn’t get seen. Hope they get my good side.”

 “You are wearing a bright red helmet that conceals every portion of your face. What exactly is your good side to that?” Jayleen asks.

 “You’re right.” Daniel says while pulling his staff out of the ground. “It’s all a good side.” Once he pulls his staff out from the ground, Daniel hears Kin yelling in the distance. Daniel smirks and shakes his head while de-activating the staff and placing it back onto his hip. “I bet the press is just going to eat that all up. Told ya. He should run for mayor.”

 Placing his staff back on the utility belt allows Daniel to reach back and grab his Plasma knife. Swinging it around his fingertips he looks out to see a group of Green Dons surrounding him. The group attacks all at once, trying to overwhelm the super soldier. Diving into the fight, Daniel begins to use his training with his blade to utilize any form of immobilization he can use without killing these men.

 With his left hand he catches and parries attacks while making precise and non-fatal slashes and stabbing wounds into these men. Daniel swings his right arm down to try and stab into one of the Green Don’s shoulders and is stopped by the right forearm of this man. That is when Daniel drops the blade with his right hand and catches within his left to thrust the blade forward into the shoulder he originally aimed to stab. With the group getting larger and larger, Daniel’s body stands in the center creating a pile of immobilized bodies around him.


[11/19/2015 4:03:54 PM] Lucian Rose De'la Cuza: In the middle of a swarm of goons Karu looked like he was in trouble and considering he was just a really talented human it  was a bad situation to be in with being surrounded by so many people. He sprung from the crouched position with a jumping spin kick with his outstretched left leg to the face of an incoming nigga in pajamas, it wasn't enough to knock him out though only daze him for a moment Karu whined a little before bringing his right hand forward after the spinning kick slamming the guy's head into the ground with his landing to finish the job. "Damnit I was hoping this would be a quick job." Pushing off of the sap's face he flipped forward letting his body fall back first to the ground dropping his right heel ontop of a tank's head knocking him out.  Karu was lounging on the ground after that point hoping nobody would realize he was still awake trying to escape from anymore work but as luck would have it one of the tank's rushing by at a pajama man stopped when Karu let out a sigh thinking he was safe. Rolling to his right along the ground he'd catch another person off guard who was trying to run by catching the poor moron's ankles tripping him

"Man this is just not my day." standing to his feet Karu brushed off his jersey and pants before sliding his hands into his pants pocket walking straight into the forces of the tanks figuring his comrades could handle these ninja bitches. While he weaved through the oncoming men every so often he'd trip one or lean forward bringing up one of his legs in a high scorpion kick to some dudes face. He was annoyed and with his full potential on display with Mugetsu which was starting to run out he had to turn up on his beat downs, flicking through a couple songs on his playlist he passed one that caught his attention with a sweet startup and from there it was all over. His body synchronized to the music moving in perfect rhythm with it

his specialty wasn't just speed but the ability to rapidly change the pace of battle or sports with the flow of his movements so adjusting instantly to the music blaring in his ear was not a problem. He grinned with a "oh yeah..." stopping in the middle of his weaving and sending out a flurry of kicks with his right leg into two men running infront of him the flurry of blows between the body and face quickly brought them to a stop which was when Karu started stepping in and throwing mean spin kicks into the mix  slid in with a couple of violent straight kicks.


Blood flying with each kick as he beat the dog shit outta them he stopped abusing these men spinning around them with the change in the song dropping a "Ha..hahai." With Museigen running low on time just about to run dry the kicks he was throwing out were getting faster and faster coming out of the rhythm from the music but to a quickened flow spreading the same series of kicks he just used but spreading them to three or four guys at a time some of the fast ass kicks getting blocked while others broke through hitting their mark. The bottom of his custom shoes red from the blood of the casualties (still alive just saying nigga's who got beat on.) some of the top of his shoe also had blood on it this pissed him off so much considering they were a custom order which meant if they were ruined he'd have to blow all his money on a new pair. Even with the knowledge Museigen was running low and just about over he dived deeper into his untapped potential changing from his quickened pace back down to the rhythm of the song and in doing so slowed before then spiking to the peak of his speed with a roaring burst of his voice. "Hyah....!" What he lacked in technical skill with his kicks he made up for in speed and timing, so regardless if his aim and points chosen to attack being off or outright bad decisions he could take down people with the sheer amount of strikes, it was a perfect example of quantity over quality.

[11/21/2015 7:31:05 PM] Kin Tasanagi: ( ) The Five men would have beating enemies left to right as there bodies went soaring into the air, craahing through walls, blasting through cars. The Tanks and The Green Dons fell one by one to the mighty force of the five. People began to step out of there homes one by one as they watched the spectale before them. After some time Kin would have rushed to the top of a car as he watched a large majority of the gangsters flee while hundreds of them lay on the ground simply unconcious and beaten. As They all ran off kin would have stood with triumph as he and his men pushed this massive gang war back. " AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Kin said letting the wolf inside get the best of him as he howled as loud as he could watching the fleeing gangsters, all the neibhoring dogs in the area would have began to howl as well as the clouds above would have exploded with a shred of thunder and then rain came behind it. As the Commander of the green dons came outside in his faulty mech suit it would have been drinched by the autum rain as it fried out and left him unable to move. Panicing now due to his current state. The Citizens near the docks would have all rushed out of there homes to celebrate the victory of the 5 men whom had stood against the thugs. This gang war had been going on for over 3 years, and the citizens always paid the price by beind in the middle of it all. But... im sure those two gangs wont be fighting here for much longer. The Camera crews tried to rush over and speak with the group of young men whom had thrawted the attack by the thugs but the croud cheering around them would have made it that much more complicated.

[11/22/2015 5:33:57 PM] Ryoji: ( ) “I THINK THEIR NUMBERS ARE DWINDLING!” Trevor screamed out in his dragon monk attire, as he spun his body around, only to lash out his left leg and dig his heel into the chest of an oncoming attacker from the air! His body soared down in a diagonal fashion hitting the ground with a thud and a cough of blood!

As the mock fight continued Trevor could sense all of the chi being used in his immediate vicinity. He did this and opted to remember these specific signatures. The only one who didn’t let out one was the man in the red plated mask…Trevor didn’t think much of it. From his display he clearly wasn’t normal, but to assume bio enhanced off bat wouldn’t be to wise. “I think their numbers are going down anyway…it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.” Trevor didn’t have time to think however as the hordes kept coming. Tanks and Green Dons abroad, but while his ribs were killing him and he was sure another hit would shatter them, trevor pushed on! Showing his best side on the field of battle and pushing through the pain with sheer physical ability alone. The outfit at least helping his muscles perform his job, even under the physical stress of cracked ribs.

" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Trevor turned at the sound of he howl only to see….Tasanagi? that’s when rain began to erupt around them, and  the men would’ve began to flee the area somewhat afraid for their lives it seemed. Trevor lowered his guard and began to breathe a sigh of relief as the people rushed out to see the spectacle. As usual the news reporter vans would’ve been pulling up on the scene. Trevor put his hands on his hips and stood triumphantly. “Heh heh. “ but that’s when he thought about it. He couldn’t be on the scene as the Dragon Monk for to long. He’d have to make his introduction as himself eventually. “I’d love to stay and chat folks, but I think my work here with the police is done. At ease folks!” Trevor would’ve darted down the alleyway, at a full on sprint of 40mph. his adereniline still pumping his peaked body as he twisted and turned down the alley and made his way back up to the rooftop where he kept his clothes.

Not even five minutes later Trevor would’ve emerged on the scene into the crowed wearing his orange jumpsuit with black sleeves and white air forces. Motioning his way beside Kin or near him he’d speak. “Hey uh! My names Trevor! I’m kinda new to the force! Sorry I’m late when I heard about what was going on I went for back up but I remember we don’t have any!” Trevor laughed it off a bit but in the back of his mind he thought. “MY RIBS! SWEET SHIT HURRY THIS UP SO I CAN GO HEAL MYSELF……FUUUUUUUUU-----------“

[11/22/2015 5:57:58 PM] Uck You Gusy:  The fighting was heavy and coming to a close. Standing on his feet with his jacket covered in blood is the mighty super soldier. His chest moves up and down as he looks down towards the ground. He stands in the center of a rather large circle. Surrounding him are the bodies of Green Dons and Tanks. Their bodies ooze out blood from being slashed open by Daniel’s blade. The bodies pile up around him as if this were out of a zombie horde movie.

 Daniel’s red mask is also covered in blood, which actually matched the color of the helmet itself. By this point in the battle, the rain starts to come down on all of them. The howl from Kin is more than obvious to show that the cops have won on this night. Daniel can see the headlines now. A group of five took on a horde of four hundred and won! Daniel begins to step over the bodies that surround him. That whole area is filled with moans and groans from the people who felt the pain of his blade.


 With the choppers and civilians coming to fill the area, Daniel smiles underneath his helmet. The HUD shows up social media tags of the event, practically breaking the internet of their event. Daniel looks at all of the hashtags and pictures of their group fighting the gangs. There is even a twitter GIF of Daniel himself on top of the shipping can shooting. He shakes his head slightly with a smile as he walks over to the rest of the group.

 Cameras flash and reporters try to yell out their questions for Daniel to answer. Unfortunately for them, Daniel just gives a polite wave and focuses on regrouping with the rest of his men. That is when a blonde guy, Trevor, walks out from the crowd to say he missed everything because he was looking for backup.

 Daniel scuffs to himself while telling Trevor, “Just don’t make a habit of disappearing on us, Goldie Locks.” He turns around and begins to make his way over to Kin. 

 Once he gets to Kin, he looks at him through the helmet while asking, “Well Mr. Leading Cop…Looks like you got what you wanted.” He then turns to get out of Kins view of the many people cheering for them after their act of lawful heroism. “Looks like there is hope for The Force after all…”

[11/22/2015 9:39:34 PM] Lee: In the midst of all the commotion ever since he showed up on the scene Yukashi has been doing his share of cracking heads together. While the others were taking down gang member after gang member. Yukashi was surrounded twenty angry men rushing at him. Getting into his fighting stance Yukashi let out a sigh as his eyes squinted letting him focus a bit. (  Three came in first. The first man went for a forward leg thrust at Yukashi’s stomach only to find his leg being slapped down by Yukashi making him lean closer to Yukashi only for him to be met by Yukashi’s incoming fist to the nose. The impact sounded off as the goon’s head was tilted backwards making him stumble. Yukashi grabbed his shirt then spinning around throwing him into the second goon to run up on Yukashi. The third one came at Yukashi with a knife. The man rushed Yukashi coming at him with the intent on stabbing him in the chest. Yukashi ran towards him ducking down a bit Yukashi brought his right arm around the man’s arm wrapping it tightly and using his left hand to hold it firmly Yukashi yanked the man straight to Yukashi dodging the stab and bringing his knee right into the man’s gut letting him cough up blood then bringing the man over his shoulder slamming him on the ground. Yukashi continued ramming his fist into the rest of the gang members throw a series of punches and (

The numbers started to dwindle down as Yukashi stood there with his knuckles burning from all the excitement. Yukashi stood there standing over the knocked out gang members. Sighing a bit he took a cigarette out his mouth lighting it then looking over the unconscious felons. “I don’t think we have enough zip-ties… " AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Yukashi looked over his shoulder seeing Kin Tasanagi letting out a howl. “Pfft, weirdo.” Yukashi shook his head there was something up with that guy something Yukashi wanted to know. Walking back to his car Yukashi saw the crowd of people cheering and helicopters pulling up along with different news van from different news stations. Walking back to his car one of the most prominent news teams from Fox 10 Kasaihana Alive News Station’s reporter Trisha Takanawa came up to Yukashi with a thick Asian accent. “Detective a few words please?” Yukashi scowled at the reporter before looking into the camera taking the cigarette out his mouth blowing it into the air. Trisha spoke into the mic looking at Yukashi. “Detective Sanada how does this victory fair for the KPD and the citizens of Kasaihana?” “My team put on a good fight, we’re slowly beginning to help on the war on crime.”

[11/22/2015 10:38:50 PM] Kin Tasanagi: Kin would have been speaking with a few of the others whom had came outside to praise them when he turned his attention over to Trevor. " Yeaahh. I heard you say you were going for backup. I dont know where the hell you were getting that. Were the closest thing to ' BACKUP' Anyones gonna get around here. Daniel, awesome work out there. You all did well. Listen you all passed the test. Meet me back at the station. Im gonna get you guys your badages ma-" Before Kin could finish his sentence. His overly sensitve ears heard Yukashi speaking with a news crew about HISSSS FUCKING TEAM. " WAIT A GOD DAMNED MINUTE! " Kin said rushing over infront of the cameras. " THIS IS MY TEAM. MINE! DONT LISTEN TO HIM! Thats right I did it. Kin Tasanagi. Matter of fact. I even have a name for us. Were... The ones who will cast out the darkness in this city. But with a code. Were the ones who make the criminals shake in fear. We are... The Red Knights of Kasaihana city. Fighting evil every day at a time with a code. " Kin said nodding his head before crossing his arms. The news crew lady smiling she'd turn her head over to the cameras to close out the on the spot interview. " There you have it Kasaihana city. Yukashi Sanada and his Red Knights have saved the day from the destructive gang war. " " WAIT.... WHAT?! HIS!?! WERE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME?! HEY! " " This has Been Kasaihana channel 10 for all of you watchers at home and on the go. " " NO BITCH, LISTEN TO ME. HE IS NOT... THE... LEADER. READ MY LIPS. HEEEEE.... ISSSSSSS.... NOTTTTTTT..... THEEE-" " Everyone have a wonderful day! " She said before the screen went black.


"... Red Knights... Huh..." Said a man staring out at the TV surrounded by a sloo of men. With the words ' Titan Force' Sketched out over his shirt. He'd tilt his head up before he put his cigeratte out and crossed his arms. " Looks like we have some playmates boys... Look alive.." Said the mysterious young man. CLoaked within the shadows of the room, a grin crossing his sinster face as he took a bite out of a single apple.