Kin Tasanagi: It was noon... a sunday afternoon. Nik would have been driving down into town before he reached the country side of District 2, and then the beach had been in the distance along with The Large Tasanagi Dojo that had been surrounded by trees imported from asia and the Mountain behind it. Reaching his hand out, Nik would have taken Suzume's hand which whom had been in the passenger seat as he smiled. " Don't worry, this will blow over. And we can start that PI in no time. We'll have this handled. If Danchou is back, then we need to be safe. And this is the safest place in the world..." Nik said to her before he'd look back to the road. His eyes shooting over in the rear-view as he looked up at Keiko sound asleep. Kin however had been sitting in a room within the Dojo in which he had made for himself. Setting it up and all before Sora walked in and watched him. " Its funny... how something like this brings the family together. " Sora said crossing his arms, Kin turned his head over to him before nodding his head as well. " It is... pretty funny isnt it. This Danchou guy, he has alot of nerve huh. Threatening us. " Kin said looking out of the window to see some Kids playing outside that lived in the Dojo with Wolf Batallion soliders gaurding them in there weaponry set and ready to go. Keyome had dispatched up to 600 Men just for this alone. Free of charge for us, but all the men working this job were give a bonus on there pay-grade because of the danger factor. " Gramps really going out of his way to make sure were safe. It's kind of out of his character huh sora. " " Hm... yes but he does care for us. He may not show it much but he loves uh. He has a good heart. A strong one. " Kin looked at his younger brother out of the corner of his eye before he walked over to him placing his right hand on his shoulder. " You've always been good at seeing the good in people Sora. I love you little brother. Maybe some of that can rub off on me. " He said patting his shoulder before he walked down to the room where Judas and Kaiuri had been given by Kin. " Alright Kairui, I got a few leads with your mother. But I can't make a move just yet. I do have a few guys looking into it. There coming back with Intel tomorrow. However from the information I've gathered she's safe and sound. There holding her in some place in district 2. Its heavily guarded but my guys are working hard to find a way through. Its our first lead so were on it. If you need me. I'll be down in The Indoor training grounds. There are certain threats th- hey... why dont you and Judas come along with me. You two could learn a bit yourself. If your interested meet me down there. " Kin said  crossing his arms. Before stepping out of the room.

Ryoji: ::At the Ryoji Household:: “Again.” The stern female voice echoed in the backyard of the Shinpaku Federation home. The weather was unusually warm though it didn’t bother Yumi Ryoji who was currently at this moment in another training session with her two children. Connor was out and about…leaving her with training the kids like she did most of the time. It was rare when Connor was in a teaching mood and the children were getting older, they needed to awaken their affinities and abilities and with the rate she was going, it wouldn’t be long now. Two weeks of constant non stop training around the clock had the children on their knees in blood sweat and tears. “Mommy….it hurts. I can’t…” Xanu would whine pitifully as he drops down and tries to catch his breath. Serena glares at her mother but continues holding up the large vase that was her size full of heavy wet cement on her back while being weighed down by the weight clothing currently on her person. “This….this is nothing!” She grunts through the pain, holding this thing up for the past six hours. Yumi approached Xanu and kneels down in front of him, the boy smiling up and expecting her to finally give in and let him rest. But sadly, it wouldn’t be so…lifting him up by his neck, she growls. “Your enemy will not give you a moment to rest!! They will strike when you least expect it!” Tossing him up to his feet she begins to attack him with swift palm strikes, Xanu quickly stumbling backwards and although it seemed like he was being clumsy he dodged each of his mothers assault! “Wah! Ah!!” Ducking and side stepping, Yumi hadn’t landed in a hit on the boy which makes her smirk and pick up the pace. “Xanu strike back! Find an opening!” She coached him while Xanu looked panic and was simply trying not to get hit! “I ca-can’t!” “Idiot! Like THIS!” Out of the corner of his eye he sees Serena tossing the vase right at Yumi! The Halfling dragon stays calm and with a lifted elbow, strikes the base of the large pot as it cracks in a perfect line through the middle and snaps in two! The wet cement is flying forward but in a second it too is split in half! Though not by Yumis doing as she watches in surprise. Serena comes out from the parted liquid in a flying kick, not a drop on her as the red head observed this closely and still had time to side step Serenas kick, grabbing on to her ankle and throwing her into Xanu. The two children grunt as they crash together and Yumi watched the wet cement fall to the ground and thought. “You’re ready…”

Serena blinked and sat up off her brother. “Ready? We can’t make a hit on you!! It’s been two weeks and we still can’t—“ “I’ve been teaching you the basics of martial arts. You two are born of Xiaofang and Ryoji blood…fighting comes natural to you. You both know more of martial arts than any one your age. You can only do so much though without unlocking your potential. You just did so…” Yumi explained while motioning towards the wet cement. “It seems your affinity is water, not fire…perhaps from being born on Earth.” Looking to Xanu next, she kneels down and helps him up. “You’ve gotten faster at dodging but you need to fight back, little dragon. Focus.” She encouraged before turning back into a harsh teacher and once more attacking the two of them. “Once you unlock your potential, the way you fight will come easier! It’ll be like breathing or walking! Focus your chi!” The Halfling would begin to glow red leading by example as she did more palm strikes their way, Serena blocking with her arms while Xanu continued dodging. Serena listens to her mother and with a determined fire seen in both her parents, she fights back! Gaining speed and throwing in some offense all the while in the pit of her stomach she could feel it. A growing energy that with another push seems to open like a channel as she grows more and more persistent and finally a blue aura erupts from her! Xanu, watching his sister and thinking on just how far shes gotten was beginning to grow tired of being seen as a worthless cry baby in his father’s eyes and though not exactly determined, he became angry and stepped up to his as he yells. “I CAN BE A GOOD FIGHTER TOO!!!” Suddenly a burst of yellow chi comes pouring out of the small boy and within a milli second he vanishes and appears behind Yumi. The female looks over her shoulder in surprise and realizes both children are letting out ridiculous amounts of energy. With Serena in front and Xanu in the back both of them are engulfed with their chi and strike their mother, Yumi throwing both her hands out on either side as a blast goes off! It felt like a small bomb went off as the large field of green and trees were uprooted and churned every which way! The wind picks up heavily as smoke rises from the training area only to reveal Yumi with green scales protecting her as both children are on the ground on their asses and panting heavily. Their mother straightens out from her defensive position and examines her arms closely seeing where they struck her as smoke rises from where they landed their hits…if she hadn’t brought out her dragon scales….well they were finally progressing. They’ve finally unlocked their potential, drawing power from both a Dragon and a Hanyo…the only question now was, what abilities would come from the two?-c -

Ryoji: ::With Connor::Connor would’ve been walking down the long mountains and forest like path to the Tasanagi Dojo slash orphanage. He hadn’t been here in the longest of time. Actually….Connor was pretty sure this was his first time actually coming to this location. He rarely got to come visit like he told Keyth he would. With all that’s been going on…with Danchou and this terrorist like attempts. He’s been getting a bit angst. Connor didn’t let it get to him. In fact, he’d already begun setting up his own defenses. Remembering what he and Leon discussed earlier to day along with Kin.


Connor, Leon, and Kin would’ve been in the basement area of Ryoji & Grey law firm. That is the socially acceptable side of things. What many people do not know, is that this law firm doubles as Leon Ryoji aka Black Dusk base of operations. Underneath the law firm is a basement floor, exactly the size of a football field. The base is big and large enough to house it’s own Duskmobile, and Duskplane, and various suits, gadgets, and training gear Leon may find suitable for future needs or missions. The basement has all the workings of a bomb shelter, meaning any nuclear impacts, much like the Ryoji cave, would do nothing to this place. It also has it’s own brand of fresh oxygen via filtration system, and includes Leon’s link to his networking data base of camera’s scattered all throughout the district 2 area. He also has this hidden behind a wall in his office up top at the law firm. It's networking and computer system is vitiated from that of the Ryoji Tech homestead, and has the same defensive and accessing features. It even has it's own power generators, and isn't connected to the city power, so blackouts have no discretion, and power is enough to supply Leon for a month. Each generator is solar powered, and in the event of emp attack, will use the backup stored solar power instead.

Inside the three of them would’ve been surrounding…the head of Jon Votti. Connor didn’t even want to look at the shit. He’d just finished talking to the family a couple of hours ago. Asking Kin to pull some strings and get them shelter in a undisclosed area outside of town, to keep Danchou from tailing his wife and his daughter. Connor didn’t want any more bloodshed. Leon spoke. “Alright Kin…I’m going to electrically charge the cells. When I’ve done that I want you to trace the neurons that are reacting to the shock and then make a map of it. I can trace the neural information and convert it into imagery using the wires attached to my own head.  Then I’ll be able to see everything he saw, hear what he hear, and even pick up on what he thought…this should give us insight to everywhere he’s ever been while under their control, even the day he was approached about it.” Once kin did what he did, it happened and a neural image of Votti’s brain appeared on the computer screen. “Perfect.  You two go on and do something for the day. I’ll contact you when I’m done going over the information .”

Flashback over.

Connor came closer to the dojo and walked up to the doors. He put his hands on the handles about to spread the doors open and walk inside. Upon going inside he’d breathe a sigh of relief and look around, not seeing anyone off the jump. “Knock knock. Daddy’s home.” Connor scratched his crotch before looking around seeing if he could find a spare Gi. Just to his liking, he found a white pair of yellowish Gi pants and a blue gi top. A bit tacky and the pants were a bit big, but some tape and adjusting could fix that. As such Connor did just that making a make shift marital arts outfit.

“Kin told me to meet him here and I don’t even know if he made it or not. Tch. Ah well. Guess I’ll practice some kata’s or something. “  Connor would’ve spread his arms inhaling and exhaling before putting his arms at his sides, before he started practicing the five style fist starting with dragon. -e-

Ka??r?: ( )

" Wow, would you look at that ! " Kaiuri spoke as she leaned her head out the window and marveled at the multitude of men that stood guard in armor outside of the Tasanagi Dojo. It was a magnificent sight to say the least. She could hardly count them there were so many ! " Something must be going down for real, I know they were sent here not too long ago . . . I wonder what is going on that Mr. Keyth hired protection for so quickly. " The young woman would have been getting ready for the day at hand. Kaiuri began fastening the button of her wore and faded jeans, the rips and frays and tears ran up and down her legs. The lifeless denim fabric clung over the plumpness of her rounded thighs and bubble backside without shame. As she continued changing, she would begin a conversation with Judas in an effort to get to know her a little bit better.

" Hey, ' Jewls ', " Kaiuri tested out the new nickname in an efforts to see if it would stick or not. And if not, then that's okay. Because the cherry haired honey had plenty more to snatch out the crack of her behind. " Since it looks like we will be living together for a little while, you mind playing 20 Questions ? I'll go first -- " She didn't hesitate to ask one bit, her tongue didn't miss a beat. " How old are you ? " She tugged an old white tshirt over her face and grunted in a struggle to pull it over the protruding fluffy orbs of her breasts. When she finally got it over and done with, she cursed her chromosomes for aligning they way that they had and huffed in frustration. Her eyes would have traveled back over to Judas and if the young woman still was feeling her injuries kicking her ass, Kaiuri wouldn't have mind helping to assist her new friend with anything she couldn't do on her own quite yet. Besides, they had a little time to kill and chat it up this morning. No sweat at all.

A little while later Kin made his appearance in the doorway of the room. Kaiuri took notice of him and gave him a smile and slight wave of her hand. She looked at him as he made his way over to speak to Judas and she. The two women put a yielding halt to all conversation. Kaiuri stared up at him, his form was like a pillar over her own. Why did she have to be so short . . . Flashing a quick smile, Kaiuri parted her lips and spoke. " Hey, uhm . . . Kin. Right ? What's up ? " Kaiuri would have taken a seat on Judas' bed. She made sure not to get too comfortable there though as Kin would have begun speaking to them, " Alright Kairui, I got a few leads with your mother. But I can't make a move just yet. I do have a few guys looking into it. There coming back with Intel tomorrow. However from the information I've gathered she's safe and sound. There holding her in some place in district 2. Its heavily guarded but my guys are working hard to find a way through. Its our first lead so were on it. If you need me. I'll be down in The Indoor training grounds. There are certain threats th- hey... why dont you and Judas come along with me. You two could learn a bit yourself. If your interested meet me down there. " However before either of them could give him a solid reply, he dipped out and went on about his business. Suppose it's to be expected.

( )

In the moments after the young man's departure, Kaiuri sat silently, allowing herself to get drowned deep in thought. The end of the weekend was nearing and she had no indication of her mother's condition. Sure, they knew who had taken her. Sure, they probably know where she is being held. Sure, sure sure ! However, no one knows if she is alright nor the condition she is in. Have they tortured her ? Laid hands on her ? What were they doing to her. And before she knew it, her thumb was caught between her teeth. She was biting down onto her nail a little too hard.

"Ouch ! " She hissed and pulled it away from her lips. She stared down at her thumb, it's tip growing a beet red. Her lips parted in a mild sigh and Kaiuri hung her head down. Her lengthy red curls waterfalled over her shoulders and hung low, brushing against her hips. Kaiuri's eyes drifted close as she sat on the side of her newly given bed. The worrisome young woman began swinging her legs back and forth idly, like that of a child. Pulling herself from her own thoughts, Kaiuri shoved the door to her mind Ziploc tight. " Hey, Judas ? " Kaiuri looked up at the chestnut haired female with a false determined expression, " Want to take him up on his offer ? " Her eyes were like brimming lavender melting pots as she glanced over to her friend who lay across the room on the opposite bed from her. Kaiuri remembered the rehashing of the story that Judas had spoke before. She took in the mental sight of her friend's step father, how cruel he must've been to live with. From what Judas had spoken earlier, the man had never truly cared for his step daughter. Not one bit. In fact he despised her guts it seemed. He sounded wretched and spiteful. Truly repulsive . . . People such as those, repulsive.


Suzume Tasanagi: Suzume squeezed Nik's hand back, she didn't know what to think about all this. Kin had contacted them about some threat to the family and that she and Keiko should go to his father's dojo. It had been sometime since she had been to Keyth's dojo and the last time she had been there Keiko had only been two or three. Keyth had asked to see her, and she didn't see the harm. Suzume had actually thought it might be a good idea to ask him about training Keiko, however their conversation never got that far. The time was spent with Keiko convincing Keyth to play tea party with her, and she decided to give her that moment with her grandfather and not drag it down talking about something like that.

Nik reassured her that everything would blow over and then things would go back to normal. She just hoped that he and Kin would be able to keep from fighting however long they ended up being there. "I know Nik, it's just going to be... odd." She watched as they grew closer to the dojo, when Nik pulled up to the entrance a heavily armored guard stopped them. When the guard was certain that they were memeber's of the family they let them through the gate. Even though it had been a few years Suzume could have sworn the place had gotten bigger. But the again Keyth could have possibly expanded the dojo and living quarters in that time just to accomodate more childern. She knew he had a passion for helping troubled kids. Looking back at Keiko who was asleep in her carseat, she hoped that this would give her the opportunity to start a relationship with Kin. Thats if Kin wasn't gone too much. The family trio finally pulled up to the front entrance of the dojo. Suzume reached back and nudged Keiko's leg. "Keiko... baby, wake up we're at grandpa's." The little girl stirred and rubbed her eyes, she then looked out the window a big smile grew on her face. She was unaware of the situation and as to why her whole family was at her grandpa's dojo, she just thought of it as a surprise vacation. Which made her even more excited because she loved surprises. But what she loved the most was that her whole family was there, and she would get to spend some time with Grandpa Keyth. "Yay!, Mommy can I get out now please, please please, pleeeeeeease!" Suzume smiled and nodded. The little girl cheered, undid the seatbelt, grabed her Thunderman and Lightening girl action figures, and bolted out the car door. She stood in front of the entrance jumping up and down. Suzume laughed, and turned to Nik, "Well atleast one of is excited, you get the bags and I'll make sure she doesn't bust into one of your father's lessons. Suzume stepped out of the car, going around and stood next to Keiko, who by this point was so excited she had ears and a tail. The little girl took her mother's had and pratically dragged her inside.

Alpha Female: " Hey, ' Jewls ', " Judas would look at the red haired female.... tilting her head wanting to know what she wanted.... " Since it looks like we will be living together for a little while, you mind playing 20 Questions ? I'll go first -- "  The brown haired female gave her a nod.. giving a bit of a smile... "Alright.. we can do that..!"  Kaiuri then asked how old she was was... then.. she spoke.." I was.. younger.. but my fucking  growth spurt.. is growing rather quickly.... due to being a test tube baby... I am now 16 years old..My mother was too Prideful to share her DNA to anyone...."  laying there on the bed. she sat up .. thinking on how strong her mother was.. it was rather.. odd.. like if her family shared a history of having a disorder.. that was heredity shared...Thus she shook her head from her thoughts to only ask Kaiuri Who'm see to have brought her stare right back at the Abrasive brown haired teen.."..And you how old are you Miss?" Judas  soon sat up from her  bed.. before taking ahold of her Harp of Despair.....her eyes were somewhat Luminiously glowing each time she had touched the Royal Weapon of the Oracle. It seemed that the power within it.. was growing stronger.. and like drawing her to play a strum..though before all that could happen...her thoughts had been disrupted when Kin had came into the room.. " Alright Kairui, I got a few leads with your mother. But I can't make a move just yet. I do have a few guys looking into it. There coming back with Intel tomorrow. However from the information I've gathered she's safe and sound. There holding her in some place in district 2. Its heavily guarded but my guys are working hard to find a way through. Its our first lead so were on it. If you need me. I'll be down in The Indoor training grounds. There are certain threats th- hey... why dont you and Judas come along with me. You two could learn a bit yourself. If your interested meet me down there. " The brown haired teen.. blnked.. hearing about the red haired females Mother... Thus hearing that it had been in district 2.. her stomach flipped over for a moment.. Thinking on the Devils Rejects living there.. with there Horrid New Leader. Though they may have been on the down low due to the cops.... shutting her eyes for a moment hearing Walters words in her head. which pained her deep in her heart..gritting her teeth.. his words echo'd throughout her head.. as if she was sitting there in agony once again... - " "You are patheic.. you are not like your mother...thus brown hair? I read up on your families past.. the brown haired children were the exiled of the family tree.. Look at you.. another mistake " - Judas Fluttered her eyes hearing Kaiuri call to her.. Her blue orbs.. had a hint of pain an hatred within them.." Want to take him up on his offer ? " The teen soon stood up from the bed.. wearing a baggy black tshirt.. over her bandages.. amongst some shorts... "Yeah I suppose... why the fuck not.. I can't sit here forever." Having a small smirk upon her face..she placed her musical instrument on the side of her waist.. while she had been ready for what will come to her.. in the future..

Kin Tasanagi: ( ) Kin would have made his way down into the Training area where Connor had been. Wearing some shorts with knee pads, and brassed fingerless gloves. No short, nor shoes. His masculine form boasting itself all alone as he stepped down into the area where his rival had been.

( What Kin had been wearing. )

" Alright Ryoji. I have a new method I do intend to try out. But lets warm up a bit with a simple mach battle. No chi techniques. Just hand to hand for the start off. Were start off full ody first. Then we'll switch to legs, and then fists and then we'll try my new method i've been working on. I think your gonna like it. " Kin said hopping around abit before he settled into his stance. His golden eyes glaring back at Connor. " Danchou Zetsubo is coming. He wont stop until my families dead. And if he succededs. He's coming after the Ryoji's neck. You have to be ready... Just as much as I do. Lets face it. Were the true protectors of our families. Our dads are getting old. So come Connor. Show me how much you've grown in martial skill. And I shall do the same. " Kin said getting into his Stance for Kaiju Karate. With Kin's high apittude in Karate over the past few months, he has devloped a style that focus in with his physiology along with his curse. In Kaju-Karate it uses the same state as normal base Karate but with Kin's intense strength, and with Michiko teaching Kin about the human anatomy he is now a fierce combatant. His Karate style is based of bone breaking and dismemberment. He takes little mercy on his opponents and will easily dispatch them. This style has the fire power that each stricken given is a death blow. Each punch in this style is designed to shatter bones. And the impact of each strike can render the opponent useless.One can only survive Johnny Shows Training to get the basics of this style.  Pushing the physical body to the peak of bone chilling profection. EACH strike in this style breaks bones. If the opponent is of a superior or high physiology , beyond human then the strikes will instead fracture WITHOUT chi. However if the practitioner did in fact indues his strikes with chi. Then even those of a physically superior physiology will to face the wrath of the Kaiju-Karate. This style is the orginal Karate style that Johnny Show had taught Kin, however he has tweaked it to fit him. Below are the sub-styles Kin had come up with for himself in addition to the styles orginal principals. As Kin got into his stance finally he would have clenched his fist setting himself up as his muscles tensed and then loosened up once again. " Lets do this.."

Ryoji: Connor would’ve continued his martial arts kata before hearing kin’s voice come in from the background. Connor would’ve turned around to see him in martial arts attire as well. “There you are.” Connor would’ve begun cracking his knuckles, and popping his neck from side to side a bit. Listening to kin list off the conditions of what kind of spar they were going to be doing and the stages they were going to be going through.

" Danchou Zetsubo is coming. He wont stop until my families dead. And if he succeeds. He's coming after the Ryoji's neck. You have to be ready... Just as much as I do. Lets face it. Were the true protectors of our families. Our dads are getting old. So come Connor. Show me how much you've grown in martial skill. And I shall do the same. "

Connor nodded in agreement. He knew that Danchou was becoming a huge threat and that was something he wanted to deal with first hand. More than anything he wanted to punch Danchou right in his sorry android face. Connor was more than happy to oblige this challenge as even he could admit that he’s wanted to fight Kin again since their match in the city.  Connor spread his feet shoulder width apart with his right hand bent and his fist level with his chi, with his left hand extended outwards a bit and level with his waist. He didn’t bounce in place, so much as he did sway back and forth a little bit, flicking his wrist from side to side as if to loosen it up slightly. Connor’s base style was one of his father’s invention the formless fist. After their father's disappearance, Connor and Leon took it upon themselves to learn their father's style of martial arts, the Formless Fist. Each of them employs various methods more than the other one does. They obtained the knowledge, from records, mysteriously mailed to them by Ochigi, even though his location is unknown. Connor himself has mastered every aspect of his fighting style and potential, becoming a young master of martial combat formal and informal.

Formless fist is a method of fighting, invented and pieced together by Densuke Ryoji. Over time densuke kept feeling confined and restricted by his fighting form, learning two different ways to do it. One was to rely on the mind, finding and calculating counters for any and every which move in a martial exchange. The second method was relying on the body's instinctual combat prowess, muscle memory, and reflex time. Being the genius he is however, he found the flaws in both of these styles of fighting. Being an analytical fighter will cost you the fight if you take to long to overthink the moves you preform. This also leads to overestimating one's ability, and when the unexpected happens, you find yourself in a corner. However with instinctual combat it's the opposite. Using unpredictable and erratic movements, to confuse and throw off opponents who analyze everything is smart, but you unintentionally reveal your body's limitations physically. Thus allowing an opponent to instantly gage your fighting capacity and simply outfight you. Densuke wanted to find a median between the forms, seeking to create his own personal ultimate fighting style to maximize his effectiveness on the battle field. He wanted to blend instinct and tactics into one fighting form that would put him on par with fighters on, or above his own physical stature. This style in short will level anyone out with any opponent (unless plot wills other wise). The style is basically densuke's way of saying he's tired of holding back his physical ability. As such he takes the various aspects of his Koikonjitto Physique and mixes them in completely with this style of fighting to create what he calls the "Ultimate form of combat.

The basics of this style come from densuke's knowledge of: Power Fist, Speed Fighting, and Hybrid Hyper Style. (not knowing all of these, as they are only basses.) namely the stance, is to remain "relaxed". Maybe a shuffle of the wrist, a bounce of the foot on occasion, and a completely lax body. The laxness is to eliminate the telegraphic movement. this is a martial arts term for the giveaway of what style your using, or someone studying your body language to try and predict your first moves on instinct. This kind of laxness does have it's advantages, especially for a Sei fighter. From this stance, even if the hands were down by ones sides, they'd have the advantage to counter any attack from the front or behind, having the complete advantage of using any and every limb that they have to the fullest. This laxness also allows one's reflexes to be completely involuntary. The user possesses extraordinary reflexes that are entirely involuntary. Due to this the user's immense reflexes can be used to attack and counter instead of for just defensive purposes. Because the user's body moves without the use of their brain the user is free to strategize and, with the correct judgment, can dodge a wider variety of attacks, even in a weakened condition. Since the user's body moves on reflex and not reaction, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against the user. In Densuke's case, his reflexes are triple that of a peak humans, and his reflexes thanks to his training in the Sky Temple, he learned to fight simply on that instinct. This style of laxness also allows for unorthodox strikes like stopping a punch with ones shoulder, or attacking a person, by collapsing one's head and chest over a punch that was aimed at the throat, etc, etc. Those who train to use this style have to have an extremely high reflex factor, and the physical build to pull it off. All in all Users will usually always be able to react at the VERY last second before any type of attack physical or chi based.

Connor would launch the first attack, Connor rushes his opponent at a high speed, coming in at about 75mph, with his right fist reared back, aiming to throw a 2 piece right and left haymaker combination at his opponents left and right jaw. Each punch thrown with full martial potential, Connor aiming to completely shatter the hinges of his opponents jaw with his knuckles, both jabs moving at a speed that his fist would appear as fleshy whips. They'd be thrown one after the other, even if one was blocked or dodged, and the opponents body would be sent in a spin if the right punch connected, spinning them around in a complete 360 before Connor would lift his right leg up, his knee and upper thigh touching his chest, before attempting to lash his right foot against the forehead of his opponent! If this boot connected, the opponent's head would had Connor’s heel print imbedded into it  like a tattoo! They'd suffer from sever disorientation and jet lag, their nervous system lapsing for a few seconds, as their body would be sent tumbling 10 feet back along the ground, accompanied by severe concussioning and bleeding in the brain, which if not looked at after 2 post, will cause bodily failure, depending on an opponent’s durability.

Kin Tasanagi: ( )Kin would have stood within his stance with a slight glare before he moved his left foot over to the right just a bit, allowing him more momentum as he watched the speeding Connor rushing right towards him. Switching over to his new style so soon. He was still working on creating a perfect blend for the two. The name of the style? Crimson Dragon Style. Kin Was taught this style during the 5 years he had gone missing after the battle against Sector Olympus... An Ancient style no longer practiced. During his travels kin has mixed other styles in with its formula. Like Wing Chun, and Jeet Kun do to make sure that the style was as versatile as possible. In order for someone to understand this style, they would need some level of super human strength, and then to accompany that a pretty perstige level in chi control. Typically those in the physical, and mental chi bases are masters of this style. Only Sei fighters can use it, and its perfect against Dou fighters as well. Based around those who use there brute force in battle it's able to topple some of the strongest oppoents around.

When connor struck with the right hand. He'd block said blow with the Tan sau formation of Crimson Dragon style however before making its mark it did tag Kin on the jaw just slightly so it caused a slight cuff on his chin. Only to follow up and make attempts to catch his right fist with the Lap sau formation of the style as well! And finally when the kick came Kin would have pushed his body to the right all the while gliding over in this postion as well so he'd be on the right side of connor! Only then would he proceeded with sending out his own flurry of strikes. The first punch came right after he had glided to the side of connor. A kind of boxing manuever, Kin would have pushsed to the right of connor all the while sending out a swift haymaker to the Ryoji's jaw with his right hand which if connected would have caused him to stumble back with an aching pain within the right region of his jaw. 1 second after that though, Kin would have attmepted to grab Connors extended attacking leg with his left hand, making attempts to grip tightly onto it, taking a step back while contorting his body slightly in a corckscrew like fashion so he could twist connor off of his feet so he'd be ripped from the ground in a rapid 3 times 360 spinning motion before he'd finally hit the ground landing on his back with a hard thud. Which if connected Kin would have gotten two feet back before proceeding to get back into his stance!

Ryoji: Connor watched as both of his punches were blocked with familiar hand moitons. While not familiar with the style as a whole that kin was using, they looked like the specialized hand blocks that come with Wing Chun training. If so, Connor would’ve been glad Kin was taking chinese martial arts a little bit more seriously this time around. When connor launched the kick, he’d watch as Kin glided to connor’s side, to which Connor would’ve seen as his left side, and when Kein launched a swift heymaker towards Connor’s jaw, Connor had a bit of a stale look on his face. If kin had noticed the subtlety of his defense he may have been able to catch it. As the punch was coming, Connor merely tilted his jaw to the right just a bit, so when the fist made contact, instead of a full  on solid connection it would’ve done more grazing than full contact. Connor played the part however as he made the attack seem like it did more damage than what it did.

Even so much so that when the punch hit, connor whipped his head in the opposite direction and sent his body spinning to the right in a 360…however while doing this and making it look like the punch was the cause, Connor would’ve drawn his right leg up to his chest a bit, his spin looking like something out f a ballerina play. During this spin, the left leg still on the ground would’ve bent, lowering connor’s initial position to kin’s height. When Kin went to grab Connor’s leg, the leg wouldn’t have been there thanks to his movement and with a spin that only took a half of a second to complete, Connor would’ve countered by using the momentum of that spin to launch the calf of his leg towards Kin’s abdomen! “KATOOM!” As the leg would’ve glided right under kin’s grabbing arms, and the bone of Connor’s calf would’ve lodged itself into Kin’s gut.

Connor threw this kick with the principals of muay thai. Toushin & Densuke taught Connor the art of Muay Thai. At the beginning, most of Toushin's attempts to train Connor in the art resulted in him almost dying, but as time went on Connor quickly began to learn how to survive the strikes within the style, which greatly increased his defensive capabilities as far as hand to hand exchanges go. As a result of training in muay thai, Connor has gained many strength and punching techniques that allow him to overpower a lot of physically strong fighters. being trained to "attack through" his opponents, which allows him to easily fight against opponents with strong defenses by literally punching someone as if he was going to send his fist through their body as a whole.

Connor would’ve thrown the kick as if he was trying to cleave kin’s body in half with his leg! This would’ve not shocked but completely locked the diaphragm but only for a solid 5 seconds and have enough force to double kin over. The kick was pulled back as quick as it was thrown, and with that same right leg and kin’s bent over position (depending on how he took the kick of course) Connor would’ve brought that right leg right back up to his chest and attempted to lash the bottom of his foot against the side of Kin’s head in a side kick fashion. The power of the kick the same as the counter kick would’ve been enough to drive his skull into the wooden floor with a loud thud and send him tumbling about 6 feet away, leaving connor to resume his stance. Of course through the entire ordeal weather it succeeded or not, Connors fingers would’ve been loose, and his arms positioned at a balanced angle to his torso and abdomen.

Kin Tasanagi: ( )It would seem as so time had slowed down as Kin watched Connor feint out a new manunver that he had seen him do before. ' I see... Ryoji's clever. ' Kin said within his head as he watched his own fist slightly rock across his jaw. ' I know i didnt make full impact on this blow. I can tell because ive punched enough guys in the face to know when my hit would have made connection. No... this is a fake out. An intersting one...' Kin said as he proceeded with the next flow of his attack, all the way up until Connor went along with his spinning toss only to turn it into an attack himself and dish it right back out at Kin. ' Once again... he used the flow of my own attack, or better yet counter to flow off of the next attack. Connors a fake out artist. He makes you feel as if your making hits, making you feel as if your controling the flow of the fight. When in actuality he is... clever. ' Kin said to himself before Connor sent the powerful Kick towards Kin's gut! Luckily for Kin however the basic principals of Karate have always been to stay rigid. Stay solid. And the Rentaigai had been the litteral since of that technique. After condensing his own Ki, Kin explodes it inwards instead of outwards, allowing himself to harden his muscles and completely withstand the force of whatever attack he gets hit with. With this technique, Kin was able to completely break one of his Sensei's strongest techniques, Mubyoshi, and also break his arm in the process.  However Kin hadnt been using the chi aspect of this technique rather then simply hardening his own muscles to take the blow itself. The Impact would have sent Kin back by 1 foot. And taking a note from Connors book here he would have allowed the blow itself to push him back all the while sending his right foot out as well in attempts to kick connor back himself! However it would only be met with a clash of kicks from the two of them. The Soles of there feet pressing into the other as they both would have been held in the stance. "...." Kin would have held this stance for a moment before he pushed back by two feet and got back into his stance again.

" Impressive. You use fake out techniques. You really take the saying ' Be like water ' to awhole new level huh Ryoji. " Kin said flicking his nose before he tensed his muscles again, blasting off at 25 MPH Kin would blast foward with his right knee in hopes of slamming it into Connors gut with enough force to stunn him his right knee being the attacking limb while his left limb stayed stationary on the ground for support. Weather it connected or not Kin would have then attempt to send two swift punches into Connors chest with enough force to leave heavy bruising once both of his feet had been back on the ground ( Which would have been 1 second after the knee strike had been sent out). But not enough to break him after all. Kin rarely did ever use the basic forumula of Kaiju Karate. Espcially on an ally. One strike had been with his right hand, while the other had been with the left. Using The Ryu Kaiju style now. This form of Kaiju-Karate is based on the closed fist. Each punch are swift. Ranging from a full second or 00.5 seconds behind one another. The punches go beyond peak human reflexes mostly. And the kicks all have the physical damaging power of splitting a car in half. And even the physical capability to punch through ones form if they used a high induced chi strike. Meaning these strikes wwere swift and powerful. Finally Kin would have attempted to send an almost sinster Uppercut into Connors stomach with enough force if connected to send him up in the air for a moment by 4 feet! Only for Kin to make an attempt to juggle his adveseary with two more uppercuts, stepping forward with a Karate styled stomp with each strike given. Each uppercunt blasting Connor ( If it connected ) Into the air for another 2 more feet into the air! The punches were all aimed towards Connors toros area, leaving large red marks from each strike! The Impact of the hits would have had the thunderous pressure to split punching bags in half so to connors body it would have felt like his toros area felt like it was being sliced open from each hellish strike. " HUYA!" This would continue only until after the second strike, soon after it Kin would finally attempt at a drop kick with his right leg which if connected would have blasted him into the wall causing the young brown haired warrior to spew out a blast of spit if it connected properly, knocking over the bo-staffs that had been on the wall. Weather it connected or not kin would have been set and ready into a defensive ready throughout the whole combonation.

Ryoji: " Impressive. You use fake out techniques. You really take the saying ' Be like water ' to awhile new level huh Ryoji. “Connor smirked at this notion. “Damn right. I flow, I creep, and I crash.” Connor watched as Kin came back towards him yet again, at a faster pace. This was simply a hand to hand spar for the time being, but Connor would wait to see how it progressed.  When Kin came into deliver the knee, Connor being a master of the art that utilizes knees, would’ve placed his right palm facing out and his left hand behind his right hand only to make a cushion so when Kin’s knee came in it would’ve connected with Connor’s hands, and using his own strength he’d let his hands absorb and ride out the blow. Connor wasn’t fully uplifted off the ground, but he was nudged back a bit, only then to unbend his arms and push his distance at arm’s length of kin’s own.

When Kin threw his two alternating left and right punches, they were quick, even made Connor raise a brow at the very sight of their speed. Connor’s guard was however up, and he knew better than to let speed intimidate him. One of the  things (only things) his father taught him about the formless fist was one of it’s core principles. Those who train to use this style have to have an extremely high reflex factor, and the physical build to pull it off. All in all Users will usually always be able to react at the VERY last second before any type of attack physical or chi based. When Kin came in with his two punches, while fast, Connor only had to be faster than the distance of Kin’s fist to his face when in sensitivity range. With the head movement of a boxer Connor would’ve used a maneuver called “slipping” found in boxing, which requires precise head movement. Connor weaved his head to the left to avoid the right page and slipping his head to the right to avoid the left strike. Connor reared his fist back to try and come in for a counter until “WHAM!” Kin’s uppercut caught him dead in the chin! Connor didn’t even have time to prep for this blow like he did the last one, as one eye closed while the other eye remained open barely and fixated on Kin.

As Connor was sent 4 feet into the air, he’d notice his body’s positioning. “Welp. This sucks. Hovered over…body’s bent. Hmm…I could see a few more uppercuts coming as a juggling maneuver. That’s what I’d do.” Annnd Connor’s prediction was right as Kin delivered another rousing uppercut right in the center of Connor’s torso! Connor was blasted back up by this time by 6 feet. Connor winced in pain. “Damn! That fucking Karate is going to be the death of me. Gotta get some hits in otherwise it won’t be even…” As Connor hit the peak of his ascension he decided then was the only time to take action. His chest was burning and he had a giant red mark on the center of it, but all things aside he was still ready to go. His chest hurt but Connor's skeletal structure is at most 3x tougher than that of a peak human's bone structure, meaning his physical defense is much better than before as well to complement his muscles.

As he was coming back down, he’d angle his body a bit differently. Leaning forward towards kin as opposed to just remaining flatly lain and ready to take another attack. When the second uppercut came in, it would’ve been half way at its intended peak, showing interruption, Connor would’ve slipped his head away from the attacking hand in a position that would’ve put his head in line with kin’s head. In the quick and short time frame of doing this, Connor out stretched hands would’ve been reaching behind kin at this point and his chin about to touch his shoulder, as he’d rear his right knee back and attempt to bring it right towards Kin’s nose! If this knee connected with good timing, not only would it have brought blood from the body part, but because of the sudden boost of momentum and Connor’s fall being aided by gravity, even if the knee was blocked  Connor and Kin would’ve both been sent down to the ground, except kin would’ve been flung on his back and Connor now in the position of full mount.

Connor would’ve had his left leg propped up with his foot on kin’s right arm, while his right leg would’ve had his knee on kin’s left arm, attempting to pin him in place, as he hovered over kin and not even wasting a quarter of a second he’d rear his left arm back and attempt to start utilizing the Kaiju Titan Palm at this close of distance. Also called the Stance Of Overpowering Annihilation, it is a highly offensive stance. This was Kin's sensei's signature stance before he took on His sensei and lost, taking his suggestion. Connor and Kin met up during the two years for a reunion, and exchanged martial tips like they'd originally meant to. Kin commented on a more effective way to throw his flurry of punches and as such taught Connor this karate stance.  In this stance, Kin's speed doubles with his hand strikes by that of 60 percent. Kin's hands move so quickly that it appears that he never moves them at all to those who aren’t to 0.001 of a second. Using his hand in the knife hand positioning to deliver strikes of devastating proportions. Attacking ones inner organs with destruction chi. At this distance and range avoiding the punches would’ve been difficult in a full mount and with his arms pinned, Kin would have to be extra crafty to escape this positioning.

Each one of these punches were at their peak speed and a damaging amount of Connor’s strength behind them. the fact that his knuckles were 3x times harder than the average peak human already made his hits hurt even more, and with him aiming a series of at least over hundreds punches at Kin’s face, he was sure to get bruised up depending on his durability of course and how he handled them. Either way Connor would continue this flurry until interrupted by Kin, each punch dealing massive concussive damage to a repeated area on his head. However that is to say if Kin didn’t go down, from the knee, weather he blocked it or not, Connor would’ve still started launching the kaiju titan palm at the top of kin’s dome, but this time with both hands, increasing the hit rate.


Kin Tasanagi: As The knee strike made its mark. Kin would have been dazed enough that Connors next flow of motions came next! Pinning his arms down Kin would have been left stationary underneathe him as he began to bash into Kin's face viciously! The Impact of the strikes would have left him dazed however after a bit of time his perception would have slowed down for three seconds after Connor had hit him juuuuuuuuuuust right. The Impact causing kin's mouth to spew blood from his lips. ' Alright...' Kin said to himself as he looked at Connor out of his right eye, seeing tripple of connors hands as they travled towards him. THUMMM! He allowed the strike to hit him again. Seeing the opening now clear as day. ' Whenever he punches me, his bodies pressure leans forward, making his lowerhalf 10 percent lighter.  Connor weighs less then 300 pounds. Maybe I can pull this off. ' As Connor got ready to smash his fist into Kins face again. At the pivotal state of the blow, within the moment when his arm arched backwards to deliver the strike. Kin would have pulled his legs up and then bashed them into the ground, the hills of his feet catching the rebound as he would have made attempts to hook his legs around connors throat only to pull forward and toss him off of him so he'd go flying into the wall. Once and if it connected Kin would have sprung back up into his stance getting back up onto his feet and within his stance. Eying connor eye to eye before he smirked and whipped the blood from his jaw. " Using my own techniques against me huh. Hahah, never cease to amaze. " Kin said rubbing his chin. " Alright. Lets move to hands. " Kin said walking over to the bag in the opposite side of the room. Taking out some hand wraps, and wrapping his hands up even through the fingers before tossing the wraps over to Connor. " No Legs, No grapples. " Kin said pressing his hand forward so Connor could dap him up so they could igniate the boxing match.

Ka??r?: ( )" Yeah I suppose... why the fuck not.. I can't sit here forever. " Judas' voice boasted with much confidence. Kaiuri couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up from the back of her throat. She noticed the rough teen and her cocky smirk. It would seem that Kaiuri wasn't the only one seeking an opportunity for retribution and vengeance. And who could blame the two ? After all the crap that has happened, wouldn't anyone want to toughen themselves up and go all out on the way ? Kaiuri's face brightened as the corner of her lips curved up into a massive toothy grin. It was clear. It was time for a change and some training with the big boys seemed like the best way to go about it. The red head was about to take her leave and walk down to the training area where Kin had invited them, but she paused. Giving herself a look over, Kaiuri would quickly close the door to the room and then begin unsnapping the top button to her jeans.

" If we're going to train, I guess I should where something a little more worn and comfy. " She gave an uneasy laugh, it wasn't as bubbly as before. The honey skinned young woman peeled off her fitted jean bottoms and tossed them on to her bed. The girl hurriedly sought out something more appropriate for this occasion, her fingers snatched up a pair of gray adjustable soffe shorts. Kaiuri stepped into them and run them up her legs with a haste. The stretchy fabric clung against her, but it was movable as well. Perfection ! She didn't want to waste anymore time, each moment was a moment that her mother was still in the clutches of those red tie bastards. Walking past the mirror, she looked at herself in her form fitting short sleeve white shirt and breathable shorts. A sigh pushed its way out pass her lips as she stared, " I'm already wearing a sports bra . . . " Her voice hissed in a low tone, but as usual it didn't seem to look any different. No use. " Alrighty, lets hit it. "

Kaiuri led her friend down the stairs and into the training area where Kin had told them he would be. If Judas would have followed her, each would have heard the sounds of sudden movements. Intense and precisely executed movements, as if people were in the middle of combat. They got closer and closer and finally were greeted with the sight of both Kin and another stranger sparring it out. Even though it was just for training, it still looked intense as hell. Kaiuri stared at the two men, hashing it out and everything. Not a either one was breaking a sweat.

Ryoji: Connor was about to deliver even more punches, as quickly as he could afford to let them off, but rather the deliver another single punch from his right arm he’d suddenly feel the crushing grip of legs around his neck?! “hnng!” Connor felt the recoil force and was tossed off of kin’s body like a rag doll! Connor’s body rotated through the air before he was slammed into the wall back first only to slide and land in a crouching position. Connor picked himself up and wiped his mouth a little bit. Some spital remaining on the edge of his lip from the impact.

" Using my own techniques against me huh. Hahah, never cease to amaze. " Connor started to roll his shoulders at this notion. “Hey what can I say. Punching is my all time past time. Can’t expect me not to excel it in it. You’ve gotten a lot more flexible though. You’re not such a stiff karate user. No homo of course.” When Kin exclaimed it was time to use gloves Connor nodded. “toss me the tape.” If kin did so, Connor would’ve begun taping up his knuckles as well. “I don’t know what we need the shit for. Let’s be honest, you nor me is gonna break anything through this. “ Connor bumped his fist together. “Well at least I’m not.” Connor smirked before extending his hand out and bumping Kin’s fist. Connor took  a few steps back, taking the same similar stance he’d taken before prior to this portion of the match.

A moment or two passed before Connor would’ve rushed in with a dazzling combination of punches! Right and left hook punches, alternating at such a rate, by the time one punch would’ve come towards his face, the opposite hand would’ve been already on the way in half the time the first one was sent. Connor utilizing even more of his father’s style specifically the style of punching: In this style, punches are never EVER wasted. Each punch contains, three principles densuke believes are key in any style of fighting: Speed, Power, and Energy. The speed aspect is one part, which allows the user to throw any form of punch weather it be hey maker, or hook punch, at the speed of a boxing jab. This is because the user can position there arm muscles perfectly, to throw a punch and retract the punch with inhuman precision. Each strike in this style is designed to be faster than the norm of a regular punch, mimicking the great Bruce Lee's speed: He punched at five hundredths of a second (0.05) from 3 feet away and from 5 feet away it was eight hundredths of a second (0.08). Even in modern times, this punching speed matches/exceeds that completely allowing for quick effective hits. The next aspect is power. How is it possible that skinny Asian men can hit a big American white man, and even cause them to cough blood or groan in pain. This is the principle of power behind the blows. This falls into the muscle movement used to throw punches in this style. The User utilizes the principles of the "One Inch Punch" made famous by bruce lee, but invented by early day wing chun. This allows the user to be in CQC situations, and throw the full weight of their blows, and not be restricted by the lack of space or arm length, weather it be clench, grapple, submission lock, etc. Depending on a person's physical stature, Densuke for example is able to throw simple "jabs" with over 2,000 psi in pressure. This is the equivalent to being shot in the face with a pump action shot gun (minus the ammo and shrapnel but the force itself). This is thanks to his peak human muscle structure. The final part is energy. Speed and Power are great, but that's not what's going to put down an inhumanly bigger opponent than yourself. This is the energy aspect of the style. The Kinetic energy aspect. This is the energy of movement and a martial artist of small statures number one weapon. This is done, by again focusing on the loose muscle movement and placing all intent and impact upon the desired area of effect, which if the user wishes can be internal. yes punches in this style can be used to hit internal organs via the kinetic force that is put behind them, and whatever area is desired to be hit. This is highly effective against anyone, because even with an enhanced physique, one doesn't simply "train their organs". Most people train the bones, the physical muscle, and the brain, but the vital organs are as vulnerable as the skin itself. The user is able to use kinetic energy to attack these internal organs if they envision or wish to, but this is only to be used if one is trying to truly put down the opponent. In any case, one would think the main inspiration for this was speed fighting, which was indeed a ploy, but in densuke's case he has a natural knack for manipulating kinetic energy via his father Tetsu Ryoji. While it's not as adept as his fathers, Ryoji's or Koikonjitto's in general have a natural knack for manipulating forces of physics. Densuke is able to push a rather considerable amount of kinetic energy into his opponents. The user can create strikes or attacks that create a pulse-like wave that can cause massive impacts, push enemies back and destroy foundations of structures. They can cause the enemies to be paralyzed even through tenacity and pain.  Combining the three principles of punching, every punch will hurt, and they're near impossible to simply "tank". (unless plot is involved).

As such Connor would’ve only thrown about 5 punches, at the specified speed towards each side of kin’s face. Depending on how he reacted since it’s just boxing, Connor would flow from there.

Don't Startle The Witch: " If we're going to train, I guess I should where something a little more worn and comfy. "  Judas nodded.. seeing the dark skinned female pausing an wanting to change... the brown haired teen.. noticed that her wounds had been healing rather frequently.. which was odd... she hadn't thought about the sudden beach situation.. an her mother.. though she shook her head of her thoughts when Kaiuri.. walked over an led her into the training area.. which she had heared.. intensed combat training... The hazelnut teen's eyes gleamed.. remembering how her and her mother.. had trained.. her heart beated in a different matter... she gulped for a bit.. watching every movement...  -FB- "Judas... now come at me... lets see if you can get me down hmm? little shit !" Kodi.. raising her right muscular leg.. wearing only a black tank-top amongst with some booty shorts.. the two were in the front yard of the mansion.. Judas only being 12.. stood her ground.. until she attempted to run at her mother... raising each of her fists up.. Though the blonde woman.. knew where to hit her.. seeing that her daughter had messed up causing her head to be exposed to hit.. Kodi... walked forward.. lashing out her right foot.. directly.. into the middle of her daughters forehead.. which of sent Judas flying back...and landing into the fountain of sharks... The Rejects laughed while Kodi sighed,shaking her head.. before she spoke in a soft raspy tone.."Ah.. Child.. you need to not make any mistakes.. one mistake.. one hit from your enemy.. and you will be dead.. or worse..Fear not.. this is just the beginning child.." Kodi... knelt down picking her daughter up in her arms.. before placing her down onto the concrete floor.. before Judas grunting... she backed up... an smashed her fist.. straight into her mothers right side of her chin... The blonde woman was shocked.. at first.. before smirking..she grasped at her daughters wrists.. only to pin her to the floor.. with Kodi sitting on her back.."OH so you got game you little SHIT! that was a good punch tho HMMM?" Judas started laughing with her mother, it seemed that every moment was worth it.. even being trained.. -FB Ended-  Shaking her head.. she continued to watch the two men train...Judas, sat on the ground.. crossing her legs infront of her.. while she gazed forth with her deep blue eyes..

Suzume Tasanagi: Once inside the little girl would squeal with glee, “I'm gonna go find grandpa Mommy!” before Suzume could manage to take her hand again she had skipped away from her mother. “Keiko Wait!” but her daughter wasn't even paying attention and got away quickly. You'd think that she wouldn't be able to make her way around the place, the last time she had been there Keiko had been quite young. Some how though she knew exactly where she wanted to go. Expecting find Keyth in one of the training rooms of the dojo. When she made it to where the training rooms were she would slowly slide the door aside and peer in to see if she could see her grandfather or anyone for that matter. On the first try there was a handful of students in the room but she didn't see anyone that looked familiar. On the second try however she slid aside the door, at first she saw a couple of ladies watching a spar. Upon closer examination of the situation she saw there were two men sparring in the room. One of the men she really didn't recognize, the other made her stop for a moment. He had been the one that had visited her home not too long ago and given her the Lightening Girl action figure that she carried around with her now. Keiko was curious as to why he was here, and even more curious about the spar. She quietly crept into the room, not wanting to interrupt, what was going on. The little girl found a spot in the corner of the room and sat down to watch. Crossing her legs, she landed on the floor with small plop, setting her toys in her lap she intently kept her eyes on the two fighters.

Keiko had done exactly what Suzume had wanted to avoid, as soon as they made it inside she ran off in excitement. She had been trying to hold the door open for Nik who was getting their bags from the car, but obviously Keiko had other ideas. Suzume now wandered around the dojo asking people if they'd seen a little girl run by with dark hair, amber eyes and toys in her hand. Most would answer that there were allot of children running around and that they didn't see any that stood out. When Suzume made it to the training rooms, there was a group of students in one that said they had seen a little girl peep into their room, look around and then run off again. The frantic mother thanked them for helping and then went to check other rooms. Till finally she came to the room that Keiko had entered earlier. She saw her daughter sitting quietly in a corner observing a spar. “Keiko... come here, you shouldn't bother them.”whispering loudly she tried not to be rude and interrupt but her daughter wasn't paying attention. Suzume gave a heavy sigh and walked in, now with everything in view, she could see Kin and Connor sparring in the room. There two other females observing, one older than the other, Suzume found one with red hair vaguely familiar. The other was a younger girl with brown hair that appeared to be around 15 or 16 years old. However what she was concentrating on the most was her daughter, when she crossed the room to where Keiko had sat she bent down at her knees so she was down at the little girls eye level. “Keiko... honey, you shouldn't have come in here like this that's very rude.” she said in a quiet tone still trying to keep her voice down. The little girl realizing her mother was now there looked up and pouted. “Awe mommy, I just want to watch. It's that guy who came over the other day and gave me my toy.” Keiko looked up at her mother with hopeful eyes. Suzume sighed and glanced over at Kin, Keiko had been curious ever since he had shown up at their apartment. She assumed her daughter sensed something from Kin, because she had been asking questions about him ever since they day he had given her the toy. Looking back at her daughter she couldn't help but feel her heart break she still hadn't discussed things with her about Kin because he had wanted to speak with the little girl himself. She had just told Keiko that the man had been someone who was very special, and that sometime she would get to see him again. The little girls look of hopeful anticipation was too much and Suzume caved, sitting down next to her she sighed again. “Alright Keiko... but you mustn't interrupt them and after their done we have to go with Nik and find our rooms okay?” A big grin grew across the little girls face and she nodded vigorously. “Okay Mommy.” her attention went back to the spar and Suzume just tried to keep her eyes on her daughter.

Kin Tasanagi: ( )Kin would have duckedbackwards, shuffling quite quickly before he got down into his boxing stance that resembled his fathers/grandfathers style known as Thunderous Boxing. As he shuffled his feet back and forth he'd watch as Connor made his hastey rush towards him. ( Feilong-hdstance.gif His stance ) As Connor rushed, Kin would have pulled his hands up to block the first blows. ONE, TWO! THUM THUM! The punches were delivered into his forearm. However after punch three however, Kin would have ducked under it to the right all the while blasting forward with his own hellish punch into Connors Jaw! Tumblr_mr31b56VDB1roaszgo5_500.gif The Impact alone would have caused Connor to staggar backwards. Only because when Kin threw punch three, the impact would have indeed blasted across his jaw, slightly cutting it, so in all it did make a form of connection. His face would have slid down Connors arm, using his blood to make the sliding process that much quicker due to the slickness of sweat and blood. Kin would have pulled his body forward as he rode the impacting slice of the punch before he finally been close enough at 5 inches apart to send the punch towards his rivals jaw. Once and if it connected, Kin would have made attempt to send out three more of his own punches. Using the Kaiju Titan palm technique as well. His fist lashing out with hellish speeds as he sent out two punches after his counter punch. Keyth would have been training himself elsewhere before he finally heard his son and god son training just beneathe his own training area. He stepped down sitting next to Keiko and grinning before he watched the two of them intently.

Nik had been rolling up a Joint as he sat across the room from Suzume. Smoking it silently to himself before he turned his attention up to his wife. " I can hear him down there. " Nik said refering to the grunts. " He thinks he's the soul protector of this family. Well he has another thing coming. " Nik said standing up to his full height as walked down to the balcony of there room so he spectate over the training for himself from above. " If this Danchou guy is back. Then I know we need to be here. But i just think HE'D be here..." He said holding out the joint to Suzume. " Here, you want some? " He said tilting his head over to the right a bit with that low expression on his face. " And i've been thinking. Once this is all over, I know a good way we can bring in some cash for this  PI stuff you were going on about. "

Ryoji: Connor would’ve watched Kin’s Connor as he slipped beneath him and threw a hellish impact into Connor’s jaw! The eye closest to the fist squinted up a bit as Connor felt his head rocked back. He always knew Kin was a hard puncher, but it was still fun never the less. This was just a fist fight after all but even Connor had to think about controlling himself. The rules of this bout were hands, and it isn’t hard to pick up on Boxing when even street fighters can naturally and intuitively learn the style through experience. At the time of taking the punch Connor’s body positioning shifted but on the low. His left side was more towards kin, and when punched, his right leg would’ve slide back, about a few inches wider than his shoulder with. This was known as body control something Connor picked up when he was much younger. Connor felt his arm slicking off of his jaw and saw that Kin was coming in with another punch. Even with his hands up the distance between a straight hands match means everything. Connor took the second punch Kin had thrown as well, letting the impact ring in his head, but he wasn’t about to let it stop him as he pressed on. When Kin went to throw the first of his 3 next kaiju titan palm punches however, Connor wasn’t focused on how many would be thrown more so the first one thrown.  Connor would’ve squinted his eyes a bit, sweat in them as he saw the punch coming but he tilted his head up slightly and began to move his body and with his left hand up beside his face he’d use his leg positioning to aid in the forward lean of his body, letting Kin’s arm slip past his neck, again the sweat aiding in this, as Connor threw a nasty cross punch. A powerful, straight punch thrown with the rear hand. From the guard position, the rear hand is thrown from the chin, crossing the body and traveling towards the target in a straight line. The rear shoulder is thrust forward and finishes just touching the outside of the chin. At the same time, the lead hand is retracted and tucked against the face to protect the inside of the chin. For additional power, the torso and hips are rotated counter-clockwise as the cross is thrown. A measure of an ideally extended cross is that the shoulder of the striking arm, the knee of the front leg and the ball of the front foot are on the same vertical plane. Using that, if the counter punch connected not only would kin’s arm have exerted all of the force of the punch out already via Connor allowing it to reach its maximum stretch, Connor would’ve dug his fist into the muzzle of Kin’s face i.e the nose and the upper lip. The impact causing sweat to fly off of his face but it wasn’t over. Connor’s stance was the dominating one as he’d now had his left foot forward and his right foot back and his left side towards kin as he attempted to throw a 3 piece combo of odd construction a half a second after attempting this counter if it hit or miss. He’d throw a left and right hook punch towards both sides of Kin’s rib cage, attempting to use his punching power to soften those muscles  and vibrate the diaphragm before throwing another close hook with his right hand towards Kin’s left jaw. These punches came in succession regardless of hit or miss, but if the final hook punch towards the face were to miss for some reason it would’ve been followed up by a left handed uppercut in attempt towards his jaw.

Suzume Tasanagi: When Keyth came in Suzume was content to leave Keiko, with her grandfather. She patted Keyth on the shoulder as she passed, then went to find Nik. When she made it into the room she gave a heavy sigh, it was all one great big mess. She just wanted everything to be peaceful, that way she could concentrate on Keiko. But it all seemed like as soon as Kin came back, everything went into turmoil, she was certain it wasn't just Kin the city had always been less then normal. Just before she met Kin she never realized how bad it really was. Things were always different when you're not right in the middle of the action. Her father had done a good job of keeping his work in the yakuza separate from life at home. One because he didn't want it to affect her and her mother, and two he knew if her mother had ever found out that he had gone back to that sort of work she would have kicked his ass. Nik was in the room and had managed to get all of their things put away.


" I can hear him down there. " Nik said refering to the grunts. " He thinks he's the soul protector of this family. Well he has another thing coming. " Nik said standing up to his full height as walked down to the balcony of there room so he spectate over the training for himself from above.  " If this Danchou guy is back. Then I know we need to be here. But i just think HE'D be here..." He said holding out the joint to Suzume. " Here, you want some? " He said tilting his head over to the right a bit with that low expression on his face. " And i've been thinking. Once this is all over, I know a good way we can bring in some cash for this  PI stuff you were going on about. "

She followed him out, and sighed she knew Nik wasn't happy that Kin had returned after so long. He had been on edge about it ever since Kin had showed up at their apartment. Every time he saw Keiko playing with the Lightening girl action figure along with all the other toys he had bought her she could see a stress mark form on his forehead and he would eventually stalk away grumbling. “Nik... you should have expected Kin to be here, he is still a Tasanagi after all and even with him being gone for so long. Your father would never just leave him to fend for himself if he thought he really needed help. Even if he has made some mistakes Kin's still his son. I mean... if I were in that situation and Keiko came to me needing help, I probably would have done the same thing. No matter how old they get, their still your baby. But with this whole thing with Danchou, it always seems like the there has to be some sort of disaster to bring the Tasanagi's together. However, I think this is the safest place to be right now, especially for Keiko.” Suzume leaned over and kissed Nik on the cheek.

Keiko smiled really big at her grandfather when he came and sat next to her but was surprised to see her mother get up and leave her with him. She waived to her mother who waived back as she walked out of the training room. Keiko then leaned over to her grandfather, “Grandpa Keyth... why is that man here?” she pointed at Kin. “He came over to my house the other day, and gave me a new toy... but Nik got really mad at him and hit him. Mommy says he's a really special person, but she wouldn't tell me anything else. Is he one of your old students Grandpa?” the questions almost spilled out of her mouth at a mile a minute. Keyth would have barely enough time to answer one question before Keiko would ask another. She looked up at her grandfather innocently, hoping he might answer the questions that everyone had been avoiding.

Kin Tasanagi: After Kin's own onslaught of punches, he'd be faced with a fericous counter strike from connor! THUMMMMMMMMMM!!! The Impact of the cross punch would have caused the wind to explode around kin! The air would have shifted and a powerful gust of wind would have knocked everyone out of the Dojo! This was because Kin and Connor had both been punching with the Kaiju Titan palm method and had been oddly enough hitting so fast that it began to create thick pocket like explosions of air and compressed wind. And when Kin finally got rocked in his nose/upper lip, it would have caused a slight of explosion of the tightly capped air! Causing, Kaiuri, Keiko, Suzume, and Judas all to explode out of the dojo!!!! Kin would have slowly turned his head down to see what looked like another punch. THUM! The Second blow rocked him again but he stayed in his postion, his feet planted tightly to ground, being like the mountain just like what sensei alaways taught him. Meanwhile///// Okami would have appeared into Washi's chi chambers as he sat down next to his brother within his enternal home. " Its been some time Washi. Im glad the boys are sparing, we cant really communicate any other kind of way. " Okami said crossing his arms. " I guess its time that I discuss what i've been meaning to speak to you about now..."////Back to the spar///// ( )The Punch to the right that was launched to his right rib would have been blocked as Kin sunk his arms down to block the punch just quick enough that it caused the small training room to shake from the impact. Pushing off of that right handed strike, Kin would have then pushed off of the left handed one, looking like a ping pong as he bounced from punch to punch! However every time he would have bounced off one of the punches he would sent swift jabs into his lower half of his stomach! THUM . . . . THUM! Is how it would have been in terms of time frame, making sure to strike as soon as he blocked one of the punches so he'd catch connor in mid motion. The last punch would have been an upper cut however which would have rocked Kin in his jaw! Twisting his foot to the right he would have attempted to slam his own uppercut into connors chin with his right hand before attempting two right hooks with his left hand aimed at connors upper shoulder areas and neck/torso.  The wind would have continued to compulse out of the room in explosions of air, Keyth would have woken from his slumber as he walked to the balcony in his room, spectating on the fighting from his quaters, he'd cross his arms before shaking his head. " Our Son's Densuke. Why do they remind me of me and you so much. Why am I talking to myself... If Michiko were here. She'd be able to tell me... Ungh... MICHIKOOOOOOOOO... How I miss your sweet touch... your big stupid glasses, that thick, i mean THOSE thick plump thighs... And that juicy...fat..round... AS-( ) A small girl would have been standing infront of Keyth... holding her small teddy bear. " Mr Keyf.. whos are you talkings toos..." Keyth would have cleared his throat before crossing his arms and nodding his head. " You wet the bed again? " The small girl would have nodded her head before Keyth nodded again himself, sliding his hands into his pockets. " Lets take care of that..."

Ryoji: ///In Connor’s mind/// Washi would’ve been seeing the match going on and nodding at the amazing combat prowess of both of the boys.  He then see’s his older brother sitting beside him and commenting on the boy’s fight. “Yes, it is nice. They should come together more often. Their professions prevent this heavily.” When he remarked having something to talk about, Washi would’ve leaned back into his seat, and placed his hands on his laps. “I’m listening.”///real world//Connor felt the majority of his punches connecting but he also felt two punches lodge themselves into both sides of his ribs! Connor winced as they threw his breathing off by a millisecond. If it wasn’t for his tough abdomen he might’ve been completely winded by all means. However he took those punches, and still went for his uppercut but as it landed Kin’s own uppercut came as well socking him in the chin! Connor didn’t much pay attention to the people blasted out of the room. He was much to occupied with the heat of the battle and it was that more than anything he wanted to focus on!

As he had to recover from another one of kin’s direct his to his head, Connor had to blink a few times but as he did he saw a right hook coming from his opponent he couldn’t do much about the first one ,and it came for his neck but he leaned his body to the left a bit and it impacted his chest! His pectorial muscles were strong but it still left a pretty good sized bruise there. However on the second incoming hook punch, Connor would’ve shot his right hand up, bent at the elbow and deflected the punch completely, sending Kin’s right arm soaring above his head. Thanks to the posture of a hook punch, he would’ve had to turn into it, meaning this woud’ve caused his body to turn and lean backwards just enough for Connor to rear his right hand back and WHAM! He’d attempt to throw a haymaker at the speed of a jab! His right fist aimed for Kin’s sternum as he dug his knuckles so hard into kin’s chest the boxing glove would’ve exploded from the wind impact! This hit would’ve sent a lot of people to the ground but it’d send kin sliding back on the heels of his feet 10 feet away from Connor’s posistion! This one punch would’ve been a lot harder than the others…if Kin wondered why there was a smoking red mark on his chest (if the counter punch connected) Connor would’ve begun taking the gloves off breathing hard. “D-don’t get it twisted Tasanagi…” Connor closed his eyes now just having just bandages on his hands. “I’ve been holding back for a bit now…my bodies only going to get stronger and I’m not trying to make this unfair…” if kin looked he’d be able to see the viens beginning to pop from Connor’s muscles. “You gotta transform or something. Other wise this is about to get REAL lop sided…” Connor cracked his knuckles and popped his neck, taking his boxing stance again and weaving his upper body to the left and the right in a bobbing motion waiting for Kin.

Arthur: Kin would have tilted his head up. Clenching his fists as he heard Connor out after his counter had connected. The blow had indeed sent Kin back, the bruise left its mark but it wouldnt be anything that wouldnt heal after a day or two. " Thats right. I know... your power comes from sort of emotion. I remember this factor from our last fight. You grow stronger as the fight progresses. And dont worry ive been holding back as well... I suppose were guility of that. We cant afford to go all out here though..." Kin said looking around the Dojo as he would have taken the moment to see everyone blown out, his eyes blinking once he noticed Keiko and Suzume. " Oh hey you two! " He said waving his hand left to right with a large grin on his face. " Connor... I do have a place where we can go all out. Its this new method i've been working on. Based around Mediation. Its called Battle mediation... i learned it back when i was training under this school of the warlock. " Kin said crossing his arms. A Warlock is someone who has undergone extensive training, ruthless mental and physical conditioning, and mysterious rituals (which take place at "Warlock schools" such as Oasis) in preparation for becoming an itinerant monster-slayer for hire.Taken in as children, Warlocks are subjected to intense alchemical processes, consumption of mutagenic compounds and relentless physical and chi training to make them dangerous and highly versatile against their vast array of opponents, many of which possess superhuman speed, strength and/or other deadly powers. These procedures ultimately mean that each fully-trained Warlock is a mutant built specifically to hunt and kill inhuman prey. " If your up for it Ryoji. I can show it to you. " Kin said crossing his arms as he waited to hear his response.

Ryoji: " Connor... I do have a place where we can go all out. Its this new method i've been working on. Based around Mediation. Its called Battle mediation... i learned it back when i was training under this school of the warlock. If your up for it Ryoji. I can show it to you. "

Connor stood up a bit more less threatened as he saw things might have taken a bit of a meditational turn. “fighting while meditating? That sounds…kinda funky. Never heard of that kind of thing.” Connor looked around at the damage being caused in the Dojo and put his hands on his hips, tapping his toes against the matted floor. “but uh…considering this place isn’t going to last much longer here. I think it’s best we do make this a mental thing. I’ll even calm my self down so my bodies not so pumped. We can both start from scratch in there unless you want to just go as we are.” Connor shurruged, as his muscle mass was still more toned than previously started. His body had already metabolized the energies of this fight and he could feel his condition bettering but he would lose it if it was to be fair unless kin himself took it up a notch.

Connor sat on the floor in an Indian position in a meditative pose he knew how to do all to well, waiting for Kin’s instructions on exactly how to make this come to life. "Show me whatchu got."


Lord Thunrian: " Ahhhh I see what he's trying to do. " Okami said crossing his arms. " He means to Mind Link. Seems as though Kin and Connor will be hanging out with us for a bit. " Ive told him about doing these things. He's no differnt then Keyome sometimes. The way her over uses my essence. " " I told you... Im not like him. " Kin said standing next to Connor as a while light had been flashing behind the both of them before slowly disspating away. On the outside of there linked minds, Connor and Kin would have been sitting criss crossed across from each other as they meditated. However there auras had been around each other. " So your gonna show Connor all of your secrets. Thought you two were rivals. " Okami said jokingly. " He is my rival but not in the way he isnt my friend. And yes, with Danchou and these other threats in Kasaiahana. We need to be ready for the sake of our families. And the rest of the city. " Kin said before bowing his head to Washi. " Hello Omnimath. Its been some time. " Kin said to the Deity before him.( ) " Alright Ryoji. " Kin said stepping forward, and as he did the world would have changed into a massive land that had been beautiful with flowers and endless land of grass and plantlife. Before Kin snapped his fingers showing off his mental chi useage as he shifted the world around them into a howling tournament. With spectators made up from the depths of both of there minds/imgination. " Whats a fight without spectators. We can go all out in here. No Holding back..." Kin said as he closed his eyes and made torches all around the  ring, and the sky turned into night, a large moon shining down on the glowing arena under there feets. " Show me all the power you have! " Kin said as he opened his eyes and his hair turned into snow-white like it had did when they were kids. In a Canine like form some-what, but still very much human. A blue aura errupting around his body which left a chill of Ice Underneathe him. " And Ill show you all of mine. " Kin said as a blast of ice wind errupted all around the two of them ( However not hurting or affecting anyone or anything. ) " He's showing off. He's been dying to show his mastery over the essence as of lately. Connors the only one he can go all out on without feeling bad about it. Kin only seems happy when there competting with each other. Its funny..." Okami said crossing his arms. " Reminds me of us when we were growing up, little brother. "

Kin and Connor would continue there training well on for the next two days, vigirously training within Kin's new Battle Mediation where the both of them were trained by Washi and Okami personally. With new techniques... and tricks that they could use in the battles to come.