Damian’s eyes squint when she brings up the fact that she actually liked him. It hits Damian under his skin because before she knew he was The Runner, she practically adored him. He quickly grew tired of the yelling game between the two of them so he was ready to give her an ear full and call it a day. But before he can even get his chance to speak, she pulls him closer to her.

His first initial thought is that she is about to try and beat the shit out of him for how he had been acting. It completely blindsides him to feel her lips press up against his. His eyes widen at first because he can’t believe that this had been the outcome of their fighting. But like a poison getting into his system, Damian’s eyes slowly start to close and he embraces her completely. His arms tightly wrap around her waist to pull her close into him while they kiss. The electricity between the two of them is undeniable. When she pulls herself away, Damian is late to realize that his lips are no longer pressed to hers.

The next thing he sees is an adorable glare from Olivia that brings Damian to smirk softly. A few seconds of silence rests between them before Damian slowly begins to open his mouth and speak. But as it tends to happen, the sounds of the cops quickly making their way into the courthouse stops any train of that that Damian was about to say. That is when he lets his abilities do the talking for him.

Using his speed, Damian instantly wraps his left arm around Olivia’s back and his right around the back of her knees. This allows him to pick her up like a husband would a wife.

While running out of the building, he would lean down and press his firm lips back down onto her soft and sweet lips. Because she is sharing the speed with him, she would be able to see the world the way that he does. She would be able to see how fast the world moves around Damian but finding a safety in how slow the visuals actually are. This is kind of explaining his whole life to her in a nutshell.

Their lips connect and he holds her firmly in his arms in a way that both tells her that he cares about her but also shows that he is there to protect her through anything. Even if his mouth doesn’t portray what he feels, his actions always tell people what he really wants. Within the flash of a second, Olivia would find herself lost in the forest area that surrounds the city.

Damian takes her on top of the hills overlooking the city, placing her on the ground on her back. With him crouched over her, their kiss continues. Now at a stop, Damian’s hands slowly walk across her arms; pushing them over her head. Once his hands come to interlock with hers, she would feel the pinned down feeling of her hands over her head while she lays there.

Damian slowly pulls his lips from hers, placing his forehead onto hers softly while flashing that smile of his. “You still want to fight about tonight…or should we?...” And in a teasing manner, he waits to hear what she says while playfully nibbling at her bottom lip.

The hero tries to speak but police men barging into the building interrupt him, bringing them back to where they were exactly but that doesn't stop her stare as she continued to wait to see what he'd do next. In the blink of an eye, hes in front of her! She gasps in surprise but doesn't have time to react beyond that, her body lifted up into a bridal style hold and shes pressed into him with a giant blush. "Wh-what are you--"

Midway she stops talking as the world around them slows down! Blue hues widen in shock, her mind trying to process the speed of information all around her...long locks of blonde whip around her as she runs her hand down to keep it at bay while watching everything around them. " this is...incredible!" Tilting her head up to look at him her smile fades simply watching him...his perfect jawline and that light smirk with those mesmorizing ocean eyes...she could feel her chest tighten and grew silent, still angry that this hunk of a man was also The Runner.

It didn't matter where they were going or what he'd try to say...she didn't want to hear it! But suppose he figured that out along the way because he didn't use words...instead he used his lips as they press into hers, causing yet another fierce blush to spread along her face. It made her head spin just how amazing this was...that and she was travelling faster than she'd ever gone before so it was a bit overwhelming but no to her it was all the kiss making her feel this way and by the time her eyes open theyre in the forest! A park probably as he finally pulls away and she takes in a slow breath, watching him through full lashes. "W-wow..." Was all she could say even as her hands are pinned above her head and Damien finds his way on top of her.

It took her a moment to realize just the position she was in as eyes widened and she smacked him playfully. "Damien Yun!! Don't you dare think you can just change the subject because you--" Smacking him again she pushes him off and sits up, looking to see where exactly she was. "Are this smooth playboy super hero! And I--" She gasps at the sight of the city from the hilltop as a light blow of the wind adds to the wow factor as the lights of the city are illuminated in her eyes. "......." Turning to face him, she stares hard before speaking. "Oohh you think youre so smooth dont you?!" Suddenly a small sphere traps his hand and she yanks him forward with her power until theyre pressed into one another and she kisses him roughly, tugging and pulling on his costume wanting it OFF NOW. The kiss soon turned messy and desperate, her tongue meshing against his own while pearly white teeth nipped and pulled softly against his bottom lip.

He is smacked playfully and he laughs while watching the way she reacts to him making the move on her. When she sits up and is struck with the perfect view and the romantic setting, Damian can just feel the victory sway over him. After she turns to face him, he begins to motion forward to try and kiss her again. But he is shocked to see her take control of the situation by locking his hands together with her own form of bringing in powers to the bedroom.

With his hands locked, he is thrust forward towards her where she begins to kiss him with the passion of a burning sun. Damian’s eyes slowly shut as he welcomes her more aggressive pull to the situation. He had never really expected Olivia, the adorable innocent girl he had been crushing over, to be so quick to get into the more physical side of their relationship.

While she tugs and pulls at his suit to get it off, it brings him to laugh a bit because of it not budging. Damian lifts his left hand and clicks the center chest piece of his suit top and it instantly unclamps the vest, allowing her to pull it off of him. With his armor slowly removed from his body, Olivia would be able to see the battle tattered body that is in front of her. His muscles are fine tuned to the peak of his body’s physiology, covered in scars and burns from his battles in Seattle. Because of how reckless he is, clearly she can agree with, his body had been through a lot in these two years.

Their kiss continues with her tongue wrestling with his own. He gives a slight groan of pleasure with the sweet taste of her lips. He had longed for her lips from the day that he met her in the coffee shop. Now that it is happening, Damian can barely control himself. He can feel his body heating up with the moment and the slight tingles he gets while kissing her.

Taking control of the moment now, Damian would slowly move his hands down to her hips where he tries to latch his hands around the bottom of her suit top. If he could, he’d slowly come to lift the armor off of her. After doing so, he’d wrap his hands around her so that his palms would be placed against her back so he can continue kissing her. The cold air would be a slight chill on their skin, but it would not compare to the heat that their passion creates.

Sitting up and having her on his lap, she would feel a poke against her ass through his pants. Feeling the tip of his cock rubbing against her firm ass brings Damian to smile a bit before pulling his lips from her own. He slowly opens his eyes to have his sparkling blues gazing into her eyes. He then makes a quick comment about her statement from a few seconds earlier.

“A playboy has a harem of girls to be with.” As he speaks, his left hand slowly reaches up to push the beautiful blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear before the same hand comes to cup her cheek. “I can’t be a playboy when I want to be tied down to one girl.”

He flashes her a sweet smile before slowly leaning back in to press his lips with hers. His words would be like liquid gold flowing with a sweet tone that could pierce into her heart like a lightning bolt striking her soul. This tone he uses would be a new one for her to hear, never expressing feelings like this. Even with the short time they knew each other, Olivia is too smart to miss the obvious fact that Damian keeps a lot of things to himself; most of all emotions. So to hear him express them like that in such a sweet voice would be something rare and perhaps overwhelming.

Olivia watches Damien take his suit off with the press of a button and she can't help the sly smile as she tugs on his hair and presses harder into him. "Mm heh I'll have to remember that trick..." Smooth hands run themselves down hard muscles, the tips of her fingers dipping and tracing into every mark and outline of his body to memorize each one for a later time. She wanted to remember this for was her first time after all but who better to do it with than this lovable idiot?

The boys hands are next to move as they find their way to her clothes, attempting to pull them off as she wastes no time in helping him, stepping out of her costume and blushing slightly at being exposed. The lacy black panties she'd worn for the date were still on her as the underwear hugged perfectly around full hips and a round ample ass. Her honey like skin tone had only a couple of scars here and there but nothing too serious and through the imperfections...she still looked beautiful. Damien sits them down, the girl in his lap as she has her knees on either side of his hips, watching him with a shy expression. The obvious feel of his manhood leaning against her ass makes her blush worsen and her hips lightly buck into his with a sweet friction.

His words ring in her ears as slender arms wrap around a strong neck to get comfortable. A seductive yet warm smile spreads through her features as the sweet tone she speaks with sounds happy enough. "Oh Damien..." Their lips find eachother once more, kissing him in return with a blissful sigh in the middle. She couldn't take it anymore, she needed to be with him! In all sense of the words as she pulls back and silently ondoes her bra, slipping it off and revealing perfeclty perky breasts with bubble gum pink nipples she hugs under them, causing them to pop out more as if offering them to the boy with an erotic gaze. "Do...whatever you wish with me please..." To emphasize just how much she wanted his touch all over her, the blonde raised shapely hips to come up and down against his covered shaft, rubbing it against the lacey part of her clothed cunt with such an innocent moan.


( )

The moon shines a bright illuminating light across the entire city as Olivia and Damian begin to really get hot and heavy into their adventures. Damian’s ocean blue eyes can’t help but admire the blessed gift that is sitting on top of him. Because of their romance having a time limit before it might disappear, emotions run wild inside of Damian. Part of him feels like he has to prove how much he likes Olivia to see if their relationship could work even after she leaves.

Even as a teenager just reaching the threshold into adulthood, he can tell that deep down inside that he could really see Olivia being there as he comes up in the world. With that thought in mind, it only makes him want her more. It is in the nature of his family to go all in with their hearts, even if their rough exterior would say differently. Every second that their lips remain locked only makes Damian never want to be without the taste of Olivia on his lips. His hands hold her firmly in his arms with tightening muscles so that she can feel how much he wants her close to him.

She pulls herself away from him and Damian’s head moves forward a few inches showing that he didn’t want her to pull away just yet. After that happens Damian slowly licks his lips to savor what bit of her remains on his lips. Small strands of his lengthy black hair flow over his forehead now while he watches Olivia reach back to unclamp her bra. His eyes widen slightly at the first glance of Olivia’s perfect breasts. The sight of her light pink bubble gum nipples cause his cock to twitch with a strong force that she would be able to feel the tip push up against the slit of her pussy through their clothes.

"Do...whatever you wish with me please..." She says in such a seductive tone that Damian’s mind practically shatters of all thought.

As she says that, chills travel throughout Damian’s body. Never did he think Olivia would say something as naughty as that. To his defense, everything he and Olivia had done so far tonight had opened his eyes to see just how naughty she can be. And since they are only getting started, he can only imagine what else is hidden away in that mind of hers. With that, Damian’s lips curve into a bright smile. His right eyebrow lifts up as he smiles as if he were flashing a devious grin with naughty thoughts racing through his mind.

Keeping her on his hips, Damian slowly slides his upper body forward so he can complete what he has in his head. She would be able to see a slight reddish hue on his face, showing that even someone like him is feeling the nervous butterflies in his stomach for what they are about to do together. Even with that, Damian slowly begins to lean down a bit and makes his move. With his left arm placed firmly against her back to keep her upright, Damian slowly moves his mouth closer to her right breast. He sensually places the tip of his moist tongue on the rim of her nipple. With a slow circular motion he begins to get her nipple nice and wet. In doing this he tries to get Olivia’s nipple aroused to perk up a bit.

( )

While his tongue does this, he places his right hand on her left breast to not leave it left out. At first he begins to take a firm squeeze of her breast to feel the firm yet soft breast of hers in the clutch of his grip. As he continues to get aroused from this, pre-cum begins to escape from the tip of his cock; getting his pants moist around where the tip is. This would be able to be felt by Olivia on her exposed thighs. After a few seconds of his hand firmly holding her breast, he slides his fingertips across the round mound of her breasts in a slow teasing movement. His fingertips would feel warm against her skin because of her body being exposed to the cold air during this movement. By this point he would hope that her nipples would be perked up and if able, he would begin to playfully tug and pinch at her nipple.

He’d continue both actions with his hand and mouth for a few minutes to get Olivia all kinds of hot and bothered down in between her thighs. Damian wants her to beg for him to put his cock inside of her and he has more than one way of getting himself to hear those words come out of her mouth. But as any man would, he also would feel the urge building up inside of him to enter her body and become one with Olivia. As a final act of tease, Damian’s mouth would move forward now to be fully pressed onto her breast.

His lips match the outline of her areola for him to suck on her breast like a vacuum. While this happens, he takes a firm grip of her nipple through his teeth with a playful bite. Once her nipple had been bit between his teeth he begins to pull away from her. This forces her breast to be pulled forward and stretch her nipple slightly. Only pulling her breast an inch or two, he playfully releases his hold of her nipple and a long line of saliva would appear between his mouth and her breast as it falls back into its normal place on her body. Like a slingshot, the line of saliva would rip from his mouth and swing to land on her breast. If she looked down she would see her nipple covered in Damian’s saliva and a small bite mark dug into her.

( )

That devious smirk remains on his face while he makes the motion to move his body upwards to have his face be on level with hers. He places his lips next to her right ear. As he does this, his hands smack down onto her ass cheeks with a strong force. Her ass would jiggle after being smacked and he takes a firm grip of each cheek and pull her body down onto his with his strength. In doing this she would feel his cock push deeper against her pussy but not penetrate because of their clothes. This would be a huge act of teasing because she would be able to feel how close his cock is from entering her.

With a cocky tone of voice he begins to say, “You act like a naughty girl, Olivia…” His soft whisper would flow into her ear like gold as he talks. “But how bad do you really want to be?” After asking that, he playfully nibbles at her earlobe while thrusting his hips up and down so she can feel each poke of his cock on the slit of her pussy.

With exposed breasts on display for Damien, he finally makes a move as a firm hand places itself on her lower back, causing it to arch further outward while Olivia watches with an alluring expression. The moment those warm lips make contact with her skin, a light flinch goes through her from the stimulation of his talented tongue. "A-ahh..." Gentle hands slide through locks of black, tugging on his hair with every curve his tongue did that drove her insane! "Do-dont tease!" It tried to sound annoyed but failed horribly and simply sounded adorable as it ended with a sweet moan to urge him on. The way he fondled her breasts oh it was torture as another weak moan travelled from plump glossy lips that tried to busy themselves with anything else but doing such lewd noises!

Damien didn't seem to mind though, making a mess of her chest as his tongue only teases her longer, a soft cry replacing the seductive moans with another buck of her hips, unable to keep from begging! "No more please I can't take it! I w-want you Damien...oh please I'll do anything..." She squeals and places a hand over her naughty mouth, not believing she said such a thing and to stop herself from saying anymore but the way he sucked on her nipple oh lord she grew weak with how well his tongue worked her over...she could only imagine how it'd feel like in 'other' areas and the perverted thought makes her give in and drop her hand once more to hide in his hair and pull to distract her.

Before she could try and focus on anything else, Damien finally finishes and releases her nipple, earning a whimper from the blonde who wished he hadn't stopped. Firm lips press into the teenagers ear, blue hues lowering at the romantic gesture though its interrupted when a rough hand strikes her ample ass. Another squeal is heard, this one erotic that turned into a pleasured cry mixed in with slight pain. "O-ow! Don't be so rough..." She pleaded but with such a cute way of saying it how could one not want to make it hurt just a tiny little bit? If only to have her make those noises again...

At this point shapely thighs were soaking wet from her pussy juices, cursing ever wearing underwear in the first place as the soft material would rub faster into Damiens with soft pants, turned on extremely from the smack that gave her cheek a slight red on the creamy skin. Finally he speaks, that smooth deep voice alone almost brings her to an orgasm oh but the words...she'd dream about him repeating those words for nights to come, she just knew it.... "But how bad do you really want to be?" Ugh she couldn't take this any longer! The toned yet still womanly body of the blonde pressed tightly against the more muscular boy, making a slight mess with his saliva as her tits slide up against his own pecks. "I want to be a naughty girl very badly! Oh I've been very very bad I should be punished!" She pauses in her words the independent fierce side of her making her bite her lip to stop but the lust driven female was being swayed so easily how could she stop now? "Te-teach me a lesson...I'm done agonizing over this...take me. Please take me! I'll be a good girl, I like me better naughty...." Lifting her hips up, smooth fingers travel down wet breasts, toned tummy and finally to the moist panties, shoving them to the side to present her soaking cunt to him as juices dribbled down and spilled on his covered cock. She was willing and waiting for him....


His smile widens when he feels her chest pressed up against his and her moans of pleasure escaping her mouth. The tone of her voice sends his mind into a spiral, getting every bit of enjoyment from it like he is some crazed master over her. Hearing her so eager to get his cock inside of gives him the thought to just give her what they both want. But for Damian this is for more than just having sex. He wants to make this a night that Olivia will never forget. That no matter what happens in the next few feews, she will always remember the night she made love to Damian Yun.

He leans back a bit to look down and see her exposed pussy to him now. Her delicate flower has such a pretty pink color that it just looks so inviting for him. He has to bite down on his bottom lip to keep himself from just ravaging her like some wild beast. Even if that is what she wanted, he wants to give her everything she is leaving out as well. She is so quick to just get his cock inside of her that she doesn’t realize is that she makes it all the more enjoyable for Damian to hear her beg. The juices from her pussy dripping on his pants is evident enough that she is close to a breaking point.

He leans back up to her again, playfully kissing as her shoulders and moving up to kiss her neck. He does this so that his lips can be near her ear once again so he may yet release another set of sweet whispers to her.

With his hands wrapping back around her back he begins to whisper to her, “I like it when you talk like that…” he releases a slight groan like a slight ‘mmmf’ after saying that before continuing with, “You sure are a naughty girl, Olivia. Makes me wonder where you have been hiding this side of you all this time.”

With a quick turn of his hips, he would roll her over quickly so that her back would be pressed against the floor with his body in-between her thighs. This allows the body of his cock to be pressed against the slit of her exposed pussy, now letting the inner lining of her flower to feel his thick cock moving up and down against her. After putting her on her back, he places his hips up just a few inches so that her pussy would be exposed to the air. His face is only a few inches from her own as well with his hair flowing over his head as he looks down at her.

He then begins to say, “But you do need to be punished, Sweetie.” Damian smiles softly with devious thoughts on his mind. “I can’t give you my cock yet…Because I know you have more lewd thoughts buried deep down…And I will get them out.”

While he talks, she would be able to feel his left hand slowly tracing the curves of her body with his fingertips. The warmth of his fingertips trail down the mound of her breast, moving along to the smooth tummy of hers and stopping just before the top of the fabric of her panties. His middle finger begins to playfully tap onto the fabric of the panties while he continues to talk.

“Besides…I want to see how many times your pussy can cum just from this…”

After saying that, he’d slide his left hand down into her panties so that his middle finger would begin to rub against the outside of her pussy. Barely entering her pussy with the width of his finger, he begins to rub the inner layer of her pussy without putting his whole finger in. With an up and down motion against her pussy he’d continue to tease her body. While he does this, he’d press his lips back down onto her own and force his tongue into her mouth. He’d hope that because of the kissing and the teasing, her breathing would become a little harder because of the adorable moans she is already trying to hide. This could make her feel more pleasure from his finger just by that action alone.

( )

He does this for about two minutes before taking things up another level. Once he feels that she had taken enough of that, he would slowly insert both his index and middle finger deep into her pussy. He’d force every inch of his fingers inside of her to the point that his knuckles are pushing against her skin. Once inside, his fingers would rub against the walls of her pussy while also pulling the fingers in and out as if they were a cock. His kissing would continue, not giving her a chance to take a deep breath through all of this. His speed would increase the more her pussy becomes adjusted to his fingers, trying to make her cum with just his fingers. If he were able to make her cum, he’d use that as a way to jump into his next movement.

If she came he’d pull his head back up so he could tell her, “Don’t worry…That’s just the beginning.”

He wouldn’t give her a chance to take a quick breather before he mixes in his physiology into the love making. Keeping his fingers inside of her he would begin to use his speed to vibrate his hand to the point that his fingers feel like a vibrator sex toy. The vibrations alone could give Olivia a feeling of pleasure that she never had felt before in her life. But that is not where his speed comes to end. After about ten seconds of this, he once again moves in fingers in and out of her pussy. While doing that, his speed begins to make his hand move like a blur around her pussy. Her juices would begin to make a splashing noise every time his hand comes to press against her skin from the sheer speed he is moving at.

( Obviously faster than this XD)

He’d continue this action until making her cum, getting one more step closer to Olivia losing her mind into the world of sex that she secretly wants to be a part of. With that devious smirk still on his face, he’d lean back down to her and give her a soft kiss on the lips.

“You don’t have to be ashamed of your naughty side with me.” His voice comes down to a whisper once again. “Just let it out, Olivia…”

Damien is pleased with her begging though she still couldn't believe she was even acting like this. It was as if something awoke within her that just wanted to be taken right then and there but the boy had...other things planned for tonight. With a slightly spinning head, shes placed back first on the ground, watching him with a timid expression that didn't match the perverted words spoken just moments ago. "I-I'm not naughty! Don't be's just my body talking..." She was more so convincing herself at this point as a shiver tears through her when mischiveous fingers travel down already sensitive flesh as a pitiful moan escapes before being bit back stubbornly. The sensation of his cock sliding just at her entrance made blue hues roll back as a muffled moan vibrates through her hand which she'd placed to keep her noises at bay.

"But you do need to be punished, sweetie." To this, she gives him a somewhat non threatening scowl, lowering her hand to say something but he continues. “I can’t give you my cock yet…Because I know you have more lewd thoughts buried deep down…And I will get them out.” "Wh-what?? wait wait don't do anything hasty Dam---" “Besides…I want to see how many times your pussy can cum just from this…” From this? From THIS?! What is 'this'!? Swallowing back the nervousness the head strong female doesn't cower away from the challenge of whatever it was he was planning but soon enough she'd come to realize she should have....

Smooth digits enter inside of her, her own hands instinctively grabbing on to Damiens arms and with a quick tilt of her head, their eyes lock while a weak expression flushes over her that followed with a broken whimper. That whimper is cut short as the boy places those wonderful lips back upon hers, forcing her to part her teeth and welcome his impatient tongue to wrestle with hers in a messy kiss that only fired her up between her legs more. As if it wasn't already hard to contain herself he was taking her breath away! She couldn't take this anymore!

Another finger is added without so much as a warning and Olivia does her best to pull away to at least let out a surprised gasp and breathe! Damien doesn't allow such a thing as he forces her back into kissing him and she swears she was going to pass out at some point! "Mmf!! Mmm..." They were all over each other, on the ground with the chilly air threatening to interrupt but with how hot their bodies felt holding the other nothing was going to break them up at this point...

And then...something starts to bubble in her stomach. A burning sensation felt not only in her gut but in the throbbing soaked pussy walls that twitched and ached from the repeated finger fucking Damien was bestowing upon her insides. After some more hearty pumps, Olivia can't control herself and bites Damien hard on the lips, breaking free and trying to say something mean but the pleasure overwhelms her and the words just dont come as theyre replaced with an erotic cry as the blondes back practically arches right off the ground and blue hues widen in disbelief from the immense wave of an orgasm she was experiencing!! In the middle of such a earth shattering climax, she finds the words but just barely. "Oh my god!! Damien!!"

Shapely hips ride it out, moving along with skilled fingers until completely satisfied with the feeling as it finally subsides and she crashed back into the floor with a broken pant. "Ww-wow..." “Don’t worry…That’s just the beginning.” Olivia gives an almost comical look but its quickly interrupted as those devilish fingers get back to work this time using his own powers in the mix!

His enhanced speed vibrates through already abused pink walls, swollen from the constant thrusts but now? Now??! Her pussy was going to go numb if he kept doing this! Still not over the first orgasm, the second soon follows from the insane speed of his fingers, stimulating her clit to the point where the second time coming felt more violent as both hands clasp over her mouth to stop from screaming like before!! Her back arches again off the ground as toes curl and even her knees lift up as the soles of her feet plant themselves to the ground if only to feel like she wasn't about to fall of the earth itself! Beautiful milky breasts tremble and bounce from the force of fighting back the cry but her body was just too honest and weak hands drop to grab at the loose dirt as this scream came in the form of his name. "DAMIEN!!"

Panting heavily now, she barely feels the soft kiss the boy gives her but hears his words all too well. “You don’t have to be ashamed of your naughty side with me. Just let it out, Olivia…” "U-ugh...oo-okay...just...please no more of this torture..." Sprawled out on the ground with messy locks of blonde covering parts of her features, the trembling girl stares up at him past lush lashes and dark seductive hues. She speaks differently, the once stubborn and hard headed tone turning lighter and more feminine with that begging edge he loves so much. "Please...let me be naughty for you....Master." This time she didn't blush out of shyness though the obvious flushed expression wasn't from that but from the obvious heat pulsing through her entire essence due to his lewd actions.... "Ive already cum on your fingers...I want...I want to cum on Mm-masters cock..."


"Please...let me be naughty for you....Master." This time she didn't blush out of shyness though the obvious flushed expression wasn't from that but from the obvious heat pulsing through her entire essence due to his lewd actions.... "Ive already cum on your fingers...I want...I want to cum on Mm-masters cock..."

Hearing those words brings Damian to lean back down and place his lips down onto hers for a quick second before saying, “There it is…A naughty girl is a good girl…And good girls get rewards for behaving.”

After saying that, he begins to slowly adjust his body so that his hips are lower towards the ground so that the tip of his cock is only a few inches away from her more than eager pussy. After making her cum a couple of times so far, he is ready to finally bring Olivia into a mind break. His right hand comes down to hold the body of his cock to place it right in the slit of her pussy. The tip of his cock breaks the threshold of her body; teasing her with it being so close to penetrating her virgin pussy. Feeling the tip of his cock entering her body makes him groan slightly just because of the tightness of her un-touched pussy. He keeps his lips close to hers now, his heart beating faster now with the thought of what he is about to do racing through his mind.

With her wanting eyes looking at him, he gives her a sweet smile before biting down on his bottom lip seductively. With his hips inching their way forward his cock begins to move deeper inside of her. With each inch going inside of her, the tight hole he enters makes Damian groan some more. His face gives off a slight reddish hue once more while he slowly slides in half of his cock inside of her. He gives her a brief second before he comes to thrust the rest of his cock deep inside of her small body. While releasing a grunt from his thrust he slams his hips against hers and his entire cock disappears from sight.

After entering inside of her, Damian slides his upper body up to be perpendicular to her own body. Olivia would then feel the strong grip of Damian’s hands on both sides of her hips. His grip is strong and at this position he begins to push her hips down while moving his own hips up. Once his cock is about seventy five percent out of her, he thrusts his hips down while pulling hers back up and it causes their bodies to crash into each other once more. The impact of their bodies creates a clapping sound along with her pussy juices beginning to make a mess on both of their bodies. With his cock becoming adjusted to being inside of her pussy, Damian would begin to continue this thrusting motion more and more with a steady and powerful pace.

( )

His hands squeeze against her full bodied hips while he continues to slam his cock deeper inside of her. His pre-cum mixes in with her juices while he really gets into the thrusting motions. His muscles tighten with each movement he makes, continuing to grunt with pleasure. After a while of working from this angle, Damian moves his hands from her hips and down onto the ground. With his hips a little more elevated, he begins to thrust his hips at a more downward angle. This allows for the tip of his cock to push down on the walls of her pussy with a powerful force before it pushes against her womb. At this angle he also pushes his thrusts faster and faster. The impact of their body’s clapping against one another causes her ass cheeks to jiggle over and over on his hips. Her breasts would be bouncing all around while he takes her body like a predator would its prey.

( )

With his eyes locked down to her broken innocent eyes he begins to speak to her while continuing his thrusts, “Let me hear that sweet moan of yours, Olivia…Just let it all out. No one can hear you but us…”

He’d even go as far to lift her legs up slightly and use them as leverage to add some strength to his thrusts to get her to cum over and over again with his cock. If she thought her fingers were bad, they would be nothing compared to the strength of his cock driving deep into her body. His thrusts mix with a perfect amount of speed and power as Damian aims to keep her orgasms coming before he even cums once. With his hands gripping her knees tightly he begins to turn up the master/dom play.

“Tell your master how much you like having a cock plowed into you like this.” His tone mixed in with some grunts as his hips continue to move into her own. “I can’t believe a lewd prevent like you was a virgin before this. You are MY little freaky sex slave now…Aren’t you, Olivia?” After saying that last portion he gives her that devious smile of his while his eyes twinkle with the illumination of the moon over them.

( )

"Good girls get rewards for behaving..." It was music to her ears, how easily he fit the part of being a 'Master'. Like a glove that fit perfectly, the seductive man of sex incarnate finally decided she'd suffered enough at his hands and moved on to...bigger things. Speaking of such things, the haze only worsens in her mind the moment the tip probes against hyper sensitive pussy lips, squeezing Damiens arms and waiting for the perfect moment he takes all of her...

This would be her first time doing intercourse and though it wasn't the most ideal situation, she'd completely given herself up to an egotistical jack ass who knew all the right spots! God did he know what he was doing, it was so incredible she could almost forget about his personality...almost. Strong hips shift in to her own, earning a soft gasp and a tighter hold of his muscles as the obvious thickness started spreading her more than those fingers had. "Ugh....Da--damien...ow..." Her soft pained noises go unheard as Damien thrusts himself all the way inside, breaking her seal and earning a squeal. "Oh fuck!!" She curses with a high pitched tone before smiling through the pain to appreciate the numbing pleasure that soon followed after. "Ooohhh wow...."

Their bodies were complete now, full thighs spreading so he could fit better between them as creamy skin is now covered in a light sheen of sweat and dirt from the ground around them but the blonde couldn't have cared less, solely focused on the man who made his dick right at home inside soaked constricting walls that squeezed in retaliation as if trying to suck deeper inside!

Damien adjusts himself in a better position to take her how he wished as blue hues gazed up at him, waiting for his next move as sinful hips pull back to pull the meaty extension only somewhat out, leaving her feeling empty and with a pleading whimper, begs for him to go back. "Don't tease Master, please. I promise I'll be good..." Manly hands take hold just below her waist and she watches with an eager furrow of her brows, giving him that not so innocent sweet look that only aids in turning him on further if even possible. "Yes...take me. Take me take me!" She pleaded happily, waiting for the real thrust and when its delivered, she cries out with a curl of her lips that form in to a blissful smile. "Master!!" Toes curl from the spine tingling pleasure as the thick meat disappears back inside of her abused cunt which only continued doing its best to hug and constrict him for everything he was worth.

This time the teasing came to an end and the real enjoyment began, Damien fucking the bodacious blonde in to the ground with no complaints from her as she cries out his name in the form of 'Master', urging him on and letting herself be that 'naughty girl' he wants so badly...honestly she never in a hundred years would think she'd ever be 'THAT' kind of girl in bed...but she couldn't help herself! That dominant swagger the boy had...oh who wouldn't want to succumb to it?! It was nice being a strong independent woman who doesnt need a man but oh god when you get said man to do these types of things? Sometimes a girl like her just needed to get dicked down something fierce to not have to be so in control all the time.

The very thought of him having all the control over was so erotic she could cum again just at the thought of Damien taking his 'Master' role so serious as his thrusts only grow faster and deeper, knocking at her cervix as more juices slosh and mesh his own pre nut, those kind of sounds only made the blonde all the more hot and bothered as restless hands placed themselves over his wrists giving her the illusion of holding on other wise she felt like she was going to go flying but oh what a fucking feeling!

Damian would pound his cock deep into her over and over feeling the walls of her pussy tightening around his cock with each movement. Damian’s body begins to feel a little tighter now as his cock is ready to burst his first load. The way Olivia just gets into the whole master/slave play gets him all riled up even more. His eyes begin to burn with a fiery passion the more Olivia taunts him to take her body for her own as if she were a piece of meat.

The temperature in his body begins to increase and the reddish hue on his face begins to get a little heavier the closer that he gets to feeling his cock wanting to bust open. His thrusts become harder as if he were trying to break her hips. With his hands on her knees, he raises his head to have his mouth up towards the sky. His long black hair flows over his head and it can be seen the small sweat appearing on his forehead. After getting a few good breathes of air he lowers himself back down to get his whispers heard.

With his face buried down into her neck, he bites down on the soft exposed sensitive skin of her neck to keep himself from busting. She’d feel the tender bite and his thrusts slowing down but becoming so much rougher. His grunts become louder but slightly muffled because of his bite on her skin. After a few seconds of biting, he releases the grip and begins to whisper to her with his head still buried on her neck.

“I’m…I’m gunna cum inside…I want too…” And after saying that, his hands would come to take a firm grip around her wrists.

With strong thrust of his arms, he slams her wrists down on the ground over her head. He does this so that he can continue his thrusts uninterrupted if she didn’t want him to cum inside of her. Feeling himself about to reach that tipping point, he slams his hips down as hard as he can and pushes his cock as deep inside of her as he can from this angle. His hips keep pushing forward even after going as deep as they can go. While pushing his cock into her, he releases a large load of warm frothy cum deep into her body. She’d feel his hot load filling her pussy up to the brim and he releases a manly grunt as he empties his cock inside of her.

He’d keep his cock inside of her with it twitching while it rests deep in her body. She’d feel every little movement that his cock makes while he released all of himself inside of her. After getting a catch of his breath he’d slowly look down to her pussy and lean back to pull his cock out of her. His eyes watch his thick member exit her pussy with her juices and his cum covering his entire cock. As soon as his cock exits her body, the large amount of cum flows out of her body showing her how large of a load had been released into her body.

( )

After coming once Olivia would be able to see the still hard and throbbing cock that Damian has. He’d look down for a moment to hide his eyes as he feels something snap inside of him. Even though he had just came inside of her, he feels a surge of energy flow through him. He raises his face to her once more and she would see his blue eyes burn brighter with what looks like little lightning bolts jolting around his iris’.

Once again not giving her body a break; he’d use his speed to quickly change the position of her body. Within the flash of his movement she would be able to see that her body is now in a doggystyle position. If she were lost in confusion, Damian would make it clear for her with what he does next. The base of his cock begins to once again play with the slit of her pussy that still continues to drip with his cum from the first load. Pressing his hips against her ass and leaning his chest over to her, his right hand would take a full grip of her hair and pull her up to meet him half way. Her back would curve inward as he pulls her hair and his lips would be near her left ear.

With heavier breathing he begins to say, “I’m sorry, Olivia…But…I have to have MORE…” And with that, he’d push his hips back and with a single thrust he forces himself back inside of her. “Your pussy is so good…I can’t stop…I have to go again!”

He releases his hold of her hair and replaces that by taking both of his hands to grip her wrists once more. This time he pulls her arms back and uses them as leverage to pull his hips forward as if he were rowing! He doesn’t start slow like he did from their missionary position but instead thrashes his hips into hers with violent forceful thrusts that would push her pussy beyond what she had already thought was his normal lovemaking.

( )

Their bodies clashing together create that sloshy sound of their juices mixing together and making their bodies all sticky. How long would Olivia be able to keep up without passing out or completely losing her mind?


Damien was really getting in to this by the intense look on perfect features, making Olivia happy he was enjoying himself, worried for her first time she was the only one feeling so good. He hunches over her and hides himself in her neck, making her smile at the affectionate gesture even with the dirty sex they were experiencing though that instantly faded when he bites down and earns a surprised squeal! "Ahh...Y-youll leave a mark!" But the thought of being left all marked up with hickies and teeth kind of turned her on. Oh god she really was a freak wasn't she?

“I’m…I’m gunna cum inside…I want too…” Those words cause glazed eyes to clear up if only just a little. "Wh-what? No wait Damien you--" Wrists are caught and thrown over her head to be pinned down as she whimpers at his dominating nature. He was TAKING her even if she didn't want him to empty inside, he didn't care and as sickening as it sounded she couldn't be more turned on that he was using her as he wished and with one more harsh thrust their hips lock tightly and the feel of his cock twitching inside of her made it clear just what was happening. The pressure of liquid pushing itself deep inside made her whine as she accepted every drop of his load, her cherry red cunt squeezing him until he was completely dry and with a soft sigh her body slightly slumps into the ground. "You...dick head..."

She tried to sound mad but honestly it came out more sweet than she cared to admit. His manhood slowly slides out and she whimpers instinctively, even though he was no longer inside she still felt incredibly full from his seed pumped into her though that too begins to spill out and her body trembles from all of the pleasured abuse.

"Ugh...that was crazy good....Damien?" She asks, assuming the sex was over but the boys cock twitched, grabbing her attention as she watches it before blue hues travel to gaze at the boys face but he didn't say anything. Suddenly his head snaps up and their eyes lock, causing the blonde to jump slightly at the intensity he was giving her! But soon that vanished and she was staring out at the city with a confused expression...when did she...the feel of his still twitching cock touches her sensitive entrance and it finally clicks. "Again!? Ugh Damien I cant--" A surprised squeal interrupts her as he takes a handful of blonde locks to yank her back, forcing her back to curve and he talks in such a hot needy tone. “I’m sorry, Olivia…But…I have to have MORE…” Did having sex with her really feel that good? Glossy lips part to ask him to at least slow down a bit but he was hell bent on taking what he wanted, needing to go again and doing so with a violent thrust of his hips, forcing his cock to slip right back inside the soaked cunt as she screams out.

Her wrists are taken once more, arms pulled back to hold himself up as he starts the pace back up again! "Oh god....oh my god!!" Her ass lifts up higher as it bounces back against strong hips, as the loud 'SMACKSMACK' sound echoes out on the hill. His speed only increased this time around causing that numbing sensation in her stomach once more as her nose curled up adorably the moment she felt it again...that sensation in both her quivering pussy and her toned tummy. The fast paced thrusting was already causing her ass to turn red from the strikes of his hard flesh on smooth soft skin though she enjoyed the sensation of those spankings and before long another orgasm begun to rip through! Her body tenses up and if her pussy was tight before, it was nothing compared to the constricting hold of her walls clamping down tight as she cries out in to the night and enjoys one hell of an orgasm, this one so much different from the first two as she tosses her head back with tears pricking the corners of her eyes!

It was like seeing white hot and after what seemed like an eternity her body finally relaxed and her upper body tries to slump into the ground even with his hold on her arms. With her face pressed into the dirt she turned her head so she'd be resting on her cheek as blue hues were just bout rolled to the back of her head and she began to pant like a bitch in heat. "Mm-master! I feel incredible please don't stop! Again! I wanna cum again!!" Her tone was broken it was easy to tell as she completely submitted to him like a good slave with her tongue sliding out and her mind basically going numb to everything else around her all she cared about was her masters cock giving it to her over and over until the sun comes up!

Her words may have been against what he wanted, but her tone and body language went against everything she had been saying. Her body practically moves on its own to meet his thrusts while he continues to pound his cock inside of her. The moans and screams that releases give Damian so much pleasure, getting more excited at the fact that he is breaking his girlfriend’s mind. He is actually feeling a sense of pride in that fact that he broke the once extremely innocent Olivia into this cock loving pervert who is now begging for more of his cock.

By the time she comes to orgasm again, Damian keeps up his motion to continue pressing the tip of his cock into her womb. He watches her body lower down to the ground in a broken state with her cheek resting on the ground. The way her tongue hangs out of her mouth is further proof that the cute little blonde is far passed her point of no return. She begs for another orgasm and Damian is well suited to give her plenty more. But Damian isn’t about to let her be able to rest on the ground just because she is broken in the mind.

Pulling her arms back a little further, it would pull her face and chest off of the ground. Even if she just hung her head because of her body being unable to hold itself up, Damian would not slow down his thrusts at all. Holding her body up with his arm muscles it would cause her breasts to lift up and down violently. Her long blonde hair would also be swaying every which way while he pounds her from the back.

“I know how to get you focused…” Damian says with a soft smile expressed across his face.

( )

Similar to how he used his powers earlier in the evening with Olivia, Damian utilizes that same method on his cock. Focusing his speed around the entire body of his cock he begins to vibrate to the point that it would be felt all through her body. The strong vibrates would ripple from the core of her pussy and travel through every muscle she has. He continues his thrusts and the vibrations would almost feel like her pussy is being jolted with some sparks of electricity. His cock would feel almost ten times stronger than any vibrator, not going too overboard with the vibrations.

His cock had already pushed her way past her limits so Damian is excited to see how she will react to the extra vibrations. To add to it, Damian would release his hold on her right arm and use his hand to lift it up into the air. With that hand, he swings his arm down and smacks it against the soft and sensitive right ass cheek of Olivia’s body. After smacking her ass, he’d take a strong grip of her ass while his cock vibrates faster and faster the longer that he keeps doing it. He’d feel his cock beginning to reach another tipping point but he forces himself to keep increasing his thrusts to make her cum as many times as she physically can.

Her arms are moved further back in to Damien, forcing the trembling blonde off the ground with a pathetic whine of disagreement but the boy wasn't about to hear it. Tossing her head back, it flips her hair and with a scrunched nose she looks over her shoulder with clenched teeth. "Ghh...mmmf..." Her sounds were meshed against stubborn lips that tried to hold them back.

At this point there wasn't anything else the boy could do to her but ohhhh was she wrong. The sensation of vibrations pleasuring the pretty pink soaked cunt surprise her before realizing what he was doing. "Oh! Th-thats not...fair!! Master you bully!" Her whines were pitiful but oh so alluring as her stomach flinches and trembles just from the sheer force of his dick acting like a sex toy but 100000 times better, her clit being sent into a frenzy and without so much as a fight her next orgasm comes ripping through her easily as she screams out for what felt like forever as even her spine wants to give out, seeing hot white again as her head droops down and tears actually fall to the ground but they were not of pain but of ultimate pleasure!

The moment her arm is released she uses it to help hold herself up as her body was practically on fire from the extreme orgasm she just experience that blew all the others right out of the water! Shapely hips shook as he continued vibrating himself all through her very core, their juices bouncing and forming small drops that vibrated all along his cock with how quickly it was happening as Olivia did her best not to go insane and pass out but that control was slipping away. Taking notice her arm was free now and grateful she could use it to keep herself from collapsing she wondered what else he was doing and her answer comes shortly after as a smack is delivered to her round ass, a surprised gasp earned by his actions.

Eyes suddenly darken more as she looks over her shoulder with a lewd smile, licking the corners of her lips as her back arches with that dip. "Oh Master...yes, spank me again. Spank me until you cum again." Her request was dirty but the next line only added to the smut. "I want Masters cum shot all over me...or maybe...Master would like to shoot in here?" Her tongue slides further out as she opens her mouth to show exactly where she meant he could cum. "Aahhh..." Just as she did this another orgasm interrupted and rocked through her again, a larger smile than before on the blondes face as she enjoys being given so many orgasms in such a short time it was amazing! The female body could experience multiple orgasms and it seemed Damien was intent on finding out the exact number...


After smacking her ass he is actually surprised and filled with excitement when he hears her beg to be smacked again. How far she had fallen into the filth that her mind had hidden away if down right amazing. Damian continues to wonder where this inner freak in the sheets had been? He is just happy that he is the first and only person to see this side of her. If he had it his way, he would one hundred percent be the last to see it as well. The next thing she says shocks him so much that he actually stops his thrusting to make sure that he heard her correctly.

With widened eyes he stares out at the perverted girl with her mouth wide open and her tongue dangling out of her mouth like a dog in heat. Damian’s eyes widen because of his anticipation to take her up on her offer. He had always wanted to do something like this but every girl he had been with beforehand was so high maintenance that they believed they were above anything naughty like that. Proving how dirty she can be and how much more he can actually do with her, Damian is sure to lock down Olivia for as long as he can. Just because he enjoys how open she is about sex now doesn’t mean that he cuts her any slack with his dominant master play.

He pulls himself out of her and begins to stand up. She’d be able to feel the slow exit of his cock leaving her body. The walls of her pussy trying to suck down on his cock, not wanting it to leave but yet continue its ramming inside of her. The tip of his cock drips with cum still escaping from the first load he unleashed inside of her. Around her thighs now he gets to see how destroyed her body had become because of his thrusting. From this position the bright red enflamed skin from being smacked so hard surrounds her pussy. Around her pussy the juices that flow out of her mixed with his cum stick to her soft milky skin while dripping some of it on the ground.

Looking down at his own cock he sees the mixed juices that cover his member and even getting his balls nice and wet. With a terrible thought running through his mind he begins to smile down to Olivia’s broken body.

With a sensual tone he begins to say, “If you are going to look like a dog with your tongue hanging out, then you are going to have to just act like one.” Pointing down to the ground in front of him he motions for her to crawl into the position for her to take his cock in her mouth. “Come on now. Girls who don’t behave don’t get to eat their masters cum…”

If she crawled over to him she would be able to rest on her knees and take his juice covered cock into her mouth. Whether she began slowly or quickly, Damian would keep a tall posture while looking down at the top of her head as she would go to work.

“Make sure you clean the mess you made around masters balls…I don’t want any stickiness left by the time you are down. Got it?” And with that end he would be expecting a response from her.

He’d give her enough time to complete the tasks that he set for her to do before taking things into his own manner of action. His left hand would slowly move down to the top of her head and softly let his fingers run through the beautiful blonde hair of hers. What would begin as a sensual flow of fingers through her hair would turn into a tight grip to pull her head from his cock. His hard member would pop right out of her mouth like a popsicle.

She’d be able to look up at him and see a seductive smile on his face. “For cleaning your masters cock…you earned yourself a nice hot load…” he’d then laugh a little to himself because he is not ready to burst JUST YET.

Before she would be able to respond, he’d use his grip on her head to slam her mouth back around his cock. With a forceful push of her head and a thrust of his hips he would slam her mouth down to the base of his cock and even push her face deep into his black pubic hairs. His member would slide all the way into the back of her throat and he’d hold her there for about fifteen seconds; clearly not giving a damn if she struggled to breathe or not.

After giving her the first deepthroat, he’d begin to thrust his hips into her mouth while keeping her head still so she couldn’t pull herself away to really catch a breath. His thrusts start out with a medium pace, using his strength to actually give her a painful thrust with the tip of his cock ramming into her throat with no remorse.

( )

The way her mouth feels around his cock would send any man to cum in seconds. Damian releases some grunts of pleasure as his sensitive tip moves against the roof of her mouth and the sleek tongue inside of her mouth.

“Your mouth is just as good as your pussy…” Damian bites down on his bottom lip a bit as he tries to maintain control of how amazing everything feels as he fucks her mouth.

Feeling himself begin to perk up to the boiling point to cumming, Damian’s eyes focus on the head below him and his thrusts begin to pick up their pace. If he were going to cum inside of her mouth for the first time, he would treat it just as he did her pussy and make it something she would never forget. Using his speed he would use both his hand and his hips to force his cock in and out of her mouth like a battering ram from a machine gun! The sound of saliva splattering from her mouth and onto his cock is all that can be heard really along with some muffled moans of both pain and pleasure.

( )

The tension in his body begins to hit that final moment and in doing so, Damian slams her face against his body and thrusts his cock as deep as humanly possible into her throat. He’d thrust his head back into the sky as he feels his body release everything inside of her throat. As soon as he feels himself release his load inside of her mouth, he releases a loud grunt of pleasure. His muscles tense around his arms; which forces Olivia to try and swallow every drop of his cum the moment it comes out. Because of the size of his load entering her body, it would quickly fill her body up to the brim of what she could handle and squirt out of the sides of her mouth! If her body was already ready to pass out, being pushed for this long without breathing properly and now being forced to swallow Damian’s frothy load would most likely send her body over the edge and into a blacked out state.

Once he released all of what was inside of his body into her mouth, he’d slowly pull his dick from her mouth and release his hold on her body. With a somewhat rude push, he’d get her off of his cock and she’d probably fall down to the floor where the puddles of cum are from both loads that he busted inside of her. Wallowing in the dirt with a body covered in cum, Damian would look down at her with a very VERY satisfied smile.

( )

If she were able to hear him talk, she’d hear him say, “You have a very talented mouth, Babe…” He’d then kneel down to her with his still hard cock dripping with cum onto the ground. “If I only have two weeks left with you, then my load shall be your breakfast every morning and your dessert every night.” He’d slowly reach down with his right hand to smack her ass in a playful yet asshole kind of way. “Sound good, hun? Great. I’m glad we can agree on that.”

Damien stops moving all together as Olivia finished her orgasm and sighed happily, waiting for him to say something but he was just staring wide eye at her. It actually made her blush a bit and wondering if she got a little too freaky for his own liking and he became disgusted with her...but that was not true in the slightest. The boy gets all the way up and she watches curiously with pretty blue eyes of interest. His own blue hues watched her exposed cunt and it makes the blonde laugh softly, bending forward some more so her ass hung further up in the air, reaching back to seperate her ass cheeks and open up her cunt so he could see better inside. "You made a mess Master..." The lewd juices from both of them mix together and dribble down tender red thighs and on to the ground to pool around trembling knees.

Still looking over her shoulder, she catches Damiens smile and blinks cutely, wondering what could possibly be on his mind but she didnt need to for long as he finally spoke...and oh how he said it sent her pussy in a frenzy, turning her on with a perverted purr from Olivia. “If you are going to look like a dog with your tongue hanging out, then you are going to have to just act like one.”

He pointed in front of him and the blondes body moves on instinct, crawling towards him nice and slow with curvy hips swaying with the motions until shes right where he wants her, sitting up on her knees and putting her hands up like a dog would in a begging position. “Come on now. Girls who don’t behave don’t get to eat their masters cum…” And did she want his cum...Parting wet lips, her tongue pokes out to welcome the very tip to her mouth, swirling the messy head to clean it up, flicking her tongue and lapping at the smooth glossy skin. "Nnmm..." The taste of themselves turned her on and she couldn't control herself, opening her mouth as wide as possible and taking him in to suck off the juices and swallow them while her tongue did quick work of washing him.

He orders her to not forget his balls to which she responds with a happy moan, popping his cock out of her mouth after a thorough massage he was cleaned up of any the only thing covering his dick was her saliva as it dripped down the tip while she moved her face to nuzzle into the curly hair, taking in his scent before doing the task at hand and opening her mouth once more to welcome in one of his balls, her tongue gliding underneath it to give it a pleasant sensual glide up and down before gently sucking it into her mouth to wash it better while free hands hugged his dick to her fingers to use the spit as lube and stroke him to add to the incredible pleasure her mouth would be causing the boy. Before long, the second ball is placed in her mouth to clean up and without any complaints, both his cock and his sac were covered in her spit as she pulls back, licking her lips to keep tasting him.

She tries to go back to his cock and even gets to fit him back in her mouth but talented fingers busy themselves with grabbing her hair and yanking her head back so his cock springs back out and she whines at the emptiness felt by that action. Blue hues trail up to watch him with a pout but it soon turns into a sexual smile when he tells her she deserves her treat. Hoping he could bust already, that mischevious smile catches her off gaurd as does the sudden thrust past wet lips, shoving her tongue to the side to fit himself nice and snug all the way to the back of her throat! Eyes widen before shutting as she gags instinctively, choking from the action but she couldn't gasp for air like she wanted, Damiens hold on her was strong!

Her throat had no choice but to quickly adjust itself to better fit Damien and to be able to even breathe with such a thick meat trying to plug up her airways! Trembling hands place themselves on his hips as she continued sitting on her knees and focused on holding her breath for what felt like an eternity....finally his hips thrust just enough she takes a quick breath through her nose though its short as he starts the pumping motions inside the wet cavern of her mouth. He made sure she couldn't move an inch, face fucking her and she allowed him to! Her cheeks puffing out slightly with every buck forward!

His cock tensed slightly with his balls lifting a bit to warn her that Damien was oh so close to finishing and he knew he picked up the pace further. Eyes widen at the realization that he was going to use his speed again but this time on her mouth!! The moment his thrusts quickened, she let out a muffled whine but it would be drowned out by the smacking of her lips on his skin over and over and over with no end in sight. Pools of saliva meshed and sloshed all about her lips and his thighs while Olivia gave out a pathetic and broken expression of pure ectasy. How she was still awake was even a question the smart girl couldn't answer...perhaps she was just driven by animalistic pleasure but whatever the reason, there was a sick enjoyment of having Damien treat her like this...

Tensing muscles are noticed but Olivia was barely keeping her eyes open from the lack of oxygen though they widen in surprise when he finally gives one last forceful push into her mouth and keeping her head locked there!! "Mmnnmfff!!" The spurts of cum finally release and by many as her mouth starts to get too full, forcing her to swallow repeatedly. His cum was so thick one could hear every gulp she made to keep him from spilling out but there was just too much as the corners of her lips get covered by her delicious treat she'd earned tonight.

Damien finally slides himself out and air instantly fills her lungs as she uses it to cough harshly, bits of cum flying out as her body trembles only to be shoved to the ground but Olivia doesn't fight it, collapsing in exhaustion as she watches Damien through long lashes.

That sadistic smile on his really did fit him. The barely conscience Olivia stayed on her laid out side with soft weak pants while he kneeled over her and smacked her ass, earning a soft moan. His words which she somehow by some miracle could understand makes the tired blonde lick the corners of her lip to taste his cum and smile. "Ye-yes master..."