A King Must Trumpih Against All A King should never lose to a A King Shall Use Everything, Every Trick Dirty or Clean, To Win Because A King Must Never Fall And A King Is Never At The Mercy Of His Enemies

Kasaihana Kings

The Kasaihana Kings are a  local gang that usually runs around in District 1 though its not uncommon to see a few in District 2. The Gang has been around for a long time though they disbanded a few decades ago. However a group or kids and some older men has recently raised The Gangs Banners once again and is looking to make a name For themselves like their golden days. Its pretty small at the moment but the numbers are steadily increasing and is the gangs rep, their releatively unknown at the moment though the gang uses that to its advangtage when doing crimes or things of that sort a gang thats unknown gets away with it easier.

Clan perks

  • You'll Do crazy and morbit shit at anypoint in time if the orders is given
  • You'll get the gang symbol tattoo'ed on your somewhere 
  • You learn to fight rather its street fighting or martial arts
  • Cash not huge amounts but more than enough
  • Respect from certian Shops in the area









Werehouse in District One

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