This is to help those whom are new to our RP community get started into our community. I'm going to link what I feel are The Need to know's of our community below.

The Time Stream - The literal time stream in which seperates our world from other dimensions.

The First Ones - The story of the deities whom came to create all life as we know it.

World Wide State / World War 3 - This explains the products of ww3, and how our world came to be.

Kasaihana City - The main city in which we RP out of. Study up on its history.

DOW Classes Page / Kasaihana area - This page will give you a feel for where your character will stand within our RP community.

If you have any questions, please ask an Admin they will surely inform you on everything you'd need to know. Please check out our directory to see any episodes you'd like to read that we have archived thus far.

DOW Directory

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