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The Legend...

This is the rebooted ' Sequel ' to the Wiki RP known asYakuza Mob Roleplay AKA The Savage Lands AKA YMRP/TSL This RP is currently under consturction.

' In a world where all was corrupt. One entity changed the course of the universe. With a swift motion of his pen. The World was re-written. Made a new, and made fresh. With certain course of events changed, and others competely erdicated. The world was created with a new light, with a new path. Enter the world of YMRP/ DOW Universe 13.  'The Legendary tale of a world... where hell had been brought upon earth after years of it being on the horizon. Out of the ashes of hell driven earth, rose a kingdom , a utopia that all could see... and around this kingdom of gold had been a lake of blood. This lake of sacred blood brought the dogs of war... and they all drank from the lake empowering them, turning them into SAVAGE WOLVES. There Power knowing no end after feasting upon the sacred blood untill they'd finally invade the kingdom for themselves. These are the tales of those Dogs of war...

Welcome to The World


Welcome to the world in the year of 2177. War has devastated it long ago, and with the time passed from the Nuclear War, they were able to rebuild their respective country’s Honor and Glory, along with other additions. The United States had been the worst to be struck when the bombs fell, but it would be no surprise with the enemies they possessed over allies. A powerhouse country out of the many falling to destruction, only to rise from it’s grave, reborn. WIth the resurrection came four sectors, or the proclaimed “Utopias”. Number One: The City of Kasaihana, split into five districts known for gang violence, drug distribution, and cold-blooded murder. Number Two: New Nexus Florida, a home known to birth renowned fighters from across the globe, along with being the birthplace of the Worldwide GMAF, also known as the Grand Martial Arts Federation. The remaining two Utopias include: Neo Washington, the political capital in all of New U.S., also known as The Skylands, and New California, the only city that was left unscathed after the bombs dropped. In order to fight the dastardly deeds happening on the country’s soil, the U.S. Government created a nationwide task force by the name of “The Raven Crusade”, they use military tactics and have the tendencies for extreme violence and brute force. However, the question arises: In the world of endless opportunity, how will you craft it? A world littered in violence, death, supernatural beings, and wonders beyond your own imagination stands before you. Will you rule with the strong? Or will you fall with the weak?

This RP community is for any and all. Anyone that is interested in any one of these categories: cultural, sci-fi, violence, gore, death, obscene, sexual, romance, gritty, action, drama, comedy, thriller, horror, ancient, modern, etc, then this RP welcomes you. You are the only obstacle within your path. We wish for you to enjoy your experience with us. All roleplays are documented onto this sight, because who wants to do all that work only for it to be lost with time? Character growth is highly recommended. If you are not able to handle the processes in which of us in this group, nor respect it, then this RP is not for you. We hope that you take the time to roleplay with us in Dogz of War.

In addition, Dogz of War RP takes place on Skype more than it does IMVU due to the personal circumstances of its members. If you do not have Skype, and are not willing to create one, this RP is not available to you. We sincerely apologize.

We await your decision,

The Story Network

  • Disclaimer*

Due to the nature of our RP containing adult content, no one under the age of 18 is encouraged to join. The explicit content is not provided for one’s personal pleasure. We hold no responsibility towards the addiction or the inducement of an individual’s psyche. If you are weak stomached, feeble, or dislike any of the content stated above, please exit out of this page. Please join at your own risk.


Thesea the rules of DOW protraining to rp fighting and rp etchinics. Please look over this page should you have any questions concering general rp and our fight system. if you're not much a fighter, at least understand the rules so you can aid someone who doesn't understand ^_^

News Reports


Here will be the brief information given for any of the new Saga's to be made. In this section you will be able to read in full detail of the stories created step by step!

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